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Toll Taker Culling

Dec 10, 2012|

Today Gov. Deval Patrick announced that he will eliminate 320 toll takers in favor of a $100 million dollar electronic tolling plan. While Howie approves of toll takers being fired but he is distressed by more money being pumped into the system and the tolls not being eradicated all together. Howie also swore that he never spit on coins before putting them into the toll takers hand.....

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Governor Deval Patrick is putting poll takers on notice in quietly moving forward with a pricey scheme to -- straw install electronic toll across the spate. Despite a budget crisis that's triggering massive cuts in spending The -- truth squad has learned. Patrick transportation officials inserted a new clause in November 21. Union contract proposal obtained by the truth squad that gives the administration. Power to quote have unlimited right to eliminate manual -- collection on all Massachusetts highways. My feeling about -- says. -- -- like it's it's it's good it's good I want to I want to eliminate poll takers. But. This is putting good. The cart before the horse. What you have to do. Is eliminate that halts. It doesn't matter if you eliminate the poll takers if you if there's still grabbing the money and they have no plans to stop grabbing the money. The move is Patrick's formal push to oust poll takers and install open road -- and other alternative polls for the Tobin Bridge Ted Williams or Sumner and Callahan tunnels as well as the pike. It details a four point seven million retirement incentive and a six point five million voluntary layoff for the poll takers and indicates the changes are likely to come before 2015. But of course no one is actually going to be -- you understand the suit because of this is the program. The plan calls for losing poll takers through attrition. Cutting jobs as they retire with no whale offshore when -- arrest for say. Dismembering. And -- their cocaine dealers has happened a few years back remember that one. But it does include an offer to retrain poll takers for other jobs to encourage their departure alike that retrained. Poll takers. Like you actually have to train. Somebody. To be -- -- How do you train. Somebody. So yeah okay go through -- it's about 25 somebody hand you two dollars. You give them back three quarters. Somebody hand you five dollars you give them back. Three dollars. And 75 cents somebody hand you ten dollars. Now you're angry. You're angry as a poll taker you are one angry team stir. Member of the international brotherhood local 127. So to pay him back for there. Bought a city in giving you -- saw -- in forcing you to make change you give them -- pile on the side of greasy. One dollar bills and instead giving them a five at 3123 quarters you give them -- extremely greasy dirty. Powell looking foul smelling one dollar bills. And three quarters. Mean I've just got over the entire that's all you have to -- to be a mass Mass Turnpike all upset. That's it that's all you have to know and yet they have the school. I'm not making this up they have a school that you have to go to like -- an academy. Like you don't like your rate like your training to be cop in you have to understand. Probable cause. And and Plainview and that kind of stuff. But they have a school for poll takers. -- Teamsters local 147 agent Robert colony in -- Patrick administration spokeswoman could not be reached for comment. City is colony in the guy who said that I used to spit on the pointers that somebody else. Remember who said that I just remember that they painted it they did they like to expecting -- is known about the tone of the union one of the union. Pinky ring boss bugs. Said. But I used this bit that I hated the poll collectors so much in the polls that he had personally seen me. Spitting. On the on the money that I before I would give it to the poll takers. I -- a kid and he did he said this -- and ice and I apps ever since that why we're rice split. Into my owning. Who is ever heard of such a thing especially. Most of the time I go through the colts it's nighttime. Bailey because you know -- -- -- that would lift North Pole we got about an almost a year half of the year we have about three hours of daylight. And so I would be I. You know what -- play when I don't mean very well Alex why would I spit on my own clothes. That's what they said. Patrick for first floated the controversial open -- poll which could cost at least a hundred million to -- figure on and off -- across the state. In 2010 when The Herald reported that he met with Raytheon officials. He has since hired a 124000. Dollar director of statewide polling whose job description is. To quote transition existing told collection operations to open road -- Or all. Electronic tolling. Like that's a good if it's a job that pays six figures and they can't even come up with a real purpose for it to transition. Open road -- -- were -- poll books with sensors that pick up transponders and -- motorists as they drive by a highway speeds that picture this system which in the picture. Of the driver's license plate and send a bill to folks without a transponder. Swamps that commuters Tim the -- said the while the toll could make his right to breeze the expensive process shouldn't come to cities and towns are facing painful cuts. I do think it's great because we live without it probably said if there were other more pressing issues it could be put on the back burner. Here's what you know what I'm in favor of it but I but what I'm in favor of is eliminating the polls. -- -- We. First stop now right. Step toward that all C and he does not have for this is that this is giving them more money to -- in the pay off the idiotic Big Dig. Which is leaking like a sick yet. I don't want I don't. That holds were supposed to calm down in 1987. Or thereabouts. They they built the turnpike and in around 1957. Thereabouts. They issue bonds are supposed to be paid off within thirty years. But bonds were paid off and they decided that because they like the money supply so much and they like all these -- jobs for -- her for a poll collectors. And they like having all