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Earned Entitlements

Dec 13, 2012|

In the floor debate on the renewal of the Bush tax debates U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee: of Texas declared that 'Entitlements Are Not Handouts, They Are Earned!' Really? Howie was not heartened to think that this woman was one of the people whose job it is to keep us from the fiscal cliff.

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Couple of greatest hits albums. With her idiotic statements and that of course would be Sheila Jackson Lee the congresswoman from Houston. Moving -- 2013. How we make this economy better by looking carefully at how we reform. Entitlements that are not handouts but they are earned. In how you go months. -- Are not handouts. But they are current. You mean so like -- -- -- -- earned her entitlements. You mean and all these illegal aliens that are gonna get free tuition that the state colleges they. Turn to those and what how they earned them exactly. -- -- -- -- -- I Obama. Eleven title to you know be you know entitled there's this century is somebody said -- only one -- this was a long time ago Lisa. He said it drives me crazy wanna -- liberals talk and he says. When they bought ice pack -- -- stock with my own money that I worked hard that to get in the and I get a dividend. From the stock I bought with my own money. That's un earned income -- the liberals call unearned income. Yet. Welfare recipients who never have worked. The money they get from the people who work is an entitlement. How is how was money that they didn't earn an entitlement of money you you did burn and invest unearned income. And of course this woman Sheila Jackson she was Sheila Jackson Lee is just out out of her mind rush mentioned as a about an hour ago that that she's the one who went to NASA one time and that they they showed. They show one of these little lot. That little pro pro being vehicles that they had on on Mars and they had video called the Mars rover to Mars rover thank you probe the row over something like that. The Mars rover choose Canada video -- live broadcast of the Mars rover she says it. One that you make you go over and visit that visit worth a flag yes. But the astronauts plan that. See she. Confused. Mars and the moon. And did have also been stories -- I guess so. Whatever whatever airline flies for my DC Houston I don't puts America camera or you know I hated her belt but. The the beach beef -- worthy of flight flight attendants try to make sure that they they are not working when they note that does she might shame she may be flying on the point because. She is apparently the but the worst. One of the worst human being she's just passed an amendment polishing yes yes she's just horrible horrible horrible. And -- she's just that she is she's a dumb as a rock. And didn't -- in chi. She has these now she has these even Craig I don't. Saying an entitlement is earned his is crazy is crazy. You know decisions she each of course she's not talking about Social Security -- welfare. So -- what is the poll question today and a what are the results thus far. Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee says entitlements. Are earned. What do you agree that the congressman no I do not. I'm sure you'll be shocked to know that 96%. Currently do not agree to these congressmen me. I'll tell you there was a lot of nutty stuff here today on the there was a lot of crazy stuff here. How about do we have the that Nancy Pelosi -- about the Christmas. And other holidays when you're entitlement Kwanzaa no but it does she mentioned by I was I was gonna like. Surprise people when they heard it you -- Now we don't have okay. All right we'll look for that. Via we're hearing even Morse -- stuff but we're gonna talk about the. So but the the situation in Lansing Michigan the other day is even he is even more noxious with the union protesters then than it than we have been told. And here's some here's some more you know as you know this guy Steve Crowder pharma fox. I got a lot of by the video of him being that knocked to the ground and that the union thugs talking about -- but haven't gone. All the sort of thing. But down. There was another -- there was another incident that I haven't seen anything I haven't seen much about in the he is anywhere including fox. And this was in the way in Lansing before the vote on the right to work -- the state at the State Capitol two days ago. And apparently there was a hot dog vendor in this hot dog -- isn't as a black guy and he's a conservative. And so he figured that you know he would go to the -- -- -- worked as the side of the audience that was for the right to work laws may have a lot of people in Lansing new -- And so he's pretty popular with the conservatives and appeal on the sign honest honest -- for whatever by. Anyway he was with the he would he was with the the right to work people when the union thugs -- Kimba. And guess what the union protesters this is from William Jacobson who well we put on the show before from legal insurrection dot com. Union protesters called hot dog vendor uncle pom and the -- word. But you won't hear about it in the mainstream media. You may have also heard the story of hot dog vendor whose equipment and supplies were deliberately destroyed by the union protesters remember. The only unit though they were saying last -- there was a guy on -- Helio last night with Steve Crowder in the Nikkei it was a union and he