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Cahill mistrail- he did nothing wrong

Dec 13, 2012|

Was Tim Cahill vindicated? Was this a political witch hunt?

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Has now then. Freeze. He had there was a mistrial a hung jury. In the corruption case that has been hanging over him. Martha Coakley the attorney general. Basically staked her entire political career. On getting a scalp. On going after Kim K hill. She has -- heavily played up this new anti corruption unit. That she says she spearheading. She says she's gonna clean up politics. In Massachusetts. Go after the corruption. Go after the evildoers. And so after two years. And -- and to hold amounts of money. In fact Attorney General Martha Coakley Marcia. Who refuses to tell the public. How many man hours were used to prosecute this case how much money was spent. What are the salaries for many of her officials. Who helped her in that anti corruption unit to go after Tim Cahill and make an example of him. She refuses to tell us. How much how much is this cost the taxpayers of Massachusetts. And so. It began. With a politically motivated campaign. By Martha Coakley by the democratic establishment. To make an example of Tim KL. And now with -- with apathetic. Hung jury. It ends with the jury in deadlock. And Tim K you know he used sought to literally he won the lottery yesterday. I know what Tinny. Likes to brag about how he managed the lottery here in Massachusetts. The way he looked yesterday laughing smiling giving everybody high fives. Surrounded by his wife Tina -- hill surrounded by his daughter surrounded by his family surrounded by his lawyers. You think he won the lottery yesterday. He was wiping away tears tears of joy way. -- He was ecstatic. And to demean. What this case represents. Is the politicized nation of the attorney general's office. And the profound corruption. In our Democratic Party and the democratic establishment here. In Massachusetts. Why we always say that. The reason -- belief for this trial from the beginning. Had nothing to do with Martha Coakley won and to clean up corruption. Or clean up Beacon Hill. This had nothing with her wanting to hold politicians accountable. This was really about two drinks and they were in disorder. Number one. Did Democrats in this state wanted to make an example out of Tim Cahill they wanted to punish him. For his decision to run as an independent. In the Indy in the previous election. When he ran for office against Deval Patrick and he defected from the Democratic Party and he ran as an independent. Where they said was we cannot have a genuine multiparty competitive elections in this state. How dare you break from the democratic planned. How dare you break from the democratic tribe you know what Ford did send. For this soon be trail for this sin of treason. We are now gonna make your life a living hell we're gonna set an example. There every other maverick Democrat. Every other ambitious Democrat. That if you break away from the democratic establishment. And you try to make an independent party run. We are gonna smash you we are gonna break Hugh we -- gonna humiliate you. Because remember. It is not just the possibility of a jail term that has been hanging over Jamie's head. For the last couple years for the last two years. It's basically bankrupted them. He's had to pay massive legal bills. And so the message is now being clearly sent out you get into politics in this state. And you do anything that the Democrats are deemed to be somehow unethical. You then they're gonna come after you and they're gonna make your life a living hell. And that's the chilling warning. That chilling example that they set with Tim Cahill. And the second reason. That she prosecuted this case and there's no getting around it she has political ambitions. She wanted to use this case to propeller political career. To make an example out of Tim -- hill. To seem like somehow she's a champion against corruption. That she stands up to the old boys network on count on on Beacon Hill. And that she is now the people's person the people's champion. And now getting ready for you run as the next governor of Massachusetts. That's what this was about for Martha Coakley this was politics from the beginning. It began with politics and it ended with politics. And the fact that you had to foot the bill. For this entire travesty of justice. That you have to foot the bill. On hold millions of dollars for this case. Untold loss of resource is and man hours. Can you imagine the genuine violent criminals that could have been prosecuted. Instead of going after on this trumped up political witch hunt. Against Tim -- Martha Coakley should be ashamed of herself. And now the question is this. Will she retry. Tim Cahill. She has until January 4 to make that decision. And for her now it's a no win situation it's lose lose no matter what she does. Because if she doesn't retry him. Then clearly. It seems that she waged a frivolous. Arbitrary prosecution against Tim -- Solely because she was waging a vendetta on behalf for the Democratic Party. And to bolster our own political career it will haunt her into the next election. And I'm telling you. That many Democrats privately are licking their chops. They are rubbing their hands in the lead. Because they will use this case to humiliate her and discredit her in the primary gubernatorial primary campaign. For the race in 2014. But if she decides to go and against K hill again. To file charges and retry him again and then she will seem vindictive. She will -- stubborn. And