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Buckle Up! Forward! Over the fiscal cliff!

Dec 6, 2012|

Obama says he has no problem heading over the cliff.

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Good good good. Is -- -- good morning miles. We're starting this July and for a lot of new. A lot of stuff going. Everybody is talking about the fiscal quarter. Fox all day fiscal CNN fiscal. Rush fiscal cliff Hannity fiscal Clift well fiscal cliff. Fiscal cliff all day nonstop. You would think -- -- negotiating nonstop on capitol. Do you think -- Boehner and Obama were. Almost gonna drop dead from sheer exhaustion because of constant negotiations. In fact they haven't seen each other. They haven't spoken to each other -- days the dear leader spoke to the business roundtable in Washington yesterday. He's basically been campaigning he's not interest in negotiating with a -- He's basically saying my way or the highway. Boehner is easily -- jilted lover waiting for the dear leader to call. Really is certainly give you can imagine I got. Jolt it that it won't he's everywhere. If he's in Hawaii it's. Yeah -- again and he's relaxing he's getting ready for free vacation before his vacation. It's. Not -- bad. -- -- -- -- -- To serve let me -- the pineapple -- the only beautiful weather release saying hey I just won this election. I'm gonna stick it to their Republican. The American people it's. Going to take to get to have you been around -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- raise revenues. That are sufficiently to balance. We have been very tough cuts that we've already made and turn it up further reform entitlements and I'm prepared to make him. Boot -- hello. We call me give me a call that. -- hours seven hours apart remember that Boehner whose -- is all. I keep that in mind when you give me -- -- I'm -- dealt a bitter but John don't call me now setting my pinnacle lot of let me get my ties of the first -- changing my ties with the First Lady I got a big golf game coming up. Don't bother me now you see I'm getting our real -- I got real beautiful signing here I don't run off to that banning someone like you do John OK so don't bother me right now. I mean this this is becoming a joke. I'm looking at this summit this surreal. Here you have the president of the United States. Fresh from his reelection victory. Completely arrogant full of hubris. So he's walking around he's basically now told the Republicans. I want one point six trillion dollars in new revenue. Now remember. Last July. When they were negotiating. To lift the debt ceiling man. When there -- again involved and called fiscal cliff discussions that was the first fiscal cliff. He wanted 800 billion. Did cheerleader since you got to give me hundred billion billion billion. When we gotta we gotta somehow rein in these deficits by raising revenue we got to raise taxes you gotta give me 800 billion dollars on the rich. And -- said all I can give you 800 billion. If it's gonna walloped the economy and all I can give you money thing. Now Boehner comes back after not giving him 800 billion the first -- Says here here's 800 billion doesn't -- the last time. Here's a hundred billion. And now the dear leader says -- hole that was last July. That was before I was reelected. Now I want double I want one point six trillion ball works. One trillion dollars. Massive tax increase some those making over 250000. Dollars. Which by the way includes many small businesses. This is gonna hit business it's gonna hit investment it's gonna hit investors it's gonna hit job creators it's gonna hammer the economy. But Danny says I want -- all those loopholes and deductions. We're a squeeze out a mother 600. Billion dollars out of that. So I'm all I want one point six. And gainers look at I'm saying like one point six. My -- my people destroying me my basal devour me if I give away the store. Can you give me some spending cuts. Can you give me some reforming entitlements can you give me something. Because we're going off literally gonna go bankrupt we've got trillion dollar deficits. And Obama says net. Big guy -- Hawaii. Next year. Agreed that tax increases now. And then next year we'll talk about spending won't talk about the budget won't talk about entitlements. So think about this. Republicans are now being arrests. To violate their no tax porch. Going against their base. Betrayed the investors and the entrepreneurs in this country. Two goal along with the Obama. As you Walsh the economy. For a promise. Of negotiations. On possible spending cuts which will never happen in the future. Few Republicans aren't saying if they take his deal there weren't saying. Now if I was bonehead. OK if I literally I was Boehner. Instead of acting like a jilted lover ICM almost every two hours and I was coming in front of the TV screens always with some little press conference. And with with an army of people behind him much he's very serious very serious. And he goes around and says. Man. Mr. President we're rated deal. We've given you wanna offer Mr. President we've put revenue on the table we've put taxes on the table. We have a planned we wanna cut spending -- I wanna get serious about our debt and deficits. Why -- gimme a call Mr. President please call me. I want you to call me please call. And of course the president how does them over a barrel. Look at it from Obama's point of view why would you even negotiate with Boehner. Here holding all the cards it's. You're seeing yourself. Either you raise taxes one point six trillion dollars. -- really soak it took a rich. Which might base will love. To do liberals will love you mean the media will applaud mean. I will hammer the wealthy in this country I will break their back and arrange them in. Or we just walk away. And let all the bush tax cuts expire. And he'd be very happy with that because then he'll turn around and says look don't look at me John Boehner wouldn't agree to tax increases for the wealthy. -- always mirrors focus the republicans' fault it's not my fault. Now he's got rates on everybody going up the working class the middle class the upper middle class there every bracket rates go up. And whatever spending cuts come and it's all on the military. Which is what he also wants he