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Hoisting The NRA

Dec 18, 2012|

The National Rifle Association released a statement today saying it was shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in Newtown. Meanwhile a professor at the University of Rhode Island, went on a profanity-laced tirade on Twitter, calling the NRA a terrorist organization and saying he wanted to see the head of NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre "on a stick. Howie asked who is more violent here.....

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We'll we'll talk a little bit about God's sake you know there isn't any aren't -- isn't isn't tolerance among the moon back community grade is -- aren't liberals. Aren't they wonderful way to celebrate diversity I've got to -- pack but things they've been saying here just tweeting and putting on their blogs. Here's one this -- a guy University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis. He is called for NRA vice president Wayne Lapierre has hit an honest -- I want Wayne Lapierre his head on a stick this professors said. It looks like the National Rifle Association has murdered some more children. Can we define NRA membership is dues contributing to a terrorist organization he asked and it's separate. -- Now now war he missed the -- goal -- -- well you can imagine so. Now professor Loomis. Has as up about it is east -- again. Dear right wingers to be clear I don't want to see Wayne Lapierre dead. I want him in prison for the rest of his life. We are you were very clear when you say that you want someone's head on us it. Appears that means you want the person that. That was in Rhode Island. Now we move down to Houston. Over the weekend Houston Democrat precinct cheered John. Kolb or read one obvious tweeted. Can we now issue the NRA and every one who defends them. That's a way to put an end the violent says that. We don't like the because they have gotten so let's show them. This apparently is part of what the Democrat calls hard hitting political commentary on his blog Bay Area. Houston. -- -- Rule will be yes has had spent some of his hard hitting political commentary -- conservatives. Or is he puts it laughing -- pew keying on GOP. -- -- Among the other messages in the group for which year pro in which is tweet appeared were those that advocated for the murder of NRA president that keen. And all in RA members liberal tolerance at its best. Case and how we got another one here. This is also in Texas. The owner of the Thai noodle house in Austin, Texas. Home of the universe the axis. Has been bombarded with criticism after he posted a racially charged an offensive FaceBook status. Regarding the tragic shooting at CNB hawk elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. I don't care if a bunch of white kids got killed. The restaurant owner Eddie. And member terror. Wrote in his FaceBook page -- racial. Post racial boldly when kids for minority groups get shot nobody cares what Israel launched missiles at the school one Gaza. Everybody was too busy well. Why should I care about people that'll give a damn about me. Well okay. So he was that that went over to you imagine. So he wrote another post in an attempt to clarify his initial -- He didn't say anything about how he didn't hear from -- of white kids got killed. By the way I think there was at least one -- student to scale that was big one looked Hispanic black. Madeleine was Asian via the woman. BB cared about them. I don't know did he didn't specify. I have stated throughout the years in my beliefs with millions and cut the mental health programs school programs after lunch programs years after years. Thousands of kids in juvenile detention centers on hundreds of them hungry tonight and have no place to sleep. Thousands are mentally and sexually abused by someone they know Q wait wait what does this have to do what you don't care about. Which is -- that we don't care about white kids being killed. I will not apologize. I was a fool to give into the emotion must forego logic and reason yet I am no fool what I am outraged. If you're all like -- my opinions I suggest you one friend -- and bleep off. I improve the -- one after his customers I'm pretty sick of some people telling me what to think how to think or how to field today and if you don't like my food bleep often eat somewhere else. It's. Boy you know what ever happened at a customer's always right just not at. Not at the -- brutal house in. Austin, Texas. 18774694322. So the liberals wanna take away our guns and used him illegally to kill the gun owners they take them from says John from an honest about that about sums it up. Yeah they are so angry about the mass killings that they want to have mass killings. You're thinking Jeremy gimmick -- Iowa's keeps things can you imagine can you mention any any conservative saying that's. About the you know I don't care that they were black kids who were killed or -- Or let's kill everybody and you know fill in the liberal group the ACLU one. Whatever you imagine how why. It would be it would be on every network newscast it would be on MSNBC around instead this is just these are just. You know little. Who -- a little. Mentions here and there on the on the Internet. How we those moon bats with their comments were taken out of context yes I know. Yes exactly. 