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White Men Don't Vote

Dec 5, 2012|

According to a recent analysis of the presidential election Mitt Romney lost because of an ‘extraordinary’ collapse in support among white men. Howie asked who voted for Mitt and why as well as what effect did the Unions have on the election.

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Douglas you're next with how we cargo -- Douglas. Yeah a couple points -- -- -- thank you for taking Michael I want your show. You think if you can -- Iraq is down a bit trying to -- at this point over to a lot of that they news people out there like where Hannity O'Reilly -- types of people -- It's part of our clockwork and prevent it from the argument that. Yes yes. It doesn't it just it just -- -- my mind is you all these crowd ever been in these. These political genius isn't oops can't seem to figure out what's really happening and that would be -- a -- guy -- well if you get right. I don't know I know I've heard a bird Glenn Beck talk about this side of this repeatedly you know it's. It's just hit it's hard to get into conspiracy theories Douglas you know. And Allen who -- a promised college roommate at all it's all the guys talked about 440 years. I was gonna financially collapse and they got it -- to conspiracy theory but let's look at what he's done all these years. It we're we're gonna I mean -- we are gonna collapse of the there's no question about it I mean we can't we can't go on like -- space for the call Douglas. 18774694322. 617 how we don't be a -- they're just selling the drugs and collecting the welfare that the other Americans can't be bothered to collect. 617 H is there a problem with the bugle. There. There -- Americans the jury -- the port Puerto Ricans are Americans. If if I did if the lawyer had. Had told me that they were illegal aliens. I would have I would have the -- while the bugle at the bugle rests its it's sitting right beside me just in case you know I have bought. The opportunity to use -- later this afternoon but it it in this case it was not appropriate for the occasion. 18774694322617. Says -- the plural of anecdote is data. Went on your next with how we cargo had gone. Yeah I don't know. I'm gonna get claim in off the ledge now after the election. But just -- you know. I'm sorry if behavioral story makes you climb back out on it. Well look I just opened the window it. Looked like yeah I hit it in the cases in and they give it sort of eat at breakeven point at. Both -- two things were on the edge going against them actually more than at first thought is the meteors is. Mainstream is totally controlled by left us big time. And people generally don't wanna talk a you know you grew up I grew up similar times don't -- what religion -- politics. And people live their life like at the end I know people -- mention about politics there might actually cross. So but these people vote. But they don't wanna hear anything about politics a lady think they get to from the media -- -- any Republican has overcome a tremendous media buys. Secondly he was the governor of Massachusetts. Outside. Massachusetts and I don't mean South Florida where do you look at Massachusetts anyway. But I mean the rest of the country look at Massachusetts's. You know the fit the -- in this state but whatever. That's not you know -- -- -- groping to vote for a. But you know the thing is Massachusetts is not I I I agree in the old days Massachusetts was different than the rest of the country but the rest of the country. It is being Massachusetts to -- All pilot for sure but the other thing is I blame the conservatives -- many many conservatives did it. The voting was -- off -- should not. IQ I know I can't believe that I I I I just read the story from the Daily Mail they were very Romney's own pollster says the voting is well I can't believe people would vote for what I'm. I mean just just to protect themselves I don't care you'd like him. Because he was rich because he had a nice family because he had nice hair because he was a Mormon whatever reason I mean did. Didn't didn't you wanna -- want to protect yourself. Exactly I I didn't like -- to begin what I would've gone with somebody else but once you establish you've got a golf. It's like golf is hidden in -- pen tool and that kind of was leaking. -- kitten at bailing you'll look at three other people not bailing why not just bailing I don't like green coffee and why. Let's look down the taunting -- -- because he's not -- Not the right now I know I just okay. Least we had a chance to get in the country back on track but I don't think you and I will will ever see -- country. The way it was any wing -- what we were little or grown up and I understand from my grandchildren. And the fact that these people out there. I gimme gimme gimme if it's unbelievable when it hits you deep ingrained in this society I think. You didn't -- so -- collecting. I mean can you imagine if like 2530 years ago we -- even if it was an evil which is kinda like off the -- off the beaten track from Boston. If you had eleven people go win. -- went