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D-Day and Voyager I

Dec 8, 2012|

Avi talks about teh anniversary of "a date that will live in infamy" and Voyager I's impending departure from our solar system

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This is not Nelson welcome -- the program can do with you for the next couple of our personally help you would join with us and participate don't have any guest schedule. So. You other stars of the program. The phone number. 8774694322. Two toll free number. And the lines are open California. The text message code is 68680. A Nelson -- York. Dot com. Well. And are never ending question. To make you feel better about the times and circumstances in which -- I am happy to announce that today tonight. Happening in blood and our intent meant. Is for years earliest sunset. And another -- after this the sun will be shutting later. Now it's not the shortest day. Because the sun is rising. Even later I -- say it rises. Any later at a rate faster getting later each day than the science that is going to get later but so the days continue to shorten. But most of us who are concerned a -- most of us in this that really applies to me and a lot of people don't like the the short days of winter they get depressed because there's a lot of darkness. There's even something called SAD seasonal affective disorder. For people who get depressed because there is much life. And most of the time people gauge that by the sunset not the sunrise. So for those of you who do. Complain or feel bad. About the sun's setting earlier this time of year. Some small consolation. That from now on the -- action -- ship later now the changes very small. I think yet to go for another three days before you even notice a different. Time. On the clock. For the set for the setting of the sun and -- the early sunset is 415. And it'll be forced sixteen. I think in in three days or something like that you can think of this as a maybe more confusing thing going around a circle. If you imagine circling and you imagine coming to the top of the circle of the vertical. Projection. Down from the top in Orange -- around -- the top of the circle and keep going. The distance down word change is very slowly at first during the period of the equinox. We actually coming in March than changing most rapidly short story gradual change but. It is in the correct direction. Incidentally used to be thought that when there is a higher suicide rate around Christmas time. It was thought that of that was people who -- lonely and the -- fan way you forward depressed because. It seemed to be a joyous time but it wasn't for them it turns out further researches indicated it's not that. It is indeed this seasonal affective disorder people just become depressed because the days. Get. Get shorter. Now other people I've seasonal affective disorder as shady. There's 1%. Of those who have the reverse. That is to say they get depressed when this so much light. So this is there a time of year. Now I must say I've never been bothered too much by the darkness though. I guess I can appreciate the people who are happening now and sad I guess in the summertime. In other ways of handling this of course you can winter in Alaska where there's virtually no sunlight. And then you -- it's summer I guess in the Antarctic where. During that period of time there's. Our summer. Would be when they have very little light any light. Trying to get things a little bit better for you. It will. The days when not getting longer for awhile but the sun will be certainly. String of lights by the way I must say that she dropped along. Aren't -- impressed for the Christmas lights in Jerusalem really spectacular. I grant you some of them a little over the top but the new colored lights so vivid. It really has become a festival of lights you can enjoy the the holiday from the perspective is driving by. And seeing how well your neighbors -- split up their lawns. If you're just joining us try to spread holiday cheer this is obvious now the phone number -- freeze date 77. 469432. To the text message code 68680. Email address a Nelson WR here in downtown. Well. With regard to some other things that we have were a day late with regard to the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. And it's not a it's not a round number for summary we get fixated and run numbers from this was -- Pearl Harbor was 71 years ago. Nash and new -- -- prime number I don't know what you can do with it. However. It is worth commemorating what is one of the major revenge in our history. Over 2400 Americans were killed. The clinched only by what happened on 9/11 in terms of numbers of American dancer one incident. It's also interesting. To. Think back as to what happened. There were. Eight battleships. That were. Damaged or launched. During that attack. Four of them were sung. And four others were damaged but I don't think most people realize that only two. Were lost to the point where they did not return to active service. And I think we'll tend to view it as. We which we sort of view the whole thing is being Arizona in the Arizona. Did explode was a total loss there were 11177. People killed in his. Become a memorial. The other one that was launched was the Oklahoma. Which capsize or -- in between nine dead but that was -- floated