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Martha's Misfire, er Mistrial Of Cahill

Dec 12, 2012|

Former Massachusetts Treasurer and former gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill was elated today when a mistrial was declared when the jury became hopelessly deadlocked in the landmark ethics case against him. Howie thinks he is one lucky son of a gun and wondeeds was he guilty or not guilty.He also wondered at the ineptitude of the Attorney General's office.

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The daily Internet poll question today concerns the the the hung jury in the trial corruption trial. Tim Kay a former state treasurer -- what's the poll question and one of the results thus far. Former Massachusetts treasurer Tim -- -- trial ended in a hung jury. Was he guilty in this. Preferred not to teach him you know and innocent is used to. Let's let's say not guilty I must say not -- the 36%. Think he's not only 36 Ers spent -- -- not to -- if -- -- percent thank our own. I don't know I I I -- Look well that's what we're gonna talk about first just for a while anyway welcome back to later -- -- -- give people a chance to react panel of people following I can't. I don't understand how wise how guys cannot be tried for corruption. For putting ads. On TV. Supposedly to. Resurrect. His moribund. Campaign for governor in 2010. When the ads didn't even mention his name. They were lottery it's. And the B a lottery had been through torn apart by the Republican Governors Association adds that that made him look like he was a buffoon and it. He was a corrupt treasury wasn't particularly -- Just he's you know he was -- he hired everybody from Quincy that he could and put about the lottery and everybody wanted to work a lot of Rica as you know now works if if you've been around here Morton more than one. Couple months it if if you work at the lottery if you get everybody a lot of is union. OK so. If you survive the first six months. You've got union seniority get active you know. It's it's this is closed shop state so they have to lay off on seniority so with the new treasurer comes and you'll protect it. So nobody wants to work for the year. You know publisher Scott Campbell you know one the guy his co conspirator. Alleged -- expert -- was also was equipment is on his charges. So. So everybody. In Quincy wanted to work for the -- As opposed the treasury because when if you work at the treasury as sushi command. Two wide as soon as the new treasurer comes -- to get rid of his own people from Quincy and he hires his people from Newton. That's were Grossman's from wiser I don't think hired everybody from new century or more people from new many -- -- from Quincy. We actually knew somebody work piercing -- who -- worked for him and she was frequency want to achieve in there and she was -- she was a the treasury in the I believe she went down for the lottery didn't shake. Sudan just about seven months before he left office so that she could get that six months seniority and get and get permanent permanent position. Since it's a nice gay so listen so anyway he's a he's he's running for governor he's a DM fool for running for governor gets. He gets sold -- Apollo could namely that it independent can be elected governor in Massachusetts may be an independent can be elected governor I mean. In Connecticut. Maybe other places but no governor has ever been elected in Massachusetts running as an independent. So he he thought he was gonna leave the Democratic Party and everyone was gonna follow him and he was going to be very successful in the end it in the campaign was the total disaster. India -- the McCain people the snake oil the political snake oil salesman who got him in the race the they quit or got fired and then and then he sued them to keep their mouth shut basically countersued him. And pretty soon it was a big disaster and a all these -- via the the former aides have all these emails and somehow the attorney general got the emails. And that she decided to invite him and you know -- -- Coakley has always been set to be. Via a no show when it comes to prosecuting political corruption in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mean every. The last three house speakers who were convicted were put away by. The US attorney different US attorneys but always almost offense. Was the G man. This is the senator who wore the this the senator -- who was stopping all -- And what percent she was backed by the feds. The Boston city councilor who took a thousand boxes of creatures handshake -- he called it. He was gotten by the -- Now Marcia Marcia needed a scale. And she what she wanted to go after this guy. KL. -- you were right improperly using state money to prop up his campaign which you know again I. His campaign by the time he did it he was down 8% in the polls you'll come back from an 8% deficit in the polls in September but. When you're when -- at 8% single digits in September in the election is months away. Forget about it I mean he was just trying you know take his word that he you know I'm sure that he thought -- you know maybe -- Not embarrass myself if by. I cannot run some of these ads and use up what little money I have -- to get some TV maybe I can break at the double digits I won't be total. The stock. But you know 22 when the hate the guy will be an adult I mean again if if if stupidity. Was a