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Jeff Kuhner launches a ONE STRIKE law against child molestors

Dec 12, 2012|

Representative Shaunna O'Connell joins forces with Jeff Kuhner to put legislation together to send child rapists to 25 years mandatory sentence prison on the FIRST OFFENSE!

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Welcome back to the coroner report this is Jeff Cohen -- liberalism is the worst nightmare in -- then from Boston for Abbas them. 6172666868. Is the number. You can text that sets 68680. I have a special guest waiting on the line but before I introduce that person. Recently late last week. It was announced. In the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald and papers and news outlets across Massachusetts and the country. That John -- buying. A man whose wife ran a daycare business here in the Boston area. Was arrested. Charged. With over a hundred counts of sexual abuse. And the rape. And molestation of children. He has been arraigned in court today he will be forgive me he'll be arraigned in court today. His victims. Ranged from three years old. 28. Days old. He. Taped himself. On camera. Performing. These gross and despicable. Sexual acts. More victims are coming out. This the FBI is now looking to get involved in the cases well. They're saying there's also extensive child born they wanna look at in terms of -- Biden's personal computer. He was a level one sex offender. He was convicted. Of a sexual offense in 1989. And yet. When his wife set up a daycare business. The people -- DC after department of children and families did not think. In 2005. A seven year old boy alleged that he was inappropriately touched and molested by John Irvine. DCF. Did not think. In 2009. A five year old boy said. That he was inappropriately touched and molested by John Irvine did DCF did not think. Our government -- The department of children and families. The state legislators. Have failed our children. This man. Should never have been allowed. To stay in that home with his that he had with his wife and not be registered online. Not have his neighbors or anyone else in the community know that he was a convicted sex offender. His name his address his photo none of that was posted on line. And from 2010. To 2012. This man is accused of committing the most heinous grave crimes. Any human being can do. The rape of children. Do you have passed that we do something about this. And this has been my commitment TU ever since I began to show. We're not like other show hosts. I don't just stand here and why I whine and complain and moan and be -- what's happening and then move on to the next day. I am here to make a difference. I am here to serve you. And so what we did. His after this story broke with the outraged that came from all of -- the listeners. Bill -- see NI -- on the corner reports said we have to do something. And the first person the only person we thought of was to call -- O'Connell. Who is a state representative. She has been fighting for children's rights her entire career. She got in to state politics because of Jessica's law she is a staunch principled child rights advocate. And so we called her up on the phone. And we said represented of O'Connell. Is there anything we can do. To protect the children of Boston and Massachusetts. So -- heinous crime like this. Either can never happen again or if it does happen. That person will be sent to prison immediately. A mandatory. Minimum sentence. She was gracious enough to take our call she has been working behind the scenes. And now she has a big announcement for all of us representative Sean O'Connell thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Good morning Jeff thank you for talking about this agreement to my public -- Very important and. So you can -- -- is telling listeners. We we have got to do something about -- protect their children and I want everyone to know that I am working on legislation and I am going to be. Violent legislation. To keep monsters. Like John Irvine in jail where they -- Too awfully -- that parents have access to the information they need about these exercises. And resort that's appropriate in information. Gets communicated between agencies because those were two failures that happened in this case and let this guy go. Under the radar undetected where parents did not have information they needed to protect their children. Now. Representative O'Connell. What is the name of this legislation. And what are its basic. Principles or framework. That people can say OK it is who we're gonna rally behind. So it's called -- child sexual predator prevention act. The child sexual predator prevention. So people know exactly what it does and wanted me. That that -- And so what it's going to look like it's. Currently we don't have even a mandatory sentence for the first offense and raising a child. Which you know I think is. Really awful on the part of this state and so first defense of reference it's going to be 24. I'm sorry 25 in mandatory minimum sentence. Mandatory minimum. The second offense forty year mandatory minimum. And the third offense will be life without parole we have got to send a message that our priority is protecting children. And not protecting tax dependence because that seems to be what it is right now. That we need tougher -- you know back in 2000 name -- I did work with people can Toledo. Laurie Myers who has an