November 1943. But it capsized again. And lost while under -- to the mainland in 1947. All of the other battleships. -- hitch and loss of life. But they returned to service the West Virginia or returned to service in July 44 the California. In January 44. The Nevada and October of 42. The Tennessee in February of 42. Of them are rolling in February 42. And the Pennsylvania which was. Which was -- flagship -- wrong and ultimately the head of the Pearl Harbor. Armed border remained in service action that one never got. Never got lost completely. There was target ship that was completely lost as well former -- -- but of the active battleships. The it was not the you know which remembered this kind of whole fleet got wiped out and he did for awhile but then there was. -- an opportunity to recover the ships and they did get back into action in World War II except for those two ships. The Arizona in the Oklahoma. Seven grueling years of personnel -- remnants of the people who were there is the the World War II generation dies on. -- worth. Worth remembering. And again credit has to go here to Franklin Roosevelt president. At that time who the next day December 8 progression it is the anniversary today. Made that the famous speech where he used a phrase that has gone down through history and just really remarkable what all what was going on. He -- he came up with. A descriptive words of all things if you were -- without having to come up and address the congress and the nation. After the disaster Pearl Harbor and shock the loss of the American fleet. And the concern that there was going to be an imminent invasion of the West Coast by the Japanese. Mean after come up with some thing to. Both inspire. And memorialize. That moment. It it was a remarkable. Rhetorical achievement we're gonna play a few seconds this is. This -- Franklin Roosevelt as he addressed the congress. On December 8 1941. Yesterday. Amp. Beat some -- seven. 1941. A date which will live. In the -- -- United States of America. Was suddenly and deliberately attacked. Brian label on -- forces. Of the M. My defense. And there is of course the famous expression. Date which will live in infamy. Which curious about. Part from the nobility of the comment. It is frequently misquoted. And most recently a watch on. On Fox News John Roberts who is filling in for Brett there. Said. He quoted Roosevelt and throws -- said. A day which will live in -- Not a day to date he gave the date just before he should date -- you can say was a day that will live in infamy that. The spirit -- a this year according Franklin Roosevelt because that's not -- set. So if you wanna win some bar that you can you -- probably due date. Living in infamy and it passed down through the years seven decades later. -- -- Okay 8774694. Straight -- is the phone number -- those and remembering -- put on the table here you can talk about or other things as well. Text message coach 68680. Email address a notion that wrko.com. On perhaps they. More uplifting note although also has some -- -- -- and that is all on one thing before I leave Pearl Harbor. The the nation wasn't isolationist. Mood until Pearl Harbor. And then it was expected that the focus would be on. The war in the Pacific because after all it was a Japanese who attacked us not the Germans even a rose on that for some time. -- involved with the program where he was in effect delivering arms to. Britain as they stood as the British to virtually alone. Against the the German military the ex Soviet Union that was related to join the fight wasn't in India. But the the war became a focus on the European theater and the Pacific theater because in December 11. In Germany declared war on the United States for reasons that remained -- York to this day. As to why you know I have word on that. In any event. It that it did change the thrust of our military objectives and what we did and of course. Changed military history. Okay now essential thing a little bit more up the things also fortieth anniversary. Of the last man to walk on the moon. And and did some research. The unmanned orient ship Voyager one spacecraft is still out there and it's about to make history. It's gonna be the first spacecraft to leave our solar system. And go -- into interstellar space. There's an -- board tuition by two billion miles behind the -- one of the things should try to come to grips with is this. Extraordinary. Size of the so the this solar system. Eleven billion miles out from the sun. An eleven billion miles it takes voyagers radio signal seventeen. Hours. To go from the spacecraft to the year -- light travels and radio signals travel. In in. -- -- And a 186000. Miles a second. -- When -- idea of how much eleven billion miles our from -- Question those -- dollars that Amal is or where you -- you on because it felt for the federal government that's just. That's chump change. But in any event. Eugene -- was last man to walk on the moon forty years ago. And it's interesting to contemplate where we are with the space program. -- -- put together. A clip from Carl Sagan the the greater -- and her physicist who's since passed away. Might hit some observations. On the satellite. As it went by Jupiter and it gives us some perspective. Of our own planet earth. I was done an experiment on the Voyager one and two spacecraft and after