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Max Robins Monday Decmber 10, 2012 - Duck Dynasty And Nashville.

Dec 10, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...including today Nashville and the new underground hit Duck Dynasty.

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It's Monday and at this time each Monday we're joined by -- Max robins he is the veteran journalist he covered the broadcast. TV industry for many years. And he's now executive vice president of the paley center for media in New York city's -- In answer your questions about TV. Right Max. Absolutely my captain. You know do you realize it was just a couple of weeks ago you and I and many other people I daresay were talking and discussing about. Pushed new show called -- dynasty and we also we'd never heard of it and now it's. Now it's a problem but there are other people who haven't heard -- have you heard about -- -- are the former quarterback during his recent he's got a bad ice cube before one on a radio show. -- Guess he must think from the same freeze -- -- and it's yours and you will that's true that's true but listen listen to that listen to what they're discussing last week what Bernie after -- -- Bernice feeling tired and emotional. Because our joins us as he does every Wednesday are general -- dynasty. Prior -- and there are currently. Make good blend going Q would you. She got debt is the most popular reality shows they're very. Car -- -- reality shows this. OK birdie hadn't. Oh yeah blended landed in Bosnia. -- I was first and at first I was -- was a morning show that he what are really got in trouble just that a Little League just the he just last little little a little longer but he should've at the liquid lunch yes there was of it was an afternoon show I'd now like it's got there and -- -- down base started back. Anyway well there. Anyway boss was a great show what happened to. I guess they pulled the plug on it and it does a great show loved it and I'm really sorry to see it go Kelsey -- withstand test it only. When I read was it was only get about a half a million people watching so I mean it was they mean they -- they were willing -- Keep it on as a loss leader to get -- and I kind of thing but even even under those conditions it was kind of idea. A low low performer while it's tough I mean you know it's the first stars he wonders that show it in non. HBO or showtime when you still with us it's too bad Michael -- people catch up with it when it's. And the -- Netflix. I saw that you know stars lost out to on the Disney films so another human not a going to be ordering -- couple more. More morrow long form dramas as they call yeah I mean that was a big deal I was at this conference last week -- -- -- -- it's -- -- -- -- the number -- -- Netflix was -- the State Department -- can be. Film producer right vote dig in terms of the industry and big -- the anyway. But. It was it was the day after they announced that Netflix had done that is the deal it's huge deal for them. And I think that. It shows that I think Netflix has some -- for -- ways to go up. Max how was the new map to Perry show go on doing doing on him in BC. Okay it's not a breakout hit although you know MBC. Exit restorative in New York Times about NBC seven -- very good fall. Mostly based on the strength of the show the voice in and football course. Public they definitely get the the award for most improved broadcast network buried -- mentioned earlier reports in the football game last last line and waited for halftime iPod Bob Costas was gonna call for outlawing automobiles and the year at. But it. And he and he kept his mouth -- Something tells me that mr. Kostis the air -- Sportscaster -- was installed to. Take it down and that you want to enjoy it's multi million dollar contract. -- have those who pay for it continue to do so yet he looked like you look like he was that he was he was if he was welcomed over shoulder trying to work -- shoulders you to a -- is live shots and it may may have been -- -- and I am feeling and it I mean he's always been an opinion dated guys -- He has a good sportscaster. You know you got to remember is keep the lights. Has -- jump the shark. I don't think so I think that -- the -- Battlestar Galactica blood and chrome what's the scoop on the twelve minute -- users via the web. Well I think we're going to be looking for that to come I mean I think that's gonna be huge. It's putted incredible incredibly loyal fan base who wait for this for a long time accuracy -- things that put a lot of money into written. We're gonna see some pyrotechnics you know will we see a spinoff of American Chopper. Yes yeah there're some point I mean infinite so tonight and tomorrow or not the -- not the oval line I don't think so so. 1877469432218774694322. Brian you're next with how we card Max -- from the paley center for media in New York City going and Brian. Pale in Max I watch American peppers and lately franks and appeared in and Max brother my exposed and I was pleased. Well in the practice -- local money. Could be I have really heard exactly what's -- -- you know those shows are fluid elect -- new characters mix it up keep fresh. Besides where -- talked about this before none of those guys are getting richer idea on those kind of shows right Max it's pretty -- when it's for the you know did the -- -- -- works -- if they get rich it's got to be it's got to be some would be on the show itself oh yeah there you know you know Snooki readiness self help. Expectant mothers -- -- because there are. One adversity won 8774694322. -- quarterbacks again in that situation Max joke name that burning that was our. What