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Storm Warnings In Newtown

Dec 17, 2012|

The murdered mother of the Newtown Ct shooter was a ‘survivalist’ who believed the world was on the verge of violent, economic collapse, stockpiled supplies and taught her sons to shoot.. She was killed in bed with her own guns. Howie let callers vent about Friday's horrific tragedy.

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Facts about -- shooting this is John fund he's really a good good writer. Two works for a used to work for Wall Street Journal our works for national review we've got him on the show before. On several occasions most recently won. We weren't camp at the Republican Convention last summer. This is just kind of put everything in perspective about -- about the what what is that what happened to the terrible terrible. Atrocities that happened in the new town on the one on Friday. Mass shootings are no more common than they have been in past decades despite the impression given by the media. In fact the high point for mass killings in the US was 1929. According to criminologist Grande do way. Of the Minnesota department of corrections. Incidents of mass murder in the US declined from 42 in the 1990s to 26 in the first decade of this century. Forget gun control we would be better off debating two taboo subjects but laws that make it difficult to control people with mental illness. Exactly we talk -- -- about that on Friday. The institutionalization. And that in the the ACLU one and like groups trying to speak out for the civil rights. The of the mental and mentally challenged which now. And the growing body of evidence that gun free zones. Quote unquote gun free zones which would be in the carrying of firearms by law abiding individuals don't work. First mental health. A lengthy study by Mother Jones Magazine not exactly right wing publication. Found that at least 38 of the 61 -- shooters in the past three decades. Quote displayed signs of mental health problems prior to the killings on quote. New York Times columnist David Brooks and Cornell law school professor William Jacobson a guest on this program he's via. Author of the illegal insurrection blog the winner after -- fake Indian during the campaign. Have both suggested that the ACLU were inspired laws that make it so difficult intervened. And identify potentially dangerous people should be loosened. Gun free zones. Guns are already banned in schools. But this is white shootings happen in schools a school -- a helpless victims -- says Richard -- a former Arizona sheriff. Preventing any -- a school from having access to a firearm eliminates any chance the killer can be stopped in time to prevent a Rampage. Said Jim quarry of public information officer of the national association of chiefs of police. Economist John Lott and William land has conducted a ground breaking study in 1999. And found a common theme of mass shootings is that they occur in places were guns are banned in killers know every one will be on armed such as shopping malls and schools. This is it did this it was that this is about the horror shooter in this what Lott told budget on fund about the or shooter. He noted that the roar shooter who killed twelve people earlier this year had a choice of seven movie theaters -- were showing the Batman movie he was obsessed with. All within a twenty minute drive from his home. The Cinemark theater of the killer ultimately chose was not the closest. But it was the only one that posted signs saying it -- concealed handguns carried by law abiding individuals. All of the other theaters -- of the approximately 4% of Colorado. Adults who have a concealed handgun. Permit to inter with their weapons. Wasn't a coincidence that he went to that one theater even though was further from his home. Or Diddy Diddy. Scouted out and know that that word and I we don't I don't know that. Despite all of the seventh so magical thinking behind gun free zones is unlikely to be questioned in the wake of the new town killings having such zones gives people a false sense of security in woe to the politician a business owner who now suggest. That a gun free zone revert back to what critics would characterize as a wild wild west us. Indeed shortly after the senate market packed in Colorado the manager of the nearby north field theaters changed its policy. And -- be having concealed handguns. In all the fevered commentary over the new town killing usually your little discussion of the fact that we may be making our families and neighbors less say by expanding the places were guns aren't allowed. But that is precisely what we may be doing both criminals and the criminally insane have shown time and time again. But those laws of least of the problems they face as they carry out there are evil deeds. By the way one thing I noticed on the game last night did you notice the the ads for the new movie that's that's coming out in in January. Gangster squad. Man movie that was memo we were supposed to come out and August. But the final scene in the movie has a guy shooting up -- theater. This is in the 1940s or fifties set and no way. And so they decided that they would be better -- remove the the film from from circulation. And and and dar re cut the ending so I guess the the the final scene where the movie theater shot up is now removed. But now they've just how ironic that they about that baker who. Just started doing advertising again missed this week. For the for the new the new date. 18774694322. In every one of these -- shooting cases someone new -- the shooter had a problem and did nothing how about we BM nut jobs. But the thing is you can't you can't beat them I mean it's it's it's -- more difficult to was to -- war find out. It is somebody saw on Friday were we ever gonna get disguised as a medical records we ever gonna find out anything about them. Or were they covered by hip off. Want guns banned then missile glances bedroom I daresay that she was well legally armed see the results. Well. Yes it was matter fact did you see that -- so somebody was tweeting and was re tweeted by somebody from Harvard Law School professor at Harvard Law School. It's a good thing ms. Lanza. Had a have all those guns to protect your -- she might not be alive today imagine if a conservative but said that. But it's it's a Harvard Law School professor so he's gonna you know nobody nobody really cares about it. That the fact is that this guy. Lanza the Q did the killer tried to buy a gun last week at Dick his own gun at Dick's Sporting Goods and he couldn't get a guy. That's why he was using his mother's guidance. 18774694322. You mean no mass murders a gun shows and target Rangers -- who would've thought that. Why does no one ever talk about Switzerland in the fact that every home has a rifle there's a reason it didn't get rolled by the Nazis. Please. Repeat the name of the article I need to forward it to my liberal friends that the name of the article is Willits is strong funds article and non national laden -- on national review one line go to national review. Dot com and and you'll find it there. -- city people postal link because that is a -- that's one of the better articles of the day you betcha. Okay we have to take a break and then we'll get back and that take all take a bunch of calls I won't won't keep reading stuff -- got a ton of stuff that's great here. But that will take take all your calls we come back -- now -- 1877. 