today. Swept by in the Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune systems. It was possible to do something it wanted to do from the beginning and that is to turn. The -- on one of these spacecraft back to photograph the planet from which is that come. And clearly they would not be much scientific data from the speakers. We were so far away that the earth was just appoint a pale blue dot. But when we took the picture. Who is something about it that seemed to measles. Poignant. Vulnerable tiny. And if we had photographed it from a much further distance it would have been gone lost. Against the backdrop backdrop of distant stars. And to meet to. And I thought there. That's us that's our world that all of us everybody you know everybody you love. Everybody you ever heard of lived out their lives there wanna. On a mote of dust and sunbeam. And a it's spoke to me about them the need for us to care for one another. And also to preserve. The pale blue dot witches the only home we've ever known. The question is now are we going to also preserve the space program the -- it's an interest in clip is because it talks about some thing. That you get from space exploration. Which cannot be measured in terms of direct societal need that is to say in the obvious kind of oh somebody needs money for this that of the other. And so the question is should the space program be funded. We should we be spending. Substantial amounts of money. Because it represents the the curiosity. Of the virility of a society a noble aspiration to mean that the recognition that. Part of man's nature secure -- city which manifests itself in many ways people can be curious about history reduced it. Talk about a few historical events. -- -- They can be interest in biology and they can be censorship in the spacious and he's the grounds. We're spending tax dollars after all tax dollars are not voluntary dollars. And we. -- to be consumed with always spending money on. What we define his need to get into arguments whether that's the case but does. -- each page program warrant. On our expenditures is merely the interest in inquiry. As part of the human condition and human aspiration. Justify. Expenditures. Of money that people work hard earned and are taken by force by the government is that's with tax dollars are. Now a lot of the space program now is involved with private enterprise their people talk about. Launching private expeditions. Corruption -- mining on the moon etc. I don't think anybody -- -- -- that. But he is finishing question on world introduce one other aspect of this slow and that is that there are always the military implications here. If we drop out of the space -- no longer have the dominance in space that we once did. If we drop out and other nations continued to progress. One can always see the connection between. Agility. Or war. Capability in space and space technology. And a military. Possibility may be in a military threat so that is a justification that ended on a different level. At least two lynching question is where to the space program shall we had these interest encouraging trust parents. Quite frankly you wonder whether. All our money on always the expanded. On people of this problem or that problem hang of how much do you spend on a premature baby to bring it to term is there any limit at all and conversely. Do you go with. Things people are interested in even though there are not necessarily. Compulsory. Required. And therefore. The question about whether you can take someone else's money for one's own pet project. And once you open the door there right all the way from our news seems to PBS public broadcast system and so. Tony can't play OK your thoughts are welcome. No this is the usual fare we've got some of the political style we'll get there for those of you just can't stand to be away from it. -- never once in awhile just like it's nice to contemplate that blue dot and where we are in the world in the cosmos. And where -- go wished away. When he -- to contemplate some issues that are a little bit outside the mainstream. Of politics. We invite your phone calls 8774694322. Is the phone number. Text message code 68680. Email address and Nelson at WRK -- dot com. Promise applause sublime to the basic. Bills to be pay a break to be taken. Back on the other side I'm -- Welcome back this is not Nelson on the debuted just joined us at the earliest so uncertain of the year. It's going to -- Lighter later. After today generally won't notice much just few seconds your thoughts are welcome 8774694322. -- good afternoon -- good evening. It's our country keeps going and spending the way it -- I think in my life partner -- children like art. The United States will not find a program outer space -- will go beyond the -- Written in my right knee and yeah good. It's like it's promising I mean if you -- Eric. -- called it silly because the it partnered up welfare in this state have to bring it did a study. In the last few -- the Farid -- What do mother to -- on welfare had to make. In order to get to make -- equal out which through welfare. And it's so rare -- 678000. Dollars a year. And they say that they all the -- is if you marry as low income which would be say seven dollars an -- You would equal out to what a person. Who makes 69000. Dollars a year it has to children gets out