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Should we drug test our public school teachers?

Dec 10, 2012|

Former Lynn City Councilor Paul Crowley says teachers should have to undergo random drug testing. Do you agree?

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Station. Welcome back to the corner report this is Jeff Horner Boston bulldozer. 6172666. The number. We are now joined by former homeland counselor. Paul Crawley. Who rightly became angry when he heard. About Charles salzman. Who was arrested on November 28 -- high schoolteacher and Lynn English high school. Charged with this year bidding marijuana. And apparently to set the couple students he was passing off week to students. And mr. Crowley found out that apparently teachers are not randomly drug tested. We are now joined by Paul Crowley mr. Crowley thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Thank you just like you're having -- My pleasure -- so -- now so apparently you found out about Saltzman being arrested you found out about him. Apparently getting stoned and passing off bags of -- to a student a female student. You went to wake boarding school board meeting and what happened. Well in your parent cerberus school board meeting out of my -- anger faster -- a little -- night I was. Really interested in speaking my mind so -- are produced a prepared statement. And which are. -- read it every ounce or they are -- to the school committee meeting is called open -- It turned out so -- used that opportunity because there's no. No opportunity to speak directly over. Our school committee otherwise. Target. And dollar are basically just. So from what my concerns -- you know I'm. First of all I'm not I'm not willing to. Almost Saltzman jail I think he's entitled to a very important and that -- you know. Figured out in time. But as far as the question about our random drug testing speech that this tragedy of it all is that I'm. It's it's probably something that most people would agree you extradite here. But the only way to do get the union to support such right here -- -- Give them something to return in other words -- to -- collectively bargain and as a result. And the super aware IR -- -- the court order for those who committed. We're basically being outs to our great the safety of our children. A law where agents and that's certainly is -- the Paramount question and one that drives me. The crazy. I mean it's infuriating I mean Paula coming we're talking -- Paul Crowley former -- counselor he probably will become a land counselor again. He's basically pushing for a random drug testing. In our schools in particular regarding our teachers. In the wake of this case and win. Were high school teacher. Charles Saltzman was arrested for giving or distributing marijuana to students giving out bags of week two students. And apparently the union is going to be pushing for higher benefits and higher wages. In return for saying yes we should agree to random drug testing. Right so they want a quid pro quo always I what is ball. Yeah a lot in our job I would I would say there's. If they understood them if they have -- inside taken -- public statement. -- -- -- However better spend the that the owner in the past search for its own words from. All public sector unions aren't interest rates -- note as well. And and I'm sure that success in many other communities -- -- the state but. There police and fire don't have to be drug tested either and each and ordered the custodians. Are and you know when you pick up the public's saint Pete element of what they policemen or firemen and -- and he's very prepared not required -- To be random like drug tested but are you Paul would you want all of them would you want the custodians the police officers the fire department. Not just teachers public school teachers to be drug tested randomly. Your I want what I I think that it's it's sort of appropriate thing and I will I'll take it one step further and say that I don't believe that. Random drug testing should be eight is a component of collectively bargained agreement. Figure out the -- in fact that. Drug testing. Could have on. The state Erie community first of all pure and crews are what we're not a police officer and he's under the influence. You want him backing you up. Same thing on aspirants and it's somebody on the fire are injured there's under the under is substance appears. And they go to fire you know there. Your partners are in jeopardy as well and that's savior of the people that you pull out in. Response to an emergency your car acts or something like that in every case you can you can see how V. Community that's great that bespoke Serbs are essentially subject that you risk. Art virtual or wallowing. Around you know and by the way it's a small element of people -- find themselves you know violating these -- -- -- -- -- not -- An -- -- -- now why is it's not it's far from everybody but you make it look if I'm if I'm trapped in a fire. I don't want some stoned. Fire department guy. Coming firemen coming to rescue me. If I'm in trouble I don't want a police officer postponed. Coming to rescue me. And if my kids are going a -- high school. I don't want some stoned English teacher teaching them and certainly not giving them bags of weed now what I'm fascinated is this ball. What was the school committee's response -- to me it's just common sense there should not random drug testing. What do they say it was -- with -- support was their Porsche. What was wrong spots. I'll also say that they -- hearing. I'm because of the Oswald looks -- -- here in there is no our response from them at that -- a story that was done local paper. I'm it was on Saturday and down. -- -- -- -- School committee members go to seven commented. To a home or they are all looking at a earned it and you're dressed in some form or another. There were you know -- here Paula just so I will tell you I'll have all the standard group sponsors that you can imagine somebody who's trying to. Essentially protect bear. Basic your -- there you know -- what -- just it's -- we suspect them of doing something wrong -- check your underwear. I'm in an auto -- Sanford like while we got to understand what the cost -- we don't not that I'm not quinnipiac. You're now there's going on our side are -- now all they're all fiscally conservative now all of his. Have you noticed doctor. Is saying here's -- here's a little -- jar we just need your urine or it's very expensive now. Right and I you know what I had to persevere when in excess of hundred million dollar school budget. I'll end up -- -- on the City Council I was chairman of the audit committee jobs and jobs. I -- was pushing core. Actually compliance with the city charter and words that we were. I