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Chump Line Thursday December 6, 2012 - Methane or Serin Gas?

Dec 6, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was the inquiry which do you think Moonbats are more worried about: Serin Gas in the Mideast or Methane from Cow flatulence?

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Heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they were -- your car for you go to ship cart dot com. I Alley -- -- -- Every you know get very. It's so. Three why. -- say there's -- by -- times do. By. And because of that yet the confidence to go forward. Instead of injuries aren't as. You know in the got -- -- read mode and that went back out. And without those three things that more people would have been you know. Bob Costas would have been hiding under his chair by his own admission. People have been wide area of 45. -- film that'll that'll make forty. Really all the NRA cliches in here tonight our way. About the cold dead hand. The on -- you get my gun is to pry it out of my cold dead fingers. This is such a -- and be afraid that shoot some basketball. You know. I hate to be. My usual nasty self -- How Paul -- is Bob Costas. You see violence really in a five time. I do most -- want to look at up could look it up on my group how tall is Bob Costas. I'm gonna say fifty -- 67 interest. Get. It makes much sense. Remember when he turned double I felt it would be able to bring attention to global warming. Did he do that. -- -- We now makes up fervor -- as many interviews he says he that was sent by asking. You did a good interview with sandusky a camp where that would -- The gat was just getting -- and husky on the phone I guess anybody could -- that that that he he urged producers got the guys on got that her on the phone. You know it's so. Absolutely. Nothing to make these current parent bodies. From now on our troubles will be. He's. So. -- -- Well. A lot of stories going around we can do store we do 234 stories a day of Christmas trees being. Being. The end banished guesses are better banished from wherever they've been put up capital and all over the country -- gets worse every year. It's you're from eighty million Gun Owners of America but I think over 200 million guns. More than what goes possessed well military in the world is going to be -- deadly. Or -- of thousands killed in the US -- here. That's a good point somebody said I'd ever heard this -- before and it's true or not but admiral Yamamoto. Said that the Japanese could never invade the the United States of America because that was more rifles blades of grass. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I wanna know what's gonna happen if they go when they're looking for the serin gas and other don't find and he is is it going to be another rove bush lied and people buy is going to be Obama lied and people died. But then of course. Qatar sending the guns in the Libya. As -- as via third party favorite to the United States and no one's calling that I Iran Contra. There must be nice to be Barack Obama and never get criticized for anything. Don't want me. I was so. Oh attacks get -- I guess you'd be anymore. -- -- -- currently -- because the American dream that it only happened while you sleep good now. -- -- Gallup says the real unemployment rate -- seasonally adjust that they always like to seasonally adjusted to make it look good for Obama if he needs it to. The unseasonable. We seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is now eight point 3% went up a whole percentage point last month eight point 3%. Barack owns it. Or at least that's what it says on Drudge how much one about you won't see it in the paper tomorrow that it's eight point 3% or or that he owns it. You remember your world history army -- this country the politicians. All the country Obama Clinton or a glass of water. I don't really like the McCain though in the Lindsey Graham. You know war. Trying to war. Trying to make him look weak you know I disagreed I don't -- -- McCain's or Graham's. Constituents want to want us going into Syria I mean again we do we do we don't know hole. What we would be replacing the -- -- well as bad as they are. What do we one at why don't we just give it a good leaving alone this time. -- -- Yeah I didn't. They're in Paris and now. Help. Of that poll. Goes all folks and stars now they used to be a little old ladies from Pasadena driving around that crazy in the -- theme songs. By the senate the last if I have a Brazilian. Indian. -- -- I know I covered a lot of lot of words over the years and I mean I never felt. Didn't they need to use the word resilient as an -- or -- to overstate my case I. It's not really very precise as it further for the Harvard Law School professor used the word resilient in her fund raising letter. But then I wonder sheer -- and Harvard law professor had she not lied about or ethnic background I'm gonna say no. That was here last -- line message thank you for calling Kelly Connor you -- it. All right. That's it for the chump like the -- line is simply recorded voice mail message service about we are showing column even though the message at any hour that there might we may or may not play your message at this time each -- the chump like number of like the leafs -- two messages. 61777934696177793469. We may have made a play your message at this time each week that. We wanted to go move that should get what they actually. Terrible -- -- actually. -- You shout heading south for the winner albeit trump call American auto transporters and that will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com.