in has been charged with dealing heroin one and they were all on welfare. -- papers what even the globe what do put it on the front play. Should. I don't you can't that's just fit you know they -- that woman down on the Cape Cod Times for making up stuff. What ID one -- I've never understood is why you know why do reporters make stuff up. BUQ you can't. Your imagination no matter how fevered it is can't come up with stuff like this. 18774694322. Day of your next with how we cargo ahead day. Yeah I -- first time caller thanks elected to -- my Social Security experience and would view. It's 58 my father played for Social Security. At work goes like 36 kids and never get any kind of assistance. It's been self employed for a number of years and it been. Very very sick the last two years he'd gone from 240 pounds -- six foot strapping -- to forty down about 150. But hardly see. And it was turned down. So he -- it looked like he -- that -- It was 58. And not be appealed it and he was waiting for the appeal and he died so he was he was not sick enough to qualify particular -- -- Now my experience I signed up two years ago for Social Security in the Springfield office. What I want and I expected to see Abacha greater people they're like like myself but I walked in the door and look around and it was passed. And not set here for you know probably an hour before somebody saw me and down. 80% or more. Of the people in their doctors were Hispanic. Between the ages I -- 25 of forty known with any obvious. Signs of disability. Well. I know it's bigoted Dave I just got us stop you there and say it's not just Hispanics that are who were abusing the system you know that. Right. This guy Richard chase that they I'm sure he's not Hispanic but I was 61355. -- at 151000 on cash and cash and he -- and he beat the card I mean. That's that's a that's my idea that's Monica from Puerto Rico. Welcome thing -- it struck me is. You know defected only up in Massachusetts. Under 10% of the population is Hispanic with and that's gone up 43%. In the last decade. Yet -- the percentage of the people that were in their office that the time I was there I mean at eight times what what took advantage of the population. -- there's got to be some brought there and I've never heard. Any politicians there's. Mitt Romney not brown talked about investigating and doing -- -- that. Artest there is for a dearest fraud but again I I just gotta say that they it it goes across ethnic groups you know they beat the number one but two the two places. Where the where they have the highest percentage of applicants approved for SSI -- and it's a -- or 988% in both places. Our number one Puerto Rico where where these guys were from an April originally. And number two West Virginia. Which is a state it's become Republican and is. It and is about 980. By. That 90%. So it's and that's just the way it is I mean this is this is not this is not something you can you can. You can foreign team in the and 11 geographic carrier one ethnic group this is just out of control across the board. Paul your next with how we cargo have all. You know I don't know. Yeah you know you talk about the Romney only lost yes I feel vote Romney is coming and you only get right yes I've sort of form right yeah. And for him come -- start. Denounce and unions is something wrong with both belong to a human like TJ you'll musicians. And okay. At the end at the end of in my retirement right. I know I'm going to be contribute to society would would apparently checked out of you when and where my become what this statement personally as a person just council's. Why don't think he wasn't really that tough -- knowing really what I mean he's a lesson all right all right very tough. What he says I quite a bit I think he said the union's you know the teachers unions who was specifically talked about it tell us protecting incompetent. Incompetent teachers. Not but when he stopped talking New Orleans. It in like everything like Romney. But wait let me ask you some open final OK you know Davis bacon right yeah prevailing wage right. -- -- due to how much the you know if the chancellor of UMass Lowell. And he he bought a building in downtown -- for seventeen million box -- -- -- he said it caught it would cost me it you know I spent too much money on the building. Recent you don't much more costly to build that dorm building. And you're much more cost them -- under Davis bacon Paul. 55 million. 