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Romney's Missteps

Dec 5, 2012|

A Detroit city council member is asking President Obama to bail out the financially troubled city in return for residents’ overwhelmingly supporting his successful re-election bid. Howie wondered did President Obama buy the election by promising free stuffand then he asked why did the listeners think Mitt Romney lost the election.

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We're to talk a little bit today about that I think we're gonna start off with what's been a month now since the election basically a month and how we're just what that we're gonna look back after it every once upon the kind of wake. You know sort of get over written. Then as you know Boehner is acting like a real fool. On on Capitol Hill he's he's demoted and conservatives from leadership. I don't know what weeks ago but he is such where he's going he's he's he's cut out them what the wonder is this one guy from Kansas. Who's from first district of Kansas and there's been a that's the it has more farmers in this congressional district -- any other congressional district in the United States. Number one out of 435. There's been a it it in person from pay -- congressman from that district on the agriculture committee of the predecessor of the agriculture committee. Ever since there wasn't agriculture committee and Boehner. Holbrooke told the congressman off. Farmer himself together get off he was off the committee you know why because. He wasn't he wasn't playing -- home. Wasn't playing -- for the team he wasn't voting enough with leadership. So there in the you know their -- they're having a you know there's they're surrounded and in there there's there's started to have a circular firing squad. Pretty pitiful. Now we have a story in the Daily Mail today. Romney's defeat caused by extraordinary drop and white male support I can't believe this it's it's hard to imagine. Mitt Romney lost the election after an extraordinary -- claps of in support among white men and the very group the Republicans count on to turn out for a as the official inquest into the defeat gets under way the former presidential candidates own pollster revealed his lead among white males was cut from 27 points -- was what was twelve points. Why is that. Staff for -- but nobody had even -- -- Clint Eastwood speech at the Republican National Convention which caused them deep embarrassment was no surprise there is there. It was kind of funny but. Probably. Probably should've been -- now. Mean it was trying you know you're you're everything is supposed to be a lead in to the on the the -- to worthy. Canada makes his acceptance speech everything exposed to be about the camp right. That's that's the -- this is the candidates one shot at. A road block as they used the same team via a road block in prime time because everybody will -- -- -- and instead I'm immune instead everybody was talking about Clint Eastwood. And in another blow. Romney's own campaign manager also admitted that his infamous 47%. Comment was the epitome of -- during the campaign for which they never recovered. Was it. Was it that bad was it -- about -- important getting at here is what do you think crossed Romney election what do you think cost him the election I don't think 47% cost of the election. Mean -- the problem with 47% Wallace's numbers were two I understand exactly what he meant. I mean it what -- what that Detroit. City Council was saying today kinda indicates that he he was on to something right mean we voted for you now we want some bake it that's what she said bake it. They wanna be bailed out. They want guests. As as Romney said later because he's been saying this his whole life in politics. I remember in ninety when he was running against Ted Kennedy in 1994 for the senate he used to talk about Kennedy country we used to do a whole whole worse. On Kennedy country how to you know you're in Kennedy country. When there's a you -- ice storm 11 when there's a when there's a furniture rental store. In the neighborhood you know it's you know it's Kennedy country when the -- when the liquor store as a neon sign that says the surveys that. Instead of beer you're in Kennedy country. You know he's always said things like this. Romney has spent the last month in solitude it is beachfront mansion of one point near San Diego California as he reflects upon what went wrong. Now -- -- new house his campaign pollster has begun to shift through that sift through the data. To determine what the key factor of where this is from the Daily Mail of course. It's not in the US papers. He said we want to -- prized by racial composition we were surprised by the partisan composition the real hidden story here on our side the number of white men who didn't vote in the selection compared to four years ago was extraordinary. In these white women white men were replaced by white women we're talking about a group we won by 27 point two replacing them with a group we won by twelve to fourteen. Points. I I'm not sure I'm maturing ones I mean the way things are. I mean it may just be that things are gonna have just get so that they can beat the electorate is so -- -- it at this point. By dumb down. Drug doubt. Welfare and out gift that out that you know you're just gonna need a 88. 