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Guns and Confusion

Dec 14, 2012|

Before he shot up 26 children and their teachers Adam Lanza shot his mother in her face inside her home in Newtown. These reports were confused at first since Lanza was using his brother's identification. There were still parents at the school this hour waiting for their children to be brought out. Howie asked would gun laws have really made any difference in what happened today.

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978 says it's he raises a good point can you imagine the union concessions if we require teachers to carry guns they would -- hazard pay at least. You know I just thought of something why you couldn't have but teachers carrying guns and that's because if they if you had teachers carrying guns. They would demand to be put into group form what is group for US group four is the pension category from law enforcement officers. That's all and over the years it's been expand. So that that district attorneys are now considered -- group for even though there are not really in any physical danger. Now first assistant district attorneys are considered group for. What happens with room for it you get to retire at an earlier age you get to retire with a four you don't have to wait till you're sixty or 65. You can retire at age 55 with full. Benefits. So. First she would start off the teacher's union with the man that every every teacher who had that the gun permit for the school. Would be group for then the next -- that would come back and that say wait a second. These teachers that don't have the guidance of they do everything else that the guy with the gun does so. They're going to be that we want them to be group four and the -- pound of the staples say no no never going to be group for. So now what what happened. A second teacher and a third teacher which say I wanna be group for I -- -- if I'm gonna get to -- group for. I'm gonna get to retired ten years early I'll take I'll take a gun to school. I'm I'm thinking that the idea of arming teachers it is not a good one on. On many levels and I don't think teachers most teachers want to carry gun but I think they would if they thought they could giving group for. 187746. And what time is police blotter and sometime in sometime on Monday sometime on Monday. 1877469432218774694322. All right Mike your next with how we cargo ahead Mike. Hey good happened or not always been. My wife and I -- both responsible -- areas and have a few things -- would -- sure one I think it's every American who it doesn't have a record. Finds himself to be responsible America I believe myself that he would do need to do the best they can get a permit. Think Kerry got them that's my opinion I can't speculate it. But what I wanna bring your attention as a while back in the talked about I'd like the guy called everything else but didn't -- really even think about moral issue in this country. I would remind everybody because it's Christmas time. That whether they believe an -- or not. I want them to recognize its 2012. Years ago the world how that would be calibrated on the -- what -- schools teach. A ball often told people that are around it it was three things I would change. I would investigate yeah -- -- the EPA in the department of education. And of these terrorists out yet. That. That tolerate what is -- departments to stick it handled a lack of respect to these kids have themselves in the dignity. One must ask themselves. Why is it that the group that we be calm. Away from the vote teachings. That we become such decrepit nation how would that coal that was how does that coincide with out society today is stop and think about it equals C it's so relevant. It makes it makes told. It's I've I believe John Adams is one -- said that this constitution is made for moral people. And and you know he he he was so I've -- me. I think for 200 years people didn't even consider hardly consider what he said. But it's now become so clear. -- -- Right on the wives. He he was he that's exactly what the problem is here in this country is that that the country is no longer a moral nation in order. And and that's the that's the problem -- the fiscal -- No not absolutely not dramatic but just -- one it would gently into whatever I -- one. Mathieu 623. He has put the Kindle an all out of things will be added that we have lost our way and not nation it's about time we picked it back up. Thanks for the call like 18774694322187746943223. In an interview with Tom -- The the grade copper excuse though it was a great journalist in the 60s80s. The bitumen novelist wrote. Bonfire of the vanities and which was his great -- -- a great one of the great American writers. Even though he doesn't get that much respect because she's almost kind of -- does most of the athletes. And he was he he just that I read and everywhere that many said. Anybody who doesn't think religion is good for countries out of their minds and it's just it's so true it's so true -- if it. If you had to be a moral I mean. You're obviously always have people like animal lands are and poignant but a you know. If you're if you have a world country that you're gonna have few -- spokespeople and you you. You you want to have 88. -- population. That believes