that you get all the benefits. From that it and we -- -- only -- way I mean it ended Republicans have lots of high brow beat that ever explained there's the people. They say they -- backed up away from all -- -- -- keeps saying all we we keep all based benefit programs -- we're gonna get the safety net belt we gotta keep this don't we can't -- static dare we had thought. While -- it in a lot sooner or later. Whether -- -- it's Cutler not it's -- every out he's got to sit there and we're gonna become another restore our way that you're up there's already started going down that road vacated that the people are rioting in the streets to get there -- Yeah the art sure yeah that's right you can line as soon as you try to take something away from someone then of course they get very upset they're even purim when they. Or is it that they've tried to raise the retirement age from what was it sixty to 62 when people were rioting in the streets. So you're right we can't. Every people on hand inside the reason this works Carl as -- system is because it's a way of politicians buying votes. Exactly I mean that's -- -- buy votes -- -- votes from the unions that fight votes from from people. I mean you cannot tell me. It makes any rational sense the -- the city Philadelphia and find out it's. It's 68000. People voted in some. 63 cents. And not 10 wait for a republic in the fact that matter Tuesday. State -- the people don't care they don't see anything except what they get in the mail. Bullets right people may be orbit and stupid right. And -- fact of the matter is the early voting has led to -- even more -- fraudulent. Voting because. What happened since that welfare departments and all these big city sent out always. Voter registration -- straight big people to sign up -- -- show up for. Fault because you want to -- out project. And people -- that they what I told -- -- they. Are not -- I I mentioned cause I'm gonna mention again there's little clip on YouTube runs about 45 seconds. And you can see it if you poured in Obama phoned. And and you get this. Beyond this ugly stupid female I can't talk about how Obama gave or phones was done during the campaign. And therefore she wants Obama to get reelected. So yeah I don't you know we can make the controversial statement -- I do not think people on welfare ought to be able to vote. Hi I I don't I would agree what you because -- -- pictures like. If you're getting something -- not that you are seeing you're you're -- vote in salt salt and or not she's a great -- -- it easier to vote. For a program that someone else is gonna pay for right. If you look at what's going on right now on the news in the -- Yale does the same thing the president's. Speaking this morning says that. Follow the middle class will get a income tax cut it would raise taxes on the rich. Well the fact of the matter is that. Would not go to lowered the bush tax cuts anymore than they have been and that's what do you think or middle class spotted them. What I thought it would lower taxes anymore then or at all -- wall and the error rates. Error -- benefit the people that I work. Not are well. Carl thanks for calling yeah looked a bit vicious. We're on our way to or real serious problem here and and you can see whether -- everybody now -- new vocabulary. -- and to the language. The fiscal cliff. Which is really in amen was set up anyway that that people would in in congress reflection showed up something where. It was mostly -- horrible draconian thing that all -- we can't let that happen shall have to come to an understanding. Has it has all sorts of cuts and programs. The people don't like. But the reality is. That we're spending more than we can take in and the politics -- this are who get into that now but I do want to introduce one other thing and that is. With regard to what Carl Chang -- and people who are dependent on the government about 35%. Of Americans in twenty tan. Just wait -- last last year which giant statistics. Lived in households that received benefits from at least one means tested transfer program meaning that that's so well here -- I'm not talking about payments from. From other kinds of government programs. -- have these more than 46 million or fifty -- 15% of all Americans lived in households receiving food stamps. 2% unemployment compensation 6%. Supplemental social security and so on and so forth. And it's gone up dramatically. Now if you have a population that -- everybody got very upset when Romney talked about the 47%. Who don't pay income taxes that's a different. Number different statistic. As your show now it's become politically incorrect. To mention something like this. And you hear now that they. The Republicans already jockeying for leadership or cut him the next election. -- we can't say that because we're gonna alienate people. We're not the party and handout if you're gonna have always people living off of somebody else. Than the politician who promises that the program is going to be retained or expanded is the one who's gonna get the votes and back. Party is the Democrat party. -- not going to be able to compete with that and show what we have to do we Republicans -- we have to do is we have to appeal to those people work paying the freight. The remaining people who are working for a living who are paying the taxes. And who see