88 to -- at a total bottoming out you know like public an addict like an addict. You know the country's gonna need to -- bottom out before anything can be done if in the if at that point anything can be done. I mean you got is you've got all these people on we're talking about later on about. About these terror when it was in April but the that the this so it was a story in via. In the Lawrence eagle Tribune Mike and Michael bell and it's I get the names of the people put that the there were eleven heroin dealers. We get to this later Levin heroin which that they picked up last week. All eleven were on SSI higher assessed all of them. Spoke to one of the lawyers for one of them for five today. -- what was so what exactly was there much -- -- -- was psychological. That he he's a listener. Allegedly cycle -- correct Adams. Mean you have all you have all these people that are not work how many how many votes do you -- Mitt Mitt Romney's proposal haven't people. Those eleven when it was SS. Now. How many how many people are there like that I mean you know you've increased beat the number of people. I think it's I think it's just that I saw some of the other day the number of people on disability is on from two thirds of 1% in 1960. The five point 6%. Now again. Not every did not everybody's a -- -- we know that on disability but you know. I'm guessing that most of the -- on the OC psychological problems as the alleged heroin dealers in April. They're taken you what are they gonna are they given what are -- -- vote against -- -- -- I don't think so. I don't think so. I don't I don't but again I mean Santa Claus. Similar clauses elves are gonna go on strike here very shortly you know he's not gonna see -- clauses market have enough money and I don't know what. I don't know what -- little boys and girls waiting for their monthly checks in their monthly deposits and in their mass helped cards in this section eight housing in that -- vouchers. I don't know what they're gonna do you know. I don't I don't know Spiller and we've -- north there they hear enough to want that to figure out that -- may -- may be. And again which maybe I'd better go back to work even on the one has worked in my. In my extended family for three -- 45 generations. I don't know I don't know I don't know what they answer is why -- lost. 1877469432218774694322. To a minor early in the campaign -- -- people if they want a free stuff to vote for the other guys. That was -- that was a mistake. That was -- mistake is they were they were all too happy to vote for the other guy 617 says Romney would've won twenty years ago to different country now. It is a different country there's no doubt about it Bob your next with Howie -- go ahead Bob. -- -- -- -- -- A couple of things especially -- you've got -- architect China but you can't. What you're attractive platforms it ought to -- people don't want a war the second thing is a liberal based education should net completely. Completely. Ridiculously. Gandhi could go out you know what yeah. And apparently it and from an exercise. -- eighteen years. A new agency collections -- she can't legal right the only reason. How how was that a disability while they wanna -- just sender to -- literacy program. Well or whether you shoot much. Approach you to -- You probably should read the -- into -- I'd much in an Alley she collects the region and alerts it's unbelievable cheap rate to darted into -- -- corporate outlooks and now. Right well of course I mean that's the thing I mean this is the family business you know what used to be. You don't you -- print there at the newspaper. Or you worked at the factory you know assembling automobiles -- York cop. Now you're on now now it's multi generational welfare. Yeah -- revolution I truly can't. I can't wait. Well I again -- I mean it's not like I don't think these people are gonna like suddenly have the the scales removed from their highs -- -- -- you know I can't. I can't afford to I can't live off the three of other people's -- they're gonna just say I just want my freebies to continue better all -- talk about it. Tournament at a money -- it supports them. Social programs about money. Right I understand thanks for the call -- 1877469432. To -- So here you have an administration this is the most. Rapidly. Anti Catholic administration. In -- in American history. I don't think there's much question about that the -- the this administration does not like Catholics they wanna force the Catholic Church. To pay for war over for medical procedures that are anathema to all church teachings. And Regis