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Bye Bye Bigby

Dec 12, 2012|

Former Department of Public Health commissioner John Auerbach and Secretary of Health and Human Services JudyAnn Bigby, waited for 7 months before investigating the Commonwealth's Crime Labs its management and the circumstances that allowed Annie Dookhan to tamper with evidence. We spoke with State Representative Betty Poirier (R-North Attleboro) about this scandal and the Governor's refusal to fire Bigby just as news broke that she would retire..

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Joining us now -- there's a story in The -- by the way it's it's -- process down and another astounding story about the mismanagement. The the department of public health and and and how how. Aptly it's it's been screwed up as you know there -- dual scandals going on right now others. The case of the compound in pharmacy in. Framing him where it which sent out basically poison Madison incidents so for 36 people dead and that somehow escaped the scrutiny of the state regulators and the other the other -- Equally serious problem is in the state state crime up. And that's where via chemist. Chemist began tampering with the evidence and a has led to -- a situation where probably. Over a thousand. Convicted drug dealers are going to have to be released because of evidence pampered camper with evidence and they're probably going to sue. And they're gonna have this going to be mayhem on the streets when they're released it's just a complete. Disaster complete disaster. And today the -- my newspaper reported that that. The the secretary of health and human services for Deval Patrick doctor Julian -- Waited seven months before launching an investigation into drug sample tampering. At the state at the state laboratory. It's say it's just it's completely outrageous that Astoria. They -- up and Freedom of Information Act request for all the emails between now. Between Bigby and or rather her former -- helped commit public -- mr. John are back. And seven months before they moved against this woman they learned that she had mishandled at least ninety drug samples. Seven months. Other Republicans last week in the house called on called on the governor to fire right Judea and big he says stonewalled them. And it now after today's report that there was even more serious. Mismanagement or maybe non management they -- renewed their call for a for her to be fired. And joining us now on the line is a represented about Betty warrior. For months from Attleboro right right Betty Attleboro or Calderon's. I'm sorry I'm good I'm I'm well cut. What I this is this is really outrageous I mean. What do you have to do to get fired at the Statehouse. Well. Governor -- did release some important that we know he is really what we are capable of doing well. Yet he fired are back the a public health commissioner yes well. Outback resigned as well I think it was pretty much evaporate are. And I would say to begin. I do have respect for. Our secretary -- the health knowledge she is very knowledgeable individuals but see obviously it's not quite. To handle a situation like there. When I'm -- it was reported. A month before they launched an investigation. And that is Regis. Had they begun an investigation. In the you know. How many hundreds of direct. -- would -- be back on the street. The core of this is. -- so it's unbelievable what it is going to call state. It was awkward hearing today in the states -- Are concerning the issue in. What you're hearing what people come forward. Opt to testify. How. What was back there and it gave this session I was who are simply commissioner. And he described. The fact that this was going to undermine the crime rejected strategy. That they have been working. Don't get released some of them some of the ones that have been released have already been re arrested -- -- how frustrating is definitely a local police departments not to mention the citizens. And and the cost is incredible. They you know -- -- compromise. As many ads was sent out. A 190000. Not just 34. And I'd do. He has admitted to altering examples in the elites as is set so it genocide as positive. But also had unchecked accept the epic flop. Which could be grounds for challenging all. So everybody every everywhere who's been convicted of a drug crime whose evidence passed through this lab which is most of the people most the drug dealers in the state who were arrested. Will will -- have buck grounds to why have their convictions vacated. Absolutely. And I think the police are extremely concerned about the fact that win or these. The individual criminals are released to history and it's going to be hurt what. And that will create another whole half of them -- repercussions of this are absolutely. In the warm. Let me just a little bit -- this -- story just so people unite the airport what about the scope of this disaster. The emails the -- show that she didn't want to -- Didn't launch a full internal review of the lab its management and the circumstances little -- in beat duke in that -- tamper with evidence until October until August 31. That was seven months after they have learned -- And are back but she -- Campbell at least ninety drug samples in nearly twelve months after state police on the verge of taking over the lab. Voiced alarm prompting demands for an investigation by the -- attorney general's office. Big -- on the eve of the August 30 press conference call by state police to announce that Patrick it ordered collapse closure the first public notice of the evidence. The evidence crisis. And he and -- that there are only there were only response to The Herald was. The executive office of health and human services employs more than 20000 people after the extent of any -- cans wrongdoing was revealed the secretary needed the precise facts. -- The precise facts I mean yeah I understand that we all understand that but seven months she had seven months to get the precise facts. That's where. I've ability and that leadership Crowley. The wrong. And that's why we need someone with. Real leadership to come and take over this case. Because secretary BP obviously. That's