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Chump Line Monday December 10, 2012 - Mooching Off Of America

Dec 10, 2012|

Our favorite chump line message from today was a song dedicated to illegal aliens everywhere called mooching off America.

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Heading south for the winter don't be a chump call American auto transporters and they were shipped your car for you go to ship cart dot com -- stop. Lot of these is. And week. I didn't do it right. When you have to pay hole. Let's say I don't have I shouldn't have to pay tolls I just don't understand why I have to payers commercial. That the commercial rate just because and caring of commercial play at a mile problem. Lots that your you actually did say he should be paying -- people in the South Shore should be paying to the white and I don't think it always is is a matter of I'm talking about the hire -- that I. No I don't think I should be thing falls I don't think anybody in metro west should be paying polls I don't think anybody on the near or short should be -- falls whether -- be. The people who was who used the Ted Williams should be paying him polls. That's the people on the South Shore and the and and the people who want to 93 and that this. And by the way that the the New Hampshire people are laughing too because they they use the they come into the state north south. They don't get it -- it tells. Bogey we go in to New Hampshire. Their tolls or north south as opposed east west so. We get hit going in to New Hampshire and we get to hit going. Going in Massachusetts. It's not fair. Why don't think people on the South Shore pay their fair share. Personally Obama. They don't pay anything and what's what let's make them pay their fair share. OPEC is you know a -- -- it with that I doubt that they. -- Yeah. I guess that's you know it's one of the these the really heart warming traditions. Of the Massachusetts turnpike authority is it used to be called you know when the when the old timers teach them. Young -- for snipers how to how to steal the best ways to pocket that money. You know it's -- it's if they want to go out of bid if there were gonna get rid of the poll takers though now is the time to do it because think of how much. How much Wear and -- will be on the poll takers close. If they go to those Obama points. You know instead just be able to stop Awad of bills in your pocket. You -- to fill up your pockets with those points. A lot of holes in their pockets. Couldn't. About -- And they. Make your view. If you. We will have more birdies. There's -- burn because our former rock Cleveland. Quarterback and a former Miami University of Miami quarterback. When and dom came out down to was Randy Newman would say and so like. Lola loves to do to us which. Portable but that's let's switch gears to the ground. Thank thank you Groundhog Day I -- Aggies really bad. -- -- -- -- -- That's the old and so what the school couldn't. The big. My levels -- -- -- -- a little bit and I anybody's. Oh my big he's got a hole -- it. It won't hold no beer. The big that for an eagle that Paul Williams liked -- work out those. -- that -- Any -- that those laid off poll takers moved on to become these -- paper automated equipment -- -- That's a very good point. To then and you know any any bets on whether or not they'll have to. Let out a special contract. To bring in some people who really know how to repair the machines after the local. 127. Cult like -- -- Laker repairman -- room is totally unable to repair any of the machinery. Yeah according to take it well I don't travel is -- new kkk. -- Some people say that Bernie coax co -- spotter is in adult films does anybody know but this I do I've been hearing this all day that surely that can't. Must be proud of her two anyway why why would it be why would be ashamed of that. We have that you electronic totally intact for the first so they ran into a -- so. They haven't figured out how to attack the other state drive this little. I was wondering that myself hi how are they gonna charge the out of state drivers begin again are the gonna get to records of 200 million. Vehicles or thereabouts and registered in the United States of America. Was. One -- What you're -- -- so far remember those brought Chris Cooper stadium. That then. I can -- your -- going to India to a concert. -- -- -- Schaefer stadium and the in the early seventies it was Leon Russell and black folk markets in the put down they they had the the Astro turf back essentially put found some kind of -- Covering TARP over the Astro turf so enough of what happened to it and the people sitting right behind me started throwing up. Oh boy that was my that was my first. My first exposure to Schafer stadium. In the course it took about. Three hours to get back to Boston. -- place I sure like I sure wish I picked up some -- for tonight's how -- -- -- -- this is they used to call them sports pages. Can't. It. In effect. And you can't. I think it's. Nice work rhyming he BT and -- kidney. No no this is -- thank you the best. Tomorrow I'll be enacted legislation. To put it looked 31 dollar goal at the protest against and and it felt one doubtful at this very can break. What a great idea I'm so -- I easily would go. Well. Of course I want you to hate -- Take down the east holds mr. governor. Take down these polls and he's Boston -- these balls in Brighton. Girls that take down these polls in west that. Then. I don't care what you do. With the rest split up pupils and torched for principles and its own. And -- were actually right that's what but it. Apparently. Birdie co czar's daughter were performs under the alias and Alexi sell over Alexi Silva. Boy -- period. Because it -- visits to -- and among my belt. We we heard that we're gonna talk to what we're talk about the delays people are getting having now that no one. Getting the gun registrations at 6 o'clock it's -- a actually pain. I think part of it has to do with so many more people trying to buy guns now that Obama's been reelected him. There may be some some foot dragging going on by local anti gun politicians I would put that past -- either. These days. And clawing its way. It is. Yeah we what it is we will have to stand these days guy. Yeah. They got they unemployment rate now it's only if they only have to take move 350000. People from -- media. Beat. Workforce so were we down now we're down three million people since Obama became president are the three million people fewer people in the country you thinker. Just three million people give up work with them for work or the three million people from around because the appointment numbers are so these via. The weeks as the weeks and your -- -- one is now that. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling have a -- you. OK that's it for the jump like the chaplain is the recorded voice mail message service of we torturing call leave a message of any power that there might including weekends for trampling number is. 6177793469. Heading south for the winter don't be a -- Call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. We cannot -- Rick. In effect. And he's been doing what can not fat man Erica.