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Ann Coulter On Rice Withdrawal And The Fiscal Cliff

Dec 13, 2012|

Our favorite best selling author and talking babe Ann Coulter, author of Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama, joined us for our week;y disection of the american political landscape including this week Susan Rice's withdrawal from the nomination for Secretary of State and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's pronouncement that entitlements are earned.

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That's what told free now in my my fear is that. The whole world I -- -- Become so. Overly populated that it will took over and and kept sides. We don't anticipate. They've got the office of the and. -- forget the guy's name. And -- are deep and -- uncalled for -- murmured a guy's name that -- that congressman was worried about Guam tipping over and capsize in. And. Paint job when Hank Johnson from Georgia congressman -- I caught it just meant that extra putts that. Now admittedly they are not all as stupid as Hank Johnson but this does -- reinforce my point that we can not chronic congressmen -- presidents compared. I mean he's a Democrat I know he's outstanding even if the Democrats yet until it is possible. And PA congressmen had -- something like that even a democratic governor could not be that's still. Now I I don't think so. Which breathing and -- for the author of mug that that's her latest book and that -- -- -- she's written many books that make a great Christmas gift for you to get. And she's on the many many TV shows and a idea you you know in -- I have a difference of opinion on this we we myself and everybody here in Massachusetts listening to the show. We are all extraordinarily. Excited about the withdrawal of Susan rice's name. Not because we care one way or the other about Susan Rice being are not being secretary of state but because the guy who was second in line. Is our senior senator John Forbes a live shot Kerry there we may finally. -- -- Be getting rid of the guy that most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I admit that -- that is the one silver -- -- of care areas as secretary of the state. -- I was wondering from the beginning whether this poll that is the right thing was -- which they can get John Cary and if they just nominated John Kerry in a vacuum. People would say wait a second if I -- and our American group as being warm war criminal slaughtering women and children. The one through its battle with. That's Salmonella yeah all over the -- -- But now he's like a dream compared to and the quiet. And he's also a guy who when he when the Iraq -- the began he sent out the letters saying that he was both for and against the war. Depending on what you said in your who what what the constituents said in his letter to John Kerry. This is late edition today and he's also a guy who who ouch saved for the fine character of Syrian president basher I -- and. Yeah he's. Content a lot of objections again though I I feel the pain that happens is that the Republicans would like to be rid of him get another shot to ride lot Scott Brown. Yeah I'll cautiously you don't wish he really is an amazing judge of character not only does he say that basher Assad is is a great were warmer. But he also is the guy who picked John. Edwards as his running. I mean that this this is a guy who what makes John Carey appeared to be one of the stand up guys of all time. Yeah I think it. Why he picked him. -- the next guy who looked like a man and. Yeah Georgia big John Kerry it's that it's ever been confirmed but a lot of people said that he. It's got to know -- better he said this is the biggest phony I've ever -- -- and that I guess that I think that includes the person he looks set in the mirror every morning as he shaking. Up. Yeah I I I would actually agree with that assessment there. But you know I I don't know -- I you know although he'll be he'll be. Just you know. Given the given the royal treatment of these goes up -- force before the senate for confirmation hearing I mean you know even guys guys like McCain lump them you know McCain that he offered McCain the opportunity to be his running mate before he turned to was the very ethical John Edwards. -- -- right and and although we are probably going to have to consider competitors. That we do have some some -- Republican governors out there. It is also why governors are better than -- -- to run for president because they've been given but the senators all voting for one another. No matter how bad they are prepared to go back cabinet appointment did -- Is a little irritating. Yeah you don't you know the war the weirdest thing is they don't say it's a much now but when we were younger they used to say it was the world's most exclusive club. -- and then you that you walked into the gallery. And you see these people down there. And edit edit the first part mice the birth of everyone and there's this looks like -- convention of above mid market weekend TV anchors. You know why you might they do look a lot alike. Which is why I'm just going to keep pressing that this -- -- going Lafayette. Which is why we also can't get that are anyone frequently funny looking more frequently sort. And I think you know which governor I'm talking about in the ones and Mitch Daniels. Because people seem to have in America now that we RA in a television -- people didn't have an idea what the 888. Senator our president should look like the -- in the very strange how much better look like not to