6432. Six point seven social or should be effective with three others at Texas in them around for some of these Empire State Building -- regrets won't sell off the Empire State Building. Recently because he did it right after we we left Saturday morning after Thanksgiving NYC. And -- shall also shall -- beat me and you know again. 18774694322. Some races in law enforcement circles that they're saying that evidence shows the shooter convinced his mother opener safe and then use them them against their I heard that the mother was killed Welch -- is slowly slipping in a bad idea and but I also the world also interviews with her -- friends in the friends said the she was theory yeah. Conscientious gun owner and wouldn't would not leave them -- around -- house. 187 so damaging it was keeping them from her children she tired kids had issued news guns. Well. If the kid was as weird as everybody says that it would behoove her to keep the key obviously and -- -- it looks. To me like she didn't she didn't go that annoyed that that's where things apparently broke up for marriage that's. Being issued she was very defensive ever ever kids side I think she was a little bit in denial about how about it last. 18774694322. By the way the heat they are -- there's a connection to Massachusetts she was raised in rural New Hampshire they they were married in Kingston apparently they lived in the the family lived in Kingston for number of years before they moved to earth and then broke up miss -- you're next with Howie -- go ahead miss acts. But have stayed in it yet school. We're proud to have actor securities -- and I didn't see once these mountains camera equipment are open. But besides that we need to work and that I'm all for having access security. With with people that actually and I. I have protect it's someone attacked my hands inside the difference the I want it is that I chose not to but I'm. Yet principles aren't everything out teachers don't go in its teaching it but others please let them badges and as an hour. I could've gotten so that these deals that I don't evidently. Then you don't have that you know indie feeling to be -- we'll have an -- That was teaching my Brothers that they went to that please. You know law enforcement. And that is the reason -- to keep your personality as far as having that principle strategic arms. You know it is not realistic yet -- They should not wise or not -- but but -- sex why is it not realistic I mean the that you don't if you're pilot you don't have to be armed but they -- they base they encourage. A certain number of pilots are. What about one aspect but didn't grab it and left -- about doing. -- -- -- I would assume I would assume mr. acts that that the gun would be locked I -- I know I know I know you know right I know would you know and winced when the shooting starts she need the god but I don't think anybody wants people you know. We're in now wearing guns on their on their hips. I. Either it's not like I have. Do you think that principle ahead had to think about secret initiation ran out. -- I don't I look I don't think it's gonna work for any number of reasons including the fact that that whoever be Webber got a gun would be eligible for group for pension. You know that widget that's a whole -- That's a whole. Bureaucratic and financial might -- -- in itself but. Well I mean people are just struggling to come up with some kind of idea where I mean what do what do you want that sort. -- Well I mean -- how do you that we protect your point. That we found it curious that we should have in the -- we protect court houses. It in the most vulnerable people the little you know our. -- nor has any court houses or wait miss sex there aren't as many courthouses are airports is there are schools. You know an -- and -- -- we protected the airport's a lot more in the date right the days right after 9/11 I mean I. If you so I haven't seen any national Guardsmen not walking around with it's you know while rifles. For a long time. You used to see him all the time at the airport right. Yet but there's still are a lot more that I mean there's cameras there -- a lot more things in place to detect. -- airports and -- Golden Globe -- to me. I -- that's my value is you know I'd rather protect the school at a bank. What if all the bank in the bank takes care of its own security -- sex pretty much -- they have their own they have their -- guards around to to to make sure that that they don't get net nailed. Knocked over thanks for thanks for the call. 1877469432218774694322. -- was storing away thanks for the apocalypse. If she she believed in what she all for -- of me that's too strong -- word which you believe that the that this society was on the verge of -- so maybe it's not too strong -- word but she she was -- up with a caller proper. That they you know she wasn't the issue was one of these people's torn out and -- would still live you know -- and you know getting ready to live off the grid or anything like that they would than a nice house that was worth that. Over half a million dollars mean she was issuers -- exactly militiaman. But does she issue was just the -- was just prepared I mean billions of people bought guns in recent years. -- millions of people thought their kids speak to use firearms and that this doesn't happen -- this does not happen. Obviously every day. And sometimes it happens with. Boss I mean look at Tim McVeigh in Africa and yet fertilizer you BM fertilizer. I'm going to be and the high of such what the guy in China used on Friday 1877469432. To Don your next with how we are going have gone. Yeah I don't know what can I I just wanted to point out that they don't realize when we make gun free you know. You essentially put targets. Right that's what -- that's what these guys said. That's what guys in the John fund story sent. They pick up now if you are a licensed -- area. And you look at it that movie and that has to sign it it's a gun free zone. You're not gone -- it they actually get a gun free zone whether to -- -- and they should not gonna go in this because it took too long to get to permit you put too much -- out. And you don't wanna have a problem. -- when you got six other theaters in the in the year FICO where you can go to not have a problem. Secondly it's here in there. They you do have a guy. Your first reaction is going to be I gotta get addict yeah I can't -- got to go to jail for doing something the Mike -- government gun free -- I couldn't think like that but that's effectively what's gonna happen. In every court should take on it and carry permit and always that they can tell you all the bottom line is. If you pull that trigger. For whatever reason you going to be too so you know I added you should know. They gave you don't have a bunch of rambled out there running her way to get involved in things. This gonna get involve in things because they have to. You don't wanna I never thought I'd never blame -- for -- throw down weapons in Al. It's just makes things so much easier for ultimately you know if they you know the DC a shadow -- tonight from the EC he overreacted because it was -- idea on. So just keep that throw down and just you know take here it. I -- I've often thought that was a Smart thing to do for cops and more government to carry -- on guests. Now we are.