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Dues and Don'ts

Dec 12, 2012|

The unions in Michigan are up in arms because of the right to work law just enacted in that state. They view right to work as anti-worker because of the decline of union dues revenue if people stop joining the unions. Howie still holds a grudge from his union dues paying days so he was very happy about the soon to be short fall experienced by the Michigan unions.

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OK let's let's go back to talking about the the -- union violence. The thuggish violence. In in Michigan yesterday. The unions are trying to protect their right to one suck money out of -- people who don't want to be in the union. And then launder the money and send it off to a Democratic Party. Who will then provide a sweetheart contracts for the public sector workers and let's be let's be. One about it mallet you know we used to be. 4050 years ago the unions were primarily in the in the dreaded private sector the head of the AFL CIO was a guy named George Meany. Who was a carpenter. From the Bronx. Now the idea or somebody from carpenters union running the AFL CIO today this is laughable. 37%. Of government employees are union -- missed -- 37%. Less than 7%. Of the workers in the dreaded private sector unionized and it continues to fall. So it says the wind when you talk about the union movement today you're basically talking about people who watch. Who work in the public sector who have a much lower unemployment rate who unlike people with the dreaded private sector still have defined benefit pension plans. Who have lifetime health care. Who tend to make a hell of a lot more money especially if they work for the federal government then. Than anybody in the in the private sector I mean look at the mayor Mayor Menino said. -- She's a secretary basically -- makes over hundred grand at City Hall. Mean this way at this is the way if it's it's come down I mean that's when unions are about its end up. I heard mark on them last night reading that the state an indictment together today from FDR saying. It's is it pretty clear to everyone why we can't have -- unions in the public sector. It's a it's it's a conflict of interest in and you can't have you can't have a group of people threatening to shut down the government. And I mean he was he was absolutely correct he said this in 1937. And in and now now what happened yesterday shut down all the schools just like they shut down the schools in Wisconsin earlier this year so all the teachers. Who what teach these illiterate kids couldn't go to war Madison Wisconsin and try to protect their rather benefits which are over which. By and large are much more. More. New net percent than the benefits of the people who pay the taxes that pay for their benefits. First it was Wisconsin and now yesterday it was Michigan. There where a lot of the schools were closed down in Detroit we told you yesterday the -- it was just I irony. That 22 stories came out yesterday about you about. That that. Seemed to be -- on what was going on at the State Capitol in Lansing number one. Only 7%. Of the of the of the schoolchildren in Detroit can read at their proper -- -- 7% one out of fourteen. The other story that seemed to was -- seem to have resonance. Is that all those workers who were filmed by a team videotaped by a local TV crew two years ago. On break from Chrysler smoking pot and drinking beer getting drunk before they went back on the assembly line. They were all reinstated by Chrysler union arbitrator an arbitrator -- rule for the union the union agreed before the firing. So in other words not a firing offense to get stoned and drunk before you go back on the assembly line. You wonder why sometimes American cars too poorly for quality not all the time but sometimes they -- 18774694322. Radio station their TV station WWJ in Detroit quotes Terry O'Sullivan of Opel labor international union of North America saying a rally yesterday. In reference to elected officials who support the right to work we are going to take you -- and take you out. Is that violent rhetoric. Take you -- Can certainly be interpreted that way right. Him Kimmel live dot com a Michigan new site. Said. Quoted -- lieutenant on the police department. We have been contacted by that group that they had this was the people what they attacked the AFP they call call themselves. We have been contacted by that. That they had three or four people were actually trapped underneath the tent. Twelve of them were in wheelchairs and there was also or propane tank in there so we have to send troopers out and naturally the crowd was not too receptive -- -- was this was the state police. Several protesters booed and heckled -- troopers who responded to the incident calling them scabs and refusing to let them through the crowd. Somebody was asking is this text or where were the cops that's where the cops where they were being booed and -- -- dug a veto of -- WJ RT TV reports on the station's FaceBook page. But fog quote told me it wouldn't have felt. But it would not fall. If there was union made a quote that nicely encapsulates the protection racket nature of contemporary organized labor this -- parenting. Tarantino that parents bottle best of the web. Toronto should -- James Toronto. Stephen Crowder Fox News contributor he's one we have in the opening. Tweets that he was punched in the face four times during the attack and as that he didn't fight back because the mob of literally kill me. Glenn Reynolds -- video of the incident writes the video shows numerous union representatives engaging in violent illegal conduct their faces are clearly identifiable. So we could see the matches won at least one of the guys get to what is badges. He's obviously not a member of the rocket scientist local. I hope there will be prosecuted and suit says one Runnels. And again the unions. Brought this on themselves. Beat the