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Col. David Hunt On The Libyan Weapons Snafu

Dec 6, 2012|

It has emerged that The White House secretly gave its blessing to arms shipments to Libyan rebels from Qatar last year and that these weapons were turned over to Islamic militants. We spoke to Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt about this revelation.

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All right there's new developments today in the of the in the mideast there's been Ghazi and in the and in. Syria. And I want to speak with the colonel David Hunt about this -- colonel hunt thanks for joining us on short notice here on the Howie -- show. And thank you clog it hey we're both on the west. Somebody flipped the buildup -- it is about. -- noted the next by the way -- thanks for thanks for giving me -- To the next batch of names comes out tomorrow afternoon. A lot have been getting about yet. December 7 it's it's it's gonna be Pearl Harbor day for well I'm literally -- a little over twenty people yes. How many will -- Scarborough that question. What is the over under Scarborough convention this. I'm gonna say it's true. Have -- that would help. With the terrible you know and -- anybody could anybody from Wellesley beginner but it was well. -- -- -- Telling you what is I was born in Portland that raised in Portland did they have been half as many people from Portland which is about ten times bigger than its Garber. They lied about their direct -- takes -- from Portland you know -- thought. About it a lot and. OK well anyway listen I got a kick out of this -- today that so when he going to be than the New York Times today when I was on the when I was on the the stationary bike trip. -- and I must read this tonight and gave me I mean I must say give me chuckle it's amazing the way the New York Times is able to come up with these stories about the Obama administration what they knew now that the election's over colonel have you noticed that's. I would have been yes I I have to admit that made by the tail. -- It's actually messing. Before these certain November sex. The Obama administration's secretly -- -- -- blasting its arms shipments to Libyan rebels from Kate -- last year but American officials later rule arm. As evidence -- that -- was touring some of the weapons over -- was comic militants according to United States officials and foreign diplomats. And then of course like the way in the second paragraph. They make sure that they -- did too to make it clear that the Obama people had nothing to do what happened. But all evidence has -- linking the weapons provided by the -- worries during the uprising against colonel mobile market copy to the attack that killed four Americans it's. So. So we're -- and the problem -- get approved for tomorrow. The operation was approved by the White House and they think they can't get around it that that these kind of activities that -- special access programs. Are signed by the president -- that's 'cause the organization right fifteen years mean. With. Church or what sort of problem that has helped me. It's moved every move up the White House so when you do something like. -- would take a weapon from one country and give it to somebody else in the country that is saying the corporate activity and it's the best Clinton's program has signed off for the presence so sorry for its debt that the White House the problem. Parliament it where it is how do you give. That right Mohamed the weapon. And the problem has been checking on the back. And checking the background it's hard enough and state let -- -- let alone. In the Middle East yeah and so you wind up not betting. The DP should prohibit it was fairly successful but yet. They've gotten up fences where they gave the wrong people. Parent committed an act but that is that is that comes to whip. The territory we start fuel and arms. But one -- to another and you got rebels in the middle and don't have a government. At all on either side. So so basically in this I mean this would have been a devastating story before the election. The US that the US had signed off on on arming these people. Following what -- interior and this story. -- now and by the way you know this too that the the guy the guy at the Justice Department that was in charge of fast and furious he was let go last Friday afternoon -- entering an awful lot again odd timing. Our post election -- on a Friday afternoon. Not thing happening here along and 828 ATF is cleaning house now to win the now the the now that the election has come and gone. As as. An accused yet it is all about who voted for Romney. Delays and actually do get that the that the problem. On the reality is when you do you -- get aggressive. Like this administration has tried to do what they're going to be out -- and instinct and it really is. Tracing the weapons for example there was a Syrian playing shut down about 88. Russian -- shall shut down by the rebel that would shut down by. And seven that we supply out of Libya to Turkey. Indians are good rebels yes the intentional that the story you're talking about frontpage it's bad apple. And that. -- -- probably read it again. Making sure that the -- you've got to. It's good guy and -- -- how we've got armored car exact card bank today yet say blaming us for everything you'd be -- -- acted. Indeed have a special -- Well even if you've got good even if -- given the good guys the bad guys could steal them from the good guys -- or -- the good guys to give them two or the pay him to test sample the global weapons. The only way to do it you keep somebody like you let guys. Or you're a surrogate in control of the weapons at all times and that. That's very expensive and very complicated in man in manpower intensive and it -- top and I'll tell you that. Debt -- that I. A lot success in these. That weapon that helped overthrow Gaddafi Libya. And it getting to the rebels spot and not always accurate and get that straight story but it did but this has been -- And it would know for a long time. A lot of people that did this happen and it is your timing is ridiculous. And it's all coming out if you noticed after he won the election before the inauguration when Agassi's story like in January 20 