crime. I would say the jury -- about five minutes. Tim K you know you were found guilty of you know opening gross -- about opening of stupidity. For think if you think and he had a chance to be elected governor. He was at the -- the you know as I said my column there's -- there's a line in the recent column there's a line in -- Beer and loathing in Las Vegas. Hunter S Thompson and his attorney are listening to was John Lennon saying power to the people right on. And and the attorney the attorney says -- says he should've stayed right that pork -- should've stayed right worry was. Guys like him just get in the way when they try to be serious man that that's that albeit that that's the epitaph on the -- -- Tim Kaine helps a tombstone. Now he got in the way when he tried to be serious and he ends up being a straw for Deval Patrick. And as I've said many times in this is knotted the smaller original thought. Mayo -- was many years ago at City Hall I was working there. But the best straw as it is a strong doesn't even though -- -- straw who thinks she's a serious candidate please just training votes. For a month from your opponent and in Tim Cahill was the best -- kind of -- otherwise. He didn't know he was straw but he was distraught for Deval Patrick. And Deval Patrick was reelected with. 49%. Of the vote. And you know I know people say you know you can't really say that that the ball would've gotten or 50% to she would about he would have been bound to get. You know one or two of that 8%. You -- have -- one a poor 14 of ten K -- votes. Maybe that's true but the thing that thing that crippled. The Republican candidate in the race. Charlie Baker was that he never got a one on one shot against the ball in the debates. Because there was almost Tim -- nipping at his heels and you know attacking him and Tim Cahill was angry at. Was angry at the Republicans because it was the Republicans who spent all the money to war to drag him down the Republican Governors Association. So so. The you know just like there was a perfect straw in 2006 -- my house. Who's also you know ran into some legal difficulties since then. He wasn't it he was indeed Christie might host expend all of his energy trying to one nail the Republican candidate while the ball. -- -- -- -- -- It happened again in 2010888. He carbon copy of 2006. The different different names. Except for the ball but the the everybody had the same roles. And the the outcome was exactly the same which was the -- 187746943221. Rates exceed do you wanna say everybody wanna say if you if you think he's guilty not guilty and a lot of people in the audience no one note ten K -- You know we see he as a -- Williams used to -- -- He's not he's not a terrible person you know he's not that he he is -- I mean that's you know if you were as cynical as us. So many people wore at the state house. So many people in politics are I mean we never would've gotten and that is an important that this governors but he he was just kind of gullible and he he really believe that. You know we can win in the again these these these McCain so these McCain. People sold them a bill of goods and they -- and bed and then that he got invited and Marcia Coakley tried to square one. And now what now she's got dark place you know what -- old jokes are coming back. You want to add something real it just put it one Marcia Coke we sell books. Marshall will leave no stone unturned. Except the one per height. 18774694322. Day of your next with how we cargo ahead day. Ali got -- 1212 well. Yes that's it's a happier one for -- K held and for anybody else I would say. And what you. We used I would say you don't want to either stop if this suspect the government and I also got rotted all this stuff all on these sort of to about imagine it. What what do you mean how it's how do you figure Scott Brown. You know I look at why we -- about the hot -- but it would -- water and all that. Well I think you know I don't think this has much to do with Liz Warren and and in Scott Brown I think you know I think Marcia Coakley. Only in the sense that Marcia Coakley you know she thought she had it made which was running against Scott brown and she basically stopped campaigning I know she's the night it but. It's seems up pretty clear cut that you know. Right report this'll be election to -- Ted Kennedy seat took place in January of 2010 has never been there probably never will be again a January election statewide. And and she pretty much thought she had a one in the week between Christmas and new year she goes out to walk. DC and she's trying to put together a staff and she's got apartments eleven. And Scott Brown's run and around the state. Campaigning -- ends up winning you know this day of Ed -- she said she's trying to you know she's trying to. You know our rehabilitate her political damage share by inviting this guy but the only thing I mean it's like inviting somebody for -- on the sidewalk. All the army like that. Election with the governor immediately when he got a lot. Beyond doubt about it all that it is but -- -- -- got us all while not world not -- Why did what happened was that after after Scott Brown won the Democrats worry in in the states that we got surprised that we're gonna get surprised again. And you know I mean decade in in normal previous years before 2010 -- in Toledo the Republican candidate for treasurer and Mary cotton. The Republican candidate for auditor probably were one but the Democrats just got all the pinky -- -- out the government he knows machine in Boston. And they they just being -- the Republicans in the steamroller the Republicans again in this election. You know. Yeah I mean you know it it if you know many democratic kept his hands often not 2010. And you know when the -- in the Coakley brown race. But they got a men nowadays they got him into the fight -- for the fake -- this time. You don't you know what I used to say of the curly slogan used to be you know when he went to prison for taking an exam he said he they said he did it for a friend. Well you know all while he was friendly with Scott Brown but he -- with a fake and he you know what they say about Menino he did it to a friend. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. 617. This. You just implied Christie wanted to nail mafia a minute -- Get your mind out of the -- 413 you know what I meant he wanted to embarrass coffee because he was mad at he was mad at at at omni. For not re appointing him to the to the Mass Turnpike. Board that's what he was that's where it was all about. 617 this case will kill marshes. Rare almost as bad as being caught lying about being an Indian her about being a maid a made member of an online gambling ring. Her or doing nothing in your life and running on the family name all yet this is Massachusetts. In other in other words. In other words you know. There's it's not affect her political career I -- already said she wasn't gonna run for governor this year she was gonna run for reelection like it's an idea bullish notion. -- was trying to use this case. To rehabilitate her image you know and approved it you know she could. She could actually convict somebody who was important and that she actually cared about political corruption. Traditionally master Massachusetts's. Attorneys general have not care about political option you know it's hard when bite somebody who controls your budget. You know I would I mean you could make that excuse that that that's why that's when heating -- after the house speakers and it was all defense took on the house speaker's. Mike you're next with Howie -- go ahead Mike. You know -- being there aren't a lot of time and I had to. But I keep an apple and leave it get all -- new disrupting -- approach -- -- double life. New -- go go to jail he'll come out slowly erode. Any. I Cahill will be very surprised aren't bright color of the Quincy now that he's in that he was in cahoots but it. You what they come out like go -- -- -- war keep people bought the pinkish. What side you a straw. A -- and -- -- in the industry out opt out there. Patrick yeah yeah. Nobody like it might have not. Quite sure he wasn't strong I admit it was a -- what I just said was -- He didn't know he was a straw. -- you understand how this court didn't oppressed. 200 people that there on the wall they wouldn't let. All I know that that's why he said Ed Edward but it was ridiculous case you have the you know if you're gonna if you're gonna try to send somebody to jail I think you should probably try to make sure that committed a crime. How would the only people are trying to promote woman and I -- of people woke up we don't -- call it. No one thinks and believe me I don't Mike it was followed this case doesn't the -- go well. And I think Tenet -- ought to level but they don't think Marcia Coakley on the level you argue -- Tia thanks for the call. 18774694322. Count your next with how we cargo ahead -- -- -- filed by the way happy 121212. Yeah probably can help rhetoric. Good to combat what you are being urged a not I have ever come back to -- decided pretty much. And I don't think you. Getting wrong. I think they went up as well I think it should not what was in the ground yeah if you want to make yourself look good and maybe she has political ambitions and it. And -- I'll -- Coakley judgment or anything. It changed that they changed the ethics law back in the 2000 Nader 2000 -- and some people argued to me that. You know technically. Maybe he was guilty. But but also I think what juries do is they tried -- they try to determine whether whether the punishment fits the crime and whether -- whether. A statute should really be a crime. I mean the fact is. I don't know where you work can -- yeah I'd I'm pretty sure if you work in Massachusetts say anywhere if you go windier cafeteria. Or your rock. Or or Euro or room in the you're off duty -- wherever you work there's going to be a picture Marcia Coakley on the wall right. Say aren't. I am I mean isn't that the same thing that a bit bit Katie hill was was charged with doing. You're pretty what I'm I'm I'm not normally don't but I think Cambridge -- -- employees that you may not have a picture on the I don't I don't want to put their employees -- and of course there aren't good enough that's what made you don't like negative. -- that. Apartment yeah. Keep an arch blocked -- my -- my opinion. I -- and with the I'm with you why I find it really ironic to talk about this whole -- I had to talk about this whole case often on -- -- During the break I go into the cafeteria are -- little lunch room to get a cup of coffee and -- I say hi Marsha how you go and you know. They don't and Harold pick up -- well I say Marcia half. Oh and did you -- appear in the newsroom you know everywhere -- -- -- went on at a -- Thanks for all Ken. 