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Screams Over The Intercom

Dec 14, 2012|

The first indication inside the school that something was wrong were screams over the intercom system. Howie and the listeners debated the efficacy of armed teachers and armed guards in our schools.

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The mayor of New York is now tweet it and my deepest sympathies are with families of those affected in my determination to stop this madness is stronger than ever. Tweets New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. So I guess all the usual suspects are now around Michael Moore. Wolf Blitzer piers Morgan. Andrew Cuomo. All the all the anti gun people a -- blame the guns you know. Mean thought he would you -- alias standing -- line though here and I've just been on the Drudge. Here is standing headline. Neighbors describe shooter as awed and displaying characteristics. Associated with mental ill homeless. Who would've known. 18774694322. 603 I don't care how damaged you are how you were damaged -- does not give you the right to damage the next person -- for accountability and all facets of life I agree I think that a great. We're gonna get that. You understand that right 603. 302 how we -- a third grade teacher was heartbreaking to watch my kids after hearing this news today we practiced for an event like this. But it got a little more real today I am not a violent man but with kill anyone tried to hurt my class. Apparently now they're saying that that this kid Ryan Leon's. He his mother was not at the school because he had shot his mother at this at that house that he shared worker -- for a before he went to school so she's -- dead at the house we shot the face. Again just like Charles Whitman in 1966. And he goes to the school and -- her class and then and then starts shooting there. And the father. Is. Is not dead down and noble that he is still alive the the Fed's. Have have been questioning him what he knows about his signed. And the the other -- the other brother. Who's I. That with the 24 year old brother is also being questioned by the -- By the -- it's a bit tentative mum instead -- go to the school. I don't know this is no this is known in the formation to me I mean it that the whole thing is a pretty pretty hard to understand by. I would -- of the you know he is his beef was with his mother community you know. Always herb you know I'm sure I'm sure the guy was the range but his speech with the mother what's -- what do what does he care about. His mother's kindergarten class. 1877469432218774694322. That's the couple free number of when our show. Someone saying the shooters mother's car and he certain political bumper sticker on -- was quickly ripped off. I don't know if that's true or dollar someone's just you know. Being tasteless yes yes I'd like to see a picture of -- before was ripped off 18774694322. Jim your next -- powered car go ahead Jim. -- -- Just a couple of quick point. It was horrible breaking shooting. We think these interviews. Talking head on PB. Waiting for someone you know. He's talking about it on the -- octagon control in all of this terrible things out while while block you finally got. You know form good teachers who does not -- is not. An impossible thing to do because. Listen you know the government will not help be the colonel stated it earlier the -- will never be there on time. The flocking more that will always be a daily and abolish. It -- up to the people there. Could defend themselves. And like you said during the workshop. You know what -- workshop they have a biker schools have people go for more and should training you'd be surprised how quick you can learn. And you can be adequate within twenty year twenty fight. And you know I cannot believe that I'm gonna look at you like. They have these thought they of these days Jim call professional days where they have to go to conferences to learn the new techniques of teaching math or something right. Well you know. Let a couple of would that would a couple of them go to a professional day to go to -- gotten range. Right. Are out there Boudreau would work quite that -- you know they would be compatible alarm at all right. The people go to the back of the room. Right there that they -- a better -- would have appeared full withdrawal would operable it would it would be separate. When -- here -- where they lock in low you can -- to go back you get the -- -- the -- -- -- the people. -- popped in the war they get one in the as. And the -- And I'll tell you -- any politician now that comes out. And -- for more gun control I quote Emma outward that day and -- -- could not gonna protect my children. They're not gonna protect them if they want kicked us out of my hand did. -- their irrational fools I mean what I'd -- that tweet from -- Bloomberg I mean. I get to make twenty billion dollars -- now if you knew what he thinks he can do something away if he really thinks he can stop this kind of thing by being gone it's. How the -- you're not gonna stop by banning guns because. The culture is -- will