want to compliment you get -- like -- I -- its way to the biggest. I'm not happy with the smaller one you can even get appeared in mind that is -- -- on the senate side. I have never remember when I got there -- all 90% of the which is -- -- nine -- -- -- Could read and I bet they Wear the same shirt size and exactly the same like many of them look at a much. Exactly what you just like TV anchors right. And and they all have the same here here is the same I mean John Kerry is just. The best of the here but there are all -- all of Mets seem that that same -- that he's sitting here right. Yes kind of pulling some really good blocking and and yet no you're exactly right get a few out flyers now and then -- -- -- not more than one or two per per hundreds -- under over the well you know. I couldn't believe -- -- I the other day they hear what right after the election they had they they had the fake Indian Elizabeth Warren insurance within a picture of walking with a Tammy ball when the first openly lesbian senator who just collected from Wisconsin. -- and they were walking. They were walking next which over the globe that put the picture and -- what they look like clones. So it's not only males it's -- as well. Delaware and they -- they have the same haircuts the same glasses and they were both wearing but the same kind of cancer you know the no nonsense. -- so it's you know. That. No not that it can't get -- the height of theft and it is something we're getting we'll talk about -- well well -- it into something for our Brooke. Republicans to consider when you are looking for candidates whether it's for senate or governor. Or or the presidency. That you know do not only about somebody's voting record if he doesn't count but of course she got -- -- -- that just will not vote for -- while on the extremely funny looking. Or I suspect. I'm not sure that has been to ride. Well again Romney about what is really the problem I suspect that might be a point at which a candidate becomes too good looking. You know -- know that's sort of bland and yeah. I can't even describe it except news anchor that's so -- yeah that's what people like to vote for that's what they see in -- -- I said freakish we short governor there was only one that being again my parochial Massachusetts background there was only one name that came to my mind and I was Michael Stanley Dukakis. And that and -- Yeah -- from them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- like right about right and and and -- did you have to like leaned down to -- -- yeah. We hit the green at -- miles an inevitable thing they they picked the Tea Party and I remember that would they would. Yeah they always used to say that the you know a Paul lawyer has an advantage over short lawyer and they you know because the -- the jury. The jury somehow has more respect. For the tall -- I -- But generally speaking that's been true when mighty the mighty. In my experience but not not a 100%. And that didn't end up stating a preference -- -- just dating back towards port choosing the possibly winning candidates. Listening and I -- like your column this week about the you know putting for one thing putting you know post post trying to put taxes on the rich people. Because this -- just so this is so we irritating you know and again that meant you know we have this time we have this thing in Massachusetts where you have the bit you know above the voluntary pay a higher income tax rate and guess what all the people -- there campaigning all of the Elizabeth Warren John Kerry we -- we've asked them all over the years. They'd be all the millionaires would go down to Washington with Warren -- that I won that 1 morning a few months ago I spent all morning get a pocket to these guys and not one album pays a higher rate. Another -- the flight to Washington instead up at a press conference and say. Going to higher rate. Won't carry out this is what you said Washington what you got what did you know and what it said my account and told me yet not the door. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No this is the classic example of the very of the already bridge. Trying to prevent others from becoming. Because nothing to do with policy they wanna brag about their wealth and they want to make sure you middle while those drivers. Can't make it -- to -- the height they -- by raising our taxes though. I had three and a mom I'm I think we cannot be spending more suggestions to our our senators and representatives for how to specifically targets. Well in in in my interpretations. These rich liberal. Side. As a matter of policy will be targeting the top 1% of the top 1%. New Yorkers Californians they keep voting for high tax rates and they -- made -- and yet they commended those taxes from the federal -- that. Well you know -- attitude that has a lower tax rates in new York and California there are a lot of low or no -- states why should you know you talk be subsidizing California capital -- you've Californian to flip the high -- I know Ivan tell I've been told people as you know I mean I I don't want people feel like we get a great deal here in Massachusetts when our tax rate is five point 25% at the top rate in California is now thirteen point 3% -- -- -- that this is. So because every once in awhile you get. It kind Republican governor like Mitt Romney. You are actually kind of middle middle of black people and. And -- and the embassy and sales tax overplay some some counties and cities in California have a sales tax up to 10%. -- sat on top of the 13% in compacts. Yes