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Look For The Right To Work Label

Dec 11, 2012|

The Michigan Legislature today gave final approval Tuesday to a right-to-work plan limiting the power of unions severly crippling the power of the state's unions. Howie having been a refugee from a Union himself applauded the giant step taken by Michigan where unions were born.

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Should workers be forced to -- me. Nobody should not okay we've only had this happen a couple times yes. Are starting -- is 100% say no. All right. I'm sure wants -- There -- Irwin union people it was in the show -- you know they're they're entitled to their beliefs I I just called -- I don't I don't think you should be forced to wanted to joint union I you know what released bug the hell out of me. When I would have to -- write a check for the from my union dues. -- I didn't I didn't have the automatic -- The the ought to shut off -- I separate check for my union dues in the line with the money would then be used. To war sport democratic candidates who were trying to make sure that guys like me. Would get screwed. And to put it bluntly I mean I was up being forced to contribute to candidates who were -- the -- who wanted to put target on my back. -- needless to say that was even before Barack Obama we are of the union won about five years ago. And it now what's even worse I mean can you imagine having to give money to the to these. To the east herds like Richard Trumka. Mean Richard Trumka doesn't represented in the works with Richard Trumka represents the public sector they beat -- they did all week. Less than 7%. Of the dreaded private sector is now union -- And and the number just went the final -- two or three weeks ago many were called when hostess. Cupcakes. Went belly up thanks to its wonderful bakers union. They they sure the the copter nose to spite their face. And so now or Michigan Michigan of course has has. Terrible. Terrible. Economic problems. Financial problems. And guess what the the financial problems. Are related to the union problems that they. And even that -- newspapers. Especially the free press which is Mahdi Mahdi liberal lot. Not a conservative paper all sorts of its among -- publication it's it's you know it's a shadow of its former self obviously like so many papers like it. It only publishes a few days a week now but. Still it's a very liberal newspaper and I here's here's what here's their explanation of what's going on here that the governor is Rick Snyder is a Republican. Republicans control lead to the legislature in. In points. Public employee unions impose Snyder's moves to put more teeth into emergency man manager laws that would enable swifter action to rescue cities and school districts that bumble themselves into insolvency again this liberal paper in Detroit. In Detroit mayor's Dave Bing and a spineless City Council stonewalled by employee unions at every turn. Slow walking needed reforms and cost cutting while the city burn through cash and frightening rate. As a result Snyder's patient patient attempt to help Detroit via consent agreement set of imposing an emergency manager has failed. To top it off. Snyder found himself having to fight off proposition proposal to be televised November ballot attempt to stop a bag of goodies for organized labor in to the Michigan constitution. Michigan has both the highest union is nation rate and the highest unemployment rate in the midwest could they possibly be related. Oh and by the way the the the moon bats you know celebrate diversity under our shock -- Sure. Whenever anybody on conservative talk radio says anything -- anything that even remotely. Suggests that violence. Their right there up to their usual tricks tonight no one will ever and no one will ever be. Castigated for what they said but state representative Douglas guy -- you know what he said today on the floor of the legislature. The House of Representatives. There will be blocked. There will be -- Remember this like might cap one -- -- the congressman from summer ago. Remember when he said -- sometimes you just have to get out there in the street and just spill some blood. So it's -- I guess it's okay if you're if your room. There will be blood. State representative Douglas guy he's threatened from before but the Michigan House of Representatives. As the body debated legislation that would make Michigan missed the nation's 24 right to work state. I really wish we had not gone here Grice said it's the leadership in the house the Angeles here meaning Republicans. The same leadership that tried to throw a bomb right on Election Day. They tried to put a proposal went to the overwrought as a ballot question to two while basically make a unions invulnerable in the state of Michigan. And the Republicans tried to stop it so they throw a bomb. They -- not the Democrats who put him put it in the Republicans try to stop the that was throwing a bomb. For me I do not -- solar -- I see I do not see peace. And there will be blood we will relieve the battle of the overpass. Now that's that's stadium a pivotal event in labour minister week's Michigan labor history. It was a clash between the United Auto Workers and security troops of the Ford Motor Co. in which dozens of union activists were beaten up. There's long been considered one of the worst examples of our corporate stooge union -- This is from human events. Dice were prison of guys the -- says there's blood in the street as polling that neat trick of threatening violence while casting his side as the victims. Or if you prefer another interpretation he's casting the right to work -- as an act of all -- -- Against unions which justifies whatever they choose to do when they fight back. They're forcing you -- right now on Michigan if you get a job. Anyway anywhere say a school. Say an auto plant. A brewery. You could be forced