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Max Robins Monday December 17, 2012 - Fringe And Storage Wars

Dec 17, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...today Max and Howie focused on the cult show Fringe and the scandal about the reality hit Storage Wars.

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Joined at -- at this time every Monday afternoon by Max Robinson via veteran journalist -- for many years covered the television industry. And he is now the executive vice president of the paley center for media New York's anybody's still -- answer all your questions. About TV. Max thanks for joining us here on the Howie -- show how we have to paraphrase that old song by the Boomtown rats. Tell me why I do like Mondays it's 'cause I'm on our Sports Radio program thank you thanks Matt -- some. They got to get a question and you know I hope you'll you'll help me with a because I'm trying not -- destroy my faith in the integrity of reality. TV programs but -- like issue soft. One of a former. And he claims. That it's not really a reality show that they -- We're we're fixing the issue all he still -- -- Gambling in the sense it's an -- which. I'm a little later develop in a related development. A so what is while the suits -- he's been told the Easter Bunny does not exist either. I'll come -- 2000 -- to input from those dogs and well outlawed at the beat you that there. Well well and. There were -- -- the blue Red Sox pitcher one year he had a bad year and he says he's when on the last in the season he says. I can't wait for New Year's Eve and torso why and he says it's like you get hammered and forget about this year. Here is the guy who said when he got a big contract he was gonna put -- one of them Swedish bank accounts for a it was a real intellectual -- the only. Like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right -- in my coffee mark my check the you know the patriots last night again. Against the 49ers 23 million people 23 what was a hell of a game. It was and the president Obama's address on the shootings was watched by almost twenty. Really were talking about that how many people switched as soon as I see I was I was well I was -- some people -- to -- had dinner with me and I and so. I I stepped away from the TV when I came back Obama was on I know wanted Bob Costas said they hadn't told me. To switch over to CNBC and there was no crawl on the bottom of the screen saying. If you know will go switch over to CNBC so I turned that offer while with a whole -- until torture was over so I missed that but so so in other words most people. Most more people switched over to CNBC than watch the president's address. I guess so yeah I mean it's it's well I don't know at the same time that's the the with a number I'm looking at Q -- the total number -- so he was probably on all the channels to write yet yet that's that's you know when there's a presidential address in his crisis. They point -- the right except for CNBC. -- Because they know what they know what 23 million people wanted it wasn't a presidential address that's. That's interesting though that guys at the highest rated days at the highest watched game of the year so far. It may be he would make it will be not sure it's it's got to be it's got to be up here you know a lot of interest in that game of course. Also I mean this is in the in the in the premium cable world -- Laughs last night where this season finale please I haven't seen either one of them yeah adamant terms watch and tonight. It's showtime for couple shows that are popular with with -- segment Dexter. Hit 3.4 three million people watched its highest. Finale for some time regional and homeland to traffic series at two point seven people. So that's. Dot now you know we NBC has been bragging that -- the only ones that are up this year in the prime demo all the rest armor in are really in the toilet. But I mean more hope most of NBC's. AEA increasing numbers are Sunday night foot. Well aren't that well it's two reasons its the big the big bump NBC's god has been for Monday Night Football Sunday night -- and Sunday Night Football and in the the popularity of the show the voice in the voice for NBC has been like American Idol for fox it's -- implement. And it is as a real acre program. At a time when they needed. -- -- They errors all the the cable news channels you know fox is gonna. Is gonna end up is that once again -- your growth and number one rated on the news channel but MSNBC was that the news Cilic showed the biggest growth. I'm its interest in I mean in the in the debt primenews -- 25 to 54 girls. Watching the ratings the last few months the gap. Interestingly is is closing between. Between fox and MSNBC. -- zucker condone anything for CNN. It's a good question I mean soccer's good producer UC sharp. I think this calm -- it's one of those kind of job should take how he did if he succeeds. And in their expectations error or not. Him that I mean if you gets a little bit of a -- will be hero if he can't do it nobody's gonna blame say just can't be fixed it is what it is. You know as we've talked about before the brand though in what they do globally and all the stuff they do still throws awful lot of care. But not as much as fox added Roy talks was making 700 million toys summit Fox News Channel folks is making seven -- 700 million dollars whether they're just put it there it is -- money. And yet this would be yet no one united the drive myself to the studios warning the -- -- That's why they have -- margins. I would never put me on as a contributor to slug of the last six months and the best as a Murdoch. Mob