what's up witnessed note defensive backs ever been on TV history in this edition. It. Mike your next point guard Max robins -- that Mike. LA -- -- I don't make good. And it is stock dynasty -- is not you know this but on the Outdoor Channel for well over a year. Yeah I just think it's kind of reach critical mass it's funny how these things happen I mean it's. For some summaries and it's it's it's the nature of the world we live in our rear. You know in the in the world of social media and and and everybody's wired all the time things can spread like wildfire. Guys were thinking Richard may call. It part quality doc calls -- -- started at all so this off to school bought. Privacy and the -- deer hunting yields. Once you got -- pretty funny. It was those guys. No kid if it yet they -- Wow -- shut off. Call Mike -- -- section of every if they if it's it's such a big success what are they invite Terry Bradshaw now you know albeit this one of these guys we were part of about last week was beaten out by Terry Bradshaw as quarterback wheezing and attack 35 years ago. Seem like -- be a perfect guided Jordan Marlon you know on the Lisa deer hunting expedition. -- some tells me that Terry's cat plenty to keep them busy -- -- -- Is breaking bad really over. There's going to be another exemplary episodes this this summer and that's that's most of the year it's a great and so. A 617 says the -- just referenced that nation AKA answering and this from the jocks -- channel. No he there's a guiding parents -- grand -- but it's spelled differently than pets are Rambis are world for a right. Yes yes so where where where does he works for Netflix right right he's he's that the chief operating officer and Smart guy Smart companies mean at some ups and they they made a big misstep right choice in the name yeah but anybody who subscribes to Netflix. It's Clayton is a great deal you know first month. And believe me it is not a paid advertisement. You know it's it's a great experience on your computer now or 22 year. Your computer up through your TV and you can stream all these great shows movies in. And and TV. Air disasters on the Smithsonian she was great would be more episodes -- that when I don't know I haven't been watched us so it's yours figured disasters sounds very affordable the -- in which case I'm gonna say yes there -- be you know you know how. I remember this was like him. -- Beck that day for started doing the show TV guide them for speaks scoops. The early days of the reality televisions like in the nineties. I remember Mike Darnell who runs realities like thinking realty TV box and that's the he was -- he would remember this year I broke the story -- -- and they were gonna crash a 747. In the Mojave Desert. No I don't remember oh yeah they're good at. It. They're trying to get cooperation with the F at it I remember it say could be the time. -- what do you think people watch the 747. Slide out here re -- it cooler heads prevailed and there that that that would never quite up. Although he did do man I think me and vs beast which was those two I think to the house breakout kings going. It's okay break the kings is doing okay. What's up with future -- equality seems to -- I'm I think for future -- got. A solid following the vets vets from the -- the creek mine creating the Simpsons comic will be around for awhile. Guy says he's he was in New York City on Saturday and walked past the a few weeks in their prime location. Primeau -- is indeed you know you know -- right next or what. It really answer I don't know 21 was still open over much here movements. Steve your -- receiver Walter Winchell. That the only invite your child what happened wholly in those engine fuel surgery yes I go to I like to go to cut short sportsman of the in this Internet. Steve your next with Howard Kerr Max -- -- had stayed. Palin as they hollered tiger question now with the school while emotional. Copper excellent back. I'm we're gonna check that out for you that was that was done on the BBC America that was from. Body Tom Fontana whose longtime supporter here yet has been renewed -- -- -- -- like tough it's tough but Tenet and his partner Barry Levinson you know guys who created diner a lot of great movies. Yeah but it. Yeah I know I like it elected. Thanks -- Cynthia you're next with how we car and Max. -- I -- -- if you knew anything about Arrested Development there there're more on the Internet they were making a second and others in the back. It's not it's not a it's not a rumor is coming back and it's -- it's gonna be your original series on Netflix. Great show great. Thanks in Korea 1877469. Were 322 -- Bob's burgers. I think there's still -- It's -- it's you know I find it severe rear show for the media. It's -- off but sometimes is a little cheesy. I watch -- with relish. The but to catch up episodes I've missed. I was gonna say -- about mustard TD but I notice that the family via radio shows. But bettors might Euronext with how we guard Max Roberts -- Mike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am gonna check on -- -- -- fun show it's based on you should check out and probably conceal and Netflix or elsewhere the British original -- based. And -- charge showtime. It's totally nuts -- but based based on a largely based on -- show in a long -- joining XP and on for seven -- I'll shameless. Shameless comes back in January 13. Thanks thanks. By the way -- from Chelsea says Vegas is one of his favorite shows and now -- -- the person saying -- Vegas doing another person will check on the ratings for Vegas for that was my biggest disappointment all the show's season. The show what kind of dig how we have of kind