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Right To Work Riot

Dec 11, 2012|

The Michigan Legislature today gave final approval Tuesday to a right-to-work plan limiting the power of unions severly crippling the power of the state's unions. Howie was horrified at the thought of people being compelled to join unions and asked the listeners should people be forced to join unions.

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I read this recently that it unions really do add value for their members then they shouldn't have to worry about getting people to join up what are they getting upset about I think -- now. Yes I think we now. That this is a good one it. A lot of people who have experience had no no experience this guys write about from Maine. -- I worked at bath iron works I've seen a -- wait two hours for carpenter to move -- two by four out of his way. This is why the -- cost hundreds of millions it's the unions take five guys to do the work of one. I don't -- taken I don't I don't take them track down the New York much anymore. A couple of reasons I got that -- up one night. You know trying to get on -- at the train got canceled -- money at the only train out and I had to wait in line for two hours to change my ticket. But -- there's another reason one time come -- down from. Boston to New York I have a meeting lunch meeting at noon or something that was -- 11 I am planning time I was I was in -- and and I. And also the train. We east to a halt. There was a tree. Over the over the rails have fallen down trees have fallen now. And so the work -- -- probably. Couple hundred people on the train including Lott makes a lot of men. Some elements suits but every once said. I got it why don't we get out and moved to move the long ago off the tracks. So that we can get two more appointments. In the said he. In the conductors who looked at us like you know like number one were very store opened at number two we were union busters. They had to wait. For this band of pinky ring thugs to show up from Connecticut whose in Connecticut some local and Connecticut. Who's job it was to move by move the logs in he -- walked off the track. That I think I rolled in the New York that day at 2 o'clock missed my -- there's no reason ago now not sought to score -- for lunch and he knows to somebody about business. Just you know just one of those things. It's -- if if -- to be a certain AG everybody's at this kind of experience. Here's another sickening story not walk topic. Oh my god how. Just rode by a holiday. Light display on Blue -- lab featuring Barack Obama in a throne dressed this Tampa. With little kids at his feet handing out his gifts. While what -- message. Ouch. His gifts. We pay for his gaps in the -- beat the cards. Five whale like my union 30% when bill even in retirement Scott from -- he's a cop. Quinn bill. That's that you think gives cops extra money. If they have if they've got a degree if you got an associate degree yet so much extra money if you got a bachelor's degree gets much more if you got a masters gets much more mean I don't I have no idea what have Wednesday college degree. Has to do with -- cop. Actually had no idea were being a college what do college degree has the would be talk show stealer or columnist I mean you don't it's. I know I want I want my -- surgeon. My orthopedic surgeon to be that to be educated and on school for certain number of years but. In most fields. A college education is really overrated but man. The union said the police union sure got the legislature to wise to to to do their bidding. But letting them go and then a lot of it crops of course went to these phony baloney schools. That you know gave them -- it was cops teaching cops and they were just giving it was just. Was like a joke that was -- there ever but it -- swapping stories. Was like the it was like the African American studies program at my -- university in North Carolina. Which is still being investigated by the state bureau of investigation. Just put -- out there in -- school and what's gonna show up on the -- points on that. But that's 18774694322. Let's see. Where no one else -- here and -- more Bora text messages. Now that's about it 18774694322. City -- they I have a fax here from miles. I'm way behind in my Christmas baking I look at the annual -- my annual list of those dear to me and decided that I either should eliminate everybody or nobody I may have to cut down on quantity of diversity of cookies. Everybody raves about my best the -- but no one ever comments on the net and -- -- -- -- Maybe I should omit the latter which I love I hate the taste of what courage except in these cookies I know CNB loves my spice cookies what are you want from what you want spiced cookies -- Smile also cut. Miles no need to make Munich cookies this year Ramallah by. Okay you could maybe some chocolate chip ex. If it would make it doesn't talkative I know he doesn't but you know I mean. -- trying to broaden the scouting. I like that chocolate chip cookies more than biscotti cookies. But I like chocolate chip this company. -- and he also says. BS the -- for people making as much as they -- I remember you saying you -- a big bird makes too much. I didn't say big board makes too much money I said big bird doesn't need any money from the taxpayers because he's make it so much money. Like saying he were on the to the and meets the a subsidy from the taxpayers an epic -- Rodney subsidies bacon and what thirty million a year. Now now. By the way almost voice was that another rock and other alleged victim. Underage victims stepped forward today. And named city was molested by. With