not you know it's well at all and you know in this present our economy. We -- our state is not ready. Down at revenue. And who knows what's gonna happen next -- the last that this request snap mrs. addict and a whole dimension. To the amount of money that will be needed for -- rectify the situation is just an incredible dilemma about stay in -- What has as the guy I mean the governor's despite obviously he he's he he has no plans to fire this woman or would have done so law already I mean it would have any -- did he have any response to. Today took it to these will not just. Revelations in the app that I am aware of but he. He really do his top cop and his. Boy has come forward to. I'd bet and that many of the minis that have hearings where were all members of his party. You know have all expressed. Dismay. And you and that's a 190000. Not just there for our -- -- -- And the incredible we met this morning on my mind. Month after month without all of the -- in knowing knowing she did it there's no one recording yet you know. But apparently Betty Betty apparently they did -- in the Hindu holy thing right just they just -- they drag their feet as if there was you know somebody. Somebody taking home console or something. Yeah absolutely. You know -- Get any kind of followed through what -- Deval it has already passed but they're minions and supplemental funding to deal with the costs associated. And it is but missed it it is that twelve point six million will be necessary of this city to. Adequately addressed to re entry an increased police patrols and technique led. So prosecute is about a twelve point seven men yet. Canadian public counsel services. Has suggested -- from a seven point five million. And as much as 300 that they -- to. Keep quiet it probably -- -- -- apple. It's it's just. Oh it is it really it really is unbelievable and then of course there's the other one I mean god only knows how many lawsuits ago I mean. 36 wrongful death lawsuits against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for a for for letting these for letting this -- a lot across the country I mean that's another issue entirely that -- that her fingerprints are all over -- -- lack of fingerprints. -- -- fingerprints are well over and that's certainly miss what they act it's the wrong thing -- have -- saying graphic to get out right away. And secretary they see. We have a job waiting to. Keep. Betty Betty pour your run state rep for my North Attleboro he had a job waiting Foreman northeastern maybe she doesn't have a job waiting tolerant. And in the balls letting her -- shop around and -- if she can find some soft parachute. Well that might be. Because speculate or IIII. It is for -- and -- how they do things -- why they do want propped up plus. Can we take a couple calls here we were talking about this the the Republicans in the house -- today again call for the the removal of Judy and -- as the secretary of of of health and human services -- again -- she's she's presided over two. Two immense scandals that are gonna cost the state hundreds of Mitt probably hundreds of millions of dollars each. Mike and caught and that cost lives through in the end you know these these drug dealers getting out as I mean is we all know me for every drug -- we will take off the street another one immediately pops up two -- To fill the vacuum so now all these guys that they everybody -- in the neighborhood was were gone for fiber -- ten years. Now they're gonna be back after three months or six months and that they're going to be doing and how with a new guy on the corner and I got god only knows how many people are I mean forget the forget the lawsuits and and the the the a re arrest for selling drugs I mean people what people are gonna get shot here people are gonna get killed -- senate. It. -- -- it and it's not just drug dealers either people because people get caught in the crossfire here as well as seen in. In the -- pan trial Mike your next with how we car and a representative Betty pour your from North Attleboro go ahead Mike. -- Betty and I only Christmas to you guys Christmas TO. -- you know what -- Poland one and number respectable. Living program. And then investigated me for twelve years only fallen accusations that the word William. Treatment. And they've been around let me put two years that what did the the world what you're are talking about today in investigating these serious serious serious. Charges. And what the ramifications are going to be commit -- one. Be it Jews from the word. That would mean the REIT will be at the and I'm gonna go in the front of the B. It's easier to do it's easier come after you might. You -- Uga -- And repeatedly because they complete -- because of the small businessman in the people what they have going look cute except gonna cost. Hundreds of millions of. I'll probably do -- know. What it is -- right it's it's distraction. So people will be distracted. For peripheral. Issues and I -- all of the real issues. About what is happening in our state. And who is responsible and why I think now going to check these things so you know it's all the distractions and you just got caught in the web. You know the thing disease the need the distraction no obstructions gonna take the take people's minds off of one every two or three days there's another one of these people -- who's just been let doll and and you see. You see the the terrible war outcome of of letting this this woman run amok in -- -- and know what I mean I don't know one can. I don't I don't know how much you can point the finger at anybody for hiring this woman but she is somewhere along the line the wheels came offer and and and they know it. And they don't. I wouldn't want Alley is play -- well according to what senate and house. What do we do enact responsible. For these major. Agencies that -- -- -- -- the addition of the exact opposite. Someone has to be held responsible for the. 18774694322. Other chemists have been raising additional can Turkish concerns at -- in in July. But but the but the are back the book then the public health commissioner and the secretary who was still they -- Judy and big -- they didn't they they didn't