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Chump Line Friday December 14, 2012 - Midgets and Giants On Guam

Dec 14, 2012|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a spoof of Texas representative Hank Johnson's speeches on midgets and his belief that Guam will capsize with too many people.

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Heading south for the winner albeit -- call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. A lot. About our. And again they outlawed -- Monologue. At orient and you know. Penalty fat boy has a car anymore. He doesn't he's also been sober for three years. Funny how he yeah that Obama spoke it would take note that with the political he didn't. But do you know -- you've been -- of -- two -- What do you mean I've been -- we've been talking about us. He's a he he has to go out there and you know I don't know why the president has to go out and make us make a statement this. Hi I felt the same way when when Clinton went out to talk about that column by but I think it's more the governor's. Duty. To what -- to speak. And a bully me I took a lot their Lotta people techsters didn't like that we even had a bomb on at all. And and by the way he did sort of -- he said we have to do something now that was a bit political -- that that was soon. He didn't get specific about taking away people's guns but. -- besides not guards in schools like well are well I think he's talking about take away people's guns that it that's what that's what the the agenda. It is and and as far as that governor Malloy goes as soon as he mentioned Obama I I. That's when that's when governor Malloy disappeared from -- art show. I don't like I don't much like government buoyed by the way yeah I don't. I don't think he really got electric governor you know -- a lot of lot of funny business monkey business going on in Bridgeport. I don't like seeing him on TV it reminds me of the monkey business to win on election night in Bridgeport. It's not done that metal -- What do you do about that a little bit the government -- that the architect so they can run around -- and not work for -- -- thing. I ultimately don't know what you know what what what can you do here I mean they get that would the reason we're reading these other stories about the bombing and about happy when hand. -- is is to show that that this is. This is nothing new one that the -- -- immunity that's a horrible horrible thing it's Christmas and it's it's in our area but. This these things happen with human beings they happen in China they happen in Scotland. They happen in Michigan they happen in the Bronx. They happen in Newtown Connecticut. The people of Connecticut and security feel about that all independent at. -- Some of the death penalty but you know we have. Technically dozen New York have a death penalty or guess they didn't at that time they they after -- hockey got. In 94 they had a death penalty but. Has anyone been executed in New York since the death penalty was restored to the the law. I don't believe so. This guy this guy killing seven people and he's gonna be eligible for parole in 2015. Now. Is there something wrong. With that picture. Now it was but like this happens there's all this rush to place -- -- Point the finger will get right -- until you hear the panic people. It's hard to point the finger at the double where's the double. We once seen -- double lately. Lucifer. Also. They -- legal and we will we will -- the particular problem all. You you would think that. The liberals. On TV on CNN and MSNBC world learned by now that. Began taking guns away from law abiding citizens does not. The answer to anything. We have no idea what -- -- the features 32 or check on the law abiding citizen. You're on the training it was gone they can take down these great. They said that the first hour and a suggest that I said you know. Give him a little extra pay -- rookie coach a team the extra pay right yes of -- run a club you get extra pay only. You know if you get a master's degree -- extra pace or PQ if you have a gun at the school. I know would be difficult to pass in the state if you haven't got in the school you get a a bonus. Of 500000. Dollars and you have to go to the you have to go to war the gun range in the summer or during school break -- during national day. And and test test your remarks which. I would have no problem with that if -- -- in the legislature and vote for that. You deported. It and hit four but it really small island terrible problem that he couldn't put a few reporters. And setting it. Although we do really well. Probably with -- yeah I would get over. -- How ironic is it that the day after we played the Hank Johnson's around its. One almost gonna tip over because there were too many people on the yet another greatest hits night on the floor house. He was talking about that the unions you know it was like they needed unions because it was like midget it's fighting a giant. And one midget couldn't fight it giant. And he. And they came back I guess I was I was Wednesday night I guess until last night he comes back. On the floor this is during the open open mics open minutes whatever they call it any -- like to apologize. And I always knew there was -- -- word I couldn't that you're not supposed to say but he says I never knew there was an M words you weren't supposed to say. That in word is -- You can't say the -- word anymore around here. Kennedy goes on here going on and off I mean it's it's amazing that this guy -- -- I mean. Even by the modern standards of congress. The no information electorate. It's -- it's astounding that disguised in congress -- -- if you if father wasn't this. Horrible. Shooting in Connecticut would would play of the whole thing but won't play it will play for next week or you can find it on line if your interest and it's all over the place now. Google. -- Hank Johnson and midget it's. I know Barry Obama's aunt is grandmother and I haven't got the Christmas. He said now you're gonna -- that -- like everyone else. You know I think tomorrow's India at that olds at that spokesman music Smith I may have a few dog -- for Obama feature to. And it should be very grave I'm sure that we're gonna Merry Christmas T shirts movement no moon bats T shirts we've got all kinds of features the giveaway at -- at Portsmouth music but come on down from one to three. See me and us senator Scott Brown. Extreme fire by our books and this will sign him for Ian. Polonium magnate and teacher to -- away as well. Poll question Victoria. What. Dialogue if you're dealing with the blue duck and they whipped into. Virtually everything good between Hillary Clinton and -- well there's. -- important left over from Georgia. Were important and you did it. That's the thing that's crazy about this Hank Johnson. Sound cut it's like it's like the earlier one about 15 -- over he has no idea that he's making a fool out of himself and none whatsoever. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling Kelly -- you shout. OK that's it for the -- -- the chaplain is the recorded voicemail message surface of our car show. You call leave a message of any -- work that day -- night including weekends to jump on number if you like to war you like to leave such a message is 6177793469617. 7793469. We made me in a clear message at this time each week day. Heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. You deported. In the mood for it really small island terrible problem that -- -- put a few reporters. And thirty Newton. Although really really small. Probably with -- yeah I would have been opened up that's my. He shot.