the guy's name is Kevin Cash is the voice of -- As Russia were getting up into one Jerry sandusky country with disguise for four people the kids -- little older but there's still still. Underage. -- went from Vermont they care provider. Here in Vermont there's a movement to unionize they care providers last year the union tried hard to get it passed even trying to patch it in the budget did not pass. The governor says it is one of the four main issues for a second term if it passes you know not have to join the union however if you don't you still have to pay an agency -- Also known as union news. My question is how was it possible that a self employed person be forced to pay dues to unions. -- I mean these Democrats are not they're not even trying to to say that -- for the little guy anymore I mean they're trying to in some cases but how was this for the little -- So this woman runs a a daycare center. Probably by herself. And she's gonna have to pay union news. Why why he why -- the politicians in Vermont so eager. To war. To please. The daycare providers union because that daycare providers union are gonna gonna kick back some of the union dues to their campaigns. I -- kick back and I mean they're perfectly legal way. There's legal -- there's is dishonest -- and there's this software to senator George Washington point -- used to say in. This is generally honest graft but it's not a criminal offense unfortunately. 18774694322. That I read in The -- -- K -- was acquitted. Militia read in the last five or ten minutes Scott Campbell his campaign manager was acquitted this afternoon. And the judge sent the jury back in to work to work. Continued deliberations on Tim -- former treasurer. Have you seen a flag -- realize. If you a couple of pictures in the newspaper. How fast people that's I admit that's the only place I've seen a I've seen -- civilian. -- -- 18774694322. Listing to Obama talk about hard work is like listening to Bill Clinton talk about the the evils of in fidelity isn't that the truth. 18774694322. All right back to the calls war in your next what power cargo ahead Warren. -- All right yes all the cops aren't going to market bloop -- Yeah it's not going to work they don't call it yellow fever. I I wouldn't -- -- way early that would raise your blood pressure. They are what most expensive. Foot store in New York dig site we take EDT cart. Home man that does off. -- that picture should be in the New York Post should be on the front page. He gets the -- store on the upper west side it's yeah you're right it's it's just were the prices are obscene. Okay go ahead yeah. Last point talk about the power the -- to my local school you know if you add. You really had tried -- to try to get a grip and you try to do something particular why can't. Can you go to government sought by cutting just retired schoolteacher earlier than a thirty year. To get -- 100000. Dollars a year streak tied at age 6500000. Dollars a year. In retirement costs medical benefits that you've got to be collecting what the next forty years. That's a four million dollar retirement. I know and all the people and Larry -- foreign born we got some bad advice from our elders when they told us to go into the dreaded private sector to -- Ever true. Web -- worked and I wish that it worked in the automated version Massport. Now that a Beagle. I mean it's made it right just you just right around a golf cart all they lawn -- the inside the garage that you say hi how Y yeah. At the end of -- -- worked the overtime. And you walk away with -- 8080 or a 100000 dollar pension. It's amazing isn't it. My -- high school reunion. Yeah only people who are reluctant retired but of people who'd gone to work for the city a mistake everybody else was working like a dog bill. That's because everybody else had to rely on for one -- and they got wiped out twice. -- a wife now wants one but dot com bubble occurred in the mail wiped out again when the real estate bubble burst. There's a great space for the call war that by the way there's a great story in the Wall Street Journal today about these financial advisors. There the trying to get people into the stock markets. Like get somebody walked playing tennis in in a shark filled. Lake. Beat the six -- -- at 6179311680. And you will win a win will be main themed gift basket with more than fifty dollars a -- made confections. Plus qualify for a chance to win how weeks Cadillac of the Kowloon restaurant sawgrass on December 20. For more details go to W work Leo dot com slash holiday so be the sixth caller and it's 6179311680. Now. Eric your next with how we cargo ahead Eric. Like yours last forty years yes last five years have been trying to wish it yeah it's been in -- Massachusetts. I can't get out of the union but they make it. You have a three week window. Every year that you have to send three certified letters and it'll get there and in time you're disqualified. So is such that it what was it what day what they're part of the Portuguese track. Will bet you if you escape army don't have to be a member of the union but don't -- -- to pay union dues. Really what what what about your pension. Well but letters sent these to the finance apartment also stop us. Stop taking the dues from -- Right okay. But don't have to pay for your own pension. Well I contribute to my attention anyway. All but he could contribute even million bottom even though you're not in the union all. Oh that's good. That's good I didn't I didn't know -- more rights I had my union Eric. I would hate -- -- -- -- guys all they do is make it's so watch I -- bowling actually not a -- for the new so it's a year. It