the reigning. This unique stories you know now. -- afterwards. Right the United States which had only a small numbers of CIA officers in Libya during the -- Of the rebellion provide a little oversight of the shipments again that make -- this just said matter of fact we like everybody is known this for months. Yet it yet not only was on the front page wasn't anywhere to be seen in the New York Times or any of the mainstream. Obama cheerleading publications. Yes just like nobody talked about the -- -- talked about this. But -- It's not a surprise that some people in the press that are one sided reporting. And in the government itself. That if you noticed the leak a couple of does that they would as the two -- Last couple days about Syria putting together. Searing gas. The other -- next thing I was gonna ask you about yes well. The good thing yet. How -- how -- -- And who who would gain mastery. Net net net if that's true how. We gotta go now we can't let that happen. And I -- a day. That is stated I really question that you don't think it's true I think I know I do not think -- -- I think we just got. Don't you think that don't you think aside is losing the war. I think it will appeal a war. I think it's it's still and he's still in charge of a lot. And discount to me like like an Israeli historian the Pentagon. And it's come out and NBC or fox but I would I've never heard of this kind of accuracy. Is quickly into what you've done it give up what is dubbed it they've given up a source. That meant that somebody in Europe it's just how he felt telling. The world that you had a certain kind of -- K. Okay excellent aerial photography that your daughter or your wife or your dog. Telling somebody. The net debt and so when you get this is close to operations there Obama way. They've weaponized Sierra gap -- and these bomb all the news in order that somebody very close. I don't know what I need help operation that would give up. And. Nobody can maybe they're trying to get the oil like you said maybe they're trying to get the US involved in this super are not on keep on so called human rights grounds. All the Turks want the public give them an aircraft up when we're gonna keep control Israelis clearly want involved are quite poignant. -- that would be that would mean. But we've actually that important and at least. That are on standby if that's true that we we want to win nasseria. And. Why would weaken the colonel why would we going to Syria when we -- -- there don't we didn't we didn't go went I Iraq when a Saddam Hussein were Jews in the same month nerve gas to kill Kurtz. Different administration we've had something that's indeed you know what with which deals lately. All of -- saying is that. My understanding it -- force in the Middle East that it disappeared -- to that we were going to at a time rockaway from dropped. And the reason that the state secretary of state in the present -- Have on record now saying that that this that the line that you can't profit. Or how many I wanted to be drawn for Iran and I ran just huge cross from one after another I mean that there is really good is. The new climate. -- and North Korea did it and nobody did anything but that this one that we've been Porsche has a lot of -- and and by the way. Syrian the Lebanese here almost two countries that back to this side of reality. Voted Iran has a look at Harvard school in North Korea. That's very difficult. Isn't monitor -- opponents here -- my point is well I don't. I questioned last night. I heard it. And I caught -- couple sources. That I would I would I'm waiting I would wait -- this one I would I would tell anybody's. In an auction really protect themselves they not making that jump on it actively seeking to the end. It just seems to be too. It's. Too easy too pushy too political. And aside otherwise it would and should we not. Well -- -- it also -- the you don't but it's forgotten by Iraq for second but what about the his father his father wrote wiped out an entire Russian media Muslim city. 3040 years ago right -- but -- when -- 30000 people. I -- I I can't get into problems -- Sunnis out of my point it'd go in DC. Depressing nature of the intelligence. I just have seen. What that we haven't been able to saint to Wednesday that the case that they continue to get a lot where of this -- probably and we regret -- That's screwing him at the top of the ball. If -- filling up the bomb was there get their victory would jump what. That is that's. Added. Amazing you know it. Someone just says you know someone just says and this is a good point -- it's okay to kill 40000 of your own people with regular bombs which you can't kill anybody with nerve gas what's what's the difference. Not addicted to monitor what. It's whoever brought them right when -- -- well we're not. How and what would not people talked about a third war and Bentley and thirteen years. I think who wins and duties could have WMD. You'll never make at a point -- it never -- get out. And I think that race. I do I just hope whip Smart enough by the way mapped it -- at ten -- on the -- -- general bill that the joint chief I'm not favor. Of invasions here. Where we get. -- as a favor of an invasion of Syria -- on our partner who is in favor of an invasion it's over it. People keep telling about you know what he does have a lot period they're not gonna do it -- You want -- want to put people -- I don't know what. But here's the point here's the -- about Syria that we talked about before I mean it's okay so let's say you take out basher or saw the very bad guy you know. Who's to say that the that it you know some other Muslim Brotherhood ma more seat type guy is gonna get in the area and be an even worse person. I got pregnant at that moment profit stacked -- the race meets west as I what is my point one years yes. Would bet that -- happening Egypt that's it that's happened that's what seems to be in Libya in Libya and if you remove facade. By the way it is ultimately it's charge -- -- of the and in the yeah and infrastructure that he would do with Egypt will -- was taken -- there was an infrastructure corruption. -- it get that what has taken out and now this it's. Mubarak with a beard it's what pot market start turning out to be turning out