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Chump Line wednesday December 12, 2012 - Changing A Lightbulb

Dec 12, 2012|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was the inquery how many union members does it take to change a lightbulb? Seventeen. Do you want to make something out of it?

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Heading south for the winter and don't be a chump call American auto transporters and it will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. It was actually kind of labor unions before it gets off. -- is now or. I think you mean that in reverse. You work for a labor unions Senator Kerry before you got involved with. The recipient of the trust fund. -- foods and then you work for moving all the -- factories to Mexico. Not to mention having your vote fell down in New Zealand where there wasn't a boat builders union and hopefully. God only knows how much you save them out of my vote might cost yet. Ten to get a had a built here at the US or rather than the mere seven million cost out and kiwi and. -- to -- and Martha Coakley the attorney general of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And I just like everybody else that technically it is not illegal to be Tim Cahill the Massachusetts. I in my column is up by the way the on the Internet but that -- that was just a -- column I wrote about thirty minutes I'm going to be writing another column after the show and always like to tell listeners -- callers when -- a steal one of their lines that -- line may very well wind up in my column tomorrow morning technically it is not. Illegal. To beat -- -- Massachusetts. Plavix reform itself. I always -- -- was. Felt well can you say -- again. Via. Via Cairo Jerusalem walks of life. Labor's last question mark. Would minute war would that it were let it work within it -- -- all this -- in her -- and the. -- Wouldn't think of all the man horse pro choice person hours and were devoted to trying to find guns in the Tea Party crowd. During all of their rallies. In 2009 and 2010. And yet there was a -- right in front of him yesterday in Lansing Michigan and all the networks refused to put it on. Because. It didn't fit the narrative they were trying to shape. I wanna know what's wrong with 82 years -- so let's get after it happened. Don't know on the comments -- mama you're my Knight in shining armor. That was Skype he was on. Provide guy did why what's that a TV interview on Skype and I didn't -- my I didn't sound like Katharine Hepburn I don't know what the problem once. Maybe he's still mourning his estranged ex wife who committed suicide in the whose body he moved around in the media. In the graveyard he says he's a swell guy. It's it was the Democrats don't like it and it hit a -- understood is why no climate that was -- I think the phrase they actually refers turning his life around. Everybody is turning their life around. Even Ted Kennedy remember every six years when he was running for the senate you know he -- -- would've spent the last five and a half years in a drunken stupor. In in the globe -- run a big story at the popular front page on a Sunday. Ted Kennedy turning his life around. Like he was. Some some who'd been gunned down in a drive by. He's a good boy very good boy. Sit sit do we give me the story of our minds we give me a story odds on TMZ about the triplets. You'll see it it's about treated the triplets in Michigan. It's it's a very amusing story. I don't you even mentioned that occurred. You -- special. You look at what we spoke -- we would listen to rap videos. Oh. And as soon as I heard the -- car this morning on the radio. And the word remember I knew immediately that Ravi Shankar was not be down for breakfast. Agent 92. We're we're still doing dead or alive on Friday -- which we should probably do just contest that are like he would have been a great that I would it's dead for sure it -- postal like. By the way I had no idea that he was the he was the father Norah Jones. Not that I know very much about Norah Jones just record name a few times I think -- a whole big piece on her few weeks of violence and CBS's Sunday morning -- winning. Showcase that particular issue really CNB do you think I watch CBS Sunday morning. I am tied or Monday it I never thought -- leader currently -- decision Friday and Saturday. I don't yeah like -- that I know -- name from about the gossip columns but that's about it. It. Lieutenant commander -- and -- make sure that we. We can't target a little loose on me but I don't think I'm quite at that point yet. Maybe -- -- -- concern. Was. Better safe than sorry. And we got to and we get ten more pounds to get down to before it become all merely overweight but instead of obese class one. Don't laugh because a lot -- -- -- their wives like write -- a nasty text now most of you were in at least obese class wanted to may be -- obese class through. I told you. -- -- did believe me I thought it. It was -- you know this would be. That was already and I. You know residents can make -- -- and the -- -- You know there's a restaurant in Boston -- and he's doing it wears it -- Newbury Street rates in the -- -- Mistrial. Mr. wallet on the like a win Robinson's job. What ten K held you know use that restaurant school district I mean he and handshakes. Now he's gonna have a restaurant it's going to be called messed trial. Just it's undisputed champ -- Don't miss scroll and destroy all mistrial again. Getting. Going to be in the column tomorrow too little and what better when you see in -- different. Five that John Kennedy actually. We're doing. With people taxes within 3 AM vote. Will be put it this way would you want to John Kerry. On a jury whether you were a juror defendant that judge court officer. -- -- court reporter any anybody in the courtroom that anybody want John Kerry in there with them I don't think I get out -- -- I think everybody said yes you cat and just move move locked. We'll give you the documents saying you know you're safe for three years you called and you did -- he came down to the court in Dorchester and and swirled. So let's not get silly here. How many union electricians -- that they don't like. A problem with that. From when they hit five when they had a five union electricians working overnight at the Massport. Logan Airport only that he weren't working overnight they were sleeping. -- on one of those -- shacks. On the were on the runway number laughter. Electrician -- electrician who was that the father of then state represented Tony Petra -- now state senator Tony Petrocelli India. He and he was in the union Mimi was making 360000. Dollars a year in overtime. Yeah let's let's see that's that's what public sector unions are all about he's a poster boy -- senator Petra selling smaller. -- -- -- -- Or are you got -- I'm glad you asked me questions or I am like Adam -- I am successful. I am not I am I'm just. I'm just the working class hero it's something today. Is -- one -- That was your last -- line message thank you for calling -- -- you shout. That's it for the trump -- today the chaplain is the recorded voicemail message service about how we -- show you can call leave a message at any hour that there -- including weekends the troubling number of like that. Leave such a messages 61777934696177793469. We may -- may now play your message at this time each week that. Heading south for the winter won't -- -- chump call American auto transporters and they were -- your car for you go to ship cart dot com. Electrical that they think a light -- There aren't a problem with that you shot.