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Barry speaks with Shirley Leung

Dec 14, 2012|

From the Boston Globe real estate section, Shirley Leung joins Barry on the show.

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How we're joined by Shirley -- from the Boston Globe. There's that big ugly building in Roslindale square and it's been vacant while. Longer than I can remember show was gonna talk to us about the redevelopment of Rosalind -- -- square one he surely -- So -- it tell us about the at the redevelopment plans for -- this old Rosalind dale substation guess it was a a a place for trolley cars and stuff like that right. Diet as it it has been used for about forty years and that's been sitting around and two very effort it looks like there I think there's been a lot of effort over the years it looks like this is getting gaining momentum. An idea to build them apartments restaurants. And police market stair. To kind of grabbed -- by the thought we revitalize that little corner of rock and you know. It is kind of a seedy section of town isn't. Yeah I haven't seen them myself back I didn't know that loud and bill that is the -- neighborhood and you seemed lakers. It attracting a lot of fun professionals and young family to kind of the new JP in town. Quick who's leading the project. Well they're -- my nonprofit called historic Boston and also on the Rhode Island the proper copart agreed. And historic Boston really guessing it's some. Can the public private debt per day in identified historic properties. In the city that would be good for development. And and they gave to we've written about them before they do need them for the other projects in town including. I held that Malcolm maxed used to live in and Don and this is it's it's really waived for I guess I do give developers a little more confidence. That that they're getting a little helped in this city to. You know to develop the property that hasn't didn't you -- Why did yeah why -- just sell it to the private sector -- you know like apparently just a big developer you know development as opposed to -- to -- -- I worry about the nonprofit having the money to finish the job. I think there more you know they were close -- this video I don't think they put him and I think it's more like they help with the approval they help with the neighborhood. Stayed -- at five properties I think a lot of money and finance is put up by the get out. Who's -- -- it went to begin a begin construction when they get this project going to. Didn't start community meetings in January on this still got a long way to go but I -- if they get all the great approvals. I think -- probably start construction next ball. And very distinct periods well IE will will look for a will look for shovels in the ground now. I think that. -- thank you very much for your time. Appreciate it. -- there's a story about a Harvard bio says science company. Shares of Harvard Bioscience Inc. surged nearly 13%. On Wednesday after the light sciences tool maker. Disclosed plans to spin off its regenerative. Medicine device does this through and an IPO offering next year and give some stock. To Harvard Bioscience has bioscience and investors so. Big news over in that at Harvard you know gonna try to pronounce any of those diseases or Medicaid on this and I today looking -- today. I see if I I'll I'll do the best tight end. To spell it out fanatically for you that's right they are our lead story today is this they really this Wall Street Journal. Exposes its funny the Wall Street Journal exposes a lot I don't know if you noticed but it seems like every -- there's some kind of huge scandal has been released and it's always a Wall Street Journal that has the dope as pretty credible stuff to this is gonna be good stay tuned. We've got Stephanie bench -- From the Wall Street Journal joining us to talk about the pension problems that exist crossed the prop across the country it's all related to teachers. Pensions that's next on the financial exchange.