she will seem like she -- out to personally crucify him -- Against the overwhelming sympathy of the public. It's not that the public thinks Tim Kay hill is some wonderful politician. And only be candid with you to meet his behavior yesterday was bizarre. He wasn't acquitted. He wasn't found innocent. There was just a mistrial. His good name hasn't been cleared to. She's not going to prison. Yes. The jury deadlocked yes. Martha Coakley didn't make her case yes. But this is not some innocent man this is. Not some paragon of virtue where people say all all port Tim Kay hill mr. clean -- Look at him. Mister K hill -- of Beacon Hill. No and yet he's acting like I don't know what. Peta seriously he's acting like he's Nelson Mandela. He's now rotting in prison for a quarter century and now suddenly he's been vindicated in the eyes of the world. Frank I really I thought his behavior yesterday was beyond strange. If he's truly innocent. I'll tell you what I would do follows a truly innocent man. Facing. An out of control prosecutor. I come on -- -- Among -- who were for damages Thomas who were for defamation. A -- for wrecking my name. Instead he's like hugging his lawyers he's hugging his family he's lifting. You think I don't think the Bruins won the Stanley Cup always pumping his fists in the air. But if she tries him again. It will cripple her politically. It will discredit her even more in the eyes of the public the big loser. Was Martha Coakley yesterday. And the question I have for her resists. And this is the mother of all questions. Marcia. Do you sing he. -- you wanna go after corruption. Why don't should go after -- the department of probation. Why don't should go after Tim crash Murray. Why don't you go after Bob DiLeo. Why don't shall go after all of the corrupt politicians on Beacon Hill. Who have been engaged in scandal after scandal and corruption after corruption and abuse of power after abuse of power. Instead. You go after the one person. Who waged an independent campaign. Against the democratic against the democratic nominee. And everybody knows it. And so my question to all of view is this. What do you make. I'll be -- of the mistrial of Tim Kay hill yesterday. Are you happy are you sad. Number one number two. Do you think Tim Cahill is truly innocent. Or do you think he just got lucky. And what do you make of the prosecution did Martha Coakley. Who lose respect in your rise. Or do you think she did the right thing. 6172666868. How do you feel about that Tim -- hill decision yesterday. -- in Europe first welcome to the corner report for -- Steven your next David Europe's first welcome to the corner report. Jeff you've got the Democrats can't be too disappointed with Tim -- are bad movement ten -- -- because remember who the governor is right now. I hit it by running as an independent he brought enough. Talked Republican vote so -- could defeat. Either Republican. Guy challenger to the -- in the governor's race. Policy here saying -- you think in many ways he helped the Democrats more than he helped the Republicans and Charlie Baker yeah. -- David that's interest staying what I can just tell you is this. I know that many Democrats were livid that he ran as an independent. They felt he was -- Judas. They felt that this was a -- trail that this was treason on his part. And personally David maybe you're right politically maybe -- did split the Republican vote but I'm just saying for the Democrats that was an ominous precedent. Because if you have prominent Democrats. Breaking away from the party to make independent runs. They know -- -- walk on this state is in jeopardy. And I think that's why Martha Coakley went after him. I'm convinced of it because if you look at the actual merits of the case. She didn't have much of a case. I mean think about it how many times does Barack Obama her case essentially was this okay -- for all of you haven't been following argument -- and not show. Because the water -- was under his purview a state treasurer. When he ran as an independent they were it's one point five million dollars of odds were spent on how good the lottery was. How which helped CDs how which helped pounds and how well managed it wise wink wink. Free publicity for Tim -- basically managed it so. The case was that was a misuse of public taxpayer dollars. To help fund a campaign. And they say that -- legal and abuse of power. Well how is that any different. Then all these public announcements that Barack Obama has been doing the whole last year. Where he talked about the Red Cross. Where he talked about hurricane sandy. Where he talked about all of these relief efforts around the country. There's no difference. So clearly this was a trumped up case. Clearly they had no grounds to go after attempt -- realistically. Because frankly it's done by all it's done by meaning me. It's done by prominent senators. It's done by John Kerry it's gone by Barack Obama so -- what they wanted to do. Was they wanted to make an example out of Tim Cahill. And the only reason. It's obvious. He ran as an independent. Now can you imagine if other prominent Democrats say hey you know went. Well this is not a democratic state. This is not a democratic machine. We can actually challenge the grand old laws. And run on our own. Melanoma on home not on hormone all. That's the kiss of death for this party. And that's why they went after him and millions of our dollars wasn't -- spent and wasted in the process. Stephen Europe next welcome to the -- report. Yeah I believe I realize you just blew into town and couldn't get that -- radio job and -- -- but. I