make. Make them -- Yeah or want all the once second and I got to read this sub -- the six caller and it's 6179311680. And you will -- -- -- -- main themed gift basket with more than fifty dollars a -- and made confections plus qualified for a chance to -- how -- -- our -- -- restaurants -- on December 20. For more details go to W war Kerio dot com hall splashy holiday so be the six calorie and it's 6179311680. Now I don't know this about the did that -- Hollywood you otherwise have and an excise tax placed on on every ticket price. Yeah you could get paid for our by the World War I one of the awards you know a big expand. Actor died attackers were put on a lot of things -- need to debate they're on -- on tanning salon that. And gasoline and and things you need artillery product -- Suiting product you pay excise taxes on gasoline of course it's. You pay excise tax on all sorts of good and activities. But Hollywood I think because. Liberal like our Democrat like Hollywood because Hollywood throws big donated blood and they get a Hollywood money. And Republicans against the hardest job in the dark struck idiot. And they keep you know it fly out my my friends in in Hollywood only -- to fill out -- -- clawing and even Republican. They get that launch the film that has been sitcom actor and it's and they go back to Washington say everything's fine we don't need to raise. -- -- Shiny that Kirstie Alley. Condit like that now I'm like I'm still hungry negotiate with -- -- Big important dvd movies to be a. Let's put an excise tax on the men and as good as in that -- that the law professor. My plan with the new England and it's yes glad Reynolds daddy that they'll be talking like art Laffer. Yeah it and it's -- Republicans could show pictures of David Geffen yacht and John Travolta's personal Boeing 707 on the senate floor. Yeah I don't feel like a lot of law and the Republicans need to concentrate on because the they get they can vote against raising taxes on the top few percent. But -- they eventually agreed about. And they hired. Acquiescing in taxes going up on everyone and we are the low tax party we don't want that those taxes are going to be going up on the top 2% of income earners. I want to we have balloon dog now but let's just how are real platform bloodbath. That you see there is no store in the Wall Street Journal today about all these all these great companies that are rock. You know there's certain there's so liberal and but there there were there were all speeding up their dividend process so they can get the checks mailed out by December 31 so. All thereof all their liberal Stockholm shareholders can avoid paying taxes at the new higher rate. Oh yes oh yes they're very careful about their own taxes well I think we need to raise taxes on people hold. Cool I did an article one mitigating job -- -- earning money now that you really can't beat that often enough that is not a wealth tax that is not a tax the rich it's not attack on John Kerry or. Jay Rockefeller and -- were passionate there's a classic example. As wouldn't throw any money list. But he's living off his he's living off his money I. The I want to say I I mean I'd I'd I hesitate to mention that because we're gonna get backpack along with the other taxes we already have. I would -- -- tax and when you come back. People learning in Obama could activity we ought to be encouraging and it they universal law major attack something you get that it. Doctor I think you get more back. We don't -- I -- it legitimately not working. Not working anymore. Have been the one thing we should be encouraging we're getting and earning -- you com. Yeah and that of course you see what's going on France via big they're big and Durham movie -- Jerrold whatever his name is he he just moved over the he moved a half a mile over the French border and -- Belgium. And -- I believe this. I believe with confidence picking up some voters. Illinois this update is you spoke the actor's spokesman said he loves the canal. That separates. France from Belgium. Especially when it's saving him like probably five million bucks a year that can now. And how that turned out here. And of course they left they left that Sarkozy last year when he says everybody's gonna start even France they vol your you're just that you're trying to scare people so now they're all leaving and you know when it and who the new with the socialist is column of -- traders. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I don't know I expect that same will be said about those are kind of it becomes more and more like like Venezuela. -- -- I I know it's just well well I would just think that they want to think of Lansing I mean it wasn't I mean can you believe that the the idea. I said yesterday I I you know I used to spent I used to be in TV news and we -- I was told that the best the best video led every night and and whatever your story was you -- with the best video I have and they have this amazing video from Lansing of people screaming and yelling at each other words -- I even I can see it's like yeah. Ed Ed Ed yet then the mainstream media gives it a whole leaving alone. Yet particularly the -- video and I must have a chance to stick to fight I've not seen many flights in my life. More technically sucker -- just like but why now what is your read on over and over again and he just keeps raising his hand of the show he's not the ones fighting. And they're grabbing him flipping them around and punching him be all that looked like to make. Horrible what we're being Fred where is standing