got it right you watch I worked in. Right I I know I know where we edit when I worked at The Herald they had that the some of the old timers that they came out of the -- record American had a had control of the union. And so to buy them off so that they would be complacent in contract negotiations -- management had given them all soft jobs you know like he you know watch out for expense accounts are. You know was being the overnight city editor which may basically meant to give -- the number. If somebody was too drunk to go -- to buy the paper. And -- you know these guys and so these guys were so happy that they were make and they got a -- overtime so. So these guys were so happy they were making good money that they didn't mind you know -- in the rest of us further down the the seniority list. And and -- and and they would they would sign off on these obscene. Health insurance agreement would end up paying you know 14 of our salaries stay on health insurance. Then it was just it was just so that I have been you know that's that's one bad union again. -- vote was the worst unions said you know what it's like I don't have to tell you are you Detroit Brian. Not that bad. But it is bad means the guys are -- -- upwards of retirement rules. They're the ones that bought it right from box and box. When I mean I question authority in the what neighborhood you bet you get -- -- -- -- -- truck hop up and on the L. Yeah. Exactly yup thanks to a caller congratulations on getting out. 1877469432218774694322. But rocket clauses coming that now. What number -- they'll have to know if the guy is got if you if you could remember what part of Blue Hill avenue you moron I -- probably don't know the number but what -- what streets were you between just so this I would like to take a picture -- via Barack clause. Photo I don't know why it is appropriate clueless FaceBook page to -- restaurants belliard next with how we cargo ahead bill. For the last column and until -- Forty years ago that out. Trying to get a job. Try walking and do what you shop with a disability and wanting to be fired. And and and get him on the ground floor what's your way up the -- -- -- -- all the way. I hate unions and by the -- Alley. Let's drop that diet before you become a beautiful president is going to be yet. Put aboard a law that vote. I am am I don't think it'll ever get that far bill I just wanna get out of I wanna get out of the obese class meant to just merely overweight. I don't or -- -- -- -- about. Twelve under our belt at twelve pounds to go and then I'm no longer are obese and just merely overweight. I'm looking at the I was looking at the chart in the doctor's office yesterday. I got some to shoot four. Know what you don't want dipping in the end debate walk that -- -- brainwashed. And that. What. I'm an old girl -- I wanna live long enough to collect some of this money that all the loafers are getting. Well I don't blame vivid you know what I wanna enjoy a -- what we have probably you all live jetBlue ticket buying has -- Well I'll tell you know it's like to be that -- -- tomorrow Patrice is coming in and guess what she's got for me and let me NC and he. But Jordan marsh blueberry muffins. I hazard. It out -- didn't and dedicate ourselves to doing it stuck with Opel. No no Jordan -- a mom a break the diet tomorrow what my Jordan marsh blueberry mop and steaks bill. 18774694322. Most of the best -- next with how we cargo ahead Josh. How area and I discussed with the unions are doing well now but like got pregnant ambulance and push me to go into the union and let them try out the company unions. And I was about to step away from British and my job before lunch -- came up behind me you know lunch. Oblivious or say yep I only got -- stud left he lautner he screened. And I was completely oblivious to what was going on because I've done I was doing the right thing -- finishing record like a lot changed in the incident. We we -- lunch do you go to lunch no matter what is left to be done I looked at such a big big screwed up. Try and catch whoever heard that's the coverage of the slogan of Massachusetts's. Don't kill the job. Well I'm self employed now and they often work myself out of a job. Bullet -- -- though you know you can't bite of. And you know -- -- be almost used the tallest -- producers now on channel 25 he got an idea he he got one of those -- state jobs for the summer. And so he was just bored sitting around big time and they and they were given him dirty looks as he was looking for stuff that extra to bill just passed the -- Time you know what I'm post masters. No -- once the right. So so he decides he's gonna scraped down this this truck that was all rusted out what do these plows are still open. It's -- starts great but it down with a razor and a and a piece of paint goes and that was go to -- was high eighty falls on the ground in agony -- In the -- and comes up to over and said see what happen this. I. All of but Morgan in North Carolina -- in my body -- -- for the union and apparently. -- you can't get it done before lunch don't even books not to do it will sit around and wait for lunch. And then out to lunch will attempt to do that we can do before 2 o'clock coffee -- Thanks thanks for the call -- -- 1877469432218774694322. DNC are next with how we cargo ahead Nancy. I did change the subject but I want to know it in 1976. According to -- reader's digest the average cost of PP want -- our congressman and Washington. She is now estimated about more air time -- Can you please tell me what it costs this year to keep somebody in Washington. While church a lot more than that Nancy just because they start the starting pay is by the about a 17580000. Dollars may get a they get a -- large staff you know so it's I mean it's got to be. Probably 23 million bucks by now what -- Right I don't know the answer to a question. 