new Republican majority that was collected in the legislature in 2010 and the Republican governor. They they they wanted to get a handle on the state and and municipal finances in Michigan. And they they said the they said that they didn't wanna take audience but the unions just block them at every turn. Public employee unions oppose Snyder's governor Snyder's moves to put more teeth into emergency. Manager laws that would enable swifter action to rescue cities and school districts -- -- themselves into insolvency. So he he tried to -- he'd try to fix Detroit with a consent agreement. But he had been hit but he couldn't go it. 187746. All right so here's the deal so so of course -- liberals. Are saying what's the problem here what's the problem you know just like Jay Carney wouldn't that I would denounce the violence today. The ad networks with the exception of fox would not run any pictures of the union thugs beating up people last night on TV. And and on the and on their their pressure salon blogs and web sites all of the moon bats are talking about the about how how it's not really big deal. The good folks of gawker are asking themselves do we really have to condemn the union protestor who punched Fox News comedian Stephen Crowder. To many this attitude is surprising -- from the daily caller. Liberals are portrayed is nonviolent peace loving and some of the mark but some on the left -- and ends justify the means mentality. What -- used to say you know to make you why you can't make an omelet without break connects. You you can't make a union bug without break and heads. And that seems to be on full display right now. Gawkers argument essentially boils down to this crowd -- was asking for it here's and here's one there's -- there's a pack at -- That was very -- stealing from workers and women workers literally fight back are you surprised. -- how many workers that we say -- they say Michigan is like one of the most unionized states in the country but only seventeen. Point 5% of the pocket of the workforce in Michigan and unionize. I dare say a majority of that seventeen point 5% as public sector. Workers. So. The workers. In Michigan are actually not the union members of vast majority of workers in union in Michigan are not union members. And they're being forced. By these sweetheart deals between the public sector unions and the Democrat party to pay for a higher wages and higher benefits than they themselves the taxpayers. You think the taxpayers would be they would be the ones punching people but now you know why they weren't because they have jobs. Unlike these pinky ring frogs. Who -- or in the public sector and to just -- -- they opt whenever the hell they damn well please and then up what did what did in his personal way. The people or actually picked up the Pappas. Who are actually lucky and as opposed to the so called workers. But the Democrats -- was talking about who basically don't work. You know. They have jobs they didn't have -- yesterday yesterday it was a week day all of us. Fighting and punching and and and wrecking attempts and a stomping on people and threatening reporters with -- I was all bond during business hours. Violence being committed against working families right now but you can focus on a -- you can focus on meaningless fist fight Bravo. Working families. As it -- -- many times when they're only two things wrong with that phrase working families number one they don't work and number two they are families in 90% of the cases. In other words the justification is that right to work laws constitutes spewing from workers and since spewing as a violent act the workers are within their rights to retaliate. All the workers that are paying for these sweetheart deals to how they retaliate. You know retaliate and retaliate by it. Electing a Republican legislature and Republican governor -- we're gonna try to get a handle on yes. Will get calls right now. Beat the six caller and it's 6179311680. And you will win a -- will be main themed gift basket with more than fifty dollars worth of -- made confections. Plus qualify for a chance to win how we -- -- how long restaurants -- on December 20. For more details go to W war KO dot com slash holiday so be the six caller and it's 6179311680. Now. John your next what PowerPoint -- ahead John. It -- -- been predicting a civil war in Michigan he wasn't fighting a war that's make no mistake about it those where there's more. And they were told what to do and they -- -- -- to do our. You don't you think somebody whose father was murdered by bugs. Would be a little more careful in his language about inciting violence. Yeah I think that but not exactly a decorated ups are not an actual what we're -- out salt. Assault battery threatening to commit bodily harm threatening to commit bodily come with a lap -- Others I don't try to. Assault with its assault with a deadly weapon as when it is I mean when you when you say you've got a guy and I consider that assault with a deadly weapon. And art and the worst one -- box cutters. Because it between party members are doing that and they -- box cutters only it would be on the terrorist watch list. And I'll know not going to be done about you remember about eight months to a year ago in the northwest. The train station was taken over that all the grain was growing insecurity gods were held hostages. To cap. Can you never heard who voted again you know what one of the people look at me get out of a euphoric. I've got to get mad about it that would not just gonna stop voting were gonna -- shutting down a wall. To provide -- -- 10 o'clock in the eight. I know they've they've had they've had so what how how acute defend this on on the on rational grounds. Like. You know. We you know we provided great service for the workers well if you provided great service for the workers that they shouldn't be a problem. McDonald's had a right to a the close to a closed restaurant when you had to