in broad and that and that wants to do the right thing. For themselves and for their fellow man that's just the way it is I mean that this would be. Putting. We're moving off from the public square has been a disaster I don't know I don't know all chicken. How Washington's -- say anything different it's. That's when the country started falling down -- I mean again there were other things involved -- -- you know the war on poverty. Illegal immigration. But. You know they don't they all occurred simultaneously. In your next -- cowboy cargo ahead and. Hi how he I'm very on your channel X and I lied -- -- that being very conservative. I have to say I'm. Very much against ski. -- -- weapons and I don't understand why we couldn't. Still uphold the the Second Amendment yet to get rid of C. Automatic weapons. Because it. Somebody that. Has partnered with their mental status it -- Actually at that would mental -- and that night. He probably wouldn't have. -- killed although the children. Because via automatic weapon. AM and again there there have been I think they've been all sorts of incidents like this in China with where people. Don't have easy access to firearms. And they that this bill what the one most recently a guy went into a school in China and killed 22 people with a knife in hand. -- Amid a lot of those got a lot of those guns they they didn't when they were trying to be and the mid 1994. They the they the they were just being used in the the Democrats still at that point controlled house and the senate. And they they were people like Nancy Pelosi were making the decision on what guns they were banning and that there won't be having them because of what they knew what they looked like. You know guns with banana clips would be banned because somehow the banana clip looked like it was a moral -- More evil and dangerous then that Bend, Oregon with a straight -- you know. -- -- I don't -- you know -- The problem as. In the NRA is always believe this is that if you start be getting one kind of guy and you know they they're not the people who wanna be and one kind of -- and I'm not gonna stop with that one kinda gone. -- -- They edit -- that's why the NRA's it always. It has always got its -- line in the CNET. They don't they had they know that if five they give Bob if they give on one point they're going to be that that that the anti gun people -- gonna keep pushing and pushing and pushing. Racial equality and 18774694322. They were not automatic firearms today they were semi automatic apparently I have a fifteen round semi automatic Glock pistol. 18774694322. By the way here's a here's another one where's that somebody gave me some stats here and now it's on so many people -- Where is it automatic weapons are not automatic semi automatic means you've got a polo trader you got a polo trigger one time we were one shot. You can't put the genie back in the bottle where the -- is that we resentment that the stats about most. Most people were killed not automatic weapons but with him into the 75% of the idea gun or weirdest. Of the 101000 gun homicides in America in 200575%. Were with handguns just 5%. With rifles. 18774694322. Kevin you're next with power cargo had Kevin. Just -- -- well I think that aren't citizens. Column on the -- and Corey -- Column in the -- people don't realize. It's not kill people it's people. You know. I know it's it's a cliche but it's true. Kevin you're absolutely right about that. -- -- -- had. No I mean you know. We -- a shooting in our hometown. In one in. I went over to. You know. After the shooting months later they're only put out these features on this program that as a pageant in the school. I would over to pick up like two aces in the and the door which don't -- I can walk you know and nobody stopped them all into it and urgency here is that. -- -- -- you couldn't walk them all in which I didn't in night and I literally could be up -- of the the desk and say well what's going on in. And -- people learn anything. Yet know why I I was very surprised by a two weeks with that are high school just opened about. Less than a year ago when it cost about 200 million dollars a month for Bragg and believe me I'm just crying about how much it cost. But you would think that there will be there'd be a little more security that but there wasn't. In the one by might be going there and wait for one of the other kids to one of my other kids to come in and I just sat on the steps -- all the advocates cumin and just -- -- the the step the steps inside the -- Inside the building the -- Wallace on the stairwell. And nobody nobody's nobody came up to me it's -- what the hell you go here. -- either one year old man. Nobody. Won 8774694322. You know not to lighten up and wanna be hassled -- thing but. They have a security guy at the school but he's not armed or anything he's just say I that you -- a former I think he's to be guard at a prison guard or correctional officer. Yeah I think these guys I don't coffee you know got in his group for. Twenty years and he retired and now he's working on a second pension or peaches cut. You know fed up with dealing with prisoners and quit. But he's he's a big guy and and he could handle himself but he's not armed -- is even have he -- even have a Billy club or mace. Dana your