rotate -- annual basis and ordered audits different departments were in the we're in the city which is required by the charter which are not actually being done to keep its response. And job you know. The fact of the matter is when I discovered that these large work being done. You look back you say okay we got. -- -- -- That they're run by a wonderful people there in other start to -- to mr. very warm and I think the school committee members while larger. We took that job this will -- opportunity due to a third job. But nobody -- holding them accountable ranks and they don't have to they don't have to do anything to. You know -- There's no accountability there's no auditing is -- the I think. Right and then you know and I think the moment some auditing work that take place it starts finding you know. Maybe a little bit of water to land every doorway. I always go where little -- there and all of a sudden we can play for the urine jars. I. Cut a ribbon -- you know Paul Crowley. Former council member of land Paula -- -- running again is that true. I'm -- running yes I am you know it's there's really fired me out spend others through other issues that come up some time to time that Saddam. It's just really drive me back that I I. I lost a close election two years ago. Are there and done. Simply got a couple of years -- are there actually had last year ops against and yes I Emma and I and I and I got tired just. There ought to that scene -- emerging in my mind and -- salt based on. Problems. -- That's saying that's off the wall in one -- off virtually our work on its say it's us it's a court of -- look for Karen. -- -- there's a large beginning to -- the moment would become silent about things that matter. And I'm you do matters -- -- campaign team because he's. Many people -- you know I should just keep my most are going to get along and that type stuff and and -- RB. The people that are. They don't want me in elected office are people that are much I'm much happier keeping quiet conference and out. Paul listen what we want you to death we stay in touch with us we want to know how your campaign goes but I got to ask you one question before you leave. -- which you submit. To the corner report to performing a random drug test upon you. We're I mean if we gave you. We'll bring the Dixie cup over what we're gonna have a proxy for FedEx it right away. We're gonna give it -- will be on us 'cause it's so expensive and Glen where it'll be on us. Well we know we're there we have to make sure better to handle cropped blue we would mark the evidence to -- and I'm gonna play. We've been talking a ball Crowley former Olympic council member and hopefully. Council member again. -- god bless you thanks so much for coming on the corner report -- Barbara thank you should. Public officials. Public school teachers firemen. Police officer is custodian this should they be subjected submit to random drug testing what say you. I think yes to me this is simply common sense if you. You don't want cops don't. You don't want fire office of firemen stoned you don't want schoolteacher stoned or god forbid like this guy handing out drugs to our kids. Should they be subject to random drug testing. If the corner man asked the undergo it why shouldn't say 6172666868. And -- Europe first welcome to the corner report. Good morning Jeff Anthony day I was president. Or a law enforcement option union and Boston. -- are forced -- agency there and I negotiated. The first structure in agreement for the department. There was incumbent on the officers. In Massachusetts. Drug testing is what's considered a mandatory subject of bargaining. That -- apartment. Cannot simply implement it without bargaining with the union in the past if they do the union has a cause of action which brings suit against apartment. -- And what we did was we based our model on the Boston Police -- Which is not random drug testing they establishes a window. A 6830. Days before your birthday in thirty days after the perfect and that window they can randomly faster. But outside that window they're not. Or amused and this is why why wind. The window where a quarter ever. Spybot quick comment -- remember all that to be favorable. I mean. You can just get stolen for six months. And -- creole who I gotta be careful now it's approaching my birthday. What would that do things of that it's -- follicle -- which goes back. Quite a bit content but it's not mirror and and the -- blood the blood they consider to be to one basis depending upon the sample. That they harvest it when they first you can go back a number of months. I'll carousel -- interest in the anti -- is selling this invasive invasive I mean. When I was at the time does an example I know they don't do that here at WRKO. It is a radio station we have sisters stations one of them happens to be a rock station I wanted to grove air but if you add random drug testing. There could be a problem but let that go okay. I mean they would come in months just out of the blue they say hey Jeffrey new drug test from you here's the you know here's the urine compared to -- jar. Gold win and the do weird thing okay no problem my goal. I mean now it's gone I wash my hands I do my thing I give it back thank you very much adios amigo what's what's the problem. I'm Aaron -- well the problem Missouri you're a public servant. Your police officer you have to be sober on the job you can't these -- your fire off your firemen. I mean I'm just position does that mean you're schoolteacher. I mean we've got a problem -- drugs in schools don't -- -- all of your English I schoolteacher respond out of his mind. I'm amazed me nor should we could've detected this guy a long time ago and need he wouldn't be distributing bags that we can start it's. Up on our FaceBook -- our question is should public school teachers be randomly drug test that. And day here's where there is responses starting the horrendous is from Powell if it becomes a problem yes but how it is of rubble. From Melanie yes that. The drug test retail employees -- the people we send our children to every day yet that's exactly Melanie. Sally. But I think people collecting from the state should be Jews generally she says no but if you're collecting money from the states -- on you know you're on our payroll. You know I mean even well -- a similar sounds crazy but if you're on welfare. You should be randomly drug tested. I don't wanna be giving you welfare money our hard earned money and you're using it to get stoned. So if you're gonna take public dollars. You have to be held accountable for what you do especially if your performance depends upon. I don't want -- don't -- believe me I don't with the most owners around here Jeff corner on the corner report -- -- At.