advocate for community voices to get tougher laws passed. And we did that I'm grateful for everyone's efforts. But I think it's obvious and we need to go further. Basically what you're saying is it's one strike in Europe to. In assets right why aren't you 25 years of mandatory minimum you have to serve 25 years. So a guy like John -- buying your convicted of molesting a reaping one child they're gonna be imprisoned for 25 years guarantee. That's right you should not get a second chance. To -- another child. Once is enough. And we don't know that once you know when you get car racing it's it is not your first victim it is merely the first time you've been caught. And didn't. You know the second half cents up forty years. You know when people are in jail right now when they get out now they have a second offense. The other is the forty years so we can -- batted second offenders away for a very long. Now I'm just curious. Represented of O'Connell. Do you think you're gonna get a ground swell of support do you is there an appetite on Beacon Hill. To now put the interest of children. First and head of the criminals and the kind of files. I think there will be a lot of support it is now among my colleagues and of their support among the public however there will be fierce opposition to the bill as well. And that's what we saw in 2000 and Hayward trying to pass what was called Jessica's law here in Massachusetts. And so we are going to have opposition we're going to have to fight against it. But this should not be a bill that -- south -- to -- for years and years and years. We've got to get together get the public behind it and really get a campaign going to get this bill passed. What is it that we can do here. On the corner report -- WRKO. To help overcome this opposition -- what do you need from us to make sure that that child sexual. Predator prevention act becomes law and becomes -- quickly. We need to keep it in the public site we need to keep talking about it and the people out there listening. Needed to contact their representatives. And tell them that they support these trials sexual predator prevention act. And they want to represent the port as well. We've got to get on the legislators on board with this so that we have the the pork we need to get it passed. You know the built into a couple of other point of what we're accident I'll read -- so it's -- be packaged didn't. And you know the thing we've heard about is filing the Adam Walsh act. So that we have level two sex offenders listed on line Massachusetts currently doesn't have that parents don't have access to information they need. And will also have. It's available. Level one sex offenders off the online but they'll be available at the police stations -- it was only level one sex offender. Unbelievable so parents need that information to we have got our parents with information to protect their family. And then the other thing that happened here was a lack of -- case between agencies. And we were sort of agency's -- commuting communicating this information. DCF. Reports for the sex offender registry board. Cases that they are important in this to tourney and that the district attorney's office reports to the sex offender registry board. Any case that is are referred to them. A previously convicted. Sex offender so that we can ensure there are no loopholes and the information does not get lost because that was the big problem that came to light in this case here. Charlie -- -- Lauren Leone I mean he basically couldn't pick up the phone and just call up the the sex registry board correct. Yet you know oftentimes if there's no mechanism that there's no it has not -- health agencies as its mandate they don't do it you know -- they have to be instructed. To do this and I think we should do that. And so we're we're gonna take care of that as -- this legislation so it's it's going to be very different bills at least but it's gonna be a comprehensive package. To address all of the problems that we saw that let this guy walk away. You know it's it's he had and -- the sex offender registry board had known about is out. Allegations in 2005 and 2009. He could've been reclassified. At least as affects. Level to a faster. And he was not. And I would have changed everything because then people would have known about him parents would have known about them they would have been informed. And maybe many of those children -- not -- been molested and raped correct. Yeah it was it was a real failure and you know I went online to look at what's in my town. I looked at level three sex offenders but I looked at level too there are hundred intense levels since the accident is in my camp I was not aware of and -- the other issue is that level the level of you know that your classified act is determined by. Your likelihood to re a sense -- and that's unique to Massachusetts. And exit and the federal and across the country is usually determined by the crimes necessary at the time. So it's very objective when it determined by your likelihood curious and and you know that's something else that we need to address because this guy. You know he's it was a level one -- means his chances of committing an offense -- probably almost animal. Yes -- level who's you know could could -- -- this same exact crime as a level three however it's found that they're not likely curious and for some reason. So their only classified as a level too so that's what we need to get levels to it online as well Marion. -- that Sean sorry car representative O'Connell. Let me just ask you a couple of a sort of basic questions about the bill. When we say children are we talking about sixteen year old seventeen year old what's the age of children for this bill. There will be twelve and under. So anyway under thirteen twelve and under -- I'm here at the child appointed by the a mandatory sentence. And in terms of in terms of opposition to this bill. Do you think Governor Deval Patrick if we get this bill passed were basically saying you rape or molest. 