to join the union if you don't wanna join the union and pay your dues you can't work there. Isn't -- a form of of violence it's certainly a form of intimidation is in the hot. Union forces have already gotten frisky storming the tent erected by right to work supporters Americans for prosperity of Michigan and tearing it down so. We got punched in the face. All right so my question for you as we got a lot more to read here today there's a lot of by that a lot of schools in Michigan are close to -- like Wisconsin remember Wisconsin. How they yeah that's the schools were shut down because everybody had to go to old teachers had to go to Madison to the state capitals to trash it. -- all the Democrats left the oh left left the state with the Illinois so that they couldn't have the a quorum. In the legislature. Sold today all the school teachers have a lot of school districts in Michigan are closed down because via teachers are about phoned -- sick. You know when the police opponents sick it's blue flu I don't know what you call teachers -- I don't know what color you wanna. Attached to the teachers unions. But it's it's interesting too that the same day that -- this that did the teachers are on strike -- a new story comes out. Only 7%. Of Detroit public school eighth graders are proficient in reading 7%. How's that hasn't closed she unionization system more important. Not so good -- are not so good. 7%. 1877469432218774694322. That's the whole free number of -- -- as the right to work but you know maybe maybe there was a time when you needed one win. We needed to have. Unions. And maybe some some some industries still the unions but you know having unions in the public sector is just 8080. Eight compile leaked. Abomination. You know. Even FDR -- have been -- quote recently from half the -- for obvious reasons you can't have public sector unions and the obvious reasons of course being. But you -- word go you're gonna have. You you're going to have basically. -- sides of government negotiating against one another and it's and sooner or later it's complete corruption as it has led to corruption has its way to. These the these bloated salaries and bloated benefits. Especially pensions and healthcare. Four for all these are public sector you union workers they now they now make. There are built like -- -- -- model all people who work for public sector are. Are lay abouts are hacks. But they do live off the private sector and the whole host the host is the private sector. The dreaded private sector and you have these are young these public unions' position basically what is it about its basically about the -- You know all that all the heroes of unionism you know like the people will be up but the battle of the overpass. Where the miners Molly -- all of these people. All of these heroes of union Joseph hill there they all worked in the private sector now you have there they're there there. Heritage is is -- it is being hijacked by the public sector unions. You know who don't won't don't have but we haven't had to put anything on the line just go to work every day. And I can do whatever they wanted me they get taken care of the automatic 3% called racist. And you know. I understand I understand nobody likes going to war and -- few people like going to work and -- you know the unions about the pay or some unions around your public sector unions about the pay more in their health care recently. But basically. It's in great job it's better to be in the public sector the private sector right now. No one can -- I mean not even Deval Patrick the governor of club Massachusetts we talked about it yesterday with the poll takers. The poll takers are the reason the poll takers are being eliminated horror. They're starting to begin the process wink wink nudge nudge of eliminating the pulp makers of Libya when the process. Standing over several decades. Are is because. You can't pay people this much money you just can't know what he can't pace somebody. 60070080000. Sometimes even a 100000 a year. To do a job. The same job that's being done in supermarkets and wal mart's. 49 box and it's the same job. 18774694322. Or UN favorable right to work -- -- -- I certainly a I wish idea. If I lived in a right to work well Rick works -- we wouldn't have to go through this camp the campaign to get rid of the union like images sent -- you LaMont -- in the union. And the other thing is to say. One last thing before the call. It's not fair. People who aren't. These liberals. Struggle like welfare to Manny. It's not fair if I don't wanna pay for people who don't work in the system and -- what if anything and I'm a bad guy. If the but it. If you don't pay you end to the unions. You're a bad guy even -- you're just acting like -- welfare recipient who was of course the know coolest of all Americans someone who doesn't work and has no intention of working. And they're even nobler state can't speak English and came here illegally and remain here illegally. You're next with how we cargo have pat. Our our I got to deal with that kind of thing all the time and boy out it's tough when your private individual below what we are certain things involving union procedure -- -- gotta walk -- -- -- -- it's all fun bullied when -- value that because. It's spirit here's an example -- in this state that he take control of my. Strong okay -- -- and right now we have one of the highest spending for. People. Spending of the state of the union pretty market we're right up from the top of or got -- but yet we don't have the best results. -- out and air. Funny how that works out pat you know. All right now. You know I got a thing -- I would try to figure out how to senate -- from FaceBook to children. On the Detroit and it says greetings from Detroit America yeah expect -- -- I don't let that victory but. The point I was trying to make what they do here at -- -- where do you live. We have a