their paycheck diminish because all these other people are getting their handout programs. We have to appeal to them to say we gotta stop it. Yeah you can't have endless. Unemployment benefits. Going on for 99 weeks it just doesn't work in Augusta mentioning statistics from weeks of treatment. Get to them. There's almost feel a little bit of a Jekyll and -- here are split personality. On the part of the American people when it comes to these questions. Unfortunately class warfare does work 52%. Will support a candidate who promises to raise taxes on the wealthy. Right wealthy being somebody else not me. 57%. Favor tax hikes on those who make over 250000. Dollars a year. So that's why you hear Obama and the Democrats endlessly talking about it. But on the other hand Europe there's some skepticism with regard to to what's going on. 70%. Prefer free market to a government managed economy. Only 34%. Have a favorable opinion of the federal government. And in terms of favorable is the socialism and capitalism. 44% have a favorable view of socialism 68%. Have a favorable -- capitalism just a little bit of contradiction here on the one. People favor. -- the market approach and on the L and they think that somehow taxing the wealthy that's gonna get Russia. That's gonna save the day it is. But you see what Obama is trying to do. Obama is pushing that the tax rates have to go up on the -- -- won't even accept an alternative which is that the revenues would go. Look at the hypocrisy here that's going on both parties. The Republicans are holding the line on the tax rates. We're willing to eliminate deductions. So that there will be an in appreciation revenues. To the government. You should have an increase in taxes. What's the difference to a person earning a certain amount of money. Whether asked to pay higher taxes. Because the rates went up and the deduction stayed the same. Or you pay higher taxes because the rates didn't go up but the deductions went away. It's money flowing from him from the individual from the private sector to the public sector. And yet the Republicans reporting revenue on the table Obama for his part won't accept that. He's not satisfied to get more revenue going into the government which ostensibly what the problem is from his point viewing need more revenue here. No we won't take that -- rates have to go. He wants to make a political point here. About how the politics of envy and class warfare have to be sustained. Does hypocrisy on on both sides. And Obama is the same Obama who a couple of years ago said no weak economy should raise taxes. Obama also watched now to be united unilateral control -- raising the debt ceiling. This is the same Obama who is -- senator voted against raising the debt ceiling. When it was lower than is now. -- you -- politics. Is trumping every. Thing here. And along the way we still have a sixteen trillion dollar debt. We have unfunded liabilities. We Helen -- program's huge regulations. Subsidies that shouldn't be going like farm subsidies that shouldn't be going people. And it doesn't get solved. That's because the political careers of the people in -- mean more to that then concerns about the country. It's very ugly unpleasant situation here's the government has gotten so large. -- got to take another break back. With more of this and more of your phone calls a one a text message I want to get to from. From 97 day we talked earlier about the space program. And and the texture said the cost of not having a space program far outweighs the dollar cost. He lost technological. And medical advances and it is true that there are some. Advances that come natural that we get hanging from the space program where where would we be without. However if you want to -- put money into. The -- search for the particular advancement wanted. -- find out how to make -- it might be more efficient is to focus on that and then to do it by way of space for the justification. For. Investment in space has to be. On a broader different thrust than just well we'll get some benefits of collateral benefits. -- -- -- This is the friendliest city in America. And we get to slash. Hate to see some of the unfriendly ones. It's -- looks friendly people here Ahmad you know also welcome back 8774694322. Is the phone number. Text message code 68680. Email address a Nelson at WRK -- dot com. Let's say from 617. Text message raising tax rates would fund the federal government for eight and a half days. But redistribution is the closest thing Obama has to a religion. That's -- when you say raising rates -- raising rates on the -- yes that is this is not an economic argument. The huge don't get there from here. UG even if you want attacks that the wealthier people. I think that Obama is in favor redistribution of mass effect -- -- rather famous interview that he did -- a number of years ago long before he was president. We talked about that. Or about religion -- certain ways she's objective and politically it sells. To tax the wealthy even if it's not an economic argument. -- back to the telephone -- 877469432. Into the tool for number and date your next on the program good afternoon. I could have been known you know one who voted for Obama the first time around impacting stuck on my friends they sit sit sit sit and he can be like. So Roosevelt you know other all the