next -- power cargo ahead Dana. It what I heard the news what happened and -- the first word that it in the mine gulf in. It seems -- A lot of issues lately coincide with boats were on the bills. I just get a date in Illinois it was the decision. In a load of its current. A lot of -- -- -- you know private military on capital return. All I'm just saying about the talking you know fifty an American died and we know for a fact that the government -- was above that. Yeah I don't I don't think yeah I am not but I figure a little too paranoid on that one day I I don't think it's a Gulf of Tonkin that was basically what he's referring to -- 1960 for a Lyndon Johnson won the get gold. -- Old boat full hog at 21 Vietnam but he needed an excuse. So they invented this incidents in the gulf of on cannon said the you know north Vietnamese ships were firing on American ships who was all BS. And there were only two senators voted against -- but Lyndon. One was. Wayne Morse from organized believe and the other one was Ernest grinning from from. From Alaska who used to be an editor of used to be an editor -- in Maine actually -- main routes -- grooming. For main audience just well. Today -- and they were the only ones who saw through it and everybody else voted for and we got -- the Vietnam but I don't think that's I don't think that's the case here. 1877469432218774694322. How we please correct people who were for an automatic weapons they are semi automatic each bullet requires a poll of the trigger. How we teachers are liberal maker's most teachers are liberals and they also and they want someone to take that job. You know what I I think that if you tell if if they for once the teachers found out that they could move in the section four they haven't gotten. And get -- get earlier reply -- by I think you would have a a long line of people the principal's office. Applying for the job of being the teacher gets the carried the concealed weapon. 18774694322. A marine once told me the best close quarters assault rifle as a twelve gauge shotgun which is primarily a hunting weapon eventually would be banned by gun control lab coats. I think those guns or even better at close quarters after use off the after you saw off most of the most of the blade not a blade the the barrel. When you saw the barrel that's why that's when they really become -- that's why that's why it's a federal crime to -- a barrel off shotgun. 18774694322. The last legally registered automatic weapon used in commission of of of a felony was in the 1930s Al Capone era. 18774694322. And let's say it will take a break I'm Howard -- -- -- Most -- pretty pretty. Who won I've -- I just keep thinking back on it beautifully on the air show at -- before now and it was very simple wanted. Which remained just said this is why we home school our kids. Now pretty. Pretty. Pretty awful lot of. It's something to think about -- -- put that 1617. Says Howard you think mr. McAuliffe at Wellesley I would sign up for group for. Is -- history teacher who was is taken -- leave the semester read a book you know you did the yeah. A commencement speech last year at the high school telling the kids -- nothing special you know -- you wise yeah you know you're you're not the most wonderful people in the world just like everybody else it was a great speech got a lot of -- People heard the speech before you know that's way. It it took about a week for it to pick up a lot of steam because it was not and whoever won every one from Wellesley hides the -- if you wanna call that had heard the speech or heard the kids talking about his attitude. I think I think mr. -- golfer. Novo and I don't know if it Gulfport or not. Why I'm that's -- that's a good question. He's he's probably the best the cool he certainly the most popular teacher in the best known teacher at high school it would be. Will be fascinating to see if you would if you do want to carry -- 18774694322. It's a year. How we -- journalism teacher in high school wrote an article on the op Ed page of Cape Cod Times now Muslim extremists were not nearly the terrorist organization that the NRA is he was teaching this nonsense and class. -- Minister so bad. So there's so many wacky teachers remember those -- Cape -- I think it was last year Avaya you know the the kids came up the kids who were -- the -- program. And their their teachers some of their own bad teachers turned their backs. On them maybe they walked out appalled by nobody at least turn their backs maybe they walked now because. We don't we don't wanna be teaching violence in our schools. And of course there were the the Cambridge. Rear -- Latin the east of the military workers common there. I knew that school pretty -- -- across the street from for awhile and they. They they the the the moon bat teachers would always have these would they they go and stand behind the recruiters the recruiters would be hand. And that -- -- -- -- signs up and behind him saying. Warning. You may be killed if you join the military. Guns are used in the military. Warning. Mean it's just that the the I just don't you know I know I was wondering how we would to a World War II started. -- and we were fighting the the imperial. The imperial Japanese. Navy and army in the third right. With with this population. Gem