18774694322. How about that video on ESPN calling RG three corn ball brother because he has CO white beyoncé and as a Republican the double standard as ridiculous. Yeah well he's back I got suspended. By the way what the hell is a corn ball brother I've never heard that I've never heard that expression before. -- I think I know what it means I just never I it's it's a new phrase. They used to call you went on bomber Oreo. Now it's. It now with -- corn ball Barack. 1877469. The state for that same professor we're probably wringing his hands over major focus on having vishay bought his beard you know that is absolutely correct. Yeah out. Yeah exactly made nervous on being the Fort -- issue. The you know we -- see you know you're not allowed to have a full beard if you're active duty military. And despite that being in the in the break he is active duty duty military because he's still getting paid. Major Hasan who killed what but twelve or thirteen. Of his fellow service our servicemen who happen to be unarmed on the base Fort Hood Texas. And yet even always on active duty he says that because of his religion shouldn't have to shave his beard so the judge ordered him to shave his beard. And the judge were stripped. That makes perfect sense as an -- The judges trying to keep border and tried this guy -- bid for rob murder this terrorist who shouted I'll lock bar as he murdered. The the American servicemen and women one of whom was pregnant by the way and and and he's in and he gets to keep his beard and the judge who ordered him to go along with the army regulations gets transferred. Right. Is that great. 187746943221. More thing one more thing before we won. Where is Hillary Clinton's medical report. This is from the daily caller we -- talking about this now while. You remember how do you know what the liberals are saying. Why can't these conservatives so paranoid they're full of hate demanding to see Hillary Clinton's medical records. And of course these are the same people who wanted to see Mitt Romney's tax returns from ten years ago. But this is a woman who remains. -- now she's third in line of succession. To the United States presidency but she doesn't have to turn over any medical reports. Is this is from investors business daily. Clinton claimed she can't testify in front of congress on Thursday because she fell down over the weekend and got a concussion. May be slow but thus far no -- seen a medical report. What's more it's the second time Clinton has put off crucial congressional testimony about the -- -- US ambassador in three of the US officials. By Islamist terrorists in Benghazi Libya last September 11 the previous time she had more. Pressing business. Tasting wine in Australia and checking up on East -- It looks like avoidance of responsibility to preserve her own political viability. If she has a concussion let's see the medical report let's see some proof she's not just on wall. If it's true that we can all wish her speedy recovery but it's ridiculous to expect us to take -- word for. And again if -- -- rob as they should just. And as a quarterback yesterday but in reality if a squabble football player a special team work. Got knocked to the ground and was one -- lying on the ground for a while take off on a stretcher pretty clear. Are possible that he had a concussion. And coach Andy that the team physicians and the owners in the GM didn't didn't send him immediately to -- hospital for a it's caps hand. They would be denounced. They were probably be fine by the NFL. But this woman's third lines for the presidency and she doesn't and she claimed she of the concussion nobody -- -- -- Apparently we're not supposed to asked. -- and we're supposed to pretend that the left would be asking the same thing of all this to happen with the president was a Republican. -- 18774694322. No Boehner is there no Boehner is up Boehner it's she's she's third in line after the president here's the way it works president vice president. Boehner the speaker of the house. President pro tem of the senate which until yesterday it was the annual and away but he's dead now. So I don't know automatically goes to the person with the most seniority they have that Phil -- there are there some kind of waiting period. But I'm just gonna say as far as I know she store now after Biden Boehner. And then comes Clinton. Because in a way is obviously not succession anymore because. He didn't come down for breakfast. One if she's -- she's unfit to -- job she should step down yeah bishop