812 year old girl or -- eleven year old girl or five year old boy. You should be sent to immediately for 25 years to prison mandatory minimum do you think the governor will veto it. Or do you think if it's put on his desk he will sign it. You know I I honestly do not know how the government feels about this issue I would hope that he would sign it I think it's very common sense and. I hope that the government gets behind protecting children in Massachusetts. Represented of -- can you take some calls. Okay let me ask all of you out there what do you think I have to we need your help now we've got to get this thing passed. This is the case is very hot right now everybody's talking about the John -- case he's going to be arraigned today. We need a ground swell of popular support. We need of people to speak out. We need you to come behind this piece of legislation. What do you think we need to do what can you do what are you willing to do. To help get his bill passed through Beacon Hill 6172666868. Is the number. Joseph Europe's first welcome to the coroner report. I commend you and -- support which attracted still. But I have zero or eight that that the better weak government -- Well being at IQ we cannot even get EPG reform. -- into anything in this state we won't cover you are a lot -- is at the first of that you'll find a way to weaken our belt. And that's so I have to say thank you. Represented of O'Connell would you say to that. Well you know I hope you're not right I don't I don't blame your passive system. But the fact is that we don't need the governor to support this bill if we have the support in the legislature we can override any veto that that he might give us. And passed it anyway so that we really need. Most importantly support the legislature it would certainly be nice to have the support of the governor and I guess that I don't know where he stands here but we'll certainly find out and my hope is that you can't with the. What one of the recommendations that I would make and I I think cooks he supports me on this we're gonna get a petition out here on wrko.com. And we're gonna ask everybody to sign it get your friends to sign and get your family members to sign a -- colleagues at work to sign it. We got to put pressure on the politicians on Beacon Hill and I am now openly this has nothing to do with congress with so we're representative O'Connell. I am now challenging Governor Deval Patrick. You say you wanna put our children first. I am challenging speaker -- I am challenging. Senate president Teresa Marie you say you care for the children. How dare you not support a bill. That will send a child rapists and molesters and convicted. For 25 years to prison now. Either you stand with the victims. You stand with the children or you stand with the data files and the children rapists. That's so if this is the issue now. And if you veto this bill or you watered down this bill then we will expose you for who you war. So either you're with us or you're against us. Paul Europe next welcome to the -- report. One in China. A couple quick questions on the bill. Gentlemen it where -- out. There say it happened at. But he hundreds -- would strike one to -- under the bill. Well I I think it depends on how they they've tightened up I'm I'm not an attorney Don I can't be positive but. It's it's it's it's one indictment oral one conviction. It's only one conviction so. I'm not certain each separate charges that separate conviction and. But you know my feeling right now with that it would just be one conviction but but I can't be positive about that. Representative O'Connell -- this law if we get this thing passed through Beacon Hill quickly. Would it apply to John Irvine at his sentencing. And I and so yeah like I said I'm not attorneys so. Not solar. I don't I believe would be that if it's in place. We win agencies can -- afford it convicted that it would apply to him but I do not know the legalities of that we we I would have to kind. Okay Anthony Europe next with a representative Sean O'Connell. Welcome to the show. Good morning. Maybe I'm missing something here but to these people have an extraordinarily high recidivism rate. I know I understand the -- apologies impractical Massachusetts why not life without parole I would joke we expose that person to society. He added that the good question and we talked about about. And I just think it's it's it's very very difficult to get. Any of this step after Massachusetts we had a hard time last time getting it passed we could even get a mandatory sentence for a first time offense. So we you know we're where we want to get something passed we want to keep these guys in jail. And supported by the mandatory minimum for the first offense is is what we decided to go. It's very difficult for politicians on Beacon -- to come out and say. I oppose this law which once deport convicted child rapists in prison for 25 years. Yeah we're really gonna have serious opposition I -- believe it -- not there's opposition to dispel. Secrets out there at a good -- no way they're gonna be -- out there. Bring up is the opposite. I'm challenging bring it on and I am gonna expose every single one of you. And I'm on a drive every one have you out of Beacon Hill because if you can't stand up for this bill. Which basically says this is the most decent basic common sense bill you're convicted of raping a child. 