change it not like back in the sixties and let me -- track -- you bring up well with him but he -- These things happen frequently. It's like once -- year. I mean you have a twenty year old could think about. Computing like you'll. You did not gonna change back like on the -- -- because the people probably aren't we done the bad guys gonna get ago. You know give the people that got to protect my kid can't tell you that if you can't protect them -- people -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's going to be and there. -- Thanks for the call Jim 18774694322187746943220. Let's see it's it sounds like this idiot had a history of mental illness they also said the guns were obtained legally rather envoy after guns how about reporting system by doctors to ban these wackos from getting guns in the first place. How we we have both local police officer appear picks up his kids and our school he said today at the local PD has been training for things like today kinda scary. 18774694322. Kenny Euronext with how we cargo ahead Kenny. -- -- -- Hi guys were comment on the on the shouldn't bank. What makes me sick about it in he's got control people. Watching issue I would happened today. Look at it out there was right. I take away time -- people. I think like if there and protect -- -- and actually I was a kid and not. -- -- you when you actually need to be there have been caught up so you are. Out there to protect yourself in your family now it's arming teachers and school. Why don't they -- you know I'd sit on the classrooms where he got -- platinum up there and do it but I would win. Because -- -- the inside. And and I think it's harder to actually get that's -- -- It's feature is mother. And then you went there he's. He's he's wobbling mental illness on the -- Jimmy -- evil. And as one chosen people any target a whole bunch in a book to. And there's nothing wrong and nobody. And I and our protection and today was my son. And. Great yeah no it -- that's everybody you know I might kids or older by that's the first thing I thought it was my kids you know -- where they went to school -- to. Just think I imagine the imagine the the emotion you know you're you're waiting for your kid to come out or not come out. I just it's just and their parents just now it's just so far are horrible to to think about it in an all month you know month. Making any particularly profound point pricing it's horrible but what -- what else can you say. 978 says I'd never trust a teacher with a gun a slow I saw that video from Wisconsin and Michigan -- know what they're capable of I don't think that I don't think that the you know you are all from that crazy that those were -- those with a real hot that you try to keep our heads away from accounts. 1877469. Which wanna do Arctic is you know again I'm hoping that I'm hoping -- and the teachers is gonna work for any number of reasons which would wanna do was just have a it's the same thing about you know when they after 9/11 when they put the marshals on -- civilian clothes on the planes. You want to you wanna give the terrorists some open to think about that maybe there's somebody on the plane. -- -- And you know it's it's one thing to -- take over planes with box cutters when nobody's got nobody else was box cutters but. It doesn't have a plane. That's got a gun and you've got to box cutter while -- you know the old saying never bring a box cutter to radio guy and you know. And then sold so you'd have. You know I don't know what it wanted to stop Ryan or Adam -- or whatever analyst name is up -- going and pitted on the maybe there was 12 teachers in that in that. School but that the the -- and and that could shoot him shoot him down. I don't know I don't know. Word of and I don't work though I mean that this. The carnage is so great probably would have been worth a try -- Mike you're next with how we cargo that might. I don't Howard want timeless our first time caller thanks. Let's you know. Lot of great points being made today and -- see every day you know it just comes down to it really makes me that this. This -- you know not a lot in May mean that column behind it -- confused this one just. You know just my art -- it's so small. So young and it just. Yeah. It is sad day right before Christmas. Both -- caliber most of those kids to avoid that Santa Claus. Yeah I just can't you know -- it -- myself on like so many listeners. Just tip about a month ago side as well you know obviously not a marvelous thing you know to -- -- Thanks for the call Mike 18774694322. I would be surprised if by WHY and gets into new towns that probably be victims aren't west and -- but the people in the area moralist and took listen to the show tonight. On February 20 am am flight sixty. NC the problem isn't legal gun ownership it's mental illness. And is reasonable law but that help prevent the middle eel from getting guns. Again though you know I mean this is that there and there are any number of issues here you know in the AEG you could put guns on the table you can put. Prescription madness you know the week there are the