greatest president -- but certainly turned around. I was gonna say howdy do. -- -- They like this so it's silly it's something that I have heard it's not my own thinking that. You know he's got the deal that he wants right in place right now you notice she's got to deal that he wants with. Taxes to blow up on everybody. And cut the military if nothing happens he -- habeas however. This other guy was listened to -- where this idea he said listen. Albania. Commode and say listen up plan is to have a reproduction. Of the middle class tax rate. And no other taxes go up. Offer it to -- the president wouldn't say no in the meantime go -- -- time warranty because you're not gonna get it with these liberal news media. -- -- constituencies explains we want the middle class to have attacks reduction. Milosevic he rejected what do you think. It's an interesting strategy -- The problem of course is that it it doesn't work economically I know what you're driving your sanction what his. The other sides doesn't either and they make -- politically. I'm telling you one thing about what -- saying what. Where you go from there OK so let's let's say for the moment. Thank you root ball your strategy and have a big campaign not daring to say we want to lower the the rates for the middle class and and the other guys don't and now watch. Well in that the -- happened USA has something earlier that the people. A fine with this idea of punishing other people punishing the wealthy -- and we know you also said that people up for capitalism as opposed to the other. Well you know what lefty -- happened left the country have a swamp let them feel that the people feel like it's gonna. I'll tell you what the problem with that strategy is day and that is. It's not fair but the Republicans. Will get blamed for it more than that the Democrats at all of the numbers in front of me. But they're consistently about 21 in other words most people will blame the Republicans for that if if they. We go over the fiscal cliff and they are reckon on that bad economic consequences. Most we will blame the Republicans love the Democrats. That is serious political implications which is why. The Democrats are pushing this and are probably less concerned about going over the fiscal cliff. So it's a very dangerous political game -- reminded that all these politicians. And all of them in the House of Representatives and the third of the senate. Is up in just two years. And two years is very far away I don't know that they would have the guts to put their political careers on the line. In on remained out. Okay well we'll keep working -- -- -- -- by the way I think there's something do what Dave said though I find myself thinking that. The people do not really understand. What's at stake here and what's going on what the calculations. For example that the text message to before that was. That you know you wanna raise the taxes on the wealthy it's really not gonna do much drop in the bucket it and -- half days. I think that the Republicans ought to launch some of these super -- ought to launch an educational campaign on television. That's spells out what this is all about and usually these ads are reserved for campaign time where you are you putting something odd because. You want to get voters to vote for your guy you wanna give voters not to want to vote for the other guy. But I think in something like this and educational campaign. Might be very effective nationally and game. But still it's something I think we ought to -- I think education. Is a very important complement its mission here it's nice to hear. That there is still an indigenous support for capitalism. I read the statistics before race read them again. And that is this is poll that was -- Wednesday November 28 2012 so that's that's pretty recent. Favorability. Socialism to 44%. Have a favorable view of socialism. -- you're activist Democrats 68%. Have a favorable view of capitalism and in their summons. But that's a good starting point -- we have to do now is really explain what capitalism is all about -- and get this point across I think we have to do something with the educational system measure relates to the kids do we keep bringing -- generation. Of kids who have been inculcated with. Values of socialism you know you you go to. You go to the campus. What kind of radical teachings do you get out to Elizabeth warrants of the world. -- Harvard -- down. On May be up. There that you get this I think an educational campaign issue important. And assure a local but it's it's it's important. There's assays done locally in in time for this issue we may not be able to make the change but it's in the longer term it's important. From seven -- one velcro came from NASA. And other and good things that came from national. I think they'll Purdue would come from national. Tell they hold the rockets together -- and who will velcro. When you see the stages separate pages in terror part developer -- coached velcro -- the duct -- that's that's how it's done. But they keep it secret. But I'm not sure we can say that bubble gum and duct tape came from. Came from the the national space program. Okay -- here from the music in the background we're replies to update the world getting hits and news headlines back on the other side talk about them these issues in your calls. I'm -- else.