outside an Americans for prosperity. And we are you right are we don't -- have any of that because you know we can -- with something really exciting story that. Gas prices going down with gas prices were going up during the election. We were giving it a good leaving alone like the union thugs image glancing but now look now but the prices are going down it's got to be the lead story. Yes they're not feeling down noticeably in numbers aren't. But you know looks at -- really bad case that an American should look at it that. A lot of states are in danger of going the way of Michigan you know under Michigan law school. And a big beautiful. Beautiful estate if you get cut. -- beyond Detroit ended it the beautiful that you could still pretty with a much better city than Chicago. It had these beautiful and still have the advantage there but so there isn't much -- going on. Beautiful art Deco buildings it was Detroit went to jam the city of the United States of America the entire country they had more millionaires in New York. And then reverse the racial mob destroyed it and liberals backed down back down and then the union mob. Destroyed manufacturing. And in the states people -- in my -- of Cuba the 1 o'clock left behind. Are are the people he really don't want coming to your state that they're by and large ones who don't want to work the one to -- -- work and want that happy life with attractive people. Going places and doing things they've left and onto another step. I mean it's amazing image -- from -- I did there was a story yesterday April we sought Detroit's population is gone from one point nine million to 700000. One look at one point nine million likened it and you would nineteenth this is what pulling back even go online go on Google and look up to Detroit. Video they've -- a few of them I think they were trying to get the Olympics they are. I 1960 or something and the video. Droid. -- that it is incredibly modern city with beautiful people biking and rolling up their ducks and -- and medical benefits. And now it is they bombed out carcass. Yeah you don't know satellite pictures -- so amazing about Korea and yeah you know South Korea has all the lights on at night and -- -- -- everything in between between. South Korea and China is dark because there's no electricity. And I'll bet you could do the same kind of picture with Detroit you know and just have whole sections of Detroit are now just like. In total darkness because they've been abandoned by your body. And that's why they're talking about you know that the big Hamid Dave -- the mayor is talking about the gonna have to ask people to leave certain areas because they don't have the they don't have the pulled the police protection. To keep -- there I mean they're just in its like they don't like that little isolated communities in in night Indian Country now and this in the seventeen under its. Yes you can just happen -- -- -- when you look at what it came from the just wasn't your average. Midwestern. City your average midwestern think it was. It was gonna bring that would Hollywood the -- handled it with a plate everybody one goes there and it was sold America to Manson. It didn't I think you just shortly you know Americans think it can't happen here. What happened. In China are only feed the North Korea and all doing the fake crying after Kim Jong-Il died America org you'll enjoy yeah I think that the can down when he -- remember all that chronic. It can't happen here are all human beings. And and the American experiment is quite unusable in the world be -- the prosperity unprecedented prosperity and freedom. And and you know Michigan could be the camel knows and depends. -- -- oh god bless the people of Michigan there's still -- They're really think the state is worth fighting force but they have a Republican legislature and a fantastic -- another -- is one of my. One of my candidate for president I -- Let's think a couple of calls in who your next with Howie Carr -- and called for gore had hooch. LA is just Ochoa or Alter -- just fabulous. And that is looking and very Smart and I. And I just think that the -- to the these presidency of Obama. This election I think the reason why Obama got -- because of just a lot IDs. See the mainstream media and I can say it happened on 9/11 -- in Libya if that was bush. You would have every immediate outrage going over twenty or seven about emails when did bush know about it and had which would lose the election. What do what do those union thugs had been Tea Party Bucs coach would be that -- think -- what about the media about total media black out of the blocks. You know it is that they did did they got there at the hypocrisy of the collapsed. That they demonize -- the radio. AM radio listeners that you parties and wiggle and AM radio listeners think conservatives and Tea Party members. By the most knowledgeable about history and a state politics. As the last that is John you know they say Bush's stupid but you know which scored higher hornet military than Kerry did. That's diet and have higher grade that Yale. I'm glad you mention this because I may have write about this in an upcoming column I don't know all the different. That this article was published in the Washington Post about it recent book that's coming out. A couple of names you know -- but I forget I think one north normal warned that the but the big point -- what is going all over it on the Huffington Post it on the New York I'm a big point is. The biggest story the media made this election. Has exploded into that and Gagne is