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Entitlements going too far

Dec 8, 2012|

Avi talks with callers about the welfare state

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This is not enough to enjoy our number two with a program and you'd like to drive with -- -- activists call. Phone number 8774694322. Text message code 68680. Email address a Nelson at wrko.com. Okay let's go back to the to the telephone lines. Do we do we have a drum roll now will have to do without the drum roll okay. Huge day from Brookline. Evening game. I'm happy. I want to talk about the direction. Of the Republican pot called. -- -- listening to. They're just a person we should. Well I'll look into it JC watts. He said that he said and I quote the Republican Party has been a horrendous job. Whether it's Fox News -- whether it's the right wing talk show hosts on radio. They have been a horrible job communicating the occasion to. Individuals -- column they demonize them -- like you you know talking about. Welfare and un educated voters. At the maintenance now when did Republicans lose an un educated. Then it was because the un educated voters like I like Republicans are the the ball to can't -- it out. You know there I don't know. -- I haven't once mentioned skin color in the discussion. RV army so why is nobody is you know it's interesting these code words I told and a clear -- is a -- of -- that does crystal clear. You -- guilty conscience. I don't get on its. -- a hobby -- -- A question. About JC watts said -- you guys at -- horrible job. Demonizing. Hispanic. African Americans. Well I don't know use these words. Obsessed and well we EDT one with that now. That's interesting Dave why is -- the play actually food stamps or welfare or EBT. That are automatically -- notes to you black people. RB you know I'll be able to point this is why until just -- point that I want to answer. Because you do catered to the un educated vote did you talking about -- to them yeah. The great -- there is that the cholera are all well we have food stamp went average of these individuals are -- -- -- that and you're the one who's making it sound that is senator who's the two RB. Your day today -- -- to you today. No you'd think that you're the only one. Dave Lewis said something like that today. I just said people on welfare I said 35%. Of the country is becoming the is now a dependent. Group that is just say on government handout that group is going to vote for the Democrat iTunes select out. Color ethnicity. Race. I like caller I didn't say any of that but that's how you interpret it because that's what you wanna do it additional gauntlet that day. I don't interpret it I know the act but the fact of the matter is. Never talk about never ever talk about the corporate welfare. Haven't talked a little too which -- and the senator from Oklahoma it. One of the biggest welfare I think -- Defense Department are being lists that we don't you know that because. Human -- Hey that's that's that's absurd Dave because. I I've I have spoken out torture calling corporate welfare I'm a libertarian I do not think that companies should be getting special breaks. Would you confused a couple of things today you confuse. Government contracts with the government welfare. No -- he even from your point of view day let's say I know you are in favor of welfare. Somebody's got to send out the checks right the government sends out the checks that put the check in an envelope. And then it gets mailed to the welfare recipient that you think is just terrific and a lot of them are black you'll be happy enough. Now who is going to provide those humble -- today. Though they envelopes are made in the office and government list of why the envelopes right government isn't in the envelope manufacturing business. So the government bodies envelopes from an global manufacturer. There's a government contract. For those humble -- The government will send a check to the company and return the company will provide all pulled to the government -- they can get the welfare recipients. Now they that does not mean that the company that supplies the humble is on the government dole. It is providing a product the government. However she picked a small product one that I thought everybody including you Dave could understand. Now that is not the same as corporate welfare or inappropriate -- going from the government to accompany. So but kind of corporate will perish when you get special. Special considerations for example agricultural. Subsidies. Where the government gives money to farmers. And either raises the prices of of the food or paste them not to growth and that's totally different day. But it does not mean that anybody who deals with the -- -- provides a product or service to the government is a bad guy can you understand the difference stave. Preston Barbie I'm not want the uneducated vote and yes lie so I think you need to apologize. And that would be totally right on pop. Apologize I -- that people make the envelopes. Our hobby but RB -- one that you want us -- -- -- information. To your college. Do you call that most of the individual or the majority of the