Regis -- Couple paragraphs from the story. About 980%. Of faculty and administrators from America's -- Catholic universities who contributed to presidential campaigns. In 2012 gave to. You know you know arrest. You know arrest. The strong support for President Obama from Catholic schools. Came despite democrats' controversial health care legislation controversial. One way to put it. Which could force employers to provide contraception for employees even -- is explicitly forbidden. Under Catholic doctrine. Employees of the top 43 Catholic colleges contributed 450000. To President Obama while giving just 70000 -- Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Russia you're next with how -- cargo ahead -- -- -- first but well I wanna be able bites but they're not always happy valley treatment and. You know Howard before the election we were questioning how the country been dug down and out. To reelect Barack Obama. And basically we have gotten area so yeah sweet country is dumb down and out to be stoked that. Don't vote for Barack Obama when he produced nothing but never. You would see you know a few but roster if you if you haven't worked if you don't if you don't work and you have no intention of ever working. Have the last four years and that Babbitt. That you know how he gonna go that you need to suck up the production about those -- survive. You really want to children to be another -- like itself -- -- job would be better rot in which you are. I know I do less than you do obviously but I you know apparently go you know -- we're an ever dwindling. Number of Americans who want something better for our kids I mean that. Apparently a lot of people are very happy. They have their kids just following their footsteps down the path that took it to the tour to the public trough. It's in Iran and into more days we're going to be remembering the people what we're lots at -- -- -- especially for eons ago. I think of all the Americans. There was some seven or eight million Americans who served in the important for a while ago. In the debt world before -- thousand dollars for its 400000 people. And gets sick of all the people that put themselves and I'm away. Not let themselves. But for the good about the and how we have a country -- -- about from that's the way that they know. What does suck up the production of others in -- there would disgrace. That we can no longer on the base. -- -- a date a guy I don't I don't remember personally by the you know -- I've read about it you know the day after Pearl Harbor that was on Monday obviously. That it in some colleges like. Two thirds of the male students went that walked down to the selective service board and enlisted in the in the armed forces. Now we talked about putting not to talk about re instituting a draft I mean can you imagine what happens if they tried to reinstitute the draft today Ross. You know how the crazy part evidence. As the process that we -- the united states military it's gonna when embolden our enemies across the globe. And what's gonna happen you know somewhere within the next five opinions. They -- -- have no choice but to go to abrupt. And at that time a lot of the people that bought it bought from Barack Obama. In your grandchildren got children get drafted by the military. Then you -- look at just stop and say I'm to blame I guess no one else to blame but myself. I don't think there's going to be another draft Ross I don't -- I think every -- most all the all the rich people you know it -- all the Germany Harvard perhaps were killed during World War II I mean Harvard Yale all the I will be Ivy League schools they were they were represented across the board just like every other -- An element of society you you wouldn't get any you would get. A tiny tiny handful of people from Harvard in those kind of schools to go into the military. You know it just wouldn't -- but they're not beard they're they're not going to end. Mean it would make you know I know there was a lot of draft budget in Vietnam but they'd do it would be much much worse now. 187 to hell all the people don't even think the SATs. You know without a -- without a crutch you know everybody's trying to get a -- try to get that. You know way some kind of disability learning disability so we can have more time on the SATs now you you're talking about sending them off the boot camp. -- it's not gonna happen. -- -- -- And then. I don't think it's fun and. Brooklyn where -- -- -- situation the next hour ahead just got a text. From pop up there. How -- -- caught fire -- nineteen year old -- last year coincidentally it was in April kid was all messed up and slurring his words. A search of his personal revealed heroin needles a couple of hundred in cash. And he beat the -- he was single had no kids just -- out of jail was already on disability for quote unquote anxiety at nineteen years old unbelievable. By the way was not one of the eleven which you speak. So we know there at