do what -- thing. Or they didn't. They totally swept it under the rug and hoped it would go away. And how they could've ever bought and Armenians that this would go way is incredible could be even. EE EO HHS that's big piece. That secretariat has said the problem was first detected by the drug labs evidence officer in June. Of 2011. Joan of -- sorts more than seven munch Joseph sort of Joan of 2011. To win the the press conference closing down the lab that was on the last -- the second the last day of August of this year. So that's like fourteen month acting. Every time much to watch out -- -- -- if it was nip in the but we would have. You know and then all of these many cases. From being thrown out in all of these criminals being -- to and the state again having to accept the responsibility. And there are going to be well they're gonna be suing for wrongful imprisonment as we all know a maverick or just -- them to the states just gonna have to. You know I mean I think it's already been suggested that the state is just gonna have to wave a white flag and just give it just -- it's just give these people money. There rather inflated because there's there's no way the state can win these cases. Isn't that awful. It's. It it it is people are gonna be a little I elect -- are among the actors. People are gonna be awarded for dealing drugs. That's that's that's what works down too because of because of the absolute. Incompetence. Of Massachusetts state government. Brian you're next with Howie -- and a rep president Betty pour your blood above North Attleboro go ahead Brian there. You know Ali we keep on in unbelievable. Believable. You know what it's not it's always. Not that surprises me anymore. In with the so called those entities beard he's been actually opted out and light. And so a -- program. Mine who'd beaten up that well in the -- -- -- school it's usually go to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brian is as you said nothing is unbelievable now in this state. Others to walk -- street bought. And you look at the people we continued Leo. To watch in this great state. What you do and that people should continue -- well because. Since you ankle up to chooses. I've been thing I've been thinking I've been asking myself that question bright and most of my life and probably sold you when I don't know the answer to a I don't know I I don't know why we -- we elect these people thanks for the call. Mark your next with Howie Carr and representative Betty warrior from North Attleboro go ahead mark. I probably aren't I good. The restricting you mentioned that you are Republicans are calling for the resignation what it's an excellent Democrats aren't and it's so why. -- -- Question mark good question. I think many of them are dismayed many of them aren't happy to their -- Why this situation. But politically -- stamina is very tough place to go against the governor and. Somebody can step up -- Well. Hope so I hope no one is no no Democrat says speed up publicly said this is a disaster we do was someone has the fall on their sword for the us. Well somebody certain -- I mean all of -- -- elected. You represented the good people of this state and in the past week at. To provide them with the quality of life in the services that they need to require and that is obviously at -- -- That people need to stand up and ask for it yet and to change the situation. But that's a good question though market in the all the once upon a time there would be some Democrats who would have the stones to stand up and does say this is this is wrong and Sutton in some cases they do but apparently not in this one yet I got to -- one short the break here once short break -- hold on Betty. Be the sixth caller in at 6179311680. And you will win a -- Libby main -- gift basket with more than fifty dollars of handmade confections -- qualify for a chance to win how which Cadillac. At the -- -- restaurant and sawgrass on December 20 for more details go to W war -- dot com slash holiday so be the six collar and at 617. 9311680. Now. Although it's collectible lines here Charlie you're next with Howie Carr and represent -- Betty pour your -- ahead Charlie. -- I compliment you to make an -- I believe Portugal it's it's called -- but didn't -- true that there are cowards are well. State politicians Democrat on the stand up straight and -- I think in the Asia changing. Because it's not consistent. It's the same industry and so people arrested or I'll mention is among -- our. But you gotta you gotta try that you got to try to take them off the street dummy Charlie it's you know this is not like -- not be this these people are not like you know marijuana dealers mean this all these are serious big time drugs. That's almost a -- probably understand. You know wait a lot of people on -- -- and I sort of get political trial itself -- -- -- -- you know predicting that the the common people -- You know it there like out there response -- Of -- And everybody listening to sit remember. How app. And that kind of thing happens when you have overwhelmingly. Party government. And you know I and say that we Republican. Democrat. Represented. We are great government because everything being debated open. I'm here to populate every. Opportunity. Good legislation. That overwhelming majority. Is very typical right. To do its proper. I I think I don't think there's like a conspiracy to put drug dealers out on the street decisions bureaucratic inertia and again like as you said this is this is what happens when. When you don't have any push back from from an opposition party because the opposition party doesn't have enough members in the legislature constitutional officeholders. So these people just I think that they can just get away they there's no it's all everything his mind now you know that there's no rush. They can do whatever they want partly because again. Yeah exactly we're talking about this this latest disaster now why has come out that the the that is the the the brass at the at the department of at the executive office of health and human services -- for a months if not more than a year but this woman any -- -- was a was -- had gone rogue and