18774694322. Every state has a right to work statement many obamas choose to exercise that right. Not to work. How we on a diet funniest joke I've heard all year syndicate see any I have lost weight or not. -- you lost -- 01877. Force addicts Connecticut passed the day care union bill -- isn't that great. By the way how we the teachers and Tom get higher pay based on education we have teachers with Ph.D.s teaching kindergarten touched on from Hyannis. I'm sorry I don't I don't mean to be no nothing you know I mean to be -- play education but. Most of the best educated people like I've met in my life I think a -- -- and on their own and they you know some of whom have college degrees tomorrow and don't but most that most of what they learned they weren't outside. They -- either on the job or just just you know was as. As an -- vocation. They they had nothing to do with the you know while putting in time some. Dreary graduate school. 18774694322. On how we card. 87746943221877469432. To I can't figure out they connect him K Axel says it before but just to give you an example of the way -- jury. I think should work. Webster verdict guilty on all counts Manchester, New Hampshire Hillsborough County superior court jury this afternoon found miles Webster 23 guilty of the attempted murder Manchester. Police officer Daniel boarding gut. And two counts of reckless conduct robbery in resisting arrest in the march 21 shooting at the quarter Wayne and Rehman streets the jury began listen -- this began deliberations Tuesday shortly after noon. In other words. About four and a half hours ago. That is the case of a guy trying to kill a cop and it took him. Less than five now forced to do a man who knows I mean who knows what they got back officer -- sent -- this story. From the Manchester union leader. Here's another when speaking of diets. Sell each Brothers pleads not guilty to -- you why haven't gone through her attorney actress Sally sure other 65 has pleaded not guilty to a charge of operating under the influence of a conflict. -- attorney John Webb of Sok oh has filed a motion to suppress any and all statements made by straw others while in custody. However like to know what she'd known then now might might and my curiosity is piqued. Any observation made of -- there -- subsequent to the traffic stop and all evidence of -- others alleged refusal to submit to chemical testing. Druthers was at the time appearing in a production of nine to five if you -- play house. One -- -- -- she said the you know who I am. Probably more likely would have been if she gets pose the question would have been the you know why was. Some people would say -- him -- I would say yeah I remember you with. Mickelson and five easy pieces. Which house good stuff. Valerie you're next with how we cargo ahead Valerie. A lot of the -- sent like you are there the woman who has the primary caretaker virtual adult children. Tested during the union. Mike it's really. Want it in the paper this picture you've got to adult children particularly in this -- what legally take care. Did -- did any of the I don't it did any of the locals local legislators say you know maybe we can get you one an exemption from this idiotic law. Or do they just say. Anybody should have an exemption for as idiotic a lot. Right I I agree I agree but this is a particularly egregious cases and. Absolutely absolutely I mean you're gonna pay money to take care around here at this particular. It's important to keep those caught those Democrat politicians coffers -- over our isn't so everybody everybody has been. Everybody has to pay the price even if you will vote against the Democrats she's still a human power. That's our wonderful society that we live in today thanks for the war thanks for the call Valerie 18774694322. How way to tackle him as alive and well in Massachusetts are part time governor succeeded today and strong arming Amazon on at the charging sales taxes more cold -- To be hired fourth with. You know I wish he would pay more attention to the to the to the year to that drug testing lab. And the compound in pharmacy as he paid to trying to get the Amazon to pay taxes when you've been working on this. You know. But instead -- -- across hundreds of millions of dollars because this idiotic woman that was not supervised was tampering with evidence and because they were run this compound in pharmacy and in Framingham that was also one of the department of public health it was a we're sending forties and out instead of it's instead of Madison. Bob your next with Howie Carr go ahead Bob. Now we ally. They -- a year ago art works and NYNEX and -- we have a union shop there -- centralized prepared called just come into it yet. You know argue would take me which are out there. So you know at first -- coupled -- -- was -- agree on menus seemed like he -- politicians like me. And then one -- -- in the afternoon sharks do which it will. My little cubicles Citicorp which toppled over -- cubicle as you start coming up while we need to agree. And then she -- One thing was almost like Columbo. Just one thing. What you call records -- since -- about all the thirteen -- an hour and I'm thinking OK it is good. You want to slow that down orbit for calls. It. How she didn't -- We're you know we're actually she looks at a record in the -- Are they -- get so many people on the lord they -- the club. Not taking sixteen called they've got to come