least twelve of them out there. -- the guy who wrote the guy who broke the story I get that -- -- call -- the reporter Michael -- to get the names because the names were on the Internet and huge he sent me he simply some other stories he's written and everybody who comes into court when that they talked to them when the the prosecutor did judge talks to them or there or they got a defense a defense lawyer and obviously that's from somebody public defender that you want higher paying for. That the public defender always says what you know sold -- on a disability doesn't have a job sorts of -- the PT card. -- they had that big fat guy that was we talked about a couple while months ago -- going in not. It in. 8461355. He he he had a 151000. Dollars in cash and a half thousand -- sees in his apartment. If he had any BT cart. And he beat the -- -- so we can get -- -- I see his record was clean here for for nine years missed a prosecutor. The prosecutor said yeah I'm gonna and a judge in. Turns out with a ten years you spend federal president. This is this is America this is decent -- people -- I don't care they can't vote that their voting they're voting okay. And get -- -- voting for Mitt Romney either that they're not voting for anybody who's tellem nominal improve the economy they don't care about the economy being improved. Henry you're next with Howie -- go ahead Henry. And -- are longtime listener. Wanted to make comment about that 47%. They got Mitt Romney in the Republican Party and so much. Trouble honestly. I agree a 100% Romney and Agassi personality 44 year old male. I'm Hispanic and I voted for Romney and explaining to my friends well actually it went that I don't consider them friends. I went Smart way to say it what Mitt Romney won the Republican Party big money here. -- just constantly repeat. Sound bites from mammoth MVP from CNN and seeing that. They're robbing -- Arctic where food stamps are benefits. And. I mean if anything it's the reverse I mean the people were paying for the food stamps are being mobbed. Right I mean I don't I don't feel like they have to earn any bank. Although the boat that wonderful part of what I mention that it is hard work a bit odd determines your future. Are being equipped with combat whip. Telling me at all it they're working you need to pay. Legally. But it's only fair now -- come back after that well -- anything that you don't work out there. It doesn't matter -- being ballots that people not working people working -- back to back ought to be able -- A man worded they learned that they learned this in school that night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they are raid on benefits and they believe that's normal they don't go outside and get actual education -- Actually talk to any other people they get congregated in a small housing complex and they all are like minded individual monopoly there -- Right it's like you went SSI started becoming a big thing it is not just in the Hispanic neighborhoods either -- mean. UOP 11 person would get a crazy check and then start bragging about how she had a couple of you know the mother would have -- a few extra hundred dollars. And all you had to do was get my son back but a body and he got and I'm now I'm getting crazy checked we turns eighteen -- guess what hey you know what happens Henry. Pretty sure everybody is trying to pull the same it's -- it's like a handicapped parking space. You know once one parking space disappears off the street. And Oprah pretty soon everybody says hey why I have to go with -- -- circled the block I'm gonna get a handicap parking space you know how. It's just in. It's it's it's hard to it's hard to overcome it's just. It's it it's it's hard to see where you while we need a line in the scene ended you and you can. To begin to reverse that the situation I mean they're few people. That are that are in our point of two was -- through the the B yeah narcotic. Like. The backs of welfare but but -- many mean. There's a reason why he narcotics are so popular. 18774694322. My ex has been getting SS SSI since she was eighteen she's 45 now last may she got 151000 from Social Security no explanation. You can't have more than 2500 and assets WP. You know what's gone. -- lost because he didn't have the courage to address the unfunded pensions and state after state after state. Courage stopped the port collective bargaining and all public sectors again do you think do you think people like -- -- acquaintances care about unfunded public pension liabilities. I mean these these these people these Democrats get up there. I got a story from Chicago about that the daily -- but I knew -- he reminds me of another thing mayor Daley gets up there and it when he's leaving office. Giving way to the godfather he says. He says we ought to do something about these public pensions they're gonna break Illinois Euro that taxes are gonna be so -- people are gonna abandon their -- Their houses and a