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Long December - A musical tribute to Newtown, CT

Dec 15, 2012|

Cooksey produced this musical tribute for the tragedy in Newtown, CT.

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-- -- -- -- -- All of the young victims here were first -- six or seven years old people always in twelve girls love prejudices. Because they just attacked each one of them we -- -- -- -- A broken today Greek families of those. -- Today's school. It. We'll a little boy got a sister now. Just to see sergeant Michael -- played this and and unless it's like yeah so. That. She heard. -- the intercom came on the school and she heard screamed and she heard a gunshot hit two gunshots. And then the school when it's locked down. And one name they could hit in the Fox's shoes and art class and they had to hide in the closet. And there are fly and it's children obviously -- very -- in her crying in the closet both of those who died. We're just young children or wives. Mean now. Every parent in America has partnered with her. On the phone will also teachers. And women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfill their Connecticut. We're all in this together and we'll do whatever we can. To overcome this event we'll get through it. This is a terrible time. For this community of these families. Calls started coming in behind -- attacks have. Calling concerned to make sure yeah. The strength of. Those innocent little boys and girls. Were taken from their families far too -- Let us all hope and -- those children are now in place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- it your goal you brought black that. There aren't sure why. -- is suffering horrendous tragedy. They harm that has broken our friends. We keep our prayers Paris those whose life. They know that. Their child's innocence but one way or work. A single sheet of paper distributed by the office of Connecticut's chief medical examiner tells the whole horrifying story -- Or. And the victims were first graders six and seven years old along with six adults who worked in their schools were born. They have their entire lives ahead of the. Workplace. Graduation. Weddings and it's all so. And you know. -- --