25. Years in prison. Period end of story. You can't stand for that. Then I'm sorry you don't belong in politics. How anyone can stand up and say you know I'm sorry we have to protect the rights the -- best is beyond me but that is what you guys here. And it's important luckily you know we're gonna have these -- to -- these kind of have already been working with Bart Myers and muted voices. There's another child as a group. Protect -- children so there's there's lots of support out there for. We're gonna have the people behind us it's up to us now if we rise up. And we push this we will win -- Europe next welcome to the corner report. -- -- -- -- I am a former -- all worked -- there was critical are. -- And I -- houses broken. Her car. I don't do anything that you would be co workers well or at all. I'll bet that is great I'm glad to hear that means please please give me -- on my -- that we can be in touch and maybe. Take advantage of behavior. Training in knowledge in this area. -- please hold on -- -- she's gonna get your information so please stay on hold. Two representative Sean O'Connell. Where I mean what's the website people can go to what's -- number that they can call to find out more information about this law. So my web site is a -- O'Connell dot com I was SH AU and and day I was CO NN ELL dot com. And we don't have their permissions such that at this moment but we will have -- -- various scenes and you know they can't always get into my office -- 61772. To three verify. Let's go online -- not the legislature to find mine. OK but just assure that the website again is Shawna O'Connell dot com SH AUN and A -- CE ON and ELL. Dot com and can you give the number one more time trying to -- My office numbers six point 7722. To agree to verify. We've been talking to representative -- O'Connell. Represented of O'Connell I cannot thank you enough I can't thank you enough for your courage your decency your bravery. We are behind you a 110%. I am behind you 110%. We will be on top of this story we are behind this trust me we have your back on this one. Excellent stay in touch him and get this done with the support of all the other people out there. Will definitely do thank you so much thank you very thank you state representative Sean O'Connell. She is now sponsoring new legislation. Called the Childs sexual predator prevention act. What do you want us to do at the corner report. To help you. To help all of us. Get this legislation through what do you think we need to do how should we organize. I wanna hear from you 617. 2666868. Stephen thanks for holding. Welcome to the -- report. Good morning thank you very much taking -- call. I am I am -- Another perspective. And educate her and that the counselor for young people ages twelve to one -- And that is I wonder if the system works in your -- and it's actually hampering what really needs to be dark look at this got a bit and -- At -- pick them. Think that the -- the -- -- something which is a line that shouldn't repeat off there's dirt out that we do that are charts why aren't you at all. I just put apartment stricker. RPI beard. What -- All my tax dollars so one of -- I wonder if why would not considering something much -- so here. Where own personal walking out either sterilized. Or more extreme castrated -- some are Eric. Oh why is -- all. 01 practical art like an ideal first and what people like. -- Stephen it's not that I mean I look let me be very candid with you are speaking now as a commentator. I believe in castration. For Metafiles. I believe that they should be made an -- I would have the death penalty for them I believe they deserve murder. The problem is now we're talking about we were were were an arena of politics. Politics is the art of the possible. And so when we contacted Sean O'Connell she is literally -- leading child rights advocate on Beacon Hill and she said look. Forget the death penalty for get life in prison it's not gonna pass is just not gonna past your not gonna get the votes. I want to do something. So that's something like this never happens again. Or if it does happen again there are serious repercussions. Because many of these sexual criminals and and predators. They're getting. 5789. Years in prison and then they walking commit another crime again Stephen this is one striking Europe. I'm not saying it's the panacea. I'm not saying it's a perfect bill. But it's a serious start and we got to start putting our children first I'm gonna leave this crusade and I'm telling you. I'm a really -- I can't stress this enough. -- Governor Deval Patrick. Took house speaker Bob -- To senate president Teresa Marie -- all the politicians on Beacon Hill to the democratic regime. I am coming after you. -- a new sheriff in town he this case crossed the line. And either you're gonna defend our children. Or were gonna drive you out of office.