flee the state for him not just leave the city that gonna flee the state. And then do what his pension as. 186000. Policy. As the form. I mean that this it does it ever occurred to him that may be you know the problem is this this great and this endemic. Did that may be he he should take that first steps towards saying you know what I'm on them except my pension. Or madame and accept -- pension of 86000. Dollars instead of a 106. House but now now -- gave a lecture and that he -- Pick in -- you know wheeled off his wheelbarrow for cash from the taxpayers. John who we admitted were -- John your next what how we cargo ahead John. In -- you don't. Another four years of going to be yearn to be at the press and talking about like this and you -- guy trying to explain why Mitt Romney locked. It's because this country is is is gone I mean is no other way to put. People people -- It was clear option. It was a clear option yet made the mistake this same ol' ball but the -- I am not deviated the network we're both the other guy who's -- -- -- -- -- And that's what they did -- things. Without -- -- do you come back but you just had a gentleman at these you know eating at acquaintances. And they all want something enough. I mean if that's not gonna change whether it's the press and on the disability of -- its ability now. You mention now daily with a 186000. Dollop -- They had to data from the national. Who's gonna get a 135000. This is a guy who was basically drummed out because he was accused of rape I mean was never convicted but he shot -- left under a huge bleeping core clock out. Now you mentioned you went to the police opposite that gave the information in making people of the court system -- say they know these people committed their you know. -- do you think -- feet do you think about it those cops do you think by those people on the court system voted. Thanks for the Democrat because they're not detect -- -- is right. I'm sure some of them did but I think I think a lot of cops but I think a lot I'd say it will be interesting to see if what how the majority of cops. The ball that I'll be surprised -- I would -- union okay. Yeah I inevitable for the Democrats and I was in the union so I didn't vote with the Democrats are telling how everybody wants and it did not gonna -- you probably don't get conservative talk to these people they -- -- it. They are inscribed and it will get as I say. Well with the Democrat to do that kind of stuff. You. I don't know what to do is I can make -- illegal immigration and race against state. And then you see the executive of the academic in its -- to -- -- really. Yet they continue to perform in time in that when you get the people get -- but not that. You you have yet a couple of. I've completely given up. I'm about wealth you know I've. I'm Michael waste a lot I'm -- losing sleep over job will be put it that way but I'm gonna give up either that she can't you can't give up a year or -- rock. You you're. You finished you if you give the -- if you don't try you you know you're never gonna succeed I mean I don't blame you for being depressed but he yours and -- here's another story is as Burma. Steven will -- Pia is huge DM is on vick's repair for releases to be diagnosed as bipolar by the prison psychiatrist. Upon released a convict this immediately placed on the SSI ago true story. 18774694322. Neighbor has a stroke. Can barely talk and walk with a walker took four months before disability she has had relatives who collect for nervousness issues nervousness issues. 18774694322. And how -- car should. -- not just losers and moon bats and stupid people to this is from Maine I got to ask my good friend who lives in Portland Maine how she voted. I had to go with the Obama could well I knew it was going to overturn Roe vs. Wade. PS -- husband and also -- Obama and he works white collar white collar jobs are hurt. I I don't know I don't know what you do it's it's it's honest it's an astonishing bit. More information is more available at your fingertips without. Forget -- house without even standing up than ever before in human history and people know less. Now than they've ever known before I think voters enemy. Well what's your next what how we cargo ahead Lois. You know I think -- you have that attitude about voters. Republic gains will never get very -- I mean obviously this -- -- import greens you just so great to know exactly which he was talking about because obviously. How do you figure. -- went all -- war against what the total war against women is democratic politicians beating the crap women. -- there's -- what war against -- what a bunch yeah. So I'd say it would check mart back. What they did it well Aiken Richard of course delete -- wait that we can. Oh yeah all the way the Republicans feel OK okay what what about Ted Kennedy the -- war against women don't want Lois. I guess that was the way all Democrats feel about women was the way Ted Kennedy felt. I'm not.