individuals. Hoop on welfare. Who have EDT -- who received government attempted yeah the one who directs state. -- -- -- -- -- Guy to -- Guys who don't wanna talk about little idealistic view is allowed just admit that my last point is it about the -- government contract. To admit. This is brought in -- is that a defense stepping contract is would you admit it you know. Where where were handed a government contract. That you would have awarded a government contract what do you know I have full disclosure did admit. OK first of all I disagree with the idea that that there all the people or receiving these welfare checks are toothless. I haven't -- though that many of them FT. The fact is if you want to do raw numbers there are more caucasians on welfare than blacks. But per capita. The numbers go the other way so if you take is a percentage of the population. And many more blocks a higher percentage of blacks on welfare. Then then our. That and are in the white population so that that's a matter of record. Now as for the the contract you know Davis mentioned this a few times with regard to government and I try to explain government contract but normal talk about a general like to talk about. My personal background because I don't think it's. It's really relevant. I started working in my life and my first career job was -- radio. And Raytheon is a defense contractor. And we were indeed working on defense projects. Now of course Raytheon is a big company and somebody in Russia supplying the materials -- earlier about the envelopes. The more recently in this may be with Davis talked about I was involved with a company startup. The had to do. With zone -- a technology called remote sensing Wii just to do with a -- warm warm very sophisticated aerial photography and we and that the system was start and start from scratch. We ended up developing a system that was used first in Iraq and then in Afghanistan. By the US military and among the other functions. It. Was effective in discovering IE ED's improvised explosive devices so that. We could detect these in advance. American military personnel going on on the ground. The technology go all sorts of soul awards from the military. And we don't know how many lives were saved because of the use of this technology. And yes indeed there was a government contract to do this in the end because. -- old's she gonna get it done. Now -- thinks that somehow that's something we should be ashamed -- on the contrary were quite proud of it. As an -- I don't know how many American lives worst day. Because of this technology. But it was a wonderful technology and did a lot of good. -- not from the point of your al-Qaeda maybe that's where Dave sympathies lie but from the point of view the American military. -- -- a lot more sophisticated. Than just all the Lopes for welfare checks. What is an example of the government does indeed do a lot of business with. Products and services that it needs in order to. Effectuate. Various objectives. Now -- there's nothing wrong with that is their fraud in that defense departments of. I was there isn't waste do you think this fraud and waste in the welfare department. How about the people who fraudulently. I have these cards are people who are fraudulently on disability who pretend to have an injury that keeps them from working when in reality they do work. And they get money under the table. You know about what's your name Sheila Burgess. No woman kept getting into action engine was appointed to head of the idea of highway safety department in Massachusetts. We'll voter fraud -- -- or disconnect there. Came from young Jim McGovern thing. Ultra liberal congressman holier than now is always lord in his liberal -- speak over the rest of us and this was that the woman that he got there. Position sure there's waste and fraud all over the place. But there are also a lot of people who are doing a lot of good work for the government. I would bash thank concerns and speculate here is I don't know for sure. I would bet there's more waste and fraud. Connected -- the welfare and social service. Agencies of the federal government which are much larger overall than the Defense Department there's more waste and fraud there. Then associated with different. 8774694322. Is of these phone number you'd like to join in the conversation. Wyoming its. Failure in actual the program gaming bill. -- do. It you know I try to harm just listen to what you're seeing here. I think it Israel an adult conversation about this I think traction tropical for everybody not just for the rich you got a huge deficit. Care bill. We're not gonna solve the deficit problem bill by raising revenues it's not a revenue problem. Do we really got revenue in the system to at least eight. Initiated on the bills at Canterbury because -- got the. You know we have to face though we have to face the fact that we have spent too much are spending too much. And the programs are gonna have to be cut. There's no we think about it it's just erupted and go up and -- -- gonna have to go up when everybody. Not just on the -- You just can't get there and by the way a racial -- the purest actions this