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Bicycle Russian Roulette

Dec 6, 2012|

A Boston University student was killed while riding a bike on Commonwealth Ave when he was hit by an 18 wheeler while in the Bike Lane. Howie felt horrible about this victim who seems to have been following the law but wondered how many accident are caused by scofflaw cyclists.....

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Another rob -- syquest killed today in the city of Boston missed the fifth one of the year the fifth one. Now this one. It appears that the DO bike it's another BU's student as a matter of fact and have -- have leave the top is gone up since the bike lanes and important and I believe they have seen and I can never remember a year when five people killed and -- enough -- accidents in the city of Boston. Yup the more the more or and then the more bicycle racks they put up a more bicycle lanes they put in. The more people are getting killed in riding bikes. And it looks like this guy that was killed today Christopher weak oil. The 23 year old photo journalism student at BU it looks like it wasn't his fault but many times. The biker. Is at fault. And you know I was like about this today -- I mean how many pedestrians. Have been killed in the city of Boston this year. I'm gonna say zero. Why is that. Because there are very few pedestrians. There are no pedestrians across part of say who think they are an automobile. Or who think they the have the same rights and will be treated by people in internal combustion. Not I rights agency that -- back I mean. They don't stop for lights they don't stop for stop signs they don't you know they they don't think the laws apply to them at all. But I mean it would be I mean pedestrians. Pedestrians would take the same we would do the same thing I mean it's human nature -- you pedestrian stop Fred for a whopping don't walk signs announcing -- -- pedestrians don't go pedestrians walk into the cars. Where is I have seen I we balls who hasn't almost killed by cyclist. Really. I mean especially in this area this is that this is our area the city Alston Brighton. And then you know movement to warm up -- point which is not part of the city but that were seen ambulances might as well be part of the city it's surrounded by the city almost. This is weren't of people -- really crazy I mean in Cambridge and they just that the biggest don't pay attention and you know they the they they think a red light means they pick a red light means slow down sometimes they think doesn't mean anything at all. Sometimes they and they see you know people. People in cars run lights but they don't run -- is my cyclist but some were almost killed play. Because what are your mother's -- sandy and I was on a Harvard street now while I was just and in some idea I had the green light the oval I I -- -- -- step out of polite waiting for -- -- to turn green. It turned green and I. I didn't for the car I put my my idea foot on the gas pedal and took off and I bicycle it's cut right up front -- Just let me go down into camera square by the lake is just as you come down into -- more unbeaten streak that's that the main drag in mind. -- my environment on a straight out of time to -- isn't quite -- but they stop vision camera square so these bicycles -- -- along on the likely all of a -- issue right out into main traffic where there are no -- claims. And it's just I keep looking left I mean I keep looking for some ago fifty feet near giving him as somebody. Then there was another one killed at at quarter of Harvard Harvard street in bright -- that was the that was the most recent one before this 1 this morning. There was one in South Boston. But six months ago I don't remember where the other ones work. 18774694322. They passed a law allowing a vice -- close to right through red lights they did. They did how to write not hear about the outlaw. 18774694322. I was hit by a car who ran a red light nice soft pedestrian get hit and -- flying when she walked in the traffic to catch a bus. Pedestrians walk in from a cars on Lauren in Lawrence always and they never look up 18774694322. They drive their bikes like beard doubles now is that there will be more. All I know is those people would still be alive if they didn't have a bike. If there were -- Is someone -- on the cost argument. If if there weren't if there weren't any bikes it's the mobile line 18 sevenths I. I need but my question is that there weren't up by claimed he still be alive because I think the by claimed that really. Attributing to people getting ahead and I mean. They difference by you lose an entire Carolina and recline now because we have a -- claimants over the same point time. Now it's you know these people seem to think the -- the bicycle -- seem to think that because able by claimed that the road down the road