1877469432218774694322. When's the last time you -- a lottery yet we were bombarded two years ago. Well do you know what happens with the lottery ads is you know they don't sometimes save a lot of money sometimes they don't have a lot of money when Bob Crane was the treasurer. They had a lot of money. Then Joseph Malone came in and and -- Billy ball -- was the senate president he hated Joseph Malone and he hated the Republicans at the time. So they cut -- the amount money that they had for ads down to the lottery to zero basically. And so why -- that's the way it was for a while and then sooner or later there was a new -- senate president that the money's the money was returned for ad budgets that's. It's all just you know it's more to do with the the legislature then -- then the lottery. How much money either is for ads rob your next with -- cargo ahead rob. They how he'd just touched on my whole my open attempt and it only made one Smart decision and that was. She didn't consult for me yeah. And and you can't sit and Wal-Mart the end result all the TV right now with that you -- And bill Galvin every year every year we get them out and shot wrote on the heat the oil and taxpayer are. I'm glad you -- -- Marty Meehan -- by I yeah I he bright before he got took the G used to be a congressman from the Merrimack Valley and now he's the chancellor UMass Lowell. Right before he left congress to take the take the job that you UMass lol. He had this -- he had an added it was about global warming -- in it was just basically a political -- but he used these franking privileges which means we pick up the -- So we put guys you know when you put when you flank something you have to put down somewhere on the piece of Bob mail. But this ad this is this a mailing was paid for by US taxpayers. So he had a he get a picture of a of an I expert. You know for global warming rob. Do you get get where I'm going to hear he had picked our expert and he puts the white lettering. Saying this ad paid for by US taxpayers. On top of the iceberg. So -- white on white. You don't need any -- come out magnifying. Glass to to make out. And -- don't you think you know it's it's not step Margaret -- -- about that yeah. And go on current governor or low interest and -- yeah this is Marcia gonna go after them for all the taxpayer money and I was. And of course of course. No I think this is an -- I think this will be the last prosecution under the silly statute which all right rob I don't think he's gonna give it up anyway because you know why. Because he's he's he's he's up to what about probably around 300000 box he's looking at these look at it set himself up for Billy Bulger type pension you know. Why would he want a run for governor. Hit -- the take a pay cut a 100000 dollar pay cut at least a run for governor. It could run for senate -- go back to try and post up disputes federal pensions so. And yet he could but the I think he's got he's you know what you need for federal pension -- your congressman is six years. And he got -- I believe what twelve years. It's -- and really -- the worst offender -- stopped I mean he's just every year all over the TV with a stupid. Yeah well -- meeting -- he does have to run the elections which are right he does he certainly puts himself out fraud you know make insure everybody knows that it's it's him -- I can't I just it's just silly I mean you know you have to give politicians got to have some -- You know if elected politicians. A ball was on this and they are always going to do what and it's just it's silly to try to criminalize behavior that's. That's you know humane up tickets at a cold but it's it's not criminal. Thanks for the call rob 18774694322. Todd your next with how we cargo ahead -- Happy article on it yes ditto to you you're gonna cut back on -- -- to -- I would like to know is why she spends so much time. On this. Very weak prosecution. And she has laid a glove on willingly -- but -- Especially with all the things that Michelle has brought up over and over and over again that they've got and -- -- has gone up -- -- -- Indicted is chief of staff and as deputy police. Right right I know and a the feds -- rapper too as you know. Well you know you know -- here's the thing went T as bad as he is he -- in -- the and out. You know I mean we're whereas whereas Elizabeth Ward where is Elizabeth Warren gonna have the with who had her picture taken during the senate campaign with plenty. -- -- fake yellow the end of the fake Indian. When it went nuts when the -- guy Ron bell. Was up fired after he got busted for drunk driving in Boston Globe picked him up off the act waiver wire. And so so the -- giving you a few just a few reasons why. She's not gonna go after -- -- I don't hang up we'll wait for me at a lot of as well. What is welled up. I don't I that's another thing what it what the hell as well talking about he can't say for sure whether or not O'Sullivan gave gave immunity to Whitey Bulger. I got I got the again I got his testimony last night from 1998 when he was -- And he see he said that there was no way that O'Sullivan gave him immunity now now -- his testimony is changed -- -- We'll talk more about that later as well we're gonna move onto another topic -- wanna give everybody a chance to talk about this we'll come back to -- at 6 o'clock but will move on. And discuss the situation in Michigan when we return. -- how we car.