go to McDonald's. Every when it whether you were. Where do you want it to or not. Mean are you had to go you have to shop at Macy's. Maybe like Kohl's target but object at the shop and makes is white people have to be compelled to join unions when they don't wanna join the onions. What's that all about how to how -- they ever. Not head I mean how did it ever get but why ever get up on the books that that the Taft Hartley law repeal. Mean how how how were there any closed shop states including Massachusetts. It's amazing to. This is for mark bright part in the past violent conservatives have been held to account for random acts of violence there were in power purely on related to anything -- -- that are done. In January 2011 for example governor Sarah Pailin was held responsible by media commentators. For Jared blog owners -- shooting spree in Arizona merely because she previously used the political map with targets on it. Indicating places that where she focused her efforts in the 2010 elections. Exactly -- were blaming her. They were blaming Sarah Palin. You know I mean it when. Win and win a CBS put a put a freeze frame of George Bush on the screen in the put a target over and said snipers wanted. It was just. Speaking truth to power. Now it was just good clean fun first amendment rights. But does Sarah Palin puts out a target than doesn't threaten anyone violence and suddenly she's to blame for this not. And remember the other guy in Aurora Colorado when they tried to make him a Tea Party member. -- as a member that's. Remember when they when they tried to watch when NBC tried the frame Georgia's government. By. By. Editing his words to make him appear to be a racist. -- George Zimmerman. You know in the is in the immortal words of the New York Times not even a white guy he was a white Hispanic. And they still decided to frame them because we haven't gotten. He had a gun so they said okay we're just gonna we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna this is going to be and elect a high tech lynching. As Clarence Thomas what's. Jolie or next but but you know not -- to see here folks move along gas prices were out again would like to tell you what happened about the in Lansing today but. You know gas prices were down. We never told when they went -- but now that they're going down we're gonna we're gonna watch it blanket the newscast with it. Julie your next with -- are going hedge. There's they're just so many things which. -- know that this thing got black Panthers put a million dollar bounty out on camera and edge Eric Holder didn't they work. At that rank dead or alive. Why would put a bounty on some of your bracket that's fine and Egg Harbor won't do anything you're black. -- -- if Scott Walker. He he was the governor -- talking about -- -- you know the union not to -- people -- apple. That's with Scott barker trying to get this the public sector unions and teachers to -- just like 2% and there. Health care at that. Right Jimenez and -- it seemed like the teachers were being put on cattle cars to be central concentration camp. Actually that you know the union people analyze. -- the troop level. Cuba. It leaves them and that more and now instead our work -- nobody knows what these people do. And the union people beat up that black candidate and Tea Party that. Yeah say it -- single. In the -- the finger off the the Tea Party member out in California I believe that. I know that. Depression does not that it really important that -- that the press does not tell people what you really going on. By a -- was elected the -- does not help people it's really going much. And I bet it is so that's why we're really in trouble. -- people about here's the real deal. Unless they really sort -- -- and try to make the Libyan air active. Right Q can you imagine I mean again that they don't was -- when I was in TV Julie they always told me that you led with your best video. And and if I wasn't the best video that was shot in the country yesterday tell me what was better. It nothing but did you get -- talk about marriage for hours wax on about gay marriage which I don't care about already out there. I care about what's going on in our country. And power being destroyed. Yeah now I know they they just they they want. They they won't even they -- you know what it's it's one thing to just violate all the rules of journalism and in terms of going with the going with the important new users were suppressing it for political reasons but. I mean when year. Whoever put -- on last I would have better ratings because they have better they would have better TV but there are more important things. Then ratings now for the network newscasts and that's protecting. The liberals in the Democrat party and Barack Obama in this was embarrassing them so they decided that the -- to show when he oven on TV last. Thanks for the call Julie Lee Euronext with how we cargo heavily. I -- -- something about the labor unions that. First I want and let you know watching morning Mika on and that's out at me. And that's brilliant Mike Barnicle said I don't even remember what he was talking about back. -- -- He said -- you can -- somebody else it said it personally. Awards are not there should be -- I'm not kidding me what are they not should did something I have to go vomit I couldn't remember what they were talking about but. It's no wonder you plagiarize anyone. That he was he see I can you know the way if if for not no other reason for forget. You know. Forget by the socialist Larry Obama forgive forget by Al Sharpton and the you know the racial arsonist. You don't for forget all those other people just for putting Mike Barnicle on -- MSNBC proves itself to be a journalistic disgrace. While that that line up on that network is dangerous but. But send people every hand I understand. Why they they can't sit riding on the while I mean it's it's to benefit that's gonna start a rebel effective and it have to