operative -- and news at least they could think about -- years ago is this in his. Watering holes restaurant please -- the antennas. -- In in. About west Hollywood's a real place in the air at the time. Aaron Spelling was having and his wife were having dinner -- Who wants and yet it's studios was known that they appoint the most powerful man and now right and you know in the Aaron Spelling. The guy who created elbows those cheesy primetime shows were right hundreds of millions Tori spelling's four and what was really interesting how he now. They split the check and both couples took a dog and access though. So in other words I know why you -- get yourself to the fox yeah it's. Dog. But how we men they'll show take it all was ridiculous that's gone right yeah. But don't nobody's got a path ahead for Howard and Alec. You know he would Deal or No Deal he does that shows Howard Stern's on America's Got Talent guys doing here. Is revolution doing okay. OK okay. Let's see any word about the last half season of fringe. We're gonna look at -- hate you know kind of a sleeper show how it's out there and again those shows. Recommend you even though it's. BBC America. -- I'm sorry I draw I draw the line there Max. At the thing I didn't MSNBC I. I think -- you know American people -- American accents on MSNBC and our covered under their affirmative action. I don't need to be watch in the you know the home town of all these people who are familiar and taken over our TV yeah. I mean we can follow up what he'll local moon bats who could take place appears Morgan -- mart an issue here is that this is that you Rahm did this it's called it's called the hour. And Dominic West who was so good in the -- plays this -- -- increment. -- -- kind of sixty minutes type show now. Late fifties you know the beginning this week and in the been -- with support you know scandal no perfume all pro fuel -- -- -- -- And its end and this and and kind of the the relationship between them the BBC and doing this new show in the government. And the and endless. -- and -- think it's it's it's really kind of cool it's called the -- time BBC near you can also. Downloaded iTunes and no they're not paid say the hour or the hour workday is okay maybe I'll check it actually sounds pretty interest rate but -- -- it's kind of it's kind of cool it's kinda cool. -- is is is Beavis and -- coming back. One can only hope it. House originally. Written to note how is Glenn Beck's -- doing that that it would bad enough but they're on DISH Network. You know I'm gonna tell you this right now I was wrong. Year. Of -- is coming. January 18 two power. That's the end of the line for orange freezes on. When his homeland coming back last -- was Austin. -- shall probably see active in the fall September. I'm hearing conflicting reports about Dexter coming back. Dexter I believe is coming. In 2002. It is. Why does the scifi channel's thing. -- what widen the swallows return to Capistrano every year combined what kind of question -- You we don't like side fighter you don't like it if you don't like it don't watch yet. You know we say here. Mystified something you like my business okay let's make some calls here for Max Robinson promote the paley center for a media in New York City 18774694322. And police and try to. You know price if you have to pull over to a road now that you for a boots it's there are allegations that reality TV is not really reality based I mean. Don't don't. Don't try to drive with tears streaming down your face you know rollover until you can compose yourself. State's. Next thing you know you're Telus but -- dynasties. And here next with how we card Max -- go ahead in the. Yeah Alley in back up to put a body what. College shell but there's a comment. A -- Need GB and that I saw that the twilight the way back when an apple announced it yet how scary it but I thought it was then. While I've watched a few episodes and be it yeah I mean did you find it very bitter that is -- -- like. I you don't YNB I find the same thing with most of those shows you know they're very few shows from the fifties and early sixties that that I hold up. Yeah I mean they they just seem like based they seem like a community theater don't -- it. Yeah I mean that set I mean that's that's the special. I'm not that I'm saying in the acting and and it's great to see Robert Redford what they were young and all that stuff I mean. I and I don't sterling that the cranking out a story a -- and equipment and indeed but I mean that these things but just so what I'm saying wow why we think this stuff was good. I check out combat I mean that I I think they shot they shot the thing and a lot the size in my backyard for three years they were to score around the around the same the same trees. -- -- The Italian village. Or what was the no I you know that's the thing -- a lot of people are looking for these -- shows but that would that when -- -- Adam -- -- there really disappointed and and that the further back -- -- of the worst shows yet. -- one of the few that released the the release the ends up oh. Max and you'll laugh at me but. Boston -- they used to do a lot of it they used to know you re airing -- and -- see him -- really note I don't mean the movies I mean the TV shows as they shot a lot of them on location in LA and you can see what -- look like in 1960. But you don't see any of that and Indian in the Twilight Zone at all it's all on the back lots there's no there's no such thing -- location shooting. Thanks for that thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. A -- Max was off Highway Patrol almost a spot at one herald the roads