of your cheesy network promises Nashville -- a total -- and really -- resident. Yeah I'm gonna check it certainly keeps in what -- people. People in the north can get used the country music last time I checked their country music's biggest format and radio is I mean what what Albert park and about it. I think I think this shows a lot of lot of fun this really good music on it that is. If Tebow Burnett's one in the executive producers RJ Cutler who's really good directors involved is one executive producers. It's a good show. -- ghost adventures going up will be one and all but that only about. I think it's got plenty -- handle being with us internally. -- -- and I know. You pushed it with Bob's words. I apologize and I apologize to you about politics every one analyst and an area. Every market years and I certainly apologize ultra impressive 603 says nothing will feature three year old -- use a computer faster than that. Netflix subscription I love them that's true -- it's completely true and they have a whole kid's section Netflix and that's a big part of this does -- deal for them execute its business dispute. Is mob doctor being -- I believe mob mob doctor. Is is in the mortuary which quicker. It's on b.'s next you know and ghost adventures. Bill your next with how we card Max -- go ahead bill. -- I don't want -- -- -- still. -- takes doing okay by the way that looks like a Vegas is now long for this world now. We're gonna check on this national numbers course Sarah Jones she's just can't catch a break. And it's good look at this year as though sent thing. No thanks bill how -- some tells you shall be deployed against yeah I think so -- Heather your next with how we car and Max -- go ahead Heather. What -- after the national we are checking on that one. We and oh yeah I'm Heather in Nashville is on the bubble so there's still chance tell your friends about it I mean. Again I think it's a good show -- what's your theory on why people don't like Nashville or why it's doing so badly. Yeah I think I don't get appear like I don't think they embraced that yeah I don't you have to really enjoy the city now. Really -- have -- in the shadow that's my feeling. But that that thing is really too it's like it's great for the city in this release celebrates the traditions of it and it's. And they're not just that they're not just about kind of like the cheesy country it's a lot of the core roots and losing stuff too so. Great. What do you over the course and others and it what do you know about and the new RR NBC. Yet it's like that's likely to get picked up that that was one of the most buzzed about comedies of the new season and a looks like it's connected to -- picked up for season two. Question quickly I can make. It America from -- via. Yeah I thought that you got better and better I really liked the second season of a but it did not keep picked up unfortunately. I like that's why. Okay thanks other 187 cent of people again wanna know about honey boo -- at that evidently how does that I can't even save content. And how there's always I mean I mean. It's like that great western the good -- in the predicaments. Describes with what's popular tell. A lot of great stuff there's a lot of stuff for you to -- rise ago -- people's losses. It. You know -- In and in the animal channel universe we live and there's something for. Even Bernie codes are at -- The AA trio. Might -- your next with how we card Max -- or that might. Yes they did do a TV show about crashing a plane the desert they got a 727. They couldn't get permission to do it animal obviously they did in Mexico one of those crazy for its -- light show on the on the Discovery Channel it was ridiculous. Really they did to file. Well yeah pretty crash into overall those ball around and I just called a. They tried to talk about how it was going to be a big test of how how how what would happen when an airplane crashes that and they go through all the problems of northern and typically it's about time and all night. -- -- Terrible it was terrible what needed scientific it was awful. Where -- well you know how he him. You -- -- I mean they a week ago Sunday it was the finale of boardwalk empire the out. And homelands -- great this season donated it to me at this is it yet but. You gotta get caught up on these shows brother I mean I you know I seldom suggest you watch -- But by no fantastic I know people tell me I got -- watcher of boardwalk empire especially -- that I would be I gotta I gotta do that a catch up. -- -- -- Okay thanks Mike Jim your next with how we card Max -- -- had gem. An accident history question like know your opinion who -- the most impact on the media Ernie Kovacs or Patrick would go and called -- easily. You know if you Google. It's ask our silent. Show called Eugene. And if you Google that that this scene and there -- that the area. He Eugene walks into -- Roman -- cleaner any deep cleaning off. TV you don't actually the physical that. But you actually believe this green and you know given the level of the technology at the pretty incredible. Yeah he was really an inventive guy and I got to tell you we've got most of his collection here at the elite in every time we do summary codecs retrospective. You know all sorts of people come out of the wood about eighty greater -- enlistment that this -- said who the hell is thirty Caldwell vests it. He was a real pioneer and just tennis observers come killed on television when a car accident that much might have gone much too young man he spent time in his life. That's right Edie Adams. Thanks a thanks Max we appreciate parked it next week look -- to -- how we have a great week OK now we are.