on the injured reserve list. The disabled list. 187 save maker alliger if she wanna make her eligible for the playoffs that's okay. Reporter -- take her out for the rest of the year. If what if any of my employees call I would sickness or injury they'd better have a doctor's note says to a seven why not Hillary. Come on now I'm sure you know pick Clinton could -- line. Course course. Bobby your next with Howie -- go ahead Bob. Didn't and now liberals want an election detail we'll talk. I know but I I understand bobbitt's when they when they say something that we Buick fewer rice that it would be called hate speech for them it's speaking truth to power. -- -- Actually it's kind of like dog park would you expect. It's exactly. What. I have uncovered. -- brought him in America. What it would get there on your neck might state representative. Wouldn't Republicans told me. That -- the human nervous in the state of Maine and that probably nationwide. Being put my contract company called Maximus -- currently operating in 26 states. Nationwide. They had been fraudulently billing that. Wait wait wait wait we can't let just say that we can't -- just -- it cut that out cut that I we don't know what they've been going thanks for the call Bob 18774694322. Linda your next with how we cargo Havilland. Yes I think so -- -- have a confession cook. What I wanted to do that Clinton. I hope I hope we want to interfere with US exercising any sort of duties as commander in chief of the United States of America should it should -- -- I wonder if anybody. Thought. About it what would've happened differently if somebody in the score armed. Yeah no I think a lot of people thought about that apparently. Rick Perry idea I heard him on the radio today the governor of Texas apparently there's -- at least one school where one district in the panhandle. But allows the teachers to come to school armed and guess what they have -- any problems when the. I think that's the that I hear. Sorry I -- -- miserable thing and Snickers this. Merry Christmas and you know it's Bobo we look at for -- the congressional hearings on Thursday year year you can doctor cars this year concussion should be fine by then. Goldblatt you're next with Howie Carr. I would allied -- -- I have to idea what is these. Base say if people make 250000. Dollars more than two -- They have to pay except back. I am quite yet how by the people making 250000. Dollars. They have the right to have gotten the people that cannot make 200000. They don't give them guys who have done as -- night. And I -- he's. That's that's not gonna work go bad. I guess I guess side yes. And I delighted he is. Without embodiment of hope about the -- how wild. If each person has used the Indus psychology Orszag gets the -- hasn't. Kind of action be patient Beasley we -- put 50000 dollars into account. And did these -- dot and hope they're patient directly with this amount of money at this. About it go bad most a lot of these patients a lot of these people that go crazy and stitch and shoot up schools or McDonald's or post offices they don't want any help. Yeah they get they give -- medication they don't take the medication that they schedule but they're for they're relevant try to schedule one point appointments the -- shrinks. They don't go to the appointments. You know. People look at the people living under the bridges in Boston you know -- -- there's plenty of places for him to sleep but they don't want to they wanna be outside people when its call. But rather sleep -- a box. I don't know what you I don't know what you do go about it Alicia -- go back to the old days of by institutionalizing. People against their well. Mean that's -- up back in the in the 1970s. And it was it was a bipartisan thing you know meet. Governors is that different as as is Ronald Reagan and Mike Dukakis borrow one hacking at the institutionalization. And it just hasn't worked out yet it hasn't worked out at all. By the way this is. This is enough bright part today it was this tabloid kind of says -- all sorts Connecticut murderer. Lived in windowless basement playing violent video games. Windowless basement you know it's like to be in a windowless basement living all the time and it's OK to go durable windowless basement where you go down and you watch TV at night on up on plasma screen TV year's opener watch football. But when -- live -- -- all the time it gets -- I mean I remember -- there was a guy islands into -- bedrooms that's probably other newspaper reports are saying no -- of the plumber plumber -- says he lived in a windowless basement of his home playing violent video games like call of duty in obsessing over guns. And military equipment he had a proper setup down at a plumber said computers -- bathroom bed and desk and a TV there were no windows. Or member there was a guy chopped up his wife and two kids see -- was separated from wife and a and -- he lived in one of these you