in California dirt I product that was -- a -- to -- And I found out that the broader Crawford -- had lost his license for drunk driving. They couldn't go on any of the routes. Have to cope. Should they gave everything on the back roads Liz your next without regard Max -- go -- -- Yeah I. I wanted to just say there's another reason eight BC ratings are down at night is because this soap fans boycotting BC. Because they can't hold all my children and one wipe away. Yeah but as -- that worry you don't. You know how race how -- -- fans could there be if they cancel ball leaves us hopes you know. Powell and the other thing that people who watched those -- in the daytime would see previews the -- urban nighttime shows. And not seen on either -- -- watching -- night I showed. A lot of people boycott. -- That but I also want to ask you Bob cancel. Yes -- unfortunately is canceled. -- -- was that said that shell alleys should watch the hour it's a great check out the but what is gone by the way. Laying right there I don't BC America but it's a second here you go back in March last year. To -- Tuesday nice -- it's on against Vegas right now the winds Wednesday. -- a great show until I watch that I really like get. Yeah okay rush likes the hour someone says it's not bad. 18774694322. How -- and how was Dexter going to continue now that he's dead. -- question the stupid questions today Max limit what a Sherlock Holmes got killed once and did that stop Arthur Conan Doyle. At least another -- Sherlock. What's another BBC America. Watched. Their modern date that your. Yeah I read about that too yeah but I you know obviously -- obviously they wanna bring -- back its market as well at least now. Orbit can just make it like you know just say these this was -- for a Baxter died. It -- -- but that would be -- just bring him back polite that's that's the traditional way rush your next with how -- card Max Robbins well ahead. -- -- -- And how we of people and by the back coming back on January the twentieth. -- national nightmare will soon be over. Before I get to. Match up against what an MM MSNBC -- ten bucks. The how much is -- has met the MSNBC doesn't make nearly what fox does to -- but it makes a lot of money it's making money. You have to understand the wonderful thing about most cable networks is that they've got what we like to call. The tool revenues. Which means they're not only paid by the cable systems satellite systems and phone companies that carry them but they also have ever so. MSNBC's made. So once and how much fox contributors -- why you asking me I'm not a fox contributor. Asked asked the colonel prop of the colonel -- maybe Italian Nate you're next with how we card Max -- go ahead Nate. -- -- I was wondering I would I would say that you spend yeah -- -- -- -- -- And that the -- -- does not use those terrible I was wondering if it's you know of any yet but writer people that are are coming up. Haven't heard about -- -- group which you know. Never. In the wonderful world. Reboots -- and who knew describe a new way to describe the beast column retread to reboot sounds a lot it but that sounds -- it was somebody else's fault but it went off for being here there was the other was that color older. Power surge -- glitch. Tim you're next with how it and IT -- -- Tim you're next with how we card Max -- core at them. -- -- -- -- -- Tool my favorite shows so of one company anarchy you know I mean we're -- that might have and breaking that thing. -- at least one more season of Sons of Anarchy it's like caught up with this this year really the no other show it is. Album breaking bad. Will have its last eight episodes in this. Thanks for the call them 18774694322. So once -- educate your homeland on Netflix. It's a season one of homeland Netflix and wait for. To a 72 we cancel all the real housewives. -- how was. Next thing you know you -- we tell me that's -- Yeah every okay what I also want wants to know how backs channel is doing we did you didn't answer that Macs that told the blaze channel community. He's doing okay they're making money they're making money that's that's a real interest in models the other. Can be itching to see how they build. I don't you had to pay five bucks a month on the Internet the have to pay on is it an expert is that a pay channel on audition. I think it is I think it is a premium channel condition plus you know. Specs make a lot of money history. Right exactly I just wonder pets you know that's the loss where you live that's what supporting the TB network. He's got he's got big expenses he's got -- people work and for. He's got a jolt she with the guys used to be the the news director at -- channel seven here in Boston is his. That's his pop TV guy -- boats with a really inventive guy I mean and he was a guy who basically. And I'm not sure for the good I mean I know -- old guy by. Revolutionized. The kind of local news out of Miami at US VN quicker -- led. He basically buried you know MTV to. It's a bit in the forget Kelly in California -- and they watched through and through band through a little bit of Baywatch yeah that was the Baywatch is definitely -- -- Kevin your next with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead Kevin quickly. Guys to -- -- lieutenant. In Murray gonna do great writer who. What is it he's a dog patrol captain -- can determine that they you know -- App -- exterior. I'll stop at. I didn't come here to be made sport of one of those -- this is back on the line OK Max Merry Christmas happy new year all that. I die will you well literally squads -- -- brother I was sure he's not here okay great thanks a point guard.