rules don't apply to them and their more than out there and they're just. You're asking for trouble. -- they they they are they -- people say how we use. It wasn't his fault but often -- is the cyclists fault you were no better than -- -- know better than what I just I isn't that the truth it it isn't what I said it is correct it is oftentimes the bicycle as well. This guy obviously the sport man he felt safe riding a bike lane he thought he was sick as he was denies that's -- A look at this -- an eighteen Wheeler ran him down and killed him immediately. And as his heart and. I'm not going up against -- that the the woman in South Boston -- -- -- she was -- by an eighteen -- -- -- -- I'm just going up against before we York. You know they got plenty -- plenty of these big trucks like shouldn't have to tell anybody -- it -- should be obvious. 978 how we bikes on city streets are just an extreme example political correctness run amok there's only for the cars let alone bikes I pyrite and would never -- in Boston. Was -- c'mon Paul the UPS guy. That communal bicycles wasn't -- that -- 18774694322. One more before your mobile phone lines here. 617 how we between cyclists and pedestrians -- estimate more than half of them have chosen to block out the importance sounds around -- with. I applaud your pieces. You know that's a good point -- You know it's against the law in Massachusetts I don't know about other states to have a -- -- two to have both of both of your your ears covered up by your phones are your -- I guess they've changed the law also now that they -- to try to discourage. Can't help cellphone so you can have I've seen on I've seen it on signs. Around that those sub neon signs that the DOT Department of Transportation -- -- you can have a but. -- but in one year for a cellphone but the I know you keep you can't have bud headphones on when -- drive and what what's that we've. Why are you allowed to to drive. To to ride a bicycle basically death. Just as dangerous as -- it's more dangerous because you don't have the the protection of the automobile. Paul your next with how we cargo ahead Paul. I wouldn't. In Massachusetts. These. People. -- Well taken it. Away. But the question for the the group. Of those amateur and right. -- -- read about it I. Should. You know Paul I think you know I agree with I think that they they he you know that the new. -- the new rules are you know exposed to right on the sidewalk I'm with you look there's nobody on the sidewalk and I'm on a busy street I'm -- all right on the -- Its own two cents to come to -- that these two -- I reach into it got to get ready. -- I hope they do is to. You know all the world is an important to. Be the that you looked up and up to be the -- in the first place -- I mean what do you think of. Thanks for the call Paul 18774694322. It's -- a bike messenger in Boston for seven years in the ninth in the nineties pedestrians are the worst and nobody that drives town. Nobody who drives down count and nobody that drives town are from here. I was never hit well -- -- -- with this camp re discussing at 18 sevenths if there -- bike lanes there should be pike -- I agree. You know what there's also be -- excise taxes that. In view of an expensive bite you should have to pay more for like that it's like that that tax dodging state -- but -- a New Bedford wants to put what support them every year. Registry auto registration fees on people who have. -- Vehicles that increase their carbon footprint. There's another there's -- attack she wants to increase taxes that on the state level and how is -- of who brawl. Yes some -- shells and visiting from traffic and she says that when she was coming or this morning she saw. A another accident in Brighton right down the street by the -- station a bicycles a woman not an opera bike and lying on the ground. By that aspiration yes from the liquor -- exactly. You gotta be NC you have to be seen as a -- land over there. Eras of like I didn't like playing and that's that she was in the by Clint again I think the bike -- it's like an attractive nuisance that lets people think that they're safe and they are not. That's at -- that has station is about the 200 yards from the turnpike. And people were getting. People are getting off the turnpike. And they're going on to the turnpike in front that -- station after getting off the turnpike you've just been going seventy miles. Right. And your bicycle and you're competing with people work to your computer you're you're you know you're sharing the road with people who have just been going seventy miles an hour it's not it's not a Smart thing to do. Bill your next with how we cargo ahead bill. Yeah Ali. Your your. About bicycles but this time -- I acted dot. Riot when we would -- its we will talk. In the practice. It's equities and its responsibility. -- -- But