in with you and the cut from the union Brothers and sister -- You wouldn't want that there were bought. It. She -- what like -- for the course my parents should move as rated good book. Partly true. I agree I Bob my yard I know really you know they used to be a NYNEX. Building right at the right on Harrison -- -- and I think Essex street. -- yeah -- you know where that is you know why do I looked up on the North Shore yeah. -- but I would always you know I've become a back from city hall of the Statehouse to The Herald that walking by there and whenever I went there anytime of the day. That would be like doesn't repeat the suits sitting out there are standing there not not some some smoke and some just hang around do an absolutely nothing. And I was wondered how many people they have working in this BM building that aren't doing anything. At Warsaw don't ya don't. -- would that's where we would go to take he'd seen instigated or golf hush -- or knows somebody who called to win he had seen trouble coming up and actually went down to kick -- And -- you want when you go down EU China to take to retreat afraid days. So you you'll hopefully score I won it all back and I took my testing didn't get my call back like seven months -- I did like this going to be. Great you're set for life -- -- -- our right yeah. Albert -- worse I thought you were -- but what I'm saying it but now though we don't walk past that building. About as -- be on the North Pole. I don't think. There's nobody there maybe a rat. Is out of the building that's about it though almost people are gone now -- the end zone that was a union thing right I mean they just pushed there they just push their their right hand too far. And finally finally the people said you know we're just gonna sell out this place and a you'll bring in somebody else is gonna bust you guys. Yeah I Guiding Light at the beginning of a new contract so looking real good for me I really like that -- an opportunity go home business. And the dreaded private sector I've -- -- okay and I'm still slugging it out every day. -- -- that warranted we all like didn't do Obama. Yet know what none of -- did it on our -- -- -- -- okay thanks for the call 18774694322. -- all these places in the old not that I mean I say the old days but it wasn't out long ago. You know the wall these unionized unionized way overstaffed. Companies you know and they just that they are gone. -- they're gone in the that's why the only. The only people with the unions really have left to the public sector workers and that's why they're that's where the fighting so hard and in in they were fighting so hard to Michigan now they've lost. But that was the whole high -- passed a similar law. But they they didn't they didn't put in a -- on the bill saying that the the unions could use their. Their union dues to try to overturn itself. By the Ohio unions just overwhelmed that the governor Kasich and his and and the Republicans in the businessman. You know they outspent him like I don't know ten to one or something like that and they ended up winning the the winning bit. The referendum question but in Michigan they said the camps they can't spend any of their -- -- money on on trying to overturn the overturned the the the law that's going to be signed and two in the law today by Governor Snyder. -- or tomorrow neo your next with how we cargo ahead -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah LE honored by to speak -- -- -- That. He could not meal would have -- -- Asia. I called to do it can gradually and we lost two weeks and that -- remarkable here. That have period people spend beyond their means. Well. I don't miss it appeared the woman and Vermont to the cheese she has the pay. Two to take care liberal kids your kids are disabled. So she gets a stipend from the state to take your arms and after going to a home because it's cheaper but -- the state turns around because it's it's on blocks on legislature and the governor room lock stock and barrel by the public sector unions. It she's told just to pay union dues to take care of our own kids I mean that's. That's just not right mean how what. Under what Democrat from forty years ago work -- along with something like that. They actually call me a brochure next with how we are going have Bruce. There Bruce kingdom I'm just say about. The unions if you don't have union protection at least maybe you should have a bill of rights workers. That the state. It could protect workers who otherwise we. Bruce we already don't have that I mean I you know what every year they tried there every year for a few years they've tried to screw me here at the radio station on bonuses that tried to -- not -- They tried to why not give me the pay raises that are do you know I don't there's a there's a bureau of about wage standards under the attorney general's office I just in the complaint to an end I I have my own lawyer -- Coakley. Taken -- taken care of it it's kind of ironic I -- consider when it's a -- Marcia Coakley but they get the job done. Think they -- we're gonna white you know white wire to pay and mr. -- what he's vote. You know we haven't admitted it's it's not a technical Biller writes but. Mean sometimes you don't need to have all the stuff in writing I mean we have plenty of laws on the blocks to protect workers Bruce. You know. Its target like the answer. 18774694322. -- you know what Marcia -- -- office I mean you know they they may not convict a lot of criminals. But they. They they do a pretty good job well they go have to do right by you they do alright by me all the split put it that way that's a good way to put it I'm our car.