know one again about windowless basement and I thought that that was along time ago I like. That was more for being out of it you know I mean that there is this. Lot of people who go crazy like this. David does not enough light and it's bad enough. Someone just spread text or just said it's 3 o'clock time to put on the headlights amid this time a year -- bad enough to want it to be living in the most. Most. He lit window film rooms and houses in the in the region it's depressing. But can you imagine just living and I mean give me a human being all animals needle right. That's what the winter solstice and bring in the tree in sight and so you know I mean just that have to. Two while ward off the deep depression that comes at this time a year. Debra your next with how we cargo ahead Debra. But yes. Thank you it's really. The mother which teacher elementary social and keep this as far as Italy. Which also had to turn into that -- or the -- I don't know about you but I don't -- it's a mistake most states. And it's irresponsible if they keep it on and which I have unloaded and it got sick for the nomination. And on the nomination you know. Did you have any children it has 1718 -- sticky locking out there. No I well you know there's I don't know why Deborah nobody really knows for sure since both of -- dead but there's I think there's I've read speculation. That you know she knew she had a problem with the kid. And and I she she was may be trying the bond with the kid by you know letting him have the guns could she knows she knew that he liked the -- So she she just had obviously had no idea that he was ever gonna do anything like this. So I. Association and on -- and -- are urged like that you don't take a chance. Well she ate each and she was assay ASU I -- -- -- world -- yeah she she does she she wanted to be. She wanted to be prepared you know in case in case something happened I mean obviously had a totally backfired on her and she's dead and so for a lot of other people and it's very unfortunate but I know I don't know why I don't know what you do -- I agree if you have kids you you should have the guns locked up among loaded if you got -- in the house but. Mean this kid this guy was when he was twenty years old. Thanks for the call -- 187746943221. Howie -- 1877469432218774694322. Johnson media that definition from the urban dictionary of corn ball brother. An African American male who chooses not to follow the stereotype. This includes but is not limited to being educated. Well spoken and our role model. A leader. Selfless. And upstanding member of the community. And above all humble. You can you can see what -- guy. They've got suspended from ESPN where it beat down on. RG three for being a corn ball brother who won a terrible thing to wannabe corn ball brother. One -- I just went to what checked the check the fax machine. And I we've already gotten area. -- idea yuppie Christmas card in there so again keep send them to me 6177793467617779. 3467. People are to -- sympathetic to this Lanza. Them the mass murderer crew lived in the windowless basement. By the time I was twenty I'd been in Grenada or Beirut in South America that -- kids must've. Were kids like must've been how does mommy's house what punk. 18774694322. Failure next what Howie -- go -- fell. This here also some arguments. And -- -- it. If -- Strobl what's the first thing they do face to. Pills down its growth to levels I have to realize. What is it 25% of the the of the of the males in a public schools are run redolent. Yeah. Now. -- so it was over medicated because in epileptic seizures in the doctor just said oh well damage but it Daria that's -- damages should. And if he beat up a few pills and took a few drinks all of a sudden your mind changes a little bit opposite -- on an -- person. That was my thought this. I REI I would like to I would also like to know what kind of medications he was on and why do they called me anti depressants because the people were on them oftentimes seem to be very very depressed -- It exactly and it is even coming up on the news media about the effective. -- -- -- -- It's hard to find out though Phil I mean how you know who's gonna tell -- you know that the mother is dead. I don't think I don't think any of the pharmacies are -- that the prescribing doctors I don't think they're allowed to one tell you what they were prescribing this kind of ignore them. -- this. They go through the medicine chest and check -- out their house so. All I'm sure they've done that but you know -- again the way I think -- -- probably they have a you know real -- tightly at secrecy imposed on him like that like to share from Plymouth County has on Whitey Bulger you know and got a big I mean if you got a big -- -- you know. The -- the cases where you can generally find out what's going on -- the small cases you know the the war the more media. Interest there is the harder it is to -- anything out. Was