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Chump Line Friday Decmber 7, 2012 - A Day When There Is No EBT

Dec 7, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was an imitation of Rossevelt's day of infamy speech on this the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you -- ship cart dot com. -- And how -- you know how would it's always been one of my favorite. Historical celebration. They think about it except. Maintenance -- -- but really it is with a torpedo. So. Today. The him filthy pervert and you and Christmas comrade Chris wants him habeas lawyer trying to get him into what I haven't. The -- be tossed out of the at heaven's gate by saint Peter. My feelings. Whether they would you know. In the series. You know the trees for -- that sent me scathing facts saying how dare you say it was better in the December 7 1941 -- these numbers on December 7 ninth 2012. That's one reason right there. There was also -- section -- There was no SSI there was no SS DI. There were no illegal aliens either. Are next on non. Whatever. Are I'm today. I like -- you laugh and Mary BP yeah okay. Nancy you know aren't. -- -- Yeah you know he's -- on my cats I did that day. Does Obama just come out and say that he wants he wants the money. So that he can increase the welfare payments to his constituents -- -- just come out and say it. I don't think my constituents out on their phony baloney disability pensions and selling heroin in April are making enough money. You know why should they have to work. Selling -- you know day that's it's an arduous. Trade. Peddling. White powder or why do they have to do what they need more money they need more EBT carts. When -- out -- and me. -- it is going to be. There was there was uninteresting story in the paper today. Apparently Deval Patrick Kennedy had a meeting. With. With Bobby don't be -- the speaker of the house and Terry Murray the president of the senate and he said that you know that -- would be really wanna get together with Carmen Ortiz. The the US attorneys and they get to know for a little better. And it kind of shocked because in this Probation Department scandal. One of their of these mayors is that they're gonna get to know Carmen Ortiz the US attorney a little better. They didn't think that was probably why he's moved to -- be meeting with the US attorney unless they got some kind of he you know immunity deal you know what I mean. Then and in the way speaking of the Probation Department scandal and Bobby DiLeo went Terry Murray both of whom are been mentioned prominently in the scandal. Which is already involved the indictment of a number of people. Bill well yesterday give an interview today Harold and keep -- pooled the whole probation departments DM -- said it was merely politics as usual. And how how -- where you're supposed to grease the skids get legislation through if you couldn't be given away jobs. To want to a local -- program. I was perplexed to hear that because. Until well just went to work as a partner in the law firm of Mintz Levin. Mintz Levin is representing. Speaker DiLeo. In his recent embarrassments. In front of the it in in in front of the Probation Department that -- injury. Seems like that should have been pointed out in the story. Called neutral floor and oh yeah. Six. Through. Not -- -- that was just. One can overnight. Four plus article would you open operas. You know what it is it's like the act of contrition there certain numbers that I get used to saying in it in the -- gets confused in the order right I just lose lose my place in my in the brain I can't. I can't tell you what the second sentence of the active contrition is. But I can't the only elements are for everybody the other -- for the reasonable sort of agreement were ordered as a real brutal and aggressive as it is to fundamentally cement. So he can do what I can do the whole thing but I can but they don't ask me what what's in the middle. Just like he also all of a sudden you're asking me to come up with one of those middle numbers. I had a -- It's not it's not. It's not my advancing age. Against the other problems but that was it what's popular -- not coming up with a -- point numbers not one. Aren't -- period and I did not reporting -- do. There was a great great column in the Wall Street Journal today by Seth Lipsky used to be on the wall street journal editorial board he's -- Viet vet himself. And he said how the hell can they even think about making this guy either secretary of defense or secretary of state after what he said over the years. But the US military. And it's it's really really good point. It's too bad that Barack Obama could give a flying -- less -- bona. Much show what he said in the past. They outplay probably about that of the Wakefield you know that -- went wrong. What about the -- but that is to give up pretty walk there. You know what he's got a point there doesn't. Elmo. Elmo's voice has anything happened elmo's voice. How many people as he got coming after about 34. And the the prosecutor says they can't the prosecutor in Manhattan says they can't do what he -- He's he'd lost his job but he's not going to prison. The screw this up Irvin though Wakefield has already been enough to camp for three months of these misstatements going to be there for the rest of his life. A lot of economy but it it was for me that is the economy's getting better you wouldn't -- It also seems that if the economy were getting better. The shells. On CNBC wouldn't be that hysterical they wouldn't they wouldn't have to war seems so. This is sold. Animated about how wonderful it is. And they wouldn't have the talk over Rick Santelli every time they invite him to come on the show. We economies. Pittman you've got a thing called back -- BP carpet but I can about how it. I didn't we we don't. We don't condone that kind of kind of dialect -- line call. But that you like I said if you're if you have a do you think any of those heroin -- supersize it up and paper or suffering I mean now they mean now they you know faced the prospect of going to prison. But they have they have SSI. They have their businesses. On the side. Allegedly. I'm sure they heavy BT cards do you think they're paying for their lawyers for their are charges no of course not. Disappointed. And it looked good -- -- -- Nobody from Scarborough. There's a lot of proud well there's lot of relieved people and Scarborough today that there was nobody from Scarborough. That's the good news the bad news is they only released two names. They got one from from its spring bail which is suburban Sanford in the the other place I never even heard of where -- where the guy came forum. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know there's nothing that can cheer me up on -- on me on -- bleak early winter afternoon and the mention of Jim Mars only. It won't -- the -- it's that the press them. And no trouble myself but. It. It's in my kids out -- I just toy give some money -- on the hardware store they say based had a wide whenever Germany like so basic as we go to Florida that's why. That's issues such as to what lights here's just forty bucks for about a get some light so they put the lights up. But you know what the problem was there are all white. Hate white lights I mean they're better than no lights but I'd rather have colored lights. So today I'm common man and he they have the of one of the guys one of the one of the guys who takes care of the building -- the they haven't poised for pot drive in the wanted to put everything under Christmas trees so they gave him some money in the cinema out. And they they told in my comeback with a tree you know to put the poise under. And we came back with sandy. Like a tree. If he defied their instructions they told them. Make sure it has white lights and he came back with colored lights. And man does it outrage that -- what is it looked great down there. I may steal the tree on my way out the door tonight so it looks so good. -- -- those claims but it's made Colleen Haskell again CN know what war did at those who bought class. I can't do anything right with this guy. If I if I wasn't reading the names ought to be saying but I'm trying to cover up people like mice that like like myself you know. Now I've read the things I'm Eddie Haskell. That was your last -- line message. Thank you for calling haven't tired you jump. OK that's it for the chump like that in the chump wind as the recorded voice mail message service about how we -- show you can call leave a message of any hour of the day or night including weekends. The -- plain numbers you like to leave such a message is 6177793469. 6177793469. We may or may not play your message at this time each week day. Heading south for the winner don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they were -- your car for you go to ship cart dot com. And I couldn't a lot. Very well and I would -- It and then Kennedy you shout.