55 million any any and he got us building that was built -- nonunion labor for seventeen million I mean. You know this -- the unions don't have a disproportionate. Amount of power in the in the government don't right. But you know you don't know somehow it. Why don't we just become like a Third World country right. We're like which would Q did you drive around you Cadillac right now all the volume money right and you become like almost like -- dictatorship because. -- call you Paul used to be in a union I don't like I know -- just like to I didn't like I mean there were about to lay abouts of the there's a story. There was just you know we just had our thirtieth anniversary at The Herald you know by surviving. The as the club that course one of the shut us down Rupert Murdoch bought it. Another another paper around the same time the buffalo -- courier news I think it was. They they vote they have this marquee man and offered them the same deal. Suspend the union's seniority for three months to let me clear up the -- and and I and I'll buy the paper and paper will survive. Don't think that they should now we're gonna we're gonna we don't we believe it's seniority in other words we believe in protecting the drunks and the the washed up people in the lazy guys. And so and we're gonna just go down with the ship and everybody went down -- -- with the unions. -- you know something to host this all up all the bounces right. You want your pocket closest -- he says some guy. I was listening yard Europe -- showed -- a couple weeks to go point 32 or post is right yeah synagogue -- haven't. Something to all of our right -- -- more American dolls and now you guys making 171000. Hours. A guy looking at 121000 miles a year it was all make it 34000 -- Did we elect guys like what are some outlets and yet and I vote for Kwame but guys like you right. Deputy budge because I -- like abrupt impact in this country right. In the region are all Broderick -- right. Hitting a brilliant they use the heat can post this was going up against people bakers -- Mike -- worse or were or Limbaugh. They don't have unions you understand. So they were -- they won't pay and there are guys had twelve box and now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a second the second total. All but the guys who work at -- flowers. Or bimbo there's still make him the money they're still make -- 400 bucks a week is Horry who's better off the guys make 400 a week opposed nonunion bakeries. Or the guys that hostess -- making any thing. How much -- don't -- good hourly wage in this country for a worker to make I want you to put on rocket tonight and all the -- meet tonight how much -- -- -- the only -- Everybody -- and I can't I can't take whatever what ever the market will -- Paul. What -- went out of business because they couldn't come they couldn't compete with those union contracts. What I and then your what are you what are. I don't know I don't know union you know him right. What what I think rich did you know. It adds I don't I let me put it this way I told Marty -- I should maybe when you were in congress you should've done you should've tried to do something about Davis bacon and you could be built a lot more buildings here on this campus -- -- lol. Maybe and you know what maybe the big big wouldn't cost is 22 billion dollars of which had we could've done something about these. How they wouldn't wage law that you'll only be taxed at 15%. Yeah that's right. I'm being taxed from 15% I wish I was being taxed at 15%. This I would -- everything -- -- in over 50%. -- -- -- -- Just a heavyweight title yet. I can't tell I can't tell yet I can't tell you because it depends on what you don't I don't think I don't think a lot of skill is required to be a baker okay. To be about a -- baker and I and in a in the colleague. I don't have to deal what what I -- -- -- -- should make tell me right now I think the baker should make whatever it is not a -- We get it you know if you think if you what are you could Jack that what. I can't tell you what it is you can't have a government telling you what is what baker can make you know what if you if you have a government telling every telling. You'll -- industries that are left flowers are bimbo or are tasty cakes you don't you're gonna. Everybody. Everybody's gonna pay a hell of a lot more for Brad. And for twinkies if you if you have the -- I know what I don't think they're still going to be twinkies there are still going to be twinkies and there. OK I can't I can't I can't answer that question thanks call Paul. 18774694322. Need to adjust for cost of living which is different in every state postage union president made over 200000 dollars and he still has a job. Yeah I mean he does the the the head of the bakers union has a job all his guys a -- their own -- just like the guys at the buffalo courier express what their own throats. At The Herald what working at The Herald that the time worker for channel seven but the other Harold bud Decker open slit its throat. And I guys some guys have been making up making a decent wage for -- wouldn't wouldn't last thirty years. Because they they were willing to walk. Swallowed the swallowed the Madison. 