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Police Blotter Fax Friday December 7, 2012 - Handyman Kidnapping

Dec 7, 2012|

The two winners from this week's police blotter fax Friday contest were a couple who kidnapped a handyman to repair their appliances and a thief who called 911 because the homeowner had a gun.

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Friday my name's -- Police -- thanks Friday. Story is true. -- Seventh six 32 right sure sure on eight so that's the first. Like oh my god I am heartily sorry for having offended they become a -- the loss of government paying so well mostly the -- ago. All right people are just saying it's not it's not colored lights out -- -- of color. Now that's the new PC -- excuse me -- Yes it really well and every big could that. Treated it looks so good you know when you see so many white lights now on the white lights have become such a PC way to go it's just not I know -- we -- where that tree down -- in the lobby could be better. Is if the lights the color on the stick with colored lights too is the colored lights flashed into -- -- -- -- by the way. No I -- he some Republicans he so he saw me look at that and Lisa what do you think prices took beautiful tree and I sort of one makes a -- colored lights. If -- together till we get white ones. Somehow I am glad the is this available. Anyway OK now it's time for the police boy it's not police -- fax Friday all week long we ask you to send in your -- funny stories about. Local police six events. Police stops. Police calls some some papers hormonal column called the police law and others called the police blotter. Sometimes or standalone stories you can be you -- facts into west at 6177793467. You can update email to assess how we car at. At W war KO dot com just make sure you put them police -- facts in the slug line attack line. And you and you mailed to us as well the easiest way to do what is the facts that are email to -- sit -- and the we read the best ones at this time. Each Friday night and the two best entries in our opinion get a nice -- when they get this week's and he. We have a lovely little gift pack and steamroller. Which you know has like missed the cinnamon chocolate you know it's a little Christmas package they do every year so that's for it to go on again -- K these -- the runners up they do now when the Mannheim steamroller goodies. This is from Arlington police blog police responded to threats the Garzelli -- easily and not respond -- threats at Dunkin' Donuts on Broadway and male driver and female driver had an argument. Over a parking space during which the mail reportedly remarked on the females reliance on state assistance and how the government paid for her coffee. After all I like this one how can the -- be the winner after he come down he wanted to buy her copy to apologize to she said she was that Dutch -- But she's all you're already behind me the coffee don't you understand you have a job. He had apologized them and how did he know by the way that she was on welfare. My guess is he -- -- not there he may mean she could she payment he BT card. That could be I guess if there are few if they're both regulars he -- -- from -- palm coast Florida a local man is facing child neglect charges. After he reportedly left an intent in the care of a pitched ball while he went out to drink. The mother of the tenement electric child in the care 41 year old James Irvin on the gonna even ask if -- -- -- -- -- is alcohol involved in these incidents -- -- ask is -- EBT -- -- as well they are abandoned the child to go out what his name -- -- what's his last time that is lasting James Irvin okay James Irvin however Irvin soon abandon the child to die drinking this station -- when the mother -- time she discovered urban trying to get back into the house. Through the garage door he told her. That -- he'd been at a bar he did not leave the child alone rather it was in the care of -- basketball. Human. That he did he have any did he have alcohol on his -- -- This idiotic and hey Jodie probably early -- probably did what we talked about earlier poured got ordered a shot a Green River whiskey imported into the must -- Spoils the beard that -- I smell like Oppenheim -- reducing our ego. Heidi -- I had was a beer at all. Okay old orchard beach Maine police that a New Hampshire man is facing charges in Maine. After he called police to complain that a prostitute had not given all his money from this Woodson. So she she shortened by ten minutes yup that's the one where. Okay. Bethel Connecticut a 46 -- Connecticut man in his -- real daughter have been arrested on incest allegations. After police say DNA tests prove that they were parents of a child. I don't know I don't let this is only the beginning of the story if she indeed decides to -- within a few dozen world congress. Police say Harvard's former girlfriend was upset that sayers didn't get her permission for selling photos and videos ever in Hartford having sex -- and. Her in the girlfriend -- daughter who who had incest where their father. Is a lesbian apparently. There -- at least has a girlfriend yeah and they were having they had sex together and daddy. -- videotape them having sex together in the try to sell the photos and the the video. Yeah on the Internet yes indeed the lesbian girlfriend became angered. So she went to the cops. And told cops that that this that her girlfriend and had a had had a daughter. By her father which also made her daughter her sister. And apparently it's true the DNA tests are proving. Yes it's kind of like the movie Chinatown all means. East Saint Louis. A former barge worker has admitted -- -- own money foiled plot to abduct extort. And electrocuted while the man in his scheme investigators say barred elements from a TV show and sought to -- the killing on the intended victims acts. Brett Nash upon team beat beaches pleading guilty. He was arrested in January. After federal investigators -- conscientious paroled killer. Helped