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Kerry For Secretary Of State

Dec 13, 2012|

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration for Secretary of State today. This makes Howie hopeful again that John Kerry is next in line which might give Sen. Scott Brown another special election return to the Senate. Howie genuinely wished Sen. Kerry good luck on getting the nomination so that he gets the hell out of here.....

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Well all day. Lobbying they're talking about me again on the number of hate radio program. But -- albeit below hide the -- you all around the globe. Enough of this Republican smear tactic. You probably heard the spine. Susan Rice the ambassador. To the United Nations has withdrawn her name from consideration to be the next secretary of state. She didn't have the votes. In the senate he even. He even with the enthusiastic. -- allegedly enthusiastic endorsement of Barack Obama the president she was which was taken the heat forbidden Ghazi as you know she. Went on. TV on the Sunday morning shows five days after. -- -- Ghazi went jinx of US citizens including the ambassador to Libya and said it was all lead to wing of a ridiculous film on YouTube that nobody had really seen. It was a lie. And everybody in the administration. Knew what was all I. And that's the end of her chance to be secretary of state. So now this raises the possibility that. John and -- who's wanted to be secretary of state for very long time. Could be the secretary of state and if if he were to be appointed secretary of state and confirmed by the senate which would. Be a mere formality. The senate seat would be vacant. Deval Patrick the governor could appoint someone. To be the interim senator but only in -- On election could be held within a 150 base of the vacancy 145 to 150 days of the vacancy. So. There could be another election as you know -- yesterday. Scott Brown when he says his farewell. To the United States Hannity said to his colleagues of three years Sunday well we may we may meet again. And now today we find out John Kerry may be -- front runner to become the secretary of state so maybe Scott Brown is gonna get a chance for a a duel over here. And just want to talk about that and see if you think he has a chance and if you would. If they who would be the Democrats running against him somebody mentioned Vicki Kennedy I don't think -- -- and I don't think she's the right Kennedy to be running anyway. She's not from here not that Deval Patrick from here -- not -- Elizabeth Warren's forum here. I guess maybe that's on a big the only you don't have to be for Massachusetts. Two and two -- and Massachusetts. You don't even have to lived here very -- like Elizabeth Warren has it ever law. Was -- thinks there's a seacoast on the western border Massachusetts. That's how much she knows about the state so but Gordon who would run against Scott and -- have a shot you know Scott. -- lost. Mainly because it was presidential year. The when he won in January of 2010. And it was a rare occasions first time in our lifetime probably. Probably won't ever happen again -- he statewide election machine and you work. Why do yet and only 2.2 million people voted. In it in November last month I think about 3.2 million people voted in Massachusetts and they they were predominantly of course the the low information voters. The people. On welfare who got up off their couches and you know voted that to preserve their rights to not work. The working families who don't work and our families. So. This time there would be it would this would be a special election be there would be fewer of those working families out there. And -- Scott might have a better chance should certainly be able to raise a lot of dough again. But on the other hand you have way I think you have a lot of up to what might be good to actually form as that you might have several congressman running for the list. You know a lot of these congressman. They don't they never wanted to within a one Iran when they might have to give up their seats because what would become of them I mean think about it -- what would Ed -- do if he wasn't a congressman. His last real job was he was mr. frosty and -- That's no joke that was his last real job that was about. 55. Years ago maybe. Fifty to 55 years ago. He he can't these guys not -- they can't make a living paid leave that might in -- -- end up in the pine street hand if they if they didn't have that. The congressional job but this is what you call a free shop free ride they don't have to give up their seats because. If there's an election there will be held in an off year 2013. They can advocates they can run and lose and -- they can still run for reelection in 2014. They don't have to give up their seats. So and I would assume that be a lot of congressman in this in this fight especially since the Democrats have mobilize themselves much more about. Not much moron. Thoroughly then than they had before Scott Brown was elected Scott Brown caught him flat -- And they had the world's worst candidate. But you know since then they have lost that. A single sit statewide race because they've they've worked a lot harder and they've you know that made it clear to their constituents what's at stake you know mean. Republicans. Want you to work Democrats. Don't. Democrats want to continue the free Iraq. And the free ride it's it's enough to get people to come out and vote. 1877469432218774694322. Joseph Joseph Joseph -- he's got enough experience now was a rep elect laughing out loud. I'm so glad live shot won't be secretary of defense that would be a slap in the face to us vets more than secretary of -- -- rhubarb we are here don't wanna be secretary of defense he wanted to be secretary of state. He wants an opportunity to speak French. You know. He John France walked Kerry -- that day game today and it -- out. See that's what he wants to go preaches the language of diplomacy not to mention the language -- check ups. Frank you're next with how we cargo ahead frank. Are you want Jared Rogers -- so at this outpost eyebrow yes. Yeah I don't I don't want to be secretary is -- -- always go back to back but who's going to be. So what part of that job Gary. -- -- You know the thing do you have you ever been happy with an appointee of Bob Barack Obama's. Not the point I don't want reminiscent of ginger -- try and secretary of state secretary defense the secretary of what -- I don't want to -- keep the seat they'll. Yes but this torpedoes and if he doesn't pick