lot of small amounts here could negotiate with a -- -- I create doubt that the teachers union and it paid over our school board. The only advantage -- they get what they want and then they go out and act out all that out -- does court so we're gonna make this -- get used here and bright predict. All they you know we have a thing called over right here on the proposition twenty apple all right so you have to vote to increase your own taxes and the the other people should throw more -- the are that the teachers unions. You know it's big big push it -- did they say it's an investment in the future it's an investment in wells -- future. What you I don't know I'm planning to get the hell out of Wellesley Massachusetts as soon as I -- it was like camp act. You know it's an investment in the teachers' unions future. Thanks for the call now 18774694322617. -- liberals -- pro choice and you thought wrong -- They're pro choice when it comes to having an abortion not pro choice when it comes to war given. Forcing forcing. Republican members of unions are conservative members of unions to -- -- it to fork over their money that could be used by hacks like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. 1877469. Were three to two. Poll takers priced themselves out of a job teacher dead. They shared that public sector union unions are huge conflict of interest always have been exactly that's why that's why. What Roosevelt said the couldn't be any public sector unions. And that's and that's why it was one of the one of the biggest mistakes of the Kennedy administration was when he signed an executive order allowing federal workers. To unionize mean it just seemed it just seemed like a I mean night. I don't think anybody paid any attention to what -- the time but it's it's it's been a horrible horrible. Dwayne. On the on the federal budget ever since. I mean you have these you have people like Petraeus -- wife. You know a housewife a military housewife nothing wrong we'll be in a military house -- but she's getting paid a 187000. Dollars a year. That's not -- that's not a media. An atypical example. You know they -- they are they're all there there are so many people in the in the in the public sector now make them over a 100000 box. But I was trying to get rid of the poll takers that they hired to make a 124000. Parks how how many years -- -- can have that job the guy who runs -- -- gaming commission. -- which is doing absolutely nothing which is just sitting which is just taking junkets and watching New Hampshire put up over casino before us. Spain paid a 150000. Dollars a year because of professional -- 1877469432218774694322. And you know like the Harrelson today about the pulpit. The problem with these unions is. You what you wind up with people like the poll takers were represented by the Teamsters. Don't make more money than cops. They're making more money than EMTs been making yes they're making more money than teachers. How outrageous is this mean it there there're inequalities even in the public sector. Dan your next with how we cargo ahead Dan. Hey right to work a lot of -- to -- problem problem that government there it is flat out -- that the you're forced to journey union a better future for twenty years member union member for fifteen of thirty years. In -- difference to. Lose. No one has ever actually enjoying union our current -- scored early. Is -- veteran who's taken the dues are automatically despite an earlier period. -- -- Because what about the twenty percentage of the union what about the 50% of the future of the ball outscored parliament were in the anymore we Google. They they where they -- money taken out of their pot was a money take out their paychecks I daresay it was because workflow -- state. Well I literally capture personal. And I'm -- through school that I thought -- New Hampshire and. You have been don't have a right to work state urine -- you're -- right to work state no wonder you don't have a problem. Nobody in Vermont that's not -- to work states and I've never been forced to jury your -- Well I don't know it's a flat outline what pitcher paycheck if there if they're taking money out of your paycheck just what the union has. The union has taken money out that's -- that's the point. The point is you don't know what right to work means is you don't have to pay union dues. Did you when you remember what happened at Wisconsin when they -- told people they did not pay the union dues anymore everybody stopped paying the union dues. -- who you -- saying is if this doesn't pass every single person who works in Michigan are going to be forced out that the majority union you -- they're. Refreshing and union. -- no no no but if it's like if you win a you know with but it's like it's like sure real law if IE if if -- -- -- -- real law goes into effect it doesn't matter what are your Muslim or not you you're your -- governed by issue real law. If if you -- union is in a shocked. Then this then the union has a right to which perhaps that money the union dues whether you're in the union or not. And probably that's -- in -- the union kicks back. To the -- Democrat politicians who wore who've who've -- fork over more taxpayer money to the unions. Well that's another life because if you wanted to put it to the party -- another fox never -- Babcock I only pay my -- none of -- IQ special rep so I thought. I thought wait a second what is and what you get paid Tuesday. I think we do it because I choose to join the union I do my colleagues who don't -- the union are still dangerous bet a lot of -- They they that's because there in New Hampshire or you don't like you're you're lucky here in New Hampshire now instead of Vermont. It's a wise. Good -- to 1877469432218774694322. -- How we as a police officer living on cape caught in -- with over twenty years of law enforcement experience of fourteen years with my current apartment what