kept saying to you. Union people don't you understand -- frighten. They're frightened for their future. They're so I guess all that's an old because they they were there so frightened that they had they decided to to take this guys as a hot dog guy at heart. You don't talk about that's the I mean how much smaller of a businessman QB that to have hot dog cart that your role around. And they want what they wrecked his they they they wrecked his his heart and that they read and they destroyed all of the supplies. But unless you read conservative blogs and web site should not heard that the union protesters. Shouted racial slurs at the -- including the and word. Leo stress extranet -- bright part dot com has an interview with command which he details what happened. I'd -- in a lotion or view the men also when he were counted how we was called Ian ward the mainstream media is silent about the union violence in general because it does not fit their narrative. And the racial content of conduct of the members is off limits progressives are spreading conspiracy theories that this was all staged. It was well who who upstaged it. Why would why would. Why would anybody -- have gone after a guy who was on the on the side of the the Republicans were trying to pass this right to work legislation. We asked this question time and again and again as -- William Jacobson. YT if that bit Tea Party had done us. Do you do you think that this would be on national TV if the Tea Party. Had had had that on this if they had on the end. And to and take a black ice hot hot dog vendor and taken his cart and I destroyed it. And that turned overall to supplies onto the ground and stomped that you think you'd think that might get caught the attention. Of the mainstream media but not -- not not a not object. 1870. Excellence as Andrew Sullivan is -- sold on the guy who's promoting best that it may be a conspiracy. He is also is is Andrew Sullivan the guy who was said -- he thought that. That. Sarah Palin slash trial the one I was born with the Down syndrome. Was actually heard her daughter's illegitimate that child and that she had taken it she'd taken over Rasheed take over raising the child. To prevent these so called disgrace by having the child with Down syndrome. I believe that's yet I was. That was another one of his great -- she's got he's got a lot of very both he and she would teach you Jackson Lee on -- get together for a Leah. For a nice long launch. Uh oh boy one 18774694322. Seven a one says if if if the entitlements are earned them let them pay taxes on them. -- -- Someone who retired after working a lifetime is Ernie is receiving an earned entitlement -- but you don't you know them well that's not what she's talking about. According to Stephanie Miller the Tea Party is dead well I don't think so. 18774694322. I saw that guy on Hannity last night he was the definition of a buffalo on the way he talked of the union people being scared. I'm -- union and yes I am scared scared of idiots like him that are in charge. I know how you know it was it. It's just it's just crazy what was going on they they -- you know with the highest they. You probably do sometimes you know you're talking on the -- on not. The in the studio when they put the the video on top of you which are talking over it and he has the these guys are like are are rushing are rushing people like Stephen Crowder and punching him. In this and there there are you know when they're in they're chasing people when they're screaming and this guy is saying. They're scared. They're frightened. Coach you understand. 187746. What do you find that Nancy posting thing is that we got that Nancy Pelosi thank. No I don't and I'm I'm not I'm more optimistic than that I do think that mister Boehner says. Well intentioned person he knows what the riskiest because actually this isn't about. This is about the American people people watching your show drinking their coffee wanted to happen and pay their bills and how does this affect them. How they pay their bills having. Reach retirement -- they send their kids to school in the rest of that this has. Is relevant to their lives and that is why you cannot be frivolous about it just get it done whatever it is getting it done. And make a corrections or expansions on it. And next year than you have to know that they can pay the bills and -- your holiday bills next year leader Pelosi thank you for joining us -- I thought etc. that's not a the this the part where she I want I want -- Quantico quote Justin do you find it will most partake in a few calls. 18774694322187746943. Two to destroy I'll just read it to you before we -- on here. I'm telling you know you listen to her speak and you say to yourself. You know there there there -- a lot of drugs that are bad for them for the brain. You know. To marijuana has -- you know marijuana -- alcohol definitely. Cocaine makes you crazy there's all kinds of drugs but. We hear Nancy Pelosi talked you begin to think what about both hawks have diminish any. Style piece of the long term effects of Botox. And maybe John Kerry would fit into that too you know. John Kerry's so a lot of crazy things and we know he's on Botox as well. Kids. Kids don't use Botox which one and appoint Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry here's what she said. Yesterday. Is not an appreciation for the Jewish holidays. The Christmas holiday. Kwanzaa. All the other things that families come together around. Bonding ritual