leaving states can not only competing with 49 other states. They're competing -- doesn't more industrialized countries that we didn't have to you know compete head to. And it's it's not gonna Latin American music rather have a thousand bloated jobs than 5000 people and jobs I mean it can't. I think a lot of people would I think that's that that's sums it up perfectly I think they'd rather have that I mean. Look -- we talked a couple weeks ago about this paper the went out of business thirty years ago. What Murdoch tried to quiet in buffalo and admirable products that we're gonna have to suspend seniority rules for three months in the news -- so I can clear out the dead -- And if you don't if you don't agree to suspend the seniority rules we're gonna at gonna club we're not gonna by the paper it's gonna close down. And the majorities believe the majority of the workers at that newspaper in Buffalo, New York. Voted to let the newspaper close now. He they don't wanna give about the and that's snowmobiles. And I cannot I can't blame them but they got to see the writing on the wall -- economy we can't dig cant sustain -- sustain this way. Now would it can't it it no there's no way can be sustained and you know the thing is that changes have been made in the in the private sector mean these these unions like the one at buffalo that killed itself. They're gone you know. This this now is that this problem with these unions is basically in the public sector the public sector you know because they're backed by -- by the by the legislators and the our elected officials that they basically owned by the other it's through their campaign contributions. They if it's assembly ought to relationship that they have in each one defends the other and it but they're both. Bear the parasites. The ones that are feeding off the host which is the taxpayers. It's ironic that the that -- union thug would called the people the the nonunion people parasites. Thanks for the colleague John your next with how we cargo ahead John. If I I was telling you. Uncalled because I have a similar experience and actually. Some consider. Sharon and I know you know and many other people just how far back you go from the beginning. They'd be paid but I was younger I work the same burden that the store and I that a part time job in the evening and I. Also what -- in the daytime. And another record over the I don't know I was doing -- consulates of unlawful does that. And I remember specifically where -- at night even younger I was a kid I like music and those great to work there. A -- hurtful and -- believe even the bad agent this. And my old late teens early twenties and and and good yet found out there were fronts for a lot of malicious activity that was going laws are -- that's. -- -- -- I don't wanna say I don't I don't wanna get into I don't wanna get into that Mike your next with how we -- ahead Mike. -- taking these big article -- PTA as deep as -- to pretty apparent. Red channel five at. Mike Barnicle returns to Parris island and went right here and -- start waving like from the air like I was going on by on the airplane you know from. -- late timing ever saw Paris island was from 35000 feet. I expect that I guess I didn't I felt -- -- -- and -- you -- -- I don't talk about what he's. Now that'd that would representative cap you want I was the he was the forerunner of this latest generation of Bob blood drenched. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you imagine Republicans say a man Mike mentioned -- -- and ran. -- about Rand Paul the senate magical Rand Paul say in the matter Ted crews are up. Marco Rubio videos India.Arie any of those Tea Party guys say in the. You don't want. Probably wouldn't doubt it fixed in his -- at all. -- He may be -- thanks for the call Mike 18774694322. Will play that -- cut let's play all the blood cuts we come back Coca all the blood cuts. And how we car. And it's. And. 18774694322. -- less we talk that it can we we need to get him one that we need to get the the Republicans on the six away I I didn't okay good. 1877469432218774694. Or other stories today in the in the local blog news. Including one of -- that that they knew that they knew months earlier that they had a pro but the state crime linemen they decided not to do wanna I wanna shocker. I know bureaucratic. Lethargy and inertia in each year year year run your stunned and the silence -- -- 18774694322. To a seven says I'm recovering union president. I guess I'm -- -- chip not proud of most of my -- You know again -- I've been a member I was a member to unions for the better part of thirty years to different unions and different time periods. And I. It was a waste it was a win I want my work for the Winston-Salem journal but she I'd like to be union I'd like to be -- -- -- -- to -- in the Teamsters Tuesday. They take care people -- -- about the -- -- -- and from the tree believe me but I just I thought that the you know it'd be tough but. Want to get any union saw its its release. It's really bad. It's just there's days it's. You know it just it's. They're very cool you know maybe in the old nation needed the union you know when you had people work in the eighteen hours today in the coal mines or something like that. But. Now -- days and especially with the unions as the as the area. As they control. The public sector -- so much of public sector it's just it's. It's disgraceful. It's it never should blow up happened and the and and when FDR and would be disaster you know that in the anybody -- -- common sense at all and they never -- public workers to unionize. 