wants follow up the military. Social Security doesn't get touched Medicare doesn't get touched Medicaid doesn't get touched welfare doesn't get touched. Nothing gets touched. She'll do liberals. In -- going off the fiscal cliff is exactly what Obama wants to know. And that's why the White House is saying. They sign on to my one point six trillion dollars in taxes I win. They walk away from this we got off the fiscal cliff to roll right off the cliff. -- taxes go up for everybody. We go after the military which is the only place you wanna cut anyway we all along America's defenses we went. I win either way. So that's why if -- -- John Boehner. Instead of grumbling. On national television day after day I just walk away. I'd walk away and I would say this that's all he's only got to do this. I am not gonna help him destroyer economy. I am not gonna help him. Sought our entrepreneurs. I am not gonna help him not this economy into a major recession we're not gonna do that has Republicans. This is a disaster. Mr. President you want -- restructure as you go ahead and raise taxes which are obviously not serious. About cutting spending. Because what we have in Washington is a massive spending problem not a revenue problem we have more than enough revenues. The problem is rigged -- to spending. So you don't care about the deficit you don't care about the debt you carry that we're about to go bankrupt I'll tell you what. Exactly -- senator Rand Paul said I agree with him completely on this we have stain. We don't vote for it we don't vote against it you wanna pass it pass it. Go ahead raise taxes do whatever is you wanna do because when this massive recession hits. It's gonna be on your head you're -- own it. That's what Boehner should do. He should call Obama's hand say you know what you love to raise taxes fine you know what dear leader. We're leaving adios I'm going to Hawaii. If I'd better yet I'm going to Fiji. Okay how many -- real Panama going to be in assigning an apparent in so long I'm going to be in a rip and getting a real plan in Fiji. But here's the thing even the top 2% even folks who make more than 250000 dollars. They still keep their tax cut on the first 250000 dollars of income while so it's still be better off for them to yeah. Better for everybody. Just raise taxes. Just raise taxes. So my question to you resists. Are you afraid of the looming fiscal cliff are you afraid that you -- taxes will go up. Do you think the Republicans should stand firm. Or do you think they should compromise on raising taxes on the wealthy Steve Europe's first welcome to the corner report. You are not know the mud. Yeah. There -- Republicans. I've -- a horrible as far as. Big bearish impact and they better have a really good message. And they perished I would language. -- structure revenue statue they -- All agree with the left shut it only they should -- or without saying its fuel bomb our economy and you are Libyan. And shot just repeating that over and over and over again. And they feel like you don't -- brought the outlets. So -- preempt them. Get on national TV figures just say they beat America you watch more -- in which is why he's gonna come back and research -- Their proposed tax increases. For the middle collapsed. They explain okay president -- and what he's gonna kill. And Danish it appeared they shot spot everything -- Obama IE negotiated union. No fighting for Air Force One no fighting White House out. Every right. Steve I love you man. I love you buddy you know I'm serious have you ever Steve have you ever thought of working on the hill. I have a lot -- but I cannot -- it Jake and I might area. Much like all right. I've got a -- you should be working as an advisor John Boehner because that's exactly what cooks he was telling me just before the show. Look at the corruption of the language now look how the left has dominated the debate -- is no longer tax increases moral its revenue. Its revenue. 800 billion in revenue a trillion in revenue one point 2000000000001 point six trillion in revenue. Spending is no longer spending every noticed that it's a quote investment. There it's their investments. And investment. Loan revenue was a tax increase. And if I were Boehner Steve you nailed it I say you know what I start running out every day he wants us to go off the cliff. That's what he wants he wants to raise taxes on everybody he wants to slash the military he's gonna send us into a massive economic spiral. So don't blame me. Blame him and then he can portray himself as the hero next year so hold on we have to cut taxes now for the middle class after we raise them. And say you know what Mr. President I love it Steve. You're going to be in Hawaii great that you won't have the money to come back. I'm cutting off all of your funding. Nomar vacations. No more trips no more beach resorts know mark I shrimp cocktails it's all over dot pinnacle lawyer sipping. Paid out your own pocket. John Europe next you know. This morning that the current hours the good news about -- We -- writing things for a. Follow once he narrative government campaign and everything in particular about what about it bought -- -- it it should our belt back is our revenue. Money that they aren't gonna spend it on the Iraq War which is over it its Sabine. I hope you know I don't want to stop people like you figured out well. -- -- that's what they think so not much money we're gonna save by not portal or should. I actually had actually a couple I felt we bring the -- but -- is clearly not all about what they -- why don't you call a -- I. John the Wall Street Journal had a brilliant editorial on that because Obama keeps running around saying we got four trillion dollars in savings. We don't -- over ten years or reduce the deficit by four trillion dollars. Most of -- these imaginary savings from the wars and have Iraq and Afghanistan. But we won't be in Iraq and Afghanistan. -- -- -- -- -- that is I would say you know what guys. We were going to be we're gonna we're in the big war with Russia -- there and it's gonna cost us trillions of dollars but you know what. We're not gonna have a war with Russia. Oh my god I just saved this trillions of dollars. Might look at this deficit reduction aren't I brilliant tennis. Champions we're.