do you think I should make. What that whatever the pound could afford to pay whenever you can get out of the town I mean it's you know. I'm not I'm not here I'm not the arbiter of of everybody's salary and how much they should make right you know every. As far as I'm concerned and make as much as you want as long as you're not as is once it's odd break in the back of the of the taxpayer or it's not break in the back of a guy who's buying a ticket I mean I'm all for. I'm all for athletes make him as much money as they can offer everybody making as much money is again but you know sometimes you don't. Again if your poll taker. You can be replaced. Very easily very easily and you know I I know and and you know Britain. I don't think that -- it's I don't think urban cops -- -- Are that easy to replace because people worry about being an urban crop and and suburban areas I think a lot of people wanna be cops. And you know if he you know. It's supply and demand I believe in supply and demand Brian you're next with how we are going have Brian. They there's going to be -- wrong I did not know am trying to teach in Massachusetts that I chose not join me mutated agency C. And the union people come and -- it down another couple guys that are -- and she is the year we -- about the eleventh hour. And just about all of this and and then when I. Book overdue should get a job pay more -- -- and I got my. You know your teacher orientation in. Was told by the -- interest hey got to join an -- but not -- state provides aid agency cannot be in it and you start. Did that bill the -- go into the MTA. -- another. Master teacher association and then whenever it's a national. -- the locals don't get there. -- Appreciate it you know I do not seem to alienate they were they rarely -- -- The way I would want it to be. You know the outcomes. -- support people that I you know could care less about. And recommendation -- should now if you if you weren't sure if. Right no I don't -- I don't I'd pay my dues for a couple of years to when I I got a bill for like 8000 box I was you know I had to pay. And the the other thing reverend Robert was -- couple years ago that was that that military guy he was he was he was run on the -- program one of high -- -- -- most popular teachers and -- said I don't he says I'm a military guy I'm in the military. I don't believe in unions and I'm working for I get paid by the military -- -- have to join the unions and the union was trying to get him fired. Remember that. I -- accommodate -- reservists to what you look like if some people. A comment. It's -- you know I I love my job I love each and and you know that most teachers do a great job it's it's it's. It's it's all me me. The black guy. On futures from from a handful of our union -- -- Thanks for the call Brian 18774694322. How we all New England states are forced union states including New Hampshire and Vermont New Hampshire is you. Is a closed -- state I didn't know that that caller was wrong. One day 781 aspect cop on the cape why his union won't let me make fourteen dollars an hour supplied me in the middle class union jerks are hammering the working war. Yup that's right I mean how many years did it take to get -- men and there's still I mean it's the technically you can have civilian flag men but earned there're there are next -- no civilian flag men how many -- -- minute -- proceed in Massachusetts. And that's because the -- public sector unions. It. Have a and and you know war meant amount of control over the EL legislators. It not only in Massachusetts but -- every state and tell there's it until there's finally -- rebellion like there has been in Michigan. Or were or Wisconsin. Won eight sevenths or Indiana. 18774694322. On our car. 1877. -- 69432. So -- seven point 694322. We have in the bill has been passed and it's gone to a governor's baskets it's been done it's it's a done deal. Police pepper spray protesters who were arrested conservative -- the conservative by the groups and topple. It's another great day for the pinky ring union thugs. Pepper spray heated exchanges and while chanting over controversial right to work legislation came into focus Tuesday with allies on Michigan's historic showdown between Republican lawmakers and organized labor. To victory for the taxpayer today. This sluggishness says. Wall Street Journal is a deliberate and familiar union political strategy -- is bigger raucous causes bigger raucous as possible in terms in hopes of making a right to work seemed radical when it's already a law in nearly half the country. Union activists want voters to believe that right to work laws and I union organizing right to BM collective bargaining. President Obama -- this distortion on Monday in Redford Michigan claiming that quote. What we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your right to bargain for better wages and working conditions how we just tell lies like this with a straight face. Mean anyone who's ever been in the union knows that's not true whether you're pro union or anti union. Right to work does no such thing says the Wall Street Journal it empowers individual workers. It is -- right right to work merely -- individual workers choose for themselves if they want to join a union the laws prevent closed union shops which -- cursed individual workers to join unions and pay union dues. The teacher who ops are out under right to work for example could save several hundred dollars in annual union -- more than that night. That go to political causes he may not even believe I'm telling you if you if you've never had this happen if you you know you've had the right -- Knowing that the money was going to keep all like -- I mean come on Harry Reid today just because he's a big economy a big Y. In the Wall Street Journal that they'll tell you about later but just think it may just take the democratic politician you find most Waltz and