here next with how we card or had jumped. Alley at one point not a network of one of the hospitals appear in mainland did -- abuse that goes on -- hospitals group you know economical. And I don't think they hit the rules -- designed to protect the patience I think is designed to keep the you know -- there from the it is you know the taxpayers. In offer really know what's going on there when people come into the hospitals the year the year there's no rehabilitate them especially to people on their -- with something -- yeah. It's unbelievable allowing you would you wouldn't believe it. Well I'm -- they just wanna get more pills slipped sort of the weaker pills that can get prescribed to mingle and sell them and then they can get the bath salts or whatever they want but the the you know the primo stuff right. That's exactly what they're going. And a mother found work that I we -- wanted to hold out of the one of those things up there and I resented. Don't wanna collect money in I don't know while I felt the polls but they detonated make money on it. Believable. And that would dispute and today I mean it's so yeah pretty much. I think you know the people visual lament what mental institution again I mean at this say it but it remains sound cruel but these people never gonna be re able to -- a. And but all I know you know that's another thing people have been talking about on the tax Jim you know that the you know one of the big problems is that the institutionalization. Merely talk about this stuff with the homeless. You know the -- there was no problem with the homeless until we had the institutionalization. Member -- your remember when they. In the seven in the seventy's nobody was sleeping under bridges you know there wasn't that the cost it was on you know 15 or anything it was just that it. You know if you or mentally ill you were locked up somewhere. Were you pretty much and I get three squares a day. And you know at least at least two weren't getting any you you know you weren't may -- -- -- someone -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- know -- -- -- straight. General up with a little -- back then exactly. -- Yeah everybody you know everybody had a he ended the institutionalization. From from Ronald Reagan to Mike Dukakis you know that was. That was a bipartisan thing and save save money. But I wrote it didn't it didn't work out -- that it Jim. I live a long battle and I remember when they let him out of pilgrims stayed over their borders -- to walk around and -- them up or pick one up and we were one up and I don't ever there was -- -- you know early. 101212. Year old I guess at that time and to pick one and -- pacing up and everybody -- have -- get out of my current -- because article do we go about -- America. Government there was that was that crazy woman up -- we bought she was as she. Truth is black woman and she decided to was just live -- live on a street and in one of the one of the harshest neighborhoods on the upper east side. -- -- is deprecating out on the street. And the cops did know what to do what day you know again the U it was no longer. Although the American Medical Association decided that all these you know the being being mentally ill you couldn't beat you could. You you couldn't be called it criminal anymore you know just like drunkenness was not a drunkenness was a disease. So you couldn't. -- you couldn't arrest somebody for being drunk you can take them in the PC protective custody but you couldn't arrest them. And this just and that's that's when things started getting out of control in the cities I mean with the you know again with people -- Were passing. Harassing working people so taxpayers you know. It's the squeegee guys the guys would open your door on the you know when he tried to walk into the sub eleven. The guys with the that Dunkin' Donuts -- wave and amend your face but guys at the stoplight town on a -- -- -- casts boy part of mass. Now all that crap it's if all goes back to the institutionalization. 187746943. 22 -- we are. 18774694322. -- your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it says sorry that for -- although. You know outscored their lord you know. All kids -- horrible for their actions to help our. Board of so you just caught trouble didn't -- for Orton and -- -- upset at somebody later on it now. Come back the -- shot there. And it's just it's ridiculous. Everything going on now than that liberals are trying to blame the couple told. Yeah but you know how old you 47 Bob. So so it'll be here -- -- -- one year old Charles Whitman killed his wife and is and has a mother. And then climb to the top of the power -- on the University of Texas campus and started should -- and people laugh you know. Mean this this that's always been going on. It will -- its. What -- it's more like business school shooting in a teenager getting guns. And gesture and -- there is no fear of responsibility like this morning it was. There was couple -- for the American teams on on a subway. There are a lot of basketball is working lots -- here -- are out and shoots. That to occur more -- stupid people. It was like 80 it all go back -- it could have been. Now know -- Obvious no it could have been legal where they were running late here in the room and over we are we.