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The most gut wrenching call we've ever received

Dec 7, 2012|

This man recounts the horror of sexual abuse. This is the most gut wrenching call we've ever received.

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John Europe next go. I sit there. Very very -- earlier this say they're not gonna tell you. I married a woman. And prior to being married. I thought I had a perfect hormonal -- -- During our relationship. There was very little. -- -- we were kids. And I thought I had a perfect open. Not that we got married. I have found out there I don't blame I like because Jordan a parade that based company. Should Volek did five point one year old Edward Jewish state. -- She lived through it should now go on our third year goal that we haven't I haven't got like I didn't -- And as a man I have to live with the and it hurt. Because big guy is still walked in the streets. Because when they weren't get caught. Based video group first days. In -- let -- In my eight complete issue -- they keep it a terror. At eight years old who can do such big -- eight year old child Jeff. I want and I'd. I can't protect -- much anger gets put my body. Chip equipment their story because I live it every day but it didn't happen to me. I have a warm in a cure -- -- what we warships forbidden. -- the only time I can actually work Saturday temperature according to back. That's the repercussion. Of somebody or it. -- Thank you you. Go through the -- please. We were back on the couldn't report. The WR KEOs talk Jack for your iPhone four. Royal visit WRK -- dot com slash.