twenty. Too many in the press anti -- so called the anti depressants being prescribed that are really making people anything other than depressed. And and in the institutionalization. -- I mean the institutionalization. Has. It's it's certainly relieve the financial burdens on are on the state. You know not having to not having to run these mental institutions anymore but. It's it's not it is not helped out. The the these cities there's no doubt about that I mean you know you stumble over bombs everywhere now that you never stumbled over before and and and there are people -- run and around I mean saw a lot of armor just you know talking to themselves and screaming and you know. Doing. We're leaving themselves in public but you know some of -- violent. Be the six caller and it's 6179311680. And you will Whittle them -- main themed gift box with more than fifty dollars of handmade confections. Plus qualify for a chance to win -- Cadillac of the Kowloon restaurant sawgrass on December 20. For more details go to W war Kerio dot com slash holiday so be the sixth cholera and it's 6179311680. Now. -- you're next with how we cargo ahead Dan. What good program. So what everybody's racist therefore. Opposition to gun control or to implement. I also should be looked bad especially in public office were in implementing agenda 21. Comprehensive plan. If you look at the wonderful book. Call. Global program of the united station can't painted some Americans by William Norman. Great great and it's put out by -- -- Birch society. That's a good reading. And experience formidable are. The our citizens -- subjects. You know disarmament. Forum Dem side. One -- came out I was really astounded. The most time per capita of population -- Switzerland and they have been absolutely almost in your world. Such episode and I I really butcher. Looking out now but that's mental illness that that mental health field has fallen down in following up. Identifying people that -- -- challenged. Yeah I. I don't know why just hoping to get a bigger and prevail and disarming America Tuesday it you know Americans are are much more conscious now of what's. Of of what their leaders -- like. That happened which is basically the disarmament of the population. And it and you know why. Maybe maybe people like Bloomberg her our sincere and they really really think that everyone in New York City would be safer if only criminals had guns. I just don't understand how people thought about that thing for if you thought about it for -- five minutes out how we can possibly come to that conclusion. You know. But he the obviously have us. Thanks thanks for the call them 18774694322. The fact that there as soon as Obama was elect that that that there was a another run. On got reelected another run on -- Shows shows me that the people understand what the what the situation is that the days that there is a government that would like in -- the big government big. Big state government would like to to disarm. The population. And and you can see you can see it in there there media rump swabs the the Obama. Cheerleaders and pom -- voice now they are they talking about Obama and I know they're talking about the need for gun control. 1877469432218774694322. How -- live on the cape in my range just got closed due to the insurance company refusing to renew the plan wondering if they're getting subsidies from a from Obama. For not ensuring ranges anymore. Well above all the Ottawa gun ranges on the suburbs have been there since 1920s. And then these -- started movement in the 1980s. And building around the gun ranges all of a sudden there were complaining about the Norway's. You know saying we don't want it's dangerous and it's dirty and we don't want those riff raft in the end here and a you know we demand that the town. Take take away the big gun ranges permit to operate -- the second -- You know the gun ranges been here since 1927. UUYU. Blue men. And little on your dad's trust fund in 1992. You know you've been here longer than Elizabeth Warren and you want us what you want just closed on our gun range. To make it nice for you even though you'll probably be moving wants to win you know. We need this win that bad kicks off and you get some more money and you can move aspect. Bill your next with how we -- ahead bill. -- -- I'd like to stop by you know cinema sponsored result famers and all those lost today. Yep thank thank you are we all we all join you when that. Are what you oh I'm ex military. And I've heard you speak -- numerous -- tonight. Obama both police presence of schools yes -- -- what you listeners know that most of city. Schools like new York and Detroit. They'll bad neighborhoods. Do a police presence there. And I still. We Homeland Security to protect us. From -- people come into the country. -- Dale would you try ordering. You really want to TS bill you really want the TSA in schools. But what -- what are -- trying to say is -- every day we in this. Young credit evidences are servicers. And the government pays for yes every every day. Why shouldn't we are have a portion of Homeland Security