was -- tampering with drug evidence. And yet nothing was done and nothing was done about it and by the way this this information. Was not released by the state it was it was obtained by The Herald under the freedom of of information act. You know you you wonder how much how how much investigation of also administration is even going to get to the bottom of this I mean you'd you'd think they would want some kind of if possible a defense when they win the lawsuits start getting fine. Now Crowley is -- -- and apparent that much longer listed as. And help people don't know. Well it's kind of it's kind of like. Lieutenant governor to memories a hundred Nate mile trip. Last over a 108 miles an hour trip right I mean that was the that the a state police said had got a had -- a good -- solid lid on that case and told the Harold and the globe. Both demanded the event the release of the documents. Well people have a right now what's happening in government. And damn it it it was right there and it's good that we have the Freedom of Information Act so that these kind of things and be brought to the. Matthew your next with Howie Carr and Iran president Betty pour your she she in the house Republicans are -- demand again demanding he investigate the the removal of the secretary of -- Health and human services Judea and Bigby who wore who who did nothing about this scandal at the state crime lab. Matthew you're next with how we are going out and Betty warrior going out. Full. You know -- of the shell it at that point out that. You know you love to talk about and no one ever goes to jail for minor drug sentences. Or marijuana offenses and I wonder when this comes out probably people will have gone to jail on. On on -- minor. Offense is because they test positive for Merrill water. This is Matthew come on you know this is an mayor won a case this is look this is cocaine and heroin were talking about here. Well I mean I think will see that -- why why couldn't you ever seen failure. Match situation bureaucracy. To prosecute. These drug cases that you are very dismissive. You know which many times in publication of the saints and it. And Matthew -- you're -- make -- a mountain out of a mole -- how many people really go to the hand for marijuana possession c'mon I mean what we're talking we're talking about serious. Serious gun toting drug dealers year. Well it. I mean he -- that many of them were at a. Mike always pleased Matthew -- bumpy -- sell it. Amid hi how much where -- you're gonna get that you probably gonna get a totally legalized in 2016. Year they they kid that the cops can't even arrest to any more for -- marijuana. All they can they can even ask you for an ID if they get the gonna rights were -- by its. The merit at the marrow when he won the marijuana war okay eagle globe gets found -- -- -- chief judge on move. Eric Eric your next with how we car and -- Betty pour you're going had Eric. I -- evening this week aren't serious serious dung -- Telling you right now the bureaucratic inertia you have to put added up all double takes its intentional hit a little mic points. -- I want to. We have. -- that the -- people would watch due to a drug sold under -- one lady who had Arctic -- you are a 21 year old girl that died there today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. It down with -- -- social workers in some of subjects in the start struck the ball gardens. In drugs. In in what apple now. And they responded these social workers from Massachusetts. That's not so scenario just what that encouraging. That the that this is broken through -- upon. The innocent. How much has it been exposed to this this crap as well -- -- And I. But it's right there in front of everybody hates it's it's grown. The president in wake up in the permanent down below we aren't big big trouble and protect the taxpayer thought that the -- honest -- work for August hey we're getting. -- Betty. Hold hold on -- Erica Betty via the globe globe has just posted on its website that Bigby is leaving. Are. Out. There posting that the governor. Patrick is gonna announce tomorrow that half of his cabinet is being replaced. Including. Mary Beth -- and I've been trying to find out after applying for a league judgeship no wonder she didn't return my calls in my emails today. Well Betty this is a victory for the Republicans to -- this a victory for the powerball. -- And I am I marked the end of Republicans. Have been proven. To have taken their rights the end -- this issue and I couldn't be happier for the people message. Well this is good this is that this is good I'm glad you know -- and -- you know they're they're announcing everybody together you know. Heparin and certainly had her share of problems but they're lumping them they're putting -- -- Alice who. Who's been pretty clean so that they're kind of like putting it that you know them. The black sheep with the with the people who have performed. Up to. Up to expectations. So sold we sold the week I don't won't notice Bigby and effort and get in the bombs rush out of the state house but still let's say it's better than nothing and I mean these the effort and was nothing to write home about either Betty as you well -- Out -- about. Let this situation is so. You know it it's good to have a clean -- and let's just hope that someone and it's pointed whoever the governor appoint. Is going to take this issues seriously. Begin to work on the media. Yeah you know another thing Betty it isn't it strange that on the day when Kate -- going to be on the front page and is a dominating the news cast the governor it's. -- even after he did have to wait for Friday. This is -- -- this is a Wednesday night dump of badness. Sorry. Yes it is. Okay well listen congratulations to you when Brad Jones and all the rest the leadership for rough for getting -- getting some results here and where were that this is. This is a start I mean we're still in a deep doo -- but you know at least the person. Who why who why should of the first person who should responded it is gone or is our hands on her way out okay thanks thanks a lot already. Okay. Bob I will read the story when we come back 18774694322. On how we car.