is historically been the case as soon as you raise taxes and you increase revenue. The government spends more. The politicians in Washington will take the new money. And expand programs and the reason it works it because -- tell you buy votes. But there's no way that we can keep going down this -- -- I'm just not right and therefore we and that's that's -- -- -- we always an issue and this weekend which we have to do that. And that's -- that you would just. They're gonna have to be cuts we mean -- can't be enough that you can always cut program. You just get people very upset. But so I -- you in -- and then cutting the military also. Where they may be some cuts in the military but the military isn't the problem here -- the entitlement programs. That are really driving the deficit. Which are Social Security although that's a little bit in the future and Medicare. And all the wealth reverend I don't know why there's a department of education for example why do we need a federal Department of Education why should the federal government. Be involved in education the school around the corner from you. Does not need the federal government. Why -- -- standing like you know change is everywhere in the country in the world on and on military and that's -- little little. Because we are the ones who have to protect ourselves and the world. You know. No we wouldn't I didn't know when recession the worst police and that. Guess they -- -- -- and I'm glad you called because you know bill the smallest village in Massachusetts has a police force right as a police presence. And there and therefore. Every organization. Every. Every population group needs some kind of police force in the world certainly -- won't know who's gonna do it certainly not the United Nations. And if we step aside and say we're not gonna do it and why should we have to protect the world. Don't want -- -- money spend suspended Syria. We -- in Israel order in you know in the Middle East I don't wanna spend. Anymore. Well if you don't then you end up with the Saddam Hussein's. And the Soviet Union. What you're -- you know why Bergamo. Because we spent the money to go in there and get them out the reason the Soviet Union. Collapsed is because of the expenditures. In the defense arena of the United States the reasoning -- not speaking German. Or Japanese. He's. -- -- initially that -- this bridge collapses in. -- -- It couldn't complete one assist and give the lie wasn't. That important to. There were out of Afghanistan and the reason the Soviet Union collapsed is because it couldn't keep up with the United States in terms of of the defense competition. And the ultimate straw that broke out of a straw -- that broke the camel's back. Was Ronald Reagan would not give up on ST EI the strategic defense initiative. Thank you -- -- -- and maybe even. It does is this to change defense initiative doesn't exist it does exist as a matter of fact in the recent war in the Middle East. The the iron to home. That the Israelis were using. We were using missiles to shoot down incoming missiles that's exactly what the strategic defense initiative is about. When you say it doesn't exist he didn't exist at the time but Reagan wanted -- to. Promoted and spend money to develop that the Soviets couldn't keep up look the point here is bill. You seem to think that somehow or prejudged. Withdraw to fortress America everything will be fine it doesn't work that way. If we withdraw to our boundaries and just let the bad actors of the world. Do their bad actions. We'll find eventually our interest are challenged. And we will have to get involved at a later date when they are stronger and we have more work to do exactly what happened with World War II. And while it's all well and good for Sweden and Denmark and and even France not to spend as much money. Because the United States is providing the security umbrella. But what NATO is all about that's why the Soviet expansionism. Was halted they can spend less because we spend more. But the question is. If we abrogating our responsibility. Our weak ultimately better off or not. And the answer -- were not. And in any event. The defense expenditures -- on the order of less than 20%. Or is that that's not where we're really gonna have to make the most important costs. It's gonna have to be on the social side unfortunately. With all the appropriate. Dislocations. And anger that you see increase when they're trying to take away. Promised benefits. Now we've got a whole bunch of public sector employees who have been promised large pensions. We cannot afford to make good on those promises they never should have been made those promises. Those -- were under control voted in by politicians who knew they would never be held to account. We cannot afford them and we're gonna have to take them away. By the way there -- says that brings us to. Michigan where there was -- big to do about making Michigan of all states are right to work state and we can get to the welcome back this is on the notion. She's the juices are flowing -- data gets on. But I do want. Step back for a moment then acknowledge an email like. -- Nelson. Don't like Canada