analyst. Police officers and I'm not saying how police officers arms and it worked for insecurity or -- -- -- for charts -- -- father of two children. There is going well. But it's Smart property taxes. Which -- 6000 well yeah -- cause of that goes to school. I think I would rather pay more taxes I -- able police presence on my children extracted. I think that all the doors should be locked in and survey goes surveillance. So it would turn it into that school. I know that the question always bill you don't even if you -- even if you did all this you know even if you you know put. Which security. Metal detectors at the front doors and yet had these doors were locked from the inside. And -- a cop at the front at the front door. What is it what it's still early stop a -- the -- like this guy. Well my -- my children's school they Bob Bartley authoring to get it out now and I have special events has stopped the Eagles wide open. In all -- their own security protocol. I believe if there is somebody who restrain an open question what changes because changes are on the job was a lot of what we kids -- Russians along. You know I mean I'm. I don't think you want that responsibility is something that someone who goes to schools are egregious. Two are still there education. Learning and two children should have the responsibility of trying to protect allies as well mean we -- -- we have cops in every town and a -- to protect and serve. You know it and the response time would definitely be increased if we had presence there. I don't I'm not saying you know two or three per school I'm saying you know just -- just let them know that there is somebody who is armed. You know are gonna get through that door. And they and then got called problem two characters or calls before. Just something about walking towards. You -- -- just thought about bill I just pops open you know although I mean you don't get -- -- one week we can't have a police state which number one we can't afford a police state number two no one wants to live in a police state. What what he -- do but the people who wore who come common with right high powered rifles and start pick in the kids' office and he I get on the school buses. In the afternoon. Yes that I was I was thinking of that as well I it was a -- a lot of problems that the right right it would -- that would eliminate the immediate. Inside the school threat but as far as the shooting but aren't you acquire rival rivals. Something that would of that high powered. Should be. I don't I wanted them as reporters I know. I don't -- -- -- just cut the government -- on more and more things let me begin in the military you know that the government doesn't always -- -- operate at peak efficiency does it. -- Like space for the call bill 187746943221877. 469432. To those who give up some freedom for security will end up with neither freedom nor security I believe it was Ben Franklin said. A story idea I don't -- lined up they deserve neither freedom and -- with -- -- Andrea -- 41 tree. 18774694322. Five ways how we have a pick and pops up the worthless the -- and putting them in the schools Weldon don't work to do with a worthless details are being paid for by the -- basically by the utilities. You know -- I mean not not that we're not paying for an. Indirectly that -- that -- built cost but it if you put them if you put him off the details than you've been this down there in the city would have to be paying them. In the year yeah taxes would go up even more. 18774694322. How we there will be a banning of guns the -- snow that's impossible instead Immelman your factory will be targeted so it was not to front the Second Amendment. I think that I think that's suspect has got a good point in the back from Maine. He I think they're they're already doing that there're other part they are they talking about having these though only -- taxes on on ammunition. That's quite a because when a lot of people by analyze animal while people storing him more in addition to buying guns 18774694322. What's the phone number from a retired -- -- it's the phone number is 18774694322. Winds are pretty much -- -- Right now Susan your next with how we cargo had Susan. Yes what I would go all in the sixties and seventies you don't get past the front door -- you. And we're there to pick up your kids. It's bring your kids to their door and if -- didn't have to go to the plants and you're escort. Went out and wired a school wide open now. I think over some of the schools are wide open Susan like like the one my kids attend and I'm very surprised because of the school just open you'd think it would have high really high security but a lot of these schools are. Our were up pretty well locked down. Yeah but this guy I mean he went and shot all those kids I mean name and how forty kit Kat would like to work and you're not. Usually a Susan you know the the places they have a lot of cops a lot of security they're usually. Schools in in rough areas where we're at the the the problem is is. Believed to be coming from the students. Right. I mean or whoever who could