the big shot -- jobs in the transportation building for the real marketing mark. Payroll patriots and a -- holders but they weren't gonna get rid of the they were gonna get rid of the colts they never get rid of the polls I I. I just can never believe it when I see another state is is trying to push polls and they always say the best -- always say in whatever state it is. As soon as we pay off the bond stood to build a road will be taking the poles down. Name me a state where the polls have come down other than Connecticut. Where they jacked up the gas prices to pay for the tolls because they've had so many horrible horrible accidents. So many fatal accident that's one state that's the example that proves the rule. Everywhere else the -- not only don't come down they go. I don't I don't yeah you know I I again. I want the tolls because I want the poll takers fired but I want that to be fired at the same time the week we stop polling people. There's no reason why one group of people. I eat the people who use the Mass Pike and the people accused the tunnels and the bridge. Have to pay for everybody else's routes especially the especially the big big which is Mathieu host. By the people who used the not used generally speaking by people used a pike the pike extension and the bridges in the tunnels. It's as simple as that. Let the people on the they want more they wanna pay the big big -- big Big Apple was set what are poll bull. On this -- for most of the people were using the beat -- not made. Not people former beer not people from East Boston. -- Maybe Asian but one -- 93 to 41193 because they used that they used that they used the Tip O'Neill -- 187 I pay I pay -- when I go to it would the only time I used when he of those tunnels his greatest go to Logan Airport. Otherwise I can go months without using the Tip O'Neill -- that Ted Williams Tunnel used to go to East Boston. I pay for. You know CAD it's really not fair you know you know because idea because of the plates I have on my car now my free car. I -- the dealer played Chimerine commercial -- -- commercial points is so you know what that means -- the means I have to pay five I don't pay 350 like you'd like pay five dollars and when he fights. So let me see how many people feel really sorry for howry who as a free -- -- because once in a blue moon when he accused the -- essentially he's gonna pay a buck extra. OK a box and -- whatever. And Alia. -- -- -- -- Action by that beautiful Cadillac the drive which room plates on and not pay the extra tells us that. You know what's what was said me once I hand them 525 in the person wasn't paying attention like having gotten away with 350 I'll never make that mistake again well. One New York is trying to increase thruway tolls by 45% for big race. You know a New York just dead and -- just last Sunday I know this because I wrote a column today at the data that they came out. You know the New York has got this thing that they're promoting here in Massachusetts to put in income tax. They wanna put an graduated income tax of just under 1%. On the on everybody's income who what lives within an area probably between hearing Greenfield investment to pay for the roads. And so New York has the same thing you know in not just in New York City but it always surrounding. Counties outlying counties. And it worked so well raising all the money that they a week ago yesterday. They raised the price on the George Washington Bridge. If you don't have -- if you don't have a transponder now cost well you know cost thirteen bucks went up from twelve bucks for thirteen box. Next year this next year. It's going up to fourteen blocks same with the Lincoln -- same with Colin Powell saying with some of these other things read the the the problem is if you give these people money it doesn't matter if it's in Compaq's. Excise tax gasoline tax whatever money you give them -- Wander on their friends and relatives. And that's why that's why I don't I -- -- this is this is not this is not the right solution the right solution is to. Simultaneously. Get rid of the polls and the poll takers don't get rid of that just a poll takers. 18774694322. Paul your next with how we cargo at all. Hollywood -- before talks. Take a brutal rape child -- agencies and affirmative action black mean to blind and implement mobile applications. Q how long it take before people say. I'm not gonna period arrives model. I think but don't -- that he that I don't like a right -- taxes. All the -- That's true traffic and don't forget all of its. I want my apology for I will not tolerate driving through the liberal Tip O'Neill tunnel alarming Kamal becoming a screaming Cambridge. Liberal gives more respect and rights of illegal immigrants -- in my transplants organs. In the average while abiding citizen Americans just look at it like second class citizens still a foreigner in your home country. Thanks thanks for the call Paul. Beaver state Fannie and -- stayed in -- infidels said. That the you know we we should remember though that probably this this. Work in this kidney once belonged. To an American citizen who was run over or shot to death by an illegal aliens -- away at that does belong to the illegal aliens. 18774694322. I just say someone says it does does each poll -- school graduating class -- a valedictorian. You know that's a very good question officer mark I don't know that I I don't I I think probably the valedictorian as a person who has a blood relative to its highest up in the legislative leadership and that's how they determine who the valedictorian is in the poll -- school 1877. 4694322. On our car. 74694322. -- claims this is an actual question I I think it's the -- poem. Question from my final -- and Mascoll collectors school white Mercedes pulls up to Booth and pretty young blonde says my dad is behind me in the bet. He's paying you should a call supervisor be -- proceed. C righter up the get her phone number. He says just an actual question. 413 which is more prestigious. Poll takers you -- hamburger you -- I'm thinking hamburger you more productive graduates no kidding. 