account from -- -- who listen to this program. In China. Word is very early Sunday morning inner Mongolia China people's republic -- Julie thank you for listening. And he wrote about the space travel lowering -- both that should be both public and private than any mention arranged in point it. In this is something we search for truth. With regard to -- inquiry into space. With any points out that society just elected. People like Elizabeth Warren. And Barack Obama. Then they can they don't wanna go to the bonding thing. These are your -- a country that can elect these kinds of acres to any -- public office. Is a society that is sleeping there's -- wanna know anything. It is now one of them the truth about anything. So there Ali thanks. Thanks for listening. And we got some interesting text messages which you can send that situation JD from 617. This guy meaning -- he's paranoid from for a one. Dog whistle please stop I can't think Dave on -- Saturday. -- 617. Different 617 told Dave Merry Christmas somehow that missed -- missed that opportunity. When he was on. That's the from 97 -- I don't care about their color religion or dental condition. Reference to the toothless. We cannot afford to keep to keep keep paying. Whoever they saw right. From 978 by definition -- 35%. Are on welfare means more than blacks. As Davis thing. Since there are not. Even that many in the population Dave is a race -- yes he years. Different 617 Cape Wind is corporate welfare at its worst that is correct. There are special considerations. Given to that program. Cape Wind of course is the Windmills. We're in the water off the cape. And that's right that's an example. Of corporate welfare because they got special breaks special considerations. To makers use the system. Okay it's 774694322. -- a phone number let's go back to the telephone lines John you're next on the program good evening. They expect it like call. When a lot of people don't realize about SS DI is you can work work. Were -- elected -- And -- -- legitimately you know you can -- -- -- -- work what is. An area. Given the right to collect Social Security. I I let them go back to work a second -- around and. So arguably collecting. Have you been collecting the. I've been honest to -- You know and it went out to what I try to do and and their futures if credits -- -- myself weapon of the other outfit it was service. And try to help you get back to the community. Someway there's no way. A bit -- since like eighty. And that's a lot of time I know. It wasn't I don't since Elsevier. It was it wasn't. I can't put into words but I I should've been collected that's outlawing and a. When they should or shouldn't you shouldn't have been bringing you shouldn't -- -- you your collecting -- Of which we -- you being fraudulent about. Knowledgeably and -- about it was just that idea IA. I thought when you caught a little security obviously apply for Social Security as the CI. That the woman's side you know early retirement. -- I didn't believe -- then believe it now it's too early retirement because I've still. Seven yet people like commit legally. You know -- Framework of what's been created the social security and. Tommy John do you know of other people are just really being fraudulent about it. I -- I do hope I do it has a lot of records so I -- anyway. Now -- -- but I don't it's pretty widespread. As it's been very widespread. -- Social Security I mean. When I applied brought back and I today the woods and titles and entitlements that. Even as suggested that. I. Could go. -- -- -- like food stamps and welfare. That's what I had to do what I put supplied or. Go on welfare and food stamps. Well John I wish you locking especially beginning and opted not -- Got to get off of and and try to get try to acclimated to work well. Yet seductive movement when someone just -- jury checked no -- easy to stay on the -- enough to go on work. -- lacy -- in his -- around the house like a lab like how he -- -- Ali can't ride the nodded too long. Good luck John about -- thanks for calling. 87746943. Tutu is a phone number. There's text message code from 978 says I was on welfare voted for Reagan because I want to often wanted to work. Different mentality now now it's a gimme type mentality. Yeah I think that's true I think there is a different attitude a different. Atmosphere. Going on with a lot of people not everybody but with a lot of people. More perfectly happy to try to live off from someone else. And it is should elected. -- one case somebody. -- -- On unemployment. Course got extended 99 weeks and was coming to the end and he came to his brother to borrow a time. Because he was gonna have to go for job interview. And you remember one point they extended it. And any -- right there and so he he gave the tide back to the brother -- have to go for the interview. -- these things -- should active. It's very hard to justify that usually work forty hours a week. If you're only getting a little bit more than you get for not working at all and that doesn't count all money that's going under the table right. People have jobs. And our collecting as well. Yeah into the digital world call will blame the Defense Department that's not where the real problems. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Jimmy -- next on the program gaming -- I'm having I don't you. -- it's so fertility honorary. A couple of things -- ignorant people. -- Other people racist. But yet other ones worried. It's it's just astounding -- he never ever want. Use any -- or anything like that and they automatically think Joey Chris Matthews I think that would well. Yeah and the reason as you correctly point out they are the ones who are racist. Grooming him mention Chris Matthews and that telling the telling comment from him more as well and he made the comment on there. After a state of the union speech of annualized where he said for an hour I forgot he was a black man. See now I -- the question then quickly remembered and that's slowing fusion he abuse him black its first and then -- a second. Yeah I mean I happen to be conservative and Alan west I don't look at him as either black widow now look at him as a conservative. I try and -- by the way he's black congressman you do lost reelection. But for I don't know we don't recognize the name. Yes and the other thing about it and -- -- I think we're around more. You know we had a cuts are going to be if you remember Paul Ryan's budget back in 2010 cars couples. It was about it was going to balance the budget. In twenty. And it look like that could -- and you know he's seen like key was killer. It's it's you know it's it's becoming. It's great. It is frightening she unfortunately it works and that's where Obama is doing even now even now the election is over. Because he hopes that by holding. This requirement. That we have to raise the taxes on on this wealthy group punish people that this group of people we -- all. And be in dislike that they stole money he hopes he can fracture of the Republicans. And divide themselves. The Republicans divide themselves against one another and then he'll be able to get all the things through contracts and on. Well you -- it works it's what it's like works. Because fracturing now and if you don't capitulate to it's we're gonna go where it's going to be work he's going to be able to blame the Republicans it's that the whole thing right and to. Is Friday we'll see we'll see where it goes that's why I think we need we need a very large education program and I would like to see. A series of the whole advertising campaign. On television. That would know similar to what goes on during an election campaign that would explain to the people what's really going on. It's like if -- one less -- It Democrats the sport really care. Well. They the ones that. Outlaw. Abortion. They don't want to don't want so that they be in the wrong -- out right now. They do extension that apple Peta is going to be debate. But they are willing to make an -- and an extension on and abstract things like the commerce clause and how far -- can go out -- what they get out of that. But they would make it simple expansion of very natural extension that it will become a baby and other ones. There are also doing it and it just. I'm sorry -- down that -- -- just aggravated it goes a little obvious got a good opportunity. Thanks for calling. Yeah I don't know abortion got into this but sometimes it does with people who are committed to the issue. 8774694322. Is the phone number. From for a long there's more fraud and waste in welfare. And a French. -- won seven says I propose we raise taxes on gracious from Brookline. 781. Dependency is bad weather for the individual -- nation. We have created a world that is dependent upon the US military. NATO is an anachronism the war shall act was the with -- short of the counterweight to NATO from the Soviet Union side. Warsaw pact is dead are foreign ambitions. Exceed. This might be our needs. They additionally to be said for that should we wanted to save money independence. One of the places we can start. Is with -- all the troops that were maintaining Europe. We really don't need NATO anymore. It is interesting that when we had missiles for defense. In Poland remember Obama capitulated. To potent and and the Russians and was willing to remove them. Those are defensive. Weapons system so we don't have to keep troops there but even so I don't know how much money we're spending. On keeping. Eight foreign presence in Europe -- Europe can defend itself now Soviet Union is no longer. -- save money there. There's good place to start. Speaking of money we have to patient -- read. Let's take a break we do back on the other -- arguably was the somebody else and. Welcome back this is on the Nelson -- -- upper Poe of nothing that I I saw these numbers through the month they'll go back to the lines. -- fortune magazine and I actually on Fox News. Has to do with the 99 commissioners at the end of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. They talked about people only the music industry. Roger Waters made 88 million dollars last year. Here's number two on the list and these are people who were supporting went down in the occupies and -- there with them. There with a million of them just like the 99%. 