18774694322. On the point car. 187746. I think that a US team searches texted me and -- he's he's he's familiar with it and give the Teamsters that. Teamsters had these wacky. Roles for host this true and you know you couldn't see you know eat you couldn't put hostess. In you and Wonder Bread in the same truck he had to have two different trucks and you had to have one you couldn't have the drivers loading the the confections are there or the bread -- they had to have another guy doing app and it was the it would these these wacky. Rules. Another guy says you know the bakers that did it beaten and -- they cork at a one of these factories now are like the old days or or people that are India. You know -- hippie type bakery sports that you see on hand pocket or somewhere where they you know where they. Put a lot of time into what they're just -- is this guy says that Texas has produced portion. About pushing buttons and a smoking pot for their glaucoma. Matt you're next with how we cargo have mapped. I always ratings now out of first our caller thank -- men aren't. Aaron motor show armed. Are ironworker are Holyoke Massachusetts. Arm. All I don't know if you -- sure you heard all openers since it's got to be the worst. Heard words of course for all your -- Of course you have but it got to feel worse city I put all these spoiled existence and they're very open about it but there are literally. These people are cashing in the EDT cue cards every month -- and fifty cents on the dollar. I I don't know you know the thing is there have been a lot of arrests here and eastern Massachusetts map -- -- I mean it's just a tip of the iceberg but they're trying to you know make make a few watt. Show or arrests here that the kind of discourage people from doing this but like issue haven't had any out in Holyoke. Oh no that's the problem I think if they went in just hired maybe to -- people. To capture all you know five or six cities stores I think they'd be saving a lot of money -- And be able to get in these people -- salute all the benefits. -- on my on my website we we had a yep for a while I think it's still up there as a matter fact it may be sort of bad back towards the back but we have we had picked people taking pictures of EBT card if people you know the signs they put -- -- BT cards accepted here. Mean some of these places in every damn place including the nail salons. Now they say the EBT cart accepted here -- does anybody doesn't anybody use cash. Now -- -- -- 20 like this use cash for drugs yeah that's what it 11 other question I was. I I don't also is true I heard that arm. In Florida they had a sign up at the airport that it's for the best welfare benefits go to polio now if you -- about. I think that that the for a while a lot of people thought that was an urban urban myth. Matt but then somebody actually came up with the ad in the newspapers -- -- down in Puerto Rico. I believe that once -- one point it was a long time ago but they're there when there were some some travel agents who were trying to you know book flights endorsing flight Holyoke. Actually actually met believe it or not Holyoke is not is there there were there are worst places in Massachusetts I. I you know I believe me there are. There are 18774694322. -- portfolio in the top ten in anymore. No we focus got I I really believe or your focus gotten better in the in the last 1520 years. 18774694322. People gonna think I'm crazy but. You know could come come east and see some are some of -- well it's swell. The city's. Joseph your next with how we cargo ahead Joseph. I didn't like me calling me people's republic Vermont. Yeah have a rather than it do music she. Worker. And you reside in Atlantic slushy resides in a corporate managers in which is an Oscar. Atlantic City yeah. I think we're all aware of what happened and damage and now. He's a member of the union he's not work. -- I don't know everybody else is working under British union is not called income back to work even when they're not working. Does he wanna work or just us. And apparently -- to consider important and I keep talent Bobby Connecticut in the union. -- -- report to me is that what they. They forced remember that we're stopping crews from coming into New Jersey remember that. One of those towns they said this is -- you know your body they were coming in from like Alabama and places like that trying to restore for the eastern -- -- -- union crew guys they said that made him go to New York. New York senate will take you were union staple we may get power back. Yeah I don't know I don't know what that -- and I'd I'd never heard so I'd never heard such a thing called the union people should be working that's for sure thanks -- the -- -- 18774694322. -- we are. 18774694. Recouped through. Guy from Lawrence is inviting map from Holyoke the comes to warrants of geeks Oreo is bad. 18774694322. Mike your next with how we cargo ahead Mike. I now -- -- vision we make that topped analysts'. I don't know about that. You know I don't. I've been itself someplace for thirty -- than just the arrogant that your hand. Like a they were -- gain by somebody -- union and their government lookout for the little guys make sure everything and even Steve. So infuriating. And also of a guy call me -- used to be in the bakers union and he left but he got a job with a nonunion bakery and he's never had to worry about being laid off ever since that helped. You'll do you work real jobs just like I haven't you know that no matter where you work there are people that put did -- and then -- there are people that war morally right. And and the union the union for tax the that the time -- but. What is a -- car.