to be as bad that the if you pentagon. Right wing guy or woman standing in line with with the government way or you get somebody course. That -- and so it like you willing to control was in that government -- you know the current leader but don't tell apparently. Was it a story about these people -- up all the middle class and you know they hated us on the so we gotta get rid of this guy we need a liberal in here you know. And now they've now they've seen now they seem what's gonna come after -- sought in their suddenly foresaw. Intervening in somebody on the country's. Politics like this that drastically. There are consequences column I pointed in there went -- to. What -- general -- used to say. You broke it you bought that. Somebody beat -- old -- and yet made any obstacle powers and all the whole doctrine. Syria is ugly we were helping obviously we're helping the rebels have become public. It was poor buddy you're trading put the secret -- to the ground help them fight. And maybe you do a quick rate is now there really are. Is there really is hearing ghastly amount in the weapons. But but my gut just so he has to win another war. In the Middle East and we are militaries are tired. These guys this is it a long haul longest history. Could this could this could all these WMD's that they now that the now the Pentagon is leaking out that they have could -- a lot of -- -- have come from Iraq. Now. It did not. No I -- that was not talking there was a lot of talk at the time that some of these weapons may have gone over the over the border in this year. I think he's. I don't that would unlock -- the Bush Administration. Had anything. And he proved they were believed they would they would come out because of how how politically destructive that was not department deputy. That many people believe and I wanna on the upon being done it's unfortunate dimension of the western Clinton's. Actually get a lot of damage to the -- deputy program in Iraq. And there wasn't any there after the. We did where they get this is where did they get this such serin gas from that and the -- and the rest of their -- Why they can make it to the kind of questions of the Chinese. Here and -- ebitda is not hard it is -- -- is what it. And an award this happens. And having it put that I have my question I'm just when requesting. Whether we got that. -- And now and if we -- -- I've ever. Share it that quickly get to think so politically motivated. Rule this whole administration has been as CEO of you know I mean whenever -- whenever it. We -- not like it is just so badly. But this administration leaked it and how it pushes them. Into a corner where it's more likely I think a push from Israel. Through the Pentagon and and others who want to push this administration and its commitment. Arm I'm just gonna -- now the -- the headline is they don't deploys troops to was Syria's border interred -- Her -- OK okay we have. I didn't know quite that we put. In aircraft missiles with under our control of the Turkey. That special operations forces in the Middle East. -- that NATO would not -- now went. We are moving. Able -- around the Mediterranean. So with so quickly I don't when -- bought when. -- invading Syria. Anything we're prepared rhapsody definitely. 775. Says you're missing the point now yes the kernel of Syria has been highlights wrote the war on terror. Yeah they've been bigger that's what B I -- were made that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans in Iraq. -- -- rejected anything but don't bet on that I -- sure that we know the consequences. Got that one of the problems in Iraq and Afghanistan. He didn't plan for the consequences. If not a quick that we can't take to areas where destroyed a military thought. Take irrelevant now what you -- do it here. What went QB the minutes of the -- that I know what. Because now you've got that Iran. Who said Hezbollah in the box. Pick -- -- to step -- to where. OK and that and that attitude that is one consequence. Of what Iran and Syria but yet we don't injured in these cops say please understand. We do something bad guys to do something. All right so war excuse by so would you say what would you say the odds are -- we're gonna going to Syria in the next six months. Are. Going to -- really care gap with them but it's going to be dvds to a rate in day. It hit it really is that what that figure it's true -- we've got going yet. And acquitted that we know that they they they put the weapon together in the bombs that we don't -- -- are. It yet it -- add -- to what I would want to -- advocate. I'm sorry I don't mean to seem to lose here but again I don't understand I don't understand the difference between killing somebody with a rifle. Or -- mortar shell or just regular bomb from one a year a Russian mig jets that you. Indirectly killing them with share serin gas knew we we haven't done diddly squat while -- when we've been killing tens of thousands of people now now we're suddenly all bent out of shape what's the what the hell is the deference and. It's a little bit I don't think it duplicate it. It's a bit yet because the world authority UN UN did not and other organizations have. The player things like every gas and an atomic weapons to be more brutal than the weapon upon have been a bullet hit it probably to the partly it's -- It doesn't really matter if your dad doesn't. No it's great ethical argument -- objects answering as if they really haven't. What we probably would do. But I don't see it going on the ground as seriously in the -- And can -- all right colonel I appreciate you being with us and that they can you take in the time to a -- a process and a Bill O'Reilly did a nice job last night handling that little weasel of Bob Costas that they. That's it you know benefit a lot lot there but that was that was applied Scotland. Yeah that was cut that was a that they should at least they would station stop that fight there was not it was not a fair fight. So I don't not I'm not the get go but you thought that was wrong -- loudly. He's very top and particularly an act on the subject. Yeah OK colonel thanks for being what this I appreciate at 18774694322. We come back we'll talk about what -- -- -- what -- cost us last night on Reilly's show about car.