88 million -- Katy Perry. Made 45 million Jay-Z. 38 million. And Kanye West may 35 million and is worth ninety million. Well I must say that a couple things to meet our names and may have heard of a curtain and and put them you know as I've even heard of those are extraordinary numbers for years income -- just the music industry. -- concerned about who's supporting the Occupy Movement. Back to the telephone lines rush good evening your next on the program. Good afternoon me you know what's very interesting is that day of the regular column mentioned. That conservatives consider us now. -- lot of people vote Democrat is as someone ignorant and really not understanding history and and so forth and so on. And then what was really funny the other guy who was on the content caller of the coveted called. And he really crystallized. OK so when -- -- for all socialism and communism. Are failed forms of government. The people the world of the insured the fruits of the free market capitalist system. And end and that's the bottom line that's why we oppose the Democrats. In the socialist agenda deter in this country in the socialist republic. And that's item number one. Now item number so in this literally what took what the again made the -- -- it gave the -- doesn't call all the time. You know he doesn't understand that -- in China there are enemies -- the United States. Many of the times that we pushed forward things in in in for peaceful means -- the world. Based on quality thing because unfortunately Iran the Security Council. Now. If you look at the Internet today OK -- today's Internet are right. Russia fumes that the US. US secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton pledges this week to oppose Russia's efforts to create alliances. Of post Soviet nations. As an attempt to read Soviet ties the region a day. Now Putin wants. The Soviet Union back he's got to do everything -- took to put it back now in the 1930s. If you know history book a lot of that problem of people appeared need Neitzel and this is is that we played the game of not getting involved. And and fortunately OK we have to the war when there was still time enough to win the war. But if we had meant it when we did we very well could be the speaking German but Japanese today in the United States. -- at the very least they'll be a large part of the world it would be. Whether we would've gotten sort of nowhere ordered a mature right -- we learned. The that the isolationist. Lesson of the thirties was it was a bad one. And yet some it swings back and you can understand rush you can understand why people do not want our -- yes. -- -- Are people. To be sacrificed on foreign battlefields. The trouble is that the world is a dangerous place in our interest or threatened and you corrected we. Have to protect those interest and sometimes better to do it sooner rather than later. And the president again armaments in the present because he is the leader of the Democratic Party okay. But most of the Democrats on a national level our fault it is okay. Now whether it whether you're black or the white what he would do if they're trying to expand the plantation. And it now. If you wanna turn things around in the plantation. What you need is more -- terms in the inner city. In a matter of fact disaster it was story this week in the Boston Globe. In. On the on Thursday. It is joining forces are profound violence in as the story about an individual it's quite serious soul will now manage an investment company. And he's the only reason why he didn't go escalate even though his brother had been arrested at the front of his brother had been had been shot. And the only reason why he's where he is today is because there was manager and it can help -- That is the name of the game it. -- not Jeremiah Wright that's all we gotta be careful at the -- -- thanks for calling. 8774694322. Is the phone number. David you're an actual program good evening David. Yeah I mean you know I couldn't disagree with the previous -- more. You know I've I've worked in the music industry before and it's pretty obvious that there are a lot of wealthy people they have to. Disagree with. This standard fare or what's being called conservative. Because it isn't conservative its monopoly. You know it in other words you're you're local small businessperson. Your real conservative here honest to good this conservative. Believes in competition. But what's been going on for the last few decades is control and dominance and monopoly and and these guys that you don't like. Romney was Bain Capital is nothing but monopoly. As companies in distressed rust in their competition. And then calls himself with the. It's just not true -- an -- They're not sure you not heard all through your misusing the word monopoly. And had nothing to do with Bain Capital I don't know how you connecting capital with monopoly monopoly means when there is one company in industry. And monopolies. Can rise usually horizon but I know of no natural monopoly that never has happened. In the United States or anywhere else for that matter that only a trial court. The only monopolies that come into existence. Have come in by government. And for you