I mean I know what's happened we we all know what's happened then in China and Scott will and in Michigan but. These kinds of incidents happened very rarely were some guy comes in and just march shooting kindergarten students Susan. Well you know like expect that they had simple security measures in in place when I was growing up and -- accent. You didn't get out that front door it can't even if you are appearing. You had to wait -- each other people -- you if you had to go to class and you were escorted by somebody. And also work with a lottery money across you'll actually about the states. To go that the school's. -- -- And higher -- You know they were spoil it well that it's -- Expos exposed to go to local ways yes and the idea because they could -- season counts could do with a what they want it says some. Some of Hamas didn't didn't spend it on a real Leo wise projects let's put it that way frank you're next with how haven't spent on frank you're next with how we cart. -- -- indulgence before items Percival said the -- was legal importance father brother -- To me that the mother would shut bursting with this who who are classroom. Yes probably at some type event psychological problem when the mother was always bragging about how great actually more class. He probably follicle loses so it probably took it out children. The third thing is these people that want security where they wanted. Some rules the airports but maybe seeing the stadium. The yes well I mean it's endless just analysts. I have. Now that's -- you're right frank -- where word doesn't and its it's it's it's crazy I mean. You know I know they try to block courtrooms in Boston and they have to have some kind of security but it is sometimes just seems kind of crazy that you have to go through the metal detectors and and you know you wonder with the federal courthouse she got to give up your rise that you're cellphone. What's what's channel well you know one of my have a of a bomb in the cell phone that he. Well I guess you know I'm you know a lot of take pictures in -- -- maybe that says. Yeah it's it's -- it's -- over on some in some places but you know you -- on a day like this you why you. -- you bend over backwards in the other direction rush your next what power cargo and Ross. I was brought low light has been these guys are entertainment industry has -- sensitize people. -- mass murders and everything now. Our churches are aren't OK Patrick -- many of them have closed. God is not the school god as the end in the public square. What do you expect. And I'll be going on now when I won't talk about gun control all right let's move the clock back. In the first half of the twentieth century many many school at firing. Almost every hall shut done OK my grandfather part of in the early part of the twentieth century would get on a what is shotgun. Go to Altria. You get it still comes back on the -- with a shotgun and it scale. If you will some won't do that today that that was what it was come out and -- the -- would be a perfect society that we live in today. Why. We got a what they nominate people until it's and the play that in the book back into the church. It's standard back in the book on. In everyplace else and all the speculative buy it. Thanks for the call rush Wilson won 877469432218774694322. -- -- -- Well you know they say about Bloomberg and Menino monkey see monkey -- Bloomberg put out his statement now marbles from his hospital bed although some recourse at that he was going home that I haven't seen anything on the papers in the on the website about it. But anyway keep me mayor mumbled Menino has issued a statement similar to what bloom ports. It is just as strident injustice political says bright part. It's the today's tragedy reminds us that now was -- time for action. Now was the time for a national policy that takes the loopholes out of the laws the automatic weapons out of our neighborhoods and the tragedies like today out of our future. And a bright part notes there is no law on earth that can take tragedy out of our futures. That's certainly true is that the guns used today were apparently semi automatic not Ottoman. As for the loopholes in the law there's no evidence of any loopholes exploited by the perpetrators. As mentioned. Connecticut has some of the most stringent gun laws in the nation which is why mumbled his calling for a national -- So it's you know it's. But born mumble make him the the attempt to say -- you know models. Mobile shouldn't be getting into this this whole debate. Or any debate probably but -- this one in particular remember when he was running and Peggy Davis small enough for mayor and does she she was issues. Week terrible candidate but she said you know what about all these guns that are -- What are what are bottled Lisa murders that are taking place on the -- in the city. You know what he said. He says you can only blame me for the ones that take part of take place in the streets if they take place in the in the it in a building they're not my responsibility. I could've stopped that of the shootings that took place in