we're not afraid to get it pedestrians it is you know -- Yeah -- and everybody. Else BO and the right. Took it got out. I'd -- -- like -- message -- since you know like chickens. Yeah quite I I would think most people who drive in the city and most people drive anywhere. Have had to tell you about near misses they've had -- like writers whether it's dark or light. Bill. Website I don't know how much say in this guy -- B obviously it's too bad it's a tragedy it's unfortunate that this guy I'd. But and it may be wasn't his fault he was in the -- -- but you know again it's it's it's dangerous don't cure what everybody says. A lot. The Mueller is a bike is a crop until it wants to be a body until it wants to -- that street and they simply changed their roles as well. Right exactly. That's what I that's what words. -- -- -- -- I'm a bike get out of my way -- I looked pedestrian get my life. And out there you know -- one of the most frustrating parts of -- driving in Boston is being on Maceda heading north in Arlington right in Cambridge. And you stop for a light the bike comes up to you go around the -- because it's too narrow lanes on massive you have to go around the -- you come up the polite. The -- -- just past you know took a chance going into the going into the passively to get around him he passes GO. In the have to repeat the Europe to repeated again you have to go around them to WiMax like comes up and he stops for the light Billy does or doesn't stop the -- goes right through -- -- continues this way and that it continues across but across this -- That's outlined in Arlington. You -- I don't know how far you can probably drive the Concord Lexington with in the same thing what happened about twenty times and for a when he stoplights. You just be that the guy would just go through when he stop lights but the police reckless in the -- or around. Pat you're next with how we cargo ahead pat. -- we have the same problem up here -- auditors think that would be. I'd like to find out how many accidents are caused as a result a bicycle that -- created for our. I don't that's a good point to focus you know YouTube you pull out that you pull out like I said on Massa have been the bat second play and you don't watch you're gonna get you're gonna get smacked by the car in the passing -- Exactly what routes we have up -- -- here -- their vote in the -- about from the surrounding towns. So narrow world there's no -- both sides. Shoulder what whoever you're in barrel. And that's been limits for the most part and I'm -- -- reporters it is 45 miles an hour. Now court struck that means traffic move around 55 miles. Now. You -- bicycle -- along their your order on the curb air that night to come out on a bicycle. -- and about fifteen miles an hour. And there are a bike and there's nowhere to get out of ways especially rap art but I am we have another game on the left side you where you -- go get out. -- -- And I think yeah yeah I don't -- flatter anybody oh and it -- -- big broad tortured -- erupted at the likely that directive signed up -- But that's the one right now. -- they used always so what now that's all you just cannot strike down a little liberal that. Bites make you -- -- to can I ask this question pat do bikes pay full taxes. Are they don't edit and update update sales tax bite that -- by default web about it. You know. And bites may useful way. -- -- You know on the outside a lot. I'll pick a -- decide how -- Ali mail via. Don't don't bother my blood pressure is high enough as it is after the election I don't need it to get any higher. Likes -- useful -- 187744694322. -- did not just excise taxes etc. but more enforcement -- a lot of bicycle both phones. If five devolved Menino and the other green friendly moon bats won't be insurance for years we do. 18774694322. Bob Bob your next with how we -- ahead Bob. Yeah -- The problem areas the fact that. They hate you when you're -- that car you're you're destroyed in the -- and. They -- let you know what you're absolutely right to do -- you know sometimes you know when I've gone gone past them beat me on the with their hands and whatnot is all about what. -- don't you know you're born and miles an hour. You're not supposed to be on the wrong wood and figure it destroyed in the the atmosphere -- that. Right I have a big carbon footprint to -- not nearly as big as John Kerry's -- Yeah that that's why it's so get over it became great I noticed put a complete. And you know carry and that attitude. There with those people really. Obnoxious about it. All right I know I know some people would get really really angry if the if they got I mean I don't care if somebody gets you know someone just slaps you know the -- of my car but with their union but. But it's really disrespectful in what I do to deserve it. One of my card do to deserve it and how we car.