is important to the strength of our society do we not care about that well the American people though and they want to shop current. On this fiscal -- really you know. She's right about that though I don't know about you but you know this fiscal -- has really taken me up one despair this year Cindy do you many Kwanzaa spirit this year. Don't really noticeable this year and unlike past years where I've really gotten into the -- Angel yeah. -- so audio it's just it's just not the same with you know -- The Angel of death sovereign hovered over not just the city of New Orleans but the country at large is raining and say it's. You know please let's get this thing settled so we can have ourselves merry little Kwanzaa highly sensitive crimes Angel on our lobbying this year normally she's out there. I I'd missed I missed it though I'm mr. -- She's not at the top of the Toys for -- tree downstairs. I showed Patrice the -- she was very impressed with the tree in the lobby. By the way thanks Patrice for the Irish Patrice brought us some Jordan marsh blueberry muffins today. I was so happy when I saw that the box only contain three blueberry muffins. One for each of us. Because I I was afraid -- issue was gonna bring like six or doesn't and that I would have been -- much to bear but I would have been forced the three or four immediately. But thank goodness I just had one that was plenty well it was delicious -- was delicious thank you thank you. Thanks for everybody's been sent -- sending stuff to us. 18774694322. 603 what the hell is ones. -- -- Like fast events listen pal we don't need it we don't need you know when you're a racist comments go proceeds jango or whatever name and a movie is with the inward and that it if you wanna say stuff like that what Ellis ones. By the way you're speaking here -- during this time of the year like to be known as father ones. You know the call me captain are now your paper or an important call me father ones. -- you know on -- usually -- in the Kwanzaa spear. 18774694322. Okay. Pete you're next with how we cargo ahead -- -- I've been here a lot about -- right door locked. Scared you know I don't not really a voltage utility that I try to pay attention. Working here at the -- have you remained. And have a hard time understanding. How old. This is gonna -- our you know all these people that wanna work. In his shop in order they actively yet they still hold the Indians still obligated. Turtle. Represent these people which cost money you know get a real fighter you know I mean. Well but people get for -- people get free lawyers don't you think -- -- bath iron works and right. I mean don't don't aren't some of the rules at bath iron works when that people text the -- saying that -- -- some of those roles are crazy. Like you know you can't you don't you if there's if there's a piece of wood somewhere. In year old welder you have to wait for somebody from the carpenters union to come over and will move the peace away at the urgency is something like that do you have this. You are married they're they're remove a shop like. Two people are all right but Dwyane Wade heat heat the short time they keep people in my question isn't it. How do it right. -- people -- the nose. And just don't get representation. Product they are. When I can't keep it -- if the election if if the union so good that you wanna be able to convince people to join the union. Why should. Why should people. -- don't wanna belong to the union be compelled. To join the union to keep working. Because of the union negotiating and they're a contract vehicle should have the ability negotiate -- is. Yeah if there's problems in our. I thought I. You and you are trying to get pretty rapid and you will do you have to include money couldn't wait a second. -- do you have to contribute money to a church you don't go -- in you -- to contribute money to a church you don't go -- I don't. -- -- -- And you know everybody in churches praying for your salvation but you don't pay him any money if you don't wanna go to the church white. Why should that sure why should you have to pay money to a union if you don't have to pay money to a church if you wanna go to war restaurant you don't have to pay him for a meal billion. -- You can't -- the union. Well I guess. What is second why should -- get a job somewhere else. -- not enough. Watch -- very tired less -- person. It in Indiana Pete -- that this in Indiana. They just passed a similar law last year. And they they allowed state workers not to pay union dues if they didn't want to do nominee. State workers and Indiana decided to pay the union continue paying union dues to this set to these wonderful institution that would giving them it's so much great representation. 5%. 5%. Post article -- today he used to work at the the the four it was a four river shipyard in Quincy. And eat yet he was probably about the same things the guy in bath iron works was talking about and attacks the other day about you know. He would have to wait you also opened -- would have to be moved in that have to wait for the for the guy from the other union to come by and move it before they could work. And pretty soon on the you know pretty soon they couldn't compete and I and -- this guy was tell me said he that they sold at the shipyard was taken over by the workers. And this is the workers took over the shipyard all of these roles went away. We just had kids they had and instead heaven you know. One one electrician. From the electricians union who could only handle the electric problems and -- and one by somebody from the plumbers union to handle -- up plumbing. That was going on on the building they just had mechanics. You know they just had jacks of all -- because they they they -- like suddenly they weren't competition they owned. The the they owned the the corporation and they couldn't survive with the old union Rawls. 