support they alleged plot against a former corporate attorney conscientious. -- kill those words you -- -- in the Simpson against a former corporate attorney who have long had pursued a sexual relationship. With the guy's wife Nash's wife the intended victim is unidentified for the court papers and according to the affidavit of the FBI. One nationally as soon. He would pursue relationships wherever it is her consummated the early this corporate attorney had apparently pursuit of sexual relationship with bill that emerged of her -- imprecise verbs and -- I didn't write it. I'm just reading 91 and I would he was having an affair was he trying to have an -- one plan of the guys -- but the plan involves forcing -- intended victim into a hot -- ballot educating him by tossing a radio -- I -- that it James Bond and -- character you know so that people out that they cat had doctor radio and Nash is an intermittently employed man who's facing a bank for closure of -- home also content and making it would be victim believe he -- wired with explosives. That car on a snack -- idea government TV show he drained his bank account for Nash. I could haven't you ever seen it have you ever seen this story that was dateline -- Saint Louis that was uplifting in complete good news. You know to be honest there I I think your point dying every. I never misses from Nebraska Nebraska woman jailed after I robbed a bank YouTube video. The YouTube video of a Nebraska woman indicating she had robbed a bank will be used to build a case against her in the video titled. Chick bank robber -- asked the woman who police identify as Hannah asks about a nineteen. Greets viewers with handwritten notes including hello I -- from a car which are caption on the video and ultimately then. I robbed a bank which is also caption -- with a gun a pillowcase and -- Never saying a word it was green day's warning playing throughout the entire video -- -- -- Richards it's thick wad of cash and shows adopted a camera. Plus 6256. Dollar flashes in the screening -- the bottom of the video or reads I just still a car and rob the bank now I'm rich I compare my college financial and tomorrow. I'm going for shopping spree bite me I love Green Day ball. Yeah. And by the way I think she looks kind of like an Asian with blond hair -- is a picture. She doesn't -- Yes she would let what -- I -- last -- to bottom product. Yeah she's definitely Asian. So she kind of it's just seems so much for the so much for the urban myth about Asians being more intelligent than in the well and you're you know I don't think that is a worry about those college -- drilling. Because she's not really trying to have to. -- college Portland. A Missouri man who's accused of driving from his home state to Maine. Within vehicle loaded with weapons to attract and his estranged wife has been charged Benjamin Lee. Had threatened to kill as estranged wife and her family members telling her you can't hide. He was arrested in limerick where his estranged wife and a new partner reliving. Apparently the -- he's. I -- you can run but you can't -- that's the that's the original Joseph Louis she reported to the police that artwork you said he was coming from on to -- from Missouri. And then Chicago mylan won multiple times reports sheets and driving past her house and a white Cadillac and he might have a gun the officer stopped him in you know what they found in the car. Five firearms over 200 rounds of assorted ammunition like. A machete a band -- W finest of twinkies -- -- folding knife handcuffs duct tape packing tape rubber gloves camouflage face -- a map of -- -- -- -- an apparent. Barrel plastic trash now I have GPS on this and having all of what last seen studies that's. Can you imagine I mean yeah I'm just going -- don't worry about it. Aren't -- the two -- separate from us from Morgan hill California. A northern California men and women are accused of coloring a handyman to their home beating him. And holding him against his will for about six hours while enforcement to fix a dishwasher and other appliances under -- front of his life. Jason dejesus and Chanel tribes and we're charged with false imprisonment and other felony counts. The suspects -- they handed -- into the home. And the San Francisco Bay Area city of Morgan Hill. On the promise of receiving money he was -- as well as doing other work instead he was assaulted -- -- -- -- -- uses light to move was not taken hospital. I -- things -- tough. But seriously you -- kidnapping handyman. The other winner is from Texas. A Texas burglary suspect 9112 reports an arm and a homeowner was threatening to shoot him. James euros the homeowner told. The TV station that he -- government wearing dark -- incited springtime Texas now. It's a small city just on northwest of Fort Worth Gerrard grabbed his gun and filed the man out to attract in his driveway with gun in hand. He told them into dropped his keys he told his wife to come island one and waiting for deputies terrorize. I point it got to him and asked him who he is and what the hell it was doing in my house you bought he set this -- What -- -- -- -- name he said his name was Lance and I said Lance what the hell you doing in my house and he said. Unlucky just unlucky. Parker county share so the suspect literate and I just -- buying G isn't year old Christopher Lance also called for help while sitting in the pickup truck. A mountain country somewhere and some guys got a gun on me he said when deputies arrived they arrested more for burglar capitation. I jurors said -- investigators questioned him more admitted he'd had bad intentions. I gave matching answers said -- said it bad intentions before that he wouldn't have gotten his second chance that's different ballgame we threaten me my family. That's a different ball game. Something is. This was pushed up column on 11 -- you -- okay thank you sandy you won't cost. To an Italian Carlo a week from today for another exciting episode -- police blotter thanks Friday. This case.