mean look Steve yet -- not -- not a -- used to you but frankly have been off. John Europe next welcome to the coroner report. Yeah I -- but let me show you on this work nothing but political payback. Because its ten K hill became an independent or do something different states. And they waste all the money and should try to ruin to ride. For no reason at all because he'd try to take on democratic machine which is destroying our state. And the overall -- so cold up there. It's like look really it's like a club of gangsters really you know -- like a mafia the -- like right -- like crime families together. And they say what you do is you can't go out and betrayed the family. Yeah and -- one note to -- -- -- on the governor and she's doing that because. You know he did he won against the machine and that's exactly what happened and and in the process. He charted where she try to destroyed two lives. I know them both very well they're great people -- the right thing and you know -- almost destroy it Washington destroyed because financially they were road. Direct. Director -- -- he they they basically bankrupted them here's why fifteen AK hill I have to say is extremely sympathetic. From everything I've seen. She -- she's gone on the record. And she's now told reporters. This is put a tremendous strain on me tremendous strain on my health my daughters have gone through hell. The last couple days as the jury has deliberated. Has almost been like an emotional torture chamber for us. So she did in just -- Tim Cahill she destroyed an entire family. There's -- -- -- but also got cable Italy who that's practically you've only -- Iran part of he sent an email. You're right and -- -- hero and he threatened no big political speak with an eight going. He was just like you were exactly he was just an aide to Tim -- hill. And he was in fact acquitted he was found completely innocent yeah. So she went after this man bankrupted this man. Destroyed his family put his reputation through the mud and he was found completely innocent. John this is a travesty of justice. And I'm telling you it smacks of cronyism. It smacks of revenge. It's Max of almost semi. Authoritarianism. That's what this is and I'll tell you it blew up in her face. And this woman -- this this Martha Coakley look Marcia let me give seriously I'm giving you some friendly advice now okay. Get out of politics. Because I've never seen in this state. Which to strangle hold that they have you couldn't beat Scott brown and twenty dam and you're running around -- what someone to stand in front of Fenway Park in the cold. What I'm gonna stand there and a cold and shake people's hands that's not for me that's for the little people like Scott Brown. This woman I'm telling you got the reverse Midas touch everything she touches turns to garbage. And so here you have this trumped up case in a democratic state the deepest of Blue States. And the jury basically tells you to go fly a kite one guy is acquitted completely the other one is on jury. -- listen. If I ever commit a murder no seriously if I ever commit them -- if I ever commit a murder we gotta get Martha Coakley to be the prosecutor. Coach we got -- not because I'm telling you to be free as a bird. I would not -- if you're murderers rapists out there that he's gonna have more difficult to prosecute the case please. Police are put anything you want underneath the table just ever be the prosecutor. Bob you're up next welcome to the -- and a report. Agents are if I'm Obama. Good I -- I think you're a little off base on this I don't think it was -- punished Jim Kay hill. Because he did there are a lol actually I'll I'll take -- back it's because he heard the pop the ball feel and he -- how did you challenge need black. Once the campaign started and he realized what -- would do all realize what Cahill was torn Cahill was an unwitting trauma and he beat he had no idea what he was doing and he is the reason right now that -- Charlie Baker isn't governor of the state and granted. -- Charlie Baker wouldn't got to have gotten all 8% of Jim -- -- poll but I guarantee you he would got at least five. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So the ball looked very very happy that Cahill was in but his his part was sort. But I guarantee you there was little back door session -- -- closed closed door session. You know mop up -- mop up. Go get -- and we're -- -- -- -- and show that nobody did challenge the top Democrat. In the state. Bob let me tell you the conversation. Oh OK I'm telling you it's almost like disturbing them because they know these politicians are really -- like gangsters. Martha Martha. Who the hell is this man to have run against me. Everybody knew that was my nomination. Everybody knew -- the next governor. Sonny comes in here and he runs an independent campaign. And what he's gonna talk about the lottery and how good Egypt to what the lottery pulled a fallacy Kordell is seeing. Malice in my -- here's what we're gonna do okay only taking notes are you taking notes you have to go on the call opinion do that. Can you want in the cold and finalists because it's freezing out there put on a cult OK you have to put on a -- I I don't care you -- to go out and called. Wanted to call a little file this and torture gonna say. They use them a million and a half dollars to run these ads for the lottery you're gonna say that was an abuse of power. When you're gonna say I'm -- benefited from a you'll understand that there throw the book -- And I want to whatsoever everybody will help them that guy Scott Campbell got him to -- -- -- -- -- -- they