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Chump Line Thursday December 13, 2012 - Day-O

Dec 13, 2012|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a cover of Harry Belafonte's Day O dedicated to President Obama and Belafonte's belief that people against the President should be jailed.

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Heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they will ship your core for you. Goon ship cart dot com. Stopped and pop. One good -- about Detroit crime rate down. Don't -- the field. More like anything anything that -- -- they'll steal now. Getting really desperate. He. Couldn't have been. He all the way. Oh. These are the US. -- the BT. Christmas. It's the best time of the year. To make you can make it may be peace on out of our most Christmas carols. OE. Beat the card OEBD. Card. How happy you make me when I buy a forty ounce. And every Christmas and happy that the -- Who all of -- he had to work through her -- the rent on -- 2%. And they'll have to come for the rest of us. Yes they we all. -- 2% keeps changing too by the way that's that's one of the that's one of the great things about America as being the class system is not stratified although -- -- Barack Obama gets his way and gets this. Punitive taxation system restored is it will he did it we -- we will be sinking back into European. Style where it's harder and harder to break out of the social -- in which you were born. There's certain content said that it would preschool book. God is this February you know. Okay who you gonna vote for though it comes down to at a business if there's an election. -- seat next may. That's about what would be next may or June you know to scout brownie you're gonna vote for some. Bleeping Matt. Like my cap -- wanna it was promising blood in the streets. Or Marcia Coakley. No I don't guess Marshall will be running this time around there are specially after yesterday's mistrial. How about that makes him the right word they is that it would Secret Service that bad he goes into war. And I don't have to pay that -- and even way to Detroit. I didn't know the I didn't know they did have an international sisterhood of about sex workers. There could -- things -- just got to -- an alternative. Hallway or untrue but all of we return our call we want your own words and I don't -- an extreme. -- By the way I I don't think Obama's going to be too happy yesterday I was listening to way -- for a government voters shabby on I think satellite radio. And they mentioned the C word Christmas. Someone's someone's gonna pay for that. And I won another note here speaking of Detroit. Today's the 64 birthday. Ted Nugent. One of the are great people to come out of Detroit won the last great people come out of Detroit formerly of BM -- -- now. Now a standalone. Rock star. -- ruling. Yeah it is. It is no kidding man eight bit man yeah yeah. Who is -- teams and. Thank you father -- an exception is except his blessings. I didn't have been -- Directed every minute I don't need to do so or is there. It -- bin. Laden's. Everywhere. You go. I think it was eight years people boy. A lot of the statement. Why and just. I I don't know I was so I don't focus on is going to be able to retire any time soon to -- -- -- mean mean mean. Maine is not that different. For Massachusetts I mean believe the real estate off the coast maybe it will maybe cheaper than Massachusetts -- When you get that close to the same situation and I just don't I don't -- I don't think the shorts on cheers to -- The tales of his financial life dad. -- And those bomb and and you go through. It's good that he's. Perry wants the opposition's. Role in little. -- an amazing. Cuba again I keep coming back -- can you imagine but suppose Mitt Romney has gotten fifty point 9%. Whatever Obama. And and Clint east where it came out there went on fox TV and said. You know. We're just put everybody in jail because Mets got a mandate. -- what they said about bush when he got fifty when he got 51% he was -- legitimate. -- defeat bush that's what they said. Now now what this guy is a going to be that now -- hell Harry Belafonte says he should be Hugo Chavez. Fidel Castro. So there -- taxes and -- apparently didn't -- and news. -- -- -- And if you can. And way and I think ghostly. It's. News it was just bonuses. That would -- a lot more work. Yes and it qualities that -- but he. Examples -- immediately. -- -- He's doing pretty well with his podcast restored a great guy that legitimacy. I hope for future business model. He studies he was the master of ceremonies when I was inducted into the radio thing back in 2008. My my daughter was with me she wanted to -- ever picture taken with what she knew nothing about his career so that'd been on Dancing With The Stars. -- is so cute she went to be so. Low key bench and looking ancients. Yeah and then yeah that bin they were they -- was that the family. The focus on the Family Guy was being inducted through. Some are being stormed by so that's -- -- size yes or outside there was a many many Chicago 68 going on all these gay protesters were trying to get -- votes to overcome that. Throw bottles and you know -- though we're here we're queer get used to it. I told I thankful Tina says they -- -- -- these guys a break through the barricades and get it here exit just just dive under the table will be well. To right by those given her some good advice but it was killed mr. issued and wanna win. -- Our -- Chris Christie do what you did. Just have a bunch of fat that'd -- yeah. Man -- and he would have to he would have to go back to the political suction guys. For several days. No he needs when he needs one of those where they called radical Woody Austin -- what's that word that the what's that word. Geriatric geriatric that's what he needs of geriatric procedure they could just duck -- clipped his. Visit tests that are one of those one of those things there -- most. And vessel but the food the food just goes straight through and it doesn't get absorbed at all that's what he needs he's he's really old and I know I know -- pot calls kettle black he's really obese well. That -- here last -- line message. Thank you for calling -- -- card you -- OK that's it for the chop like that it troubling is the recorded it before its message service about how we are showing you can call. Leave a message at any hour of the day or night and we mayor -- play your message at this time -- -- say the troubling number feel like we've such a messages. 6177793469617779316. -- we may you know -- your message at this time each week they. Heading south for the winner will be a -- call American auto transporters -- will ship your car for you go to -- cart dot com. Can Obama win and Google can. It's been good to prevent convert them. Perry was the opposition and all and do. You shot.