603 who teaches the poll classes and one of their qualifications and salary. I think they've really actually been cutting cutting back on the poll takers when the guy was arrested for -- For dismembering and corking his cocaine dealer. His salary was 53000 I think that was the standard salary at the time. And most of made like about ten grand a year enough overtime so it was about 63 grand plus the book that's full full health benefits. And they got you know the bag you know retirement for retirement then and then health benefits and retirement. Saw me it's a pretty it's a pretty damn good job considering that most of them. -- your big date they weren't they warn -- demand in the rocket science program and MIT you know I mean -- Joseph the new chiefs. Brother he used to be in Asia. He used to be a cab driver Newton in rural those guys to they have all the all the injuries they were always dropping the they were clean they were was cleaning. But they were dropping the the the the cash registers on the on their feet today every you know -- have you ever heard of anyone that worked at a supermarket make it like 910 bucks an hour -- dropping dropping via. The the cash wore on -- on his or her fourth. Now of course because it doesn't happen but it in them astoundingly enough for the mass turnpike authority it happened happened with the disturbing regularity and of course there were many others that the people people claim that they were disabled by. Evil columnist spitting on the points in the the world kinds of this disabilities one guy was hit by -- one guy was walking along a the idea. A roadside and was struck by tree he walked into a tree in claimed he had a one on disability. 18774694322. How we I knew things were out of control in the mid eighties when I personally overheard a City Hall job interview with the steam room -- the Boston athletic club. The bin -- been crazier that have been worst there's been plenty of job interviews in and that in the -- in the men's rooms -- the state -- believe me. 1877. Guys taking phone calls and asking while I won't get. Bill your next with Howie -- go ahead bill. -- -- -- -- Government. Prediction on. Any. And all hat tricks to really take to -- mad Amarillo street. You create art right there the entire highway system being electronically troll. You know again again I don't. I don't want to get rid of the poll takers I don't even mind. But I don't want to spend a hundred million to to have these polls he's taught there shouldn't be any tolls bill will be how much you haven't won it big. There there are already we already paid the excise tax we pay federal gas tax we pay state gas tax. The -- these these nit wits on Beacon Hill want to put a a surcharge on your registration if you have a gas guzzler I mean how much money that they need. Our budget speak again I can tell you the experiment already going -- and parkway in New York yeah your cash just no good there. I heard on the record -- a single store in New York City. That when the total acres contract on the Garden State Parkway comes -- There are out the -- and try it there and it's a bit it is our compromise our mileage based. Yeah actually -- -- -- that there may be the compromise. -- you know that's a good point I wonder if the I wonder this will be able to record mileage as well. Or down. And it'll be it'll be. Extra mileage that we the big -- at the actual mileage. That's another that's another when the coming up with a cent a mile. You know so they say oh but it'll with all of the average temperature of the the driver only only drives 141800. Miles a year so it's only a 148. X course I know when the first time we talked about this that I got a call from a guy no. -- a 100000. Seniors were 2000 marks on him and it's not just and it's just it's on top of everything counts you know the they they never that they big never. Have enough money it's built like alcoholics. There's there's no way to satisfy. Tim you're next with how we cargo -- them. -- -- it's a couple of things this automation system migrate under percentage shouldn't if they shouldn't even be here at all. But one thing -- do enjoy about school vacations in the summer somehow these poll takers become a lot younger and a lot cuter. I really don't know how that works out terms all of this. Substitution work come and all from college clearly. Oddly enough -- embodies so many of them have the same last names as you see on the on the big boards where they were quelled. Britain where they are record the roll call votes at the state house. Yeah I -- that's about. What -- But -- well what I don't like about automation also years. Our remember. All the easy cap headaches you know they were issuing in taking money out of accounts in your eye and vision well you were you know trying to fight war. Fees. You had nothing to do it by -- -- becoming -- no longer term tracking. -- -- -- I do two largest lead off man that -- -- bureau you'll wanna give these people any more power than they already richer -- with Howie -- quickly rich. I know I mean I -- it -- -- -- now in. Some sort that the bridge between people being such an infinite set. And I remember well actually came and went he's bait and sensible process -- and the and -- actually took. The told around the -- was paid off. That. And that. Those were the old days when there was relief that when it was the live freer state. You know right right. -- other quick thing eyesight you and at that cricket library that much any site you sign my book said that the corporate -- -- speaking out right. I feel totally kidding. I thought you were Itochu expects public. Patrice you're next with how we cargo -- Patrice. How they'll make this quick you are all people to be his name and it you've ever complained. Thirty years ago you know living hand them out at some of them are now you multimillionaire. With a can you still can't explain what don't you. They charged me a five dollars and 25 cents to go to the airport Patrice. And now we have you know that the Portugal and you. Get out luckily there would want you to get into radio you don't want to give up stuff and mighty. That's right -- that's why my name is George graft. -- -- Five minutes of -- time -- at least five minutes that people and these three Cadillac health. TS. It is a nice to it is a nice -- thanks for the call Patrice and how are.