just think about having to be. Having -- have been forced to give money that politician -- a -- union tortured don't want. Ernie -- Republican unions. Very few anyway. Union slope right to work because they know that many workers -- rather not join a union as is all shown when you have idea bill like this becomes law. Americans have seen what happened to -- auto and steel industries the post office and so many others unions can extract monopoly wages and benefits for a time from profitable industry. But often at the cost of making that industry less competitive and eventually the cost of union jobs. We think Detroit. -- got to do was just just got bad example will suffice. Or here's another example. Busted teams to work rules cake and Brad had to be delivered in separate trucks recently cost the bakery workers their jobs of hostess. Michigan seventeen point 5% of workers are still. Union Christ still unionized and Oklahoma. Yet it had an oak Michigan excuse me Michigan. Yet Michigan has the nation's sixth highest jobless rate at nine point 1% and it has one of the lowest rates of personal income grow between 1977. And ninety and 2011. That's -- that's a third of the century. So what do we're -- the unions and the workers in Michigan. According to the west Michigan policy forum of the ten states with the highest rate of personal income growth. Eight have a right to work laws between 2002010. Five million people moved to right to work states for compulsory union states now. -- all those people know that they were moving from a from 88 compulsory closed shop state -- right to work state probably not but they knew there were better opportunities in these other states. That had right to work offs. There's a 43% higher rate of per capita income broken right to work states. Best case for right to work -- was moral right of an individual to choose pro choice like that like the text percent I -- liberals were pro choice. Union chiefs want to coerce workers to join and pay dues but then funneled them a politician to protect union power. Right to work breaks the cycle of government -- monopoly union power for the larger economic good. 18774694322. When I got fired once. In union shop. And the -- Maloney from that distort did even bother to call me and didn't it didn't even bother call. -- what they want the money but they don't wanna help. You do sort copy it get your job back the only the only people union helped unions usually opted jobs Packard rocks. Or drug addicts or you know some did -- at the in the schools that I get sent over to the to what do they call -- the the padded room or something with the political -- New York to the people there for years and years because they can't they can get rid of Monday the union contracts crystal Panama hundred grand a year. But they can't let him near and near the classroom because the molest the students. Great it's great to have unions. Carl your next with how we cargo ahead Carl. I -- I worked in -- -- my first job buyers who are port city area I worked as you'll know. Long time ago. There. You know I saw both sides -- union. One it has. What that would. Different time and you know that or alt a lot less laws but from OSHA. It was much more dangerous there were a couple of guys killed the in the know when -- worked there yeah. But also got used to sleep all night you know. Spell out what. Today. I'm sorry a lot of the people that vote that they say their conservative and whatever like. Firemen and policemen. -- worst offenders when it comes to millions. They've really you are especially Indy in the suburban areas because they offload ounce. On the ball and -- -- like the work we have better or what so our -- -- by the -- what's or -- governor election. They pass the legislature you you know a lot each ballpark and have. Very you have to out. Union membership there date date date -- -- -- well Paterno. Because you know they've they've they've got the backing of state workers union. And that at the end -- a lot of money they is it is. And -- it's I happen in the count one -- town I live there and the next model where they started out what one policeman. Are we just need another policeman in -- sooner or later that's seven. Seven -- city area that really. -- You know what they have problems. They can't deal with it anyway because the court system keeps letting people out -- all work. I don't. Did it end up but featured the fact of the matter is construction. In the air is listed as much more dangerous. Than beer policeman. It's got -- fact. I don't know don't -- business it's they have been they have the best it's pretty up the place so far the best public's. -- benefits of any. -- Alitalia and Carl the police and fire not included in this Michigan law because you know YE republic -- Republicans don't want across police and fire right. They're at the Republicans don't want it to all god we can't say in the -- but police department I'm not saying is that they're they're a plumber very nice -- but that's not the and the and the point is it's it's great -- in the Republicans didn't want to say anything about Petraeus. Who put the weasel. Yeah -- he was a weasel he is a weasel makes thanks for the call Karl. 187746943221. Now we are. The -- and I. -- Seven of course that you didn't help lots of people or certain Telecom company union battle -- my mind that was job. Back after he got canned for failing three drug tests. Roots. I have some familiarity with that kind of union. It's stick to would have missed the rubber room that's where the ace in the Perth teachers in New York. But they and when they had -- and Chrysler Chrysler just had the -- back all those workers. That they caught that drinking and up probably getting stoned on the job that was just yesterday. What a nice -- what a nice. Appetizer for today's vote in Lansing. Caught on video thing and he's -- Thank you United Auto Workers now we are.