1877469. And now we now we're paying. Paying a price. A heavy price. And you know what the union members are gonna pay a heavy price do you know -- for the union members. That Mel. That this this gravy train -- ones can't you can't have people going out with you know 100%. Or 80% of their pay in full benefits at age 52 it's just. It's not gonna work. It didn't work in Greece and it's like -- work here Connie Euronext with how we cargo ahead Connie. Hi -- I am I grew up in Flint, Michigan which is really kind of the -- places unions and you know. Back and in the early nineteen hundreds there was. Purpose and that. But -- -- some agencies that we have oversight that really is no purpose for them anymore right we have child labor -- we have OSHA. And -- especially couldn't. Can you do with Al. Labor union in education or health here. There's no place for them in those type of environments. They both my parents worked for -- I grew up around union and the big joke when I was growing up was -- by a car that was little action on Monday to Friday because these guys. Mental -- over. From from the week and what are on their lunch breaks Mondays to. To get here of the dark yeah and then I'm ready to start -- -- -- So it's it's really just a situation I think. An environment where -- professionally. Boat people. -- intimidate people that's what it's global and it's very unfortunate. And most of the people mostly people who rise in the union hierarchy tend tend to be at the thuggish types. In -- and the body and they're not exactly the best workers either in my in my experience. -- the person was always the bid distort the agent or the -- union president. There there are always the the slackers. You know the -- it's the the guys who. The guy who couldn't you the guy who couldn't make it if they get away if the management could do away with seniority for three months like. So my grandmother worked some assembly line and she had to be a union member. Which he would complain about the guys that skip out at once timers get out early on Friday and had across the street to what she called the beer cart. Yeah. -- not a huge change caught you saw you saw those Chrysler workers on TV a couple of years ago and now they've all got their drops back. Right that was. Without the flash back to exactly what she sat back in the fifties and sixties she working. It's but the thing is it's hot flash back. It's never it never stop. Even when -- in bankruptcy I'm sure that they would do when the same thing and they they you know the taxpayers got him out of bankruptcy they were sold first a Mercedes. And Mercedes just to up their hands and so we can't handle this so now now Fiat strike and make eagle. -- the only difference. It's really is that the -- went out of business they're forced to go to public parks to do it. Thanks for the call Connie 18774694322187. People in unions are in them because they can't make it in the private sector look at the teachers union most not all teachers need to deal with kids beat. Because we can't handle else in my mind that totally you've been muted -- didn't say everybody wants a -- in. Not everybody is in the union because we can't make -- -- private sectors some people or any union like me. Because I he. I am I was working in a close shot I am working a closure upstate and we had unions. At The Herald I just got the promoted into war and exempt the call that exempt category. And and and -- to radio station we got rid of we get rid of the union we voted out. And you know I know some people were angry that we voted out they say you sorts of its hype high priced talent that one voted out Tuesday they wanna save some money in the make a lot of though. You know. Me personally and I know another guy who was one of the leaders of it we didn't care about the wouldn't care but the union percent a year you know what it did or didn't do we will. BS because they were giving her -- union do -- all of these Democrats like that Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank wanted to cut throats. I mean who. -- Who supports. People. War against their own best interest and that's what that's the situation we were here in a private sector union and the play of conservatives in the public sector union to feel the same damn way. Wally you're next with Howie -- go ahead Wally. Ali. I'm from dam -- and I've been at their appeals for a number of years. But what I am really. And arrested in is how can we. The people contacted ABC CBS and -- by NBC. And asked them to care. And the videos. That took place. Out in Michigan. I'm putting you know what are you I think that's just hopeless I mean you you know you go away -- time you know seduce did -- put to one hold adult -- patrol over to some ombudsman and the ombudsman or record your complaint nobody will care. But way to do is just is just not not to watch network newscast I got a letter yesterday from somebody's set. We got us conservatives have to stop complaining and just start us saying if we see somebody advertising on these newscasts -- -- not where they're where they're so literal where there. Over at least suppressing the no lose the real those we just gotta stop buying the products that. I mean there's it's like to do we good complained they don't care -- they don't care products that. I'm already doing that but yeah I thought about those something else that we can do it just really it's a shame what's going on this country. And I'm almost like 47477. Years old and will be around medical on the scene what what's happening to this country it's it's it's a real shame. The talk to a guy today said he apologized to his kids for bring in amend that this happens over and -- We've always in the -- of the same thing to my 21 year old grandson. -- I don't feel quite that bad but but I I kinda I have sometimes idea. I have fears about what kind of world they face you know compared to the world looked you we were up thanks for the call in spite of the fact that you know I mean again. He he's at the -- he wasn't born in the depression you know I was born and Cold War. But I mean -- some somehow this these. The situation we're in now I mean it did just that that the complete DK. The whole society seems. Seems more -- threatening maybe just because it's in the present growth in the past. -- -- --