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Ungrateful Autozone

Dec 5, 2012|

An employee for Autozone was fired for defending his tore manager with a gun after a robber forced him to open a safe. The would be thief was scared away by the gun. Autozone says they have a no gun policy. Howie wanted to know what would you like to say to Autozone.

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We do one run occasionally across a story like the world but that tell you about but some guy who was. Is working. Some retail outlet and some. Public comes in and and pulls out a gun and a starts to -- Demand money or drugs or something else if it's -- drug store pharmacy. And one of the Geisel. Reach under the counter and get a gun or in this case to get to go out to the back and get a got out of his car. And then what all were always seen what happens so often it seems if it unless it's you know. A mom and pop store which -- -- -- Popper extremely happy that somebody had the equalizer. They get fired because it's against the it's against chain regulations. To war to to fight back because they don't -- war. You know. They don't -- have the liability in case gunfire erupts and somebody gets crippled and you know they get sued for twenty million box etc. etc. So anyway this is this what happened in Yorktown Virginia. When former auto former this is the key for word former AutoZone employee -- -- grabbed his gun from his car and chased armed robber out of this story didn't think his quick thinking would get him fired. But it dead. I was in fear of my life as soon as he walked through the door and -- she'd forgotten your. Heart just starts pounding Maclean said. As it turns out -- store was being robbed by the so called fake beard they had it. That's on housing and for a -- and a a criminal who was already knocked over about thirty businesses in the -- Virginia peninsula area. As the gunman forced the manager to unlock the store's safe McLean at 23 year old. Air force veteran slipped up -- back to respond to retrieve his Glock 44 his truck. And waited for the go up toward the front I ran out of the rest room grand demise out my truck or keep my personal weapon grabbed my weapon came into the store and confront the guy -- calls. When I yelled freeze and I said stop drop the weapon. He threw his hands up -- his gun still in his he and that he started running the former AutoZone employee adds I felt like it was my responsibility to step in. The fake beard and the forehead. The store's manager was grateful for his employees. Bravery but two days later McClain was fired right before Thanksgiving. It's pretty much getting slapped in the face doing something you feel was right that everybody else around you feels you were right. Other than to reiterate the company's zero tolerance policy on weapons inside stores AutoZone representative refused to comment on -- it's firing. We didn't have the weapon in the store until. The fake beard -- that brought the brought his own peace into the store. -- anyone outside and got out of his track. Being laid off could have come at a worse time for Maclean he's about to become a father. The former AutoZone employee explains his decision to go back in the store and rescue his coworkers was informed by the lessons you learned in the US air force. Never leave a man behind he said if I can save somebody's life I put that way above a store policy. It's. And you better believe there's been some backlash against the company for its decision to terminate -- Let's see. Kim Edwards of NRA National Rifle Association news called -- zones decision on injustice. He came to the aid of a fellow employee threatened by an armed robbery was -- and they should have named him employee of the year. He had the chance to run away but he chose to arm himself with his legally purchased -- and save the life of his supervisor. Wouldn't we all like to work with somebody like DeVon. So is gonna go back in the air force -- he can't get a job he's been fired. From the first job three the air force if they keep you think he should have been fired. Would you be happy that somebody there. Mean again I I this is one of these cases where. It you know see where -- a gun comes in a hand in you have these this knee jerk reaction. It's like it's like these kids you know that India rural areas or go to high school. And the they go -- go hunting after Barack. Calling us actually have a a the shotgun horror or long rifle in the in the trunk of their cars and then somebody somebody -- on them and they get thrown out of school because of the zero tolerance policy. -- zero tolerance. Which opposes some balls and I killed somebody we will how would that DeVon -- feel what -- if if the fake beard and that it killed his boss or kill him. When he when he had a gun that was easy to do was see within easy reach he did the right thing. No good -- goes unpunished. 