18774694322. Taxpayer money is being used to provide those jobs bath iron works those jobs should be open to anyone even nonunion workers exactly. That's a whole problem -- Davis bacon. You know. -- whenever they talk about you know repairing the infrastructure what they're talking about it it's. Cold word to the unions to the trade unions. There's say that what they're saying is will get you some Davis bacon jobs. And he you know you'll get paid forty bucks an hour where is on a private sector job what non union you get twenty bucks an hour which is what it's world which is what your of your labor is war. When you get right down to -- in most cases. So what you don't -- you have all these roads allegedly being repaired but they're costing 234 times as much as they as they should because. The Democrats. In power taken care of the unions that kicked back to them. -- your next with how we cargo Enron. I think -- is such a hot shots Stewart Colbert -- I have suggestions for our corporate. Just accept what it's like I say they. And it's all we want to more heavily to Obama so that they can drive we are at all of the airport for the world and I like I'm okay. -- Can you big guy even Sheila Jackson Lee I don't even pretty I don't think even Nancy Pelosi deserves that go to Mars with -- -- some way. That she's just she's just crazy I mean. Again he -- -- my I get the feeling she's not talking about Social Security sheet when she means entitlement she's talking about food stamps and SSI and SS DI. Decision it's just it's astounding the the the the mentality. That these that these Democrats have developed over the years that it that they just don't have to. You know and her constituents don't have to work they they we have -- the taxpayers have to take care of. Thanks for the call on. 18774694322. At the global -- bundle of papers falls off the conveyor belt the truck drivers can't touch and a member of the mailers union is call them. Is that still going on. Can't believe that that's where that's one you know when Rupert came into by The Herald. They had they had eight people on every 88 Pressman on every press. The only Pressman you nominee they need it. So we had six extra months. So Roberts I can't buy the paper unless she would give me the publishing give me the they regard the Manning reduction down the two on each press. And guess I guess what the globe globe being the great union support than it is to noted that. It admitted it's that the publisher immediately called and said that we demand India any reductions that are granite that are Harold. In terms of us depressed staffing we demand the same reductions. And I I heard that has a rumor and I called I called over laughingly channel seven does a report rice and what system call -- -- publisher of the globe CO far get a guy like me an Irish you know. Catholic how far can I get with the globe. -- wanna speak to mr. Taylor about this this demand that they get the same reductions in press staffing is via press Manning as the Carol. All pass the message on to a five minutes later I'm speaking to describe. Full moon. Mr. clone. You know this is the publisher of the globe you more than what -- oh cool on again bark to view. These people are all very liberal. And they're very much pro union until it comes down to actually -- having that the part with some some of their money. Like John -- With the boat with that boat built by union labor the one that he tried to beat the taxes no of course once. Wreck your next with how we cargo ahead -- -- -- -- -- your next with how we cargo had -- They aren't. Merry Kwanzaa the YouTube. -- to encourage and we look at the problem of the obesity is very -- correct me if I'm wrong but is intact current president it and smoke it. I'm not sure -- you know I haven't heard any stories about him lately but yes he was Spurrier for most of his fifty years he was a heavy smoker yes I believes. You're I know -- getting that smoking is more deadly than obesity I believe yes. Yeah. Thank you thank you -- 1877469432. To me Christie really is heavy army have you received from the from here. Mean it sometimes you see a picture of him walking you know when they released some warmer closer personal Florida. Key is huge. Mean you know they the used to be the -- song mr. four by four he could be he could be the he could be mr. four by four. 18774694322617. So wrong about the -- but it's. That's that's all like the old days I can't I can't believe -- would still oppose those rules are now given the given the globes as a brush with death when I was losing eighty million dollars a year. A couple of years ago about car. Client just happened on the substitution. This that the other thing while -- -- told. Make your reservations at Christmas Eve and one on the day after Christmas to come back. If they're not have an appreciation. For the Jewish holidays the Christmas holidays months all the other things that families come together and bonding rituals important. To the strength of our society. Do we not care about that with the American people do and they want to shop