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Barry and June talk about bargins

Dec 14, 2012|

June Knight gives her daily dose of great bargains to look out for the holiday season.

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-- -- And you should because I sort of you're just won a little bit your way but we're talking about that sales tax. And Amazon.com and all that I know it doesn't go into effect Barry until next year but I figured I would swing you've. Through Overstock.Com. He is talking about this yesterday you ticked at their website -- well they're offering free shipping on your entire order. I like that of course you know we talk about no sales tax there. But if not a couple of things for you if maybe your wife is listening but -- even -- you've got one of these the noise canceling headphones from Sony. They're portable. Still ladies men if you listening in you want to cancel your husband -- wife like Barry does. On his poor wife every night there 34 dollars and 38 seconds that's pretty cheap for had votes noise canceling headphones -- -- -- It's the best thing about noise canceling headphones she's busted -- this a few times. Thank you she asked the question that I don't wanna do it says to me honey we take out the garbage. I pretend I can't hear you get those headphones on but if she says oh honey the chocolate chip cookies or ready. I hear that I I hear that clearly. It's called electronic listening I've -- got a few times that I've also found for you the iPhone. Screens snap on in case 39. On over sucked up on there's -- push you while she dropped -- last year when she felt that fitness and -- the phone they have you do get that in over sat down comp. And the best part the black knee high leather boots yes. Explaining -- -- -- on Overstock.Com. Guess what guys amounts some for 57. 99 low heels high heels that can't be left at all going on yeah some of the marlin absolutely that's -- -- have come down so once again. Free shipping in. Sales tax and even if you do this next year overstaffed in being called that vote on my A ref. And I stated. That 61%. Of Republicans surveyed said yes go ahead and and race in tax -- tax increases to those earning 250000. Dollars or more. And I don't know well there are a lot of people on the attack line but it just telling you the truth it's it's in today's it's on page a -- Of today's Wall Street Journal. And it says hey you know it be that bad it. People don't anybody who studied the fiscal cliff. Is saying you -- yeah those get a deal done I saw Brian Sullivan from CNBC saying get a deal done and it's. It it's it's absolutely. I think the problem is the the Republicans feel like they're bending over and there are. There relenting on the higher income taxes and they're getting nothing in return. All right well I think what the listeners are saying here because somebody's asking if you -- Obama troll here yes but I am I think they want what they're trying to do is figure out if you think fans. Or you're just restating his story from the Wall Street Journal and if you believe what the Wall Street Journal is saying is credible -- true I think. You're trying to figure it out there you have the problem is I I look back and I know that during the last couple years the Republicans had an opportunity. To. Raise a few taxes and cut massive spending. Right and they blew it they didn't take that chance because they thought they could win the presidential election and get their own way you know I lost big time. And now they've got their head in the sand in near. The you know they're -- they're mad because they can't get the same deal they could have gotten a year ago June and and and. You know shame on them for not doing a better deal twelve months of. The Democrats still wanna cut any of the spending Mary that's like to know what it their right and you're gonna ban him but that there here's the problem the Republicans lost right in and knee and he lost big time I mean written it -- -- -- -- down meaningfully -- doesn't mean that that we don't have any representation at all we do. No not much you may get in -- mean it doesn't we got some that I anywhere is suspending gonna be cut. If they don't play this right the Republicans are going to be painted with a very bad right. Anyway we'll be back and when we come back we're going to be talking to Bloomberg News reporter Alex Sherman. That a deal done with the DISH Network.