the buildings. Mean this is this is the level of thoughts that he's that he's putting down two to the issue. Of crime in the streets and particularly gun violence. -- Gary are next with Howie -- go ahead Gary. Oh it's after the world. -- Opening you're from -- -- -- here went to school here on late sixties early seventy's on -- Graduated in 78. We -- a got a ranger down the basement. We've we -- our Kabul our schools that were not shotgun in the back when I know nobody bothered us know what each month. Know that if there was ever a flight. You know after school fight does he -- with that religion and in the magenta which would usually be the supervisor. -- -- -- you know. Right extra dressed gesture that thought just -- -- -- -- you know and you know I think I think. Will you look at here at the moral aspect. That's gone in society now because certainly have a lot more schools a lot more things available to us. To do damage you know what we were brought up at a time where where you know we have. Morals you know England school system and help and then it got out there when he goes out and it's going to do. No they were aware that if you did something wrong you suffered from pangs of guilt. Holidays sorrow for pangs of guilt you know you're gonna suffer from pangs of your father's belts. Yeah if you think it would. The future that there ruler and it usually aren't you know up there weren't too many people that step bow line back and you know it. Now I know I know very I know him very well mean that -- there weren't any that mortgage problems and schools and you know what they're there or very few problems in intercity schools either. You know that the. -- took the blame society's problems on inanimate object. Was just you know like like. Insert this morning. Sport on people are acceptable on phone call or whatever but -- I know -- Gary thanks for the call 18774694322. What happened at that school today XS five away it will happen to Americans when they take away our guns. 18774694322. 18774694322. Twin Towers came down without a single shot being fired it's not the guns it's the sick minds. You know. 617 had this happened pre election the CNN and MS in mainstream what -- spread the rumor the shooter was Tea Party perhaps the -- White House will say the shooter saw. In our A YouTube video sorry for sick humor. We know they did say you know before the election when the or the -- shooting occurred in Colorado they did say. It was a Tea Party. ABC just made it up just went right on the air with it. With there and -- stay in port. And his anchor Jorge Steffi Stephanopoulos former mouthpiece for a Bill Clinton. David your next with Howie -- go ahead David. -- -- -- -- now you talk about the Twin Towers. Are all going to be a president and you know. If there was ever came our it -- -- -- I would think -- that although. Okay thanks that makes David 187 pour one for me. 1877469432. To bend your next with how we cargo have been. -- You know every time out of that like systems operate it actually came up with the Oregon -- shooting. And other that they are FaceBook got nowhere was related -- that cafe through our guys rockets subsidies citizens all the gotten. Pop up frustrate them up the doors actually pretty article by what weather it's something like that that does it get any national news play. Or history that says you know why it was a overruns which one because of the obvious everywhere it was our floor and I and I always got to bring it up. Like apple -- any -- it was little out of juridical inside Georgia right where it's still on the books. It's it's required only in a firearm in your house. Doesn't make it any easier to carry on the streets. But it is still barely at all firearm in your all in the crime -- at this stage is is is. Negligible at that it's like yeah we -- we have a guy who was one of our listeners are listeners on the Internet at least one from from Kennesaw Georgia. If he says there's no crime no there there are no breakdance. -- would do and if you're -- burglar would you break and if you know if you knew there was a gun inside. Or obviously not and I think it's how you get people like this whacked -- even if they know. There's always going to be crazy people do crazy things are having more armed people whether it is that we each as. We got a lot of vets coming back all the see them very still very qualified a look at the jobs that they needed. So that that -- staff or custodians schools rollout -- you know that the that the great thing because mark from the get a lot more. Spears and him are really it is going to be crazy people doing great things but it would minimize the artists but along the along are tired real melodic policy Alex. And you you'll look at what rights -- term Catholic guilt. I I was Catholic -- I want sort gum wrapper when nobody can they -- afraid it apple light. So it works and the radical Muslims are attacked him because of what religion so. Yeah I guess popular I get a stop you right there are some will say nobody and nobody note nobody goes to confession anymore. I know I don't I'm allowing car.