for it. They want to have. Family dinners and they want to exchange -- says as the tradition but they really don't know if they're going to be able to pay the bill. In January. Of that day -- for the purchases. In December. -- she talking about don't. Mean not just wants that's. That's just political correctness but I mean what system did not pay the bill. Mean who's the one wants to raise taxes on everybody I mean and let's be honest you want a Obama and Pelosi and Reid and the rest of wanna raise taxes on everybody there's not enough rich people around to solve this problem. They're coming after. The working family says the Democrats call -- only of course like I said that they don't work in the not PM Easter coming after the taxpayers -- the better way to describe it. 18774694322. Does anyone 978 does anyone really give a flying bleep about Kwanzaa. Of course just did to Pelosi I've never heard anyone even mention -- have ever even heard of black politician mention quantum. All right I like this 1774. Union minute pro union until it comes time -- Workman for their own homes. Yes exactly. How -- best of us access to a seven you know she missed estimates. What about what went up the winter solstice. You don't while wire run. -- era. Pagan draw woods being left out of the great. Human mosaic. That is the celebration of diversity that we call the United States of America. Where welfare is aren't. But money you make yourself. Use on -- Jerry you're next with how we -- ahead Jerry. Yet talk about next -- people in entitlements. Howie I'm the only Muslim in congress with an MSNBC. Two weeks ago Dallas entitlements. And you end up icing the -- to 250 billable hours -- into World War II vets was an entitlement. And how I've missed that. Almighty god. That. So you guys did not earn that money right. But some somebody some woman who's got three a legitimate kids in his in the illegal aliens got three anchor baby she's entitled to that money because. I have yet to have sex to get those three passports or -- to get sued to get that welfare payment every month. -- -- -- -- I didn't hear have loved to find that will will lower product that. -- Gretzky take a look at key tickle it but I keep Keith Ellison on the the World War II bonuses that's good Gerri thanks for the tip on that one. 18774694322. Seven they won Nancy Pelosi I'd pay cash for -- not charge when I can't afford to not pay later you should learn how to do that. -- Nancy did -- she said you know we have that. We have to pass the bill before you know what -- so I guess she figures will you have to spend the money. Before you know how much -- all the same -- Then your next what -- we are going had been. I'll show you a more remote main. Where that -- -- -- thank them underground. And the pants the Iowa our law. You know. I don't -- Broke court. Pro Obama for Obama could ever -- dressed in -- probable follow what kind of plan that brought it the other day in Michigan. Then he stirred it up and he go. You have problem. You know all riled up. And then he -- happening in Mecca a lot of things happen not to put the country out there on the roads are. I thought -- my country. I won't go back and Vietnam. Veteran -- -- Am I bought my country. -- be -- opposite view regarding how some companies that you have you have to do it to do that. In this new world I grew up and I'm I'm really just feed off both all both. And it backed off -- is really disease. Is not -- -- -- -- he's not but nobody these people Obama. That's that's my field. Where he doesn't Q he doesn't care about the fiscal cliff because you know it it's that most of his ex. Most loyal constituents don't work anyway where they have government jobs -- -- a recession is not going to affect them one way or another. 617 says George Bush gets over 50% and he's a legitimate. Obama gets under 50% and he has a mandate to lock up the senate the senators welfare is earned but 60% in taxes for success is fair. Reality in honesty is the antithesis of liberalism that's from -- Barbs hot today. He's on fire. Back in 96 the global at 212 Pressman now they have my 81 Pressman in the print for papers. -- the globe also used to have to printing presses they had the one and orca may have the one in Dorchester of them wanted to build our -- he blew the front four papers say they only they closed down bill recommended that only on the property anymore I don't like. Wreck your next with how we cargo -- -- Article on. -- yeah I'm in regards that you general populace my opinion is that. We've pretty much struck an even balance between people that. Janet. And people that are pretty much ignorant. To politic. Low low information voters as rush calls of. Exactly and and you know I got to tell yeah -- year two years ago probably 20/20 five years ago I used to -- invite. Gay marriage and those types. I don't know what you referred to -- Lancaster progressive side commissioners but I used to think in my own mind. Well you know it's ourselves a little joke it'll never -- all the in this country now here we are at the order of the day. How Rick how about the thing in California this is the craziest thing of the week I think giving illegal aliens in California unemployment compensation. I. Mean I don't think that you would hear such a thing. Never never I agree with previous caller -- I am as concerned. What direction and the and the future of the country and want. They got a hold to their recht thanks for the thanks for the call on how -- car.