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Union Heartburn

Dec 12, 2012|

Last night the Governor of Michigan signed a pair of right-to-work bills, dealing unions a major setback in a state that was the birthplace of the modern organized-labor movement. Howie was not surprised at the vituperative responses of the unions to this ground breaking law.

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You know it's it's really amazing we're talking yet just yesterday about. About about the mainstream media and how what. That Bobby Kennedy junior. Says that the the -- the media is is controlled by the rightwing. And yet here here we have -- this amazing. Amazing display of Bob bias. -- deny the in Lansing Michigan yesterday. With that wind it would you have union thugs -- pinky ring bugs. Attacking. Attacking people who were four or right to the right to work. Legislation that was signed into law by the governor yesterday. And the to build the networks with the exception of fox. Won't even use that -- I mean you when you have a footage. When you have footage of a guy. Attacking another guy with his fists and you can see in the guy. The union thug. Is wearing his. Jackets his collars as a war -- be as if you were hell's Angel of his subject of his up pinky ring local. If you could even see is -- game. As he's punch -- up a guy. I mean that's great video. In TV are supposed to leave with a great video. I don't know that there was any better video anywhere in the country yesterday the Mac guy than those guys getting punched out -- that that that tent being slight slight stopped then it just David just trample attempt by way. Big they had nights. She hopes she yanks. And they were written the book thugs were ripping the the -- apart. Nothing much. Word not a word. And believe this from Brent Bozell at news busters. The pro union. Broadcast networks are deliberately censoring footage of bug issue union violence directed at conservatives at the Tea Party or hit physically assault of a liberal journalist ripped down a structure. Occupied by a liberal organization all on video footage would be broadcast on an endless loop. That is so true. I mean I would think that just the fact that it's such good video. I mean it's mesmerizing. ABC CBS and NBC have a responsibility to the American people to expose what's really happening in Michigan. Their double standard is absolutely. Outrageous. And by the way today got Jay Carney -- -- refused to condemn the the violence. In Lansing yesterday. And be obese people it's. The these people are just you know they they're showing their -- -- showing their true colors the visa media people can we have some of those cuts some of the cuts Vermont. -- -- -- -- -- The right to do because it's it's the freedom -- load. Big shock to. -- other parents it will benefit -- -- the Rangers didn't unions have negotiated hitting it -- pretty competitive. You don't know what I don't. And if I don't want him. But there are hard. So they know that. Yeah. What's you know what's ironic of course is that the other talking they're these people free -- here that union -- say that these people freeloaders that parasites see you know what's difference between them and when he you know they're using the people who don't wanna join the unions are being freeloaders but yet. Yet another part of the democratic coalition welfare recipients they are free loaders to -- that's okay. And it's it's very confusing to these these union guys seem to be mixed up a -- and if they if they are offering such a fine actors service here joining the union. One YE. Why have 985% of the people in and is state workers in Indiana word. Given the option of dropping out of the union and not paying any union is why have 95% of opted not to pay any. You'd think if they were getting such great services from the union -- be they'd be willing to pay more. It's kind of like you know the right people up right in here in Massachusetts to pay higher taxes and yet Wally -- have this. This great attachment that rhetorically higher taxes they they don't want to watch actually check the box when it comes time to do -- and apparently they the people who belong to these unions don't really want to belong to these unions. Another thing that's rather ironic of course is that you know another another part of the democratic. -- Coalition is illegal aliens. Obama wants to. Giving amnesty to as somewhere between twelve and twenty only that million illegal aliens in the multifamily will come in the -- B sixty million new war people via either free loading. Or raw or or -- trying to get jobs competing against union labor why would the -- why would union workers want illegal aliens coming in those coming into the US and getting amnesty. Just did these people are just this is -- this is nothing about this has nothing to do with workers' rights is just about union dues for the Democratic Party that's all it is. And and here's -- -- -- predicts civil war in Michigan Jimmy Hoffa the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters he CEB said there's going to be a civil war. We're going to have a civil war. Imagine imagine a -- a Republican saying that match and CIA a Tea Party does it more Tea Party. Imagine -- Tea Party leaders say we're gonna have a civil war. Remember that. Number when they talked about how there were all all these it was scary because the world these white people were coming with guns. To the Tea Party rallies and die and they were frightening blacks and they showed a picture of a guy with a gun. The only problem was of course the guy with the gun was. But they they showed that -- that was that was so go pseudo news. And they were very happy to -- put them on TV they were very happy to put the black congress members of the black congressional caucus in the call -- during the vote. On obamacare that was all I. They were not caught -- they never could come up with anybody but the networks ran with it endlessly bowel now the networks have it on tape on videotape actual. Felonies being committed assault violence against against peaceful demonstrators in the won't put it on because it embarrasses the president. Professor George your next with Howie -- go ahead professor George. -- I dreamed I'd like Joseph hill left the all right -- buyer. What. Yet they literally act like -- least that they you know they they are gonna you know that that that state -- he was right they are they did recreate the battle the overpass. Only this time. This the the union thugs were in the role of the scabs back in the thirties right the union thugs were the ones who were beating people up not the scabs. But I. Military history but. In -- in my street they were shouting out there will be blood. -- Don't. Right that the guy is the battle -- overpass. Or bunch of demonstrators outside a Ford plant Prius was while the rock group are those guys the original out of the UAW. Aaron Henry Ford. Sent the S and the goons in the gas scab picker and whoever they -- And they just beat the crap out of the demonstrators just left just really broke a lot of skulls. And you know did this guy like ice was saying yesterday I talked about blood in the streets. He was talking about the there was going to be another battle of the overpass and was a battle over -- this time the union Bucs beat everybody up. And how we car.