that John Kerry's gonna pick somebody like Bill Ayers -- -- Jones. -- Don't you aren't so watch shortly when we get them out of this damn day. Outlaw it out yet you break. Disagree -- -- not not not secretary is a serious. I look I don't think he's gonna you look you we have -- -- off foreign policy leading from behind it's it's a disaster. You know it's Webber's in there and bits are going to be anybody good because Barack Obama is appointing them who let let Kerry preside over the disaster that is going to. Unfold in the Middle East and elsewhere over the over the next few years thanks for call for a 1877469432243. Mid term elections only the serious voters Obama this is -- even a mid term election this is this is a special election. This will be the only thing on the back. Scott can win Marty Meehan will use his five million ran against Scott I don't I don't think Marty Meehan this way if he loses he can keep his cushy UMass job. See in this case go Bruno he I think Marty Meehan would have to give up that the cushy job. I know what David Bartley didn't have to give up his cushy job at Holyoke community college when he ran eighty for the former speaker but. He this is this a little different situation now more visual more high profile knob and David partly as a thought Marty really likes his job. Yeah any rue likes the attention that's coming behind it though. As a that is a big leap and pension he's make it like 300 grand a year he's got a Bulger -- pension. Bill saying I think he's pretty good at his job he's content mighty fine job Ian mass. He's there that that places that places the one okay and it's you know those funny -- real estate downtown as the business has been. Fleeing obviously and he's he's picking up -- he's picked them up real estate cheap. And he's expanding and its its probably given -- were given the economic realities is probably the best thing that can happen -- -- -- next with how we cargo ahead bill. Are you can't talk about the -- I think it's ridiculous John Kerry should not be secretary of adopt. Club belongs sectors state nor should -- -- nor should William his. You're not like any albums on ninety carry out here yeah well. Because I've seen. And Guatemala and they are dangerous is that it's. Anyone of them -- to carry out here. Well. If we don't get if we don't this is our one chance to get rid of bill if we don't get rid of him now he's gonna die in office like -- He's 69 he just turned 69 he could easily live another fifteen years. That. No kidding. That's why -- I wanna I wanna sayonara baby arena but there Richie banners saying. -- it -- today and it just scares the heck out of me haven't enrolled in the world. That's well. He's warming the world is it has bill -- for its chairman of senate foreign relations I mean again he went over to -- last year it talked about what a great guy basher. -- -- is my point. These are all well that's easy he's going to do be doing these stupid things whether he secretary of state or not. He has really he's the president once the lead from behind. We're letting the par. They send send over weapons with our blessing in -- ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda terrorists -- C area. Community whoever's the secretary of state this kind of ratchet foreign policy is gonna continue soul lol like it's why not take advantage of the opportunity. To just get this guy who the hell out of here thanks for the call bill. What accurately business. That. I mean these everybody's. Who's caught on seems to be taken the job as secretary of state a lot series ride. -- series job but here's the issue you're not gonna like anybody's -- this administration -- No matter who it is so why not do yourself some -- you -- hated anyway so when I do you sell some good on the other side renowned John Kerry -- and Roger you're next with how we cargo that Roger. You want on the die in office how does that mean spirited. Accurately more public opinion on this one mile route to get an idea but I -- quick story here probably count okay. I went to a seminar last mop -- and stuff for taxis and couple guys who -- the popular revenue rather be up afternoon session. In the state -- any organized questions. I'd -- it might not understate enough bottom. He comes up and he Yasser. Did John Kerry -- the sales tax audit yeah. What is. Duplicate really sorry -- we can't comment on individual tax matters you know -- Yeah everyone out quite well bring the house down but I mineral pool account you know what I mean. I -- I will have to -- have been their Roger but then again I'm not an accountant who. Like a joke but nobody was. Blocking and support out. It's -- rather it was a good try though Roger. Thanks 18774694322. Looking forward to senator lynch. Says nine so tonight. -- said -- is another when don't be surprised if Colin Powell was nominated by dear leader I don't think so I don't think so he's. He's see he was too involved with the the Iraq War thank Michael your next with -- cargo have Michael. It'll even Democrats don't like Carey that show that they should she is her vote in my. Look at from money and they never seem yeah just. What -- Shot a lot. I know. A few Democrat. Gesture at the same thing. You see Obama went straight I mean that would be -- pretty good -- to tell about it. Lynch would certainly be preferable to anybody else in the congressional delegate. And -- it they didn't blow it -- shot well. Which -- or detect up to actually put stuff for the lack of respect but. I gotta tell it like she goes to guys square off because that they -- that would Peoria. Lynch to win a democratic primary -- Michael. And I am saying that he's got a we've got to win it -- have to with a democratic primary and -- you know the the modern day Massachusetts democratic electorate does not like. Guys who were a Irish beat Catholics see heterosexual. And -- Probably about why people are tired yes EY -- and iron worker yet. Thanks. Thanks Michael you know what that you know. Do you know what is colleagues they get the mug shot of him when he was arrested for beating up on -- rainy and on a City Hall plaza back during the hostage crisis. 18774694322. On our car. Some guys says suddenly one lynch to pinky ring ash from a yeah I think you you know I'm not saying he's and to pinky ring ish but he might appear that way to the average Democrat voter and again he's. -- it's because it's astounding to say this but it's it's it's. Really get this advancing and elections in Massachusetts could be from Massachusetts. The state has been over. Gingerbread floods and.