18774694322. -- that your next with how we cargo ahead Brenda. Thank president how they can contact you toward the end of the month. Merry Christmas to you to Brenda. And now this young man. -- -- You better opt not to work its budget idiotic company at AutoZone and hopefully he will be black. Because they didn't do the right thanks snippet ridiculous and what -- posted yet. That is correct you know I perhaps say that it could have ninety things that getting out. He and then talk about a bunch of other things in the past segment but. Everything is upside down. Yeah about the fake beard Banda thinks twice before he continues his reign of terror you know. Now I mean it it's a shame. They you know I don't believe that this is going to be blasted that out because he didn't do the right thing means that he would. Did not do what he was trying to do you wouldn't. They are delivered themselves -- this is about men we met and dealt and we're alluding to abandon that country. Including -- out of class. And of course. -- It. Think his upside down I mean it hit the shame I feel that I kidded almost seventeen. You know it's not that -- that we grew up and. Now though it's not it's. -- a slap at primary credit. Merry Christmas to you to Brenda. And happy holidays 187746943221877. Again this is the first time this has happened a lot of a lot of companies have access. Nobody remembers a guy and her want times -- it happened in the New York subways. There was this they were there was this guy. He was being EU he was on regularly you know the stairways lead down the subways they have. That they they they twist around and there's -- -- -- mobile wing ending on. Between the stairs. And this professional criminal. Was a beating a an eighty year old man to death. This is literally beating him to death with with that with a passport was pistol whipping this week. Feeble old timer an -- transit -- Came upon it and that told a guy that put his gun down the mugger. The mugger -- didn't didn't have put his gunned down in just kept beating him and so they cropped shot. It crippled. And be paralyzed and a robber then turned around and sued the MTA. For EM 18 million dollars because of the the cop. Had destroyed his livelihood which I guess was mugging old guys on on -- stairway stairway Julian thinks. They hit eight million bucks because he shot a guy. A criminal. 1877469432218774694322. That was New York mean you wouldn't think. I know I just said that the entire country is becoming Massachusetts sized. But you wouldn't think that Virginia -- Europe that somebody would step forward Virginians say the school look I give this guy's job back or let's get him a bad coach. Then not working for autos. Let's give him a job as a union bakery hostess -- -- that. Paul you're next with how we cargo at all. -- Christmas day -- our Christmas YouTube hey I guess -- let -- known that they will never get any business from me again. And I think that's what people should do well it's a little show the support being in the for the individual by not support. Well. They've got a they've got a FaceBook page up supporting him through trying to war you know trying to get him his job back -- Thanks thanks step Paul. 18 sevenths customers have been her have launched a boycott against the company on FaceBook and a petition has been started urging them to rehire. -- -- Professor George your next with how we cargo have professor George. -- hospitality. Can you -- that the NRA guy spoke up for the -- guy who got fired. Right yes. He set with and it just us. That's interesting because. The guy who got fired there. It's actually black -- so so we are right spoke opera without you guys look like the kkk. We you know it's kind of funny you say that professor George because. Most of the players on the Kansas City Chiefs are black and win the when the sports writers went in there asking them how terrible -- was that everybody had guns. Most of the players said you know hate guns are real guns are legal and the people have the right to have them and they have a right to protect themselves may have a right to sports shoot. You know it's funny isn't it that -- you know the apparently the the Kansas City Chiefs -- a lot of -- Ku Klux Klan sympathizers -- -- Despite despite what happened last weekend. I didn't know if I was black that's that's centrist think that that -- him that makes it even more ironic doesn't it that the NRA has come to his. Not that it not that he would not -- Murray is really racist on to -- the stupid things have been said about the NRA lately you know. Thanks for the call professor George 18774694322. Jeff you're next with how cargo Najaf. Hello -- are are going to have a zero tolerance policies. Pure -- -- hero brain power that it absolutely no -- goes into. It it's well it's its own grave every. So black and white it's ridiculous. Some kids bring little elementary school -- bring it boring -- -- into the school and they get tossed out. But there and it -- I don't know how I look at me like you're dead autonomy 43 year old I don't reverend apology at high school wise. The fire was coming into the main office a lot of course and I think -- that they were stored them -- a -- walker in the office. -- they wanna be ammunition separate from the fire. You have the -- in your car but you brought your unloaded rifle into the main office he actually walked into the building. With a rifle. Source like you -- at the end of the day it's like -- leaving the federal courthouse when you have to get your ride your cell phones back only you guys had to get to rifles back. It it got offense is likely go hunting after school. You're you know a lot of high schools -- in the old days used to have a rifle co -- It. What it was so bad you know -- lot worse there were a lot fewer school shootings in those days to Jeff believe it or not despite the lack of -- zero tolerance policy. Exactly developed -- of school I don't think I ever heard a single truly a global. Thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. You know there weren't there were -- shore animal attacks back in those days when everybody -- so that it says it's strange that works out to an emotional day you know what the or else there wasn't there was no wind disease because the -- the -- -- it's tended to get shot if they came too close. So they didn't so the blog via text didn't jump off and a -- a lot fewer people got really sick and laid up for two or three months Steve your next what Howie -- go ahead Steve. They -- is -- it was sort broke last week I did that went on -- to the corporate site. You know a lot of formally your email address. And I also. The other night. I'm on the kind of guy they are probably due to the 400 bucks a year in -- depending up on the DIY ought be kind of mechanic. What -- car tonight so I will not darken the door. AutoZone. So like. And other places to Steve they're too many other places you can go right I mean there's. Ali is that market that's quite open I am thankful to light that ironic thing is -- our property legally carried into your restore. Doesn't it. Nobody's ever said he -- thanks for the call Steve Bob your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. An eight -- I'll get back you know I don't think it is now all we're doing a lot of arm it's saying -- criminal. Gilani here but nobody's got a weapon. Right right yeah and also I was getting the -- got punished with a guy who stopped the robbery not enough most -- the guy is still out there who you know he ran away that the that the fake -- band that got away but the guy who stopped a misfired doesn't have a job. Second if you didn't should emerald it would have been put in he would've been smooth yet -- -- Murderer what I write you know -- they say they do that thanks for the call Bob Josh you're next with how we are going Josh. Does that judge. Would that its interest last call -- just said that. Just gotten. An article of guns and ammo magazine and -- We have the -- got an -- from ought to coordinate. An. An advertisement in the from the thirties when they first at you know the first -- again. And showed the count and -- -- -- -- are shipped back to adopt this porch trying to steal their. A pop up. I I -- I don't I don't think there are too many uses of those of this Tommy young for that -- where they -- your immune that just sort of take -- poetic license. Being marketed that originally lies the danger large tracts of land. You know it would all it was for property owners and how waters but it's funny that tactic to actually advertisements like. It's that popular how it would be. Super their -- might -- -- you know. You know or remember Rosie O'Donnell was going after Kmart even though she was I even though she was surrounded by a phalanx of both of armed bodyguards and even though she was a spokesman firfer Kmart she thought she -- -- -- -- For a the first selling guns and -- It's it's it's it's -- you know I mean it's. -- we start thinking molecular caller there. They. Know what would -- -- they should shot. Because who knows -- -- genetic -- -- and let go. You know brought you know tomorrow you go shoot -- tomorrow so. Even minutes he was running away. It was potentially threatening people are going to do it yet. The issue should now you know that shouldn't kill a bit different people and engines. He'll do it again and. No I mean that's why that's why did that that's that's why there's are much greater penalty for armed robbery than on armed robbery right. Mean the because it's a it's a much more serious crime. -- -- Thanks so called Josh. 18774694322. And now we are. Eric your next with how we cardinal ahead Eric. You'd think -- first the ball -- -- based in Little Rock, Arkansas is that where they deduct dynasty through. Is that isn't I don't know I didn't leave -- stick improbably as it seems like Arkansas type show. You figure they would love that what somebody says. Oh don't. Second thing I noticed -- site level company up here so -- despite 56 are you guys yeah I'm about that a manager tomorrow. You're on Melbourne Melbourne -- said. All that's great you're you're you're you're -- your own business side to make a an ethical stand that's good idea idea. I congratulate you where and how we bar.