to make the -- Nonsense don't make it some more yeah then one name one. Minute game and name complicated today. David's name a single company that has become a monopoly in the private sector. Well it's -- it -- we're going front end in terms of media. Well fifteen years ago we had. Not. Eight time major mimic any company that and I'll Larry Ellison and I'd try again and I am not give me an answer at all. You -- you -- Salem broadcasting. Can you say you know that name what he's talking about sale still broadcasting is not monopolies. We're not partisan -- are being held legally broadcast. Arab League from 20000. Different voters down to about fifteen know what the word monopoly means. Well I'll be I'll take your point that it found dead but it's not want and that's run out of work get an -- you I know I know not know we're not. We're not getting down to five and leading -- -- that's hard work and personal with where that's precisely your problem day that people like you. -- terms around. And then when you're challenged on it it turns out that there's nobody home. And how that connection with the Bain is beyond me. Bain Capital does not create monopolies not a single monopoly they have created new companies and not every company. That someone else takes over is supposed to become a roaring success. Companies fail. You don't seem to understand that most companies fail I talked earlier about a company that I was involved with. I can assure you there weren't many times we looked at the a bitch. We thought it was gonna go on a business we started with private capital just our own resource is. And there were a lot of times we do know we were gonna make it most companies don't make it. And you get out there you her English terminology around and try to make it sound like people are evil when your facts are all wrong. Just don't get me this garbage about how the broadcast industry is a monopoly. You know I work for Entercom and com is not a monopoly. I'm sure if you throughout Salem on roulette -- short straw vote or not monopolies. This is a pluralistic industry. Do you think you think you can just castigate your enemies by hurling. Bad vocabulary -- it doesn't work that way. Many more people to challenge you to make sure that what you -- saying is true. Obama can do some research and next time. He mark up with fortress. Speaking of education a little bit of time. I heard a phone caller on how we cars program couldn't couldn't get it but was called out what to do with the union others. There's a movement now in Michigan it's about to become a right to work state. -- right to work legislation prohibits unions from forcing workers to pay union dues. They're 43 in the now Amish you may be the 24 rather remarkable that should be Michigan because you so closely tied. To the unions with regard to the automotive industry. By the way a year you know I I pay dues to a union for what twenty years -- -- -- a -- on the other side of the -- But just I called up. And he was complaining because he challenged howling to say how much -- a worker make -- remember in particular were very personal thing like that. And I -- -- -- say that you know it's gonna reset by the marketplace. He couldn't get it if I had been. With that conversation back maybe some -- you'll call me. I would say fifty dollars an hour look at dollars and -- well I think he should yet. Sure what it doesn't matter what I'd say that's not how wages are set. Wages are set in the marketplace by supply and demand. I just read those names in the music industry than making you may 88 million dollars. Teachers don't make anywhere near that in the new doctors. What is such day. -- it's a matter of supply and demand it's a matter what. People willing to pay for the service. Hollywood actors and baseball players make a lot of money there are many of them and people willing to pay for their services. That's what sets the rate in the marketplace not some kind of for a brand. Conceptual idea of what is right or what is worthy award is unworthy. Sometimes that presents results but we don't like. Frankly I think baseball players in Hollywood actors or -- But that's what the marketplace commands. And when Fenway Park past 35 with 38000 people paying to see the baseball players and they don't pay to see the teachers. That's why. -- marketplace dictates that them that the salaries of the guys in the ball field is higher than. The these salaries of the people in the classroom. Then the usual hard lessons of economics. That have to be -- situation education is an important consideration here. The laws of economics like other physical laws are not always benign. And they don't always come up with been efficient results. But they are the laws of the real world and we have to understand. How they operate. And it's true that some people trying to manipulate political power for their own advantages. But at least we ought to understand basically. How the world functions and -- economics works. I'll give us our best bet trying to come up with a better system. Gonna do it for us and thank you for producing. Have a good week see you next Saturday this is nothing else in his ninth.