hit. -- -- I don't know why. The ballad about a -- about -- killing that steelworkers why to. It did -- Obama and the media lying about how Obama got the weapon requires no particular story of this article actually that the media man. Is how much of the Republican line. I'm glad I -- the other why I had to call -- firearms aside before leaving them. -- that the legal age. I didn't read through it and see what exactly they were going to identify as -- line that it was just all you know definitely under that -- -- -- Republican doc and I got Belmont and it really -- But I keep reading -- plowing through the article forget about the people ideas. Attitude 2.0 on witness liberal happen to disagree with Republicans on on economic theory. Whether or not the government can create jobs well yet they can't but it cost the taxpayers their -- they don't want that we could never got a bit of and secondly whether. Raising taxes on the rich and well or or rather cutting taxes on the rich. Will help reduce the -- that well every time it's been done Calvin Coolidge JFK -- every time it's been denied that it exactly but it happened. But liberals still didn't believe what I thought that they're bitter disagreement. Bit. -- why it's like saying. I mean -- had why it's a matter of opinion our appetite to vote. It's like seeing Republicans know why your employers think they even know if the path like crazy -- -- can sleep well. Public Geoff Petrie Jeffrey Immelt did you see that the do you see -- -- me at times this state run Communist. Yes state run economy it may not be everybody's cup team but it's really they really make the trains run on time -- Mussolini right I mean. You know what's ironic in is that it did she he. He said this at the same time this new book has come out about the great leap forward. You know by a Chinese historian have you been written about this what this sport has -- -- reviews -- -- in in in various publications. And about how 4050 million people by -- because it because of the least you know of the Communist government in -- said. We wanna stop all agriculture is to build a steel foundry in your backyard and don't worry about the don't worry about going any food. Yeah and -- I will. In a total break with today to recommend someone else that proxy where their mother -- gripping book I've ever read it's called party you'll want. I'm gang up on gang of one pie -- Chinese kid who participated in the cultural revolution the first of them running out turning part of and that may have been good rider but he is not his progress to go through the cult roll revolution and it is. It if you can't put it that. Yeah it is and he's got there were some guys who tried to stop it to save their own people they just said the told the people go back to Furman you're -- plots -- the only way you're gonna stay alive yeah and these guys were later later beaten to death. By by the red guards no -- -- for mediating from the -- the the party wrote the party line becoming capitalist rotors -- radio Pete king used to say. And end. And and what an idiot Jeff Immelt this to say something like that. I was shocked and appalled and then I I reflected further thoughts. These kinds of reasons that didn't happen nations that voted the -- The majority of people helped out on November 6. Bare majority -- c'mon we got to remember that Paul you are next with how we learn in cult or go ahead Paul. -- -- -- And get the correct image you mentioned. That in Detroit the batteries mobs threw in the city and county and of course. The private sector unions reckoning is backing she's forgotten that the public's sick he again finished the job. By killing municipality with all their unfunded pension and healthcare is for those under development that retirees that are sitting on every monthly for check. I don't know you're absolutely right I mean usually I -- -- carpet line between. Private unions and public unions have it just happened that -- that the other the auto unions they actually -- old private business. And I think there's. Simply no I agree with STR a board meeting on that there is no justification for a union. For a government -- -- -- -- -- -- aren't going to squeeze money out of their you know they're trying to please -- we will and about midnight. I applied on the same side of the negotiating table -- -- -- -- and having a union. -- or any government employee and and it's bankrupting -- -- got -- -- -- -- Well we certainly even an industry where you might think union could be all the auto unions think. Can avoid the continued to keep the people protest against and and matching. Steep drop in the Mountain -- real -- why so many that doesn't defend Derek they're manufacturing plants to China and could go do you have toward that forgetting about it. -- and -- admit I am with one last thing before you go week we have a caller last week for Michigan she listens on the Internet she said. She has a house that's worth it she paid like over a 100004 -- now what's worth 101000. Her property taxes are twelve grand a year on a house that she couldn't sell -- so what are -- Detroit this is -- Now you could buy houses in Detroit for less than a thousand dollars. You'll see that the plan what happens when you killed the golden guy that plays yet and that's what DA. That auto union did in the -- You know the and we gotta we gotta break but I appreciate -- being what is the title of your new book is mugged and that's available at fine bookstores everywhere and on line and we'll talk disown. Market value but I. I talked till later. How we car.