slid with the fishes I mean Mimi. I look at my guy Obama you think Obama -- that was not what this is -- manual. -- not -- people Valerie Jarrett boy half I don't nobody. Gave meet this man must had on a platter I'm naming me number one filed a case. Joseph Europe next welcome to the -- report. Not not not all. Hate Jeff are you thought you. Let's send -- in the end what was this about a politician making himself look good with public money. I mean that's what these people do what every day at current date they go on like Charles hit somewhere -- they cut a ribbon open at -- -- -- -- -- they give a speech. -- spending our money to make themselves look good so it was a complete -- from the beginning and I pretty Raleigh but Carl is -- said. This was just political paperback -- go up against mini me. -- -- that's what this was and now were out untold millions of dollars. Untold millions of dollars and think about how many cases we could have prosecuted. A violent criminals. It's not just the money has been wasted the resource is the manpower that kind. Honestly. She should be prosecuted him. I'm serious for false and malicious prosecution. Contentious score around and start prosecuting people just for that elevate. That's our money. If the Republicans were really Smart I say you know what we want an independent counsel to look into why Martha Coakley. Engaged in this kind of malicious prosecution against Tim Cahill you don't have a right did you spend our money Willy Nilly. Joseph Europe next welcome to the corner report. I spoke digital pay now that she's gone after. -- -- I think the abuse of public funds -- Liz Warren and her daughter. Going through god Deval Patrick should large law firm to setup DC school -- challenge the State's. To send out a ridiculous. I noticed are people only partial people who go to the registry lower voter was absolutely. -- time port security bill. I know Joseph that's the thing that's so infuriating. Terrorists so much corruption. Illegal hiring the misuse of money money literally being stolen money disappearing. We're talking about. It's such serious problems such serious gamble it's such serious crimes taking place I mean just look at that the Probation Department. That's I mean that to mean is that should be indictment after indictment after and they aren't. And nobody instead Donald Tim Cahill. I don't like the way doubles lottery odds were not that game too much publicity. Politician can have public city. Especially. When you're challenging a sitting governor non on on all how can a Democrat go independent been challenged many -- If he does that everybody people will start thinking this is a democracy. People will start actually start thinking many means no longer an infallible Democrat dictator. Like an -- if you look at what failed bid would definitely offensive to someone else who's gonna run against them but. As far as I remember those I would like a little bit but if you're planning to run against him are somebody else. It's very you're very sensitive if you're gonna be the candidate. Not -- citizen because we expect this kind of corruption around here and fortune. We're not your joy your completely right and look I gotta say this I looked at those odds. I went back I looked out in my looked out I'm. Were they cheesy. Were they a little over that. Yeah us obviously the added benefit Kay hill a little bit yes. The longer re so well managed honestly what has spent the scratch on the scratch tickets that it comes off -- -- -- of -- the checks get paid out on time double winners. I mean you don't really get all the the CD's that pounds you almost think like I don't know what a really I mean it's like the Salvation Army in the lottery -- the Salvation Army. The good is just sprinkling money everywhere -- general theorized but. How is that any different from whenever the politician does. So there had to be a reason why they went after K -- And the reason Timmy is obvious this had to do with many -- eagle. How can you go independent -- prominent Democrat and challenged a sitting governor. And they said you know what we're gonna make an example out of him and think about it. What do you think the next time a prominent Democrat says not a -- go independent. And I don't like to as governor. I don't like what are its meaning year whoever my -- Not I think -- gonna make an independent run Boyd I better not. I better not go find something somewhere. Steve Europe next welcome to the corner report. But why Jeff doesn't pop a Coke we couldn't catch a cold. More. What I want just outside in the cold Steve does lets you wanted it that initiated but she grew up personnel not -- prosecutor -- -- and -- just spend millions of our the maker -- a name and are they publicize her career and her political ambitions don't want put governor rushing cheap -- she made a lot of Tim Cahill and did not help continues public money to fund it. Prosecution of of somebody she she did he or she -- you've got to. Did you particularly when you get a a couple of emails. And a free advertising. PF and the free pub public republic city and the PR. She's she committed the very sins they're very alleged crimes that she says Tim K real committed. So that's why I've been saying if the Republicans are really Smart they say you know what starved for independent counsel we're gonna investigate Chu Marcia. Let's see how do you like being out of several million dollars let's see you pat see you spend all your time fighting off for frivolous lawsuits. Let's see you pay all these legal expenses. Not funny isn't it Jeff corner on the corner report.