she got a checkbook like The National Enquirer does. There are but my other thoughts were this is the target -- traditional Christmas to remember for a church. Virginia and what other start with Jews. That field. Current topic is what did the British to. When that mumbo pricing. Happened today. Every -- -- true and it. And nobody nobody even expected history -- to see what you know even as as a guide posts to what might be acceptable. Well I know again -- there's the utopia some people Abbas said that though the reason why -- Switzerland was allowed to remain neutral in a CEO of axis power during World War II was because everybody was -- was -- to major study it and -- they just figured it wasn't worth -- and there. A little bit about the side of the mountains with every and every male it's universal. -- have to put so many months and -- certainly in the Serb massacre are citizens or -- male driven in Israel and Israel. Thanks for the call fell 1877469. Were three to two. How we can -- enjoy hole. Yuppie -- of course you can I -- otherwise without saying I was looking for that most of these cards will actually referred to. Holidays. Rather than Christmas. 617 I was on Mets at twenty and 36 both times they made me feel so awful -- abruptly stop taking them depression is a walk in the park compared to the state of mind it's like Mets Mets put you win. Not one mention of drugs not one mention of drugs. Again I mean. -- you know. I I know that everybody was way off on the first day and you know with with the facts when the -- when it was unfolding at the school. But after that people try to war you know it's Friday once things called animal bit. The reporters generally try to go with just the traditional sources in the traditional sources architect and you -- Spain. Because they can't release summits there everybody is -- bound by beefs up privacy office. Will your next with -- cargo ahead well. They have created today -- It. I go to school and now let you know millions of really really liberals say it's. And I was talking to people why in the world and not filed I have to -- held -- gun laws -- too. Two yeah -- yeah people get it all right we'll -- and minds and we should just ban the Second Amendment unlike. -- And the middle America and our founding principles we're based on the constitution. The president take an -- When -- start inaugurate added inauguration to. -- protect and uphold the constitution and it you know the administration would it take away their Second Amendment I think you would be breaking -- Steve was. Right now they want it now will they wanna go after assault weapons again they tried this -- Almost twenty years ago nineteen 984. And it didn't work because it was just they were just making these decisions based on the of the cosmetic appearances of guns. And how it now the -- would not -- -- -- letter Mayweather and expire at at a ten year rock. Life span and they didn't know what because it had no -- it and it had no rationality to it so now they wanna bring it back. Because because it's gonna look good in a look like they're doing something but it will actually have no effect whatsoever. Just like the 1994 BN had no. They've they began the Salton. -- so called assault weapons whatever they are in 1994. What happened the next year well I'll tell you what happened Oklahoma City. And you know what there were no guns used in the Oklahoma City bombing. -- because. People incredible like that I -- -- the guy I didn't know guns if there of that blacked out and they actually wanna kill someone. They will find a way to do it without using. Assault rifle or just begun in general. I think it is not caught and. I don't go to -- -- -- dear friends I mean your for your friends don't read enough they don't they they don't pay attention they just that they just having knee jerk reactions from where the -- doing too much social media. It's a bit and guy earlier bill he hit point when he you know there's some about not paying attention history because they're really not. I mean they think they're just taking away the effect amendment going to be like a panacea to the entire gun issue when really I mean. OK why were taking away that from an invite only like bring slavery back I mean is that logical no. So it doesn't make sense at all it is a blind loyalty to that and still apartment. Right thanks thanks for the call well 187 it's great to have kids would know the war of words like panacea. 18774694322. -- agreed to lobby understands. I'm sure to rest of those kids he was talking today bio class they're probably on FaceBook and their weeding and -- -- around. The key -- this is Thomas sole. The key fallacy of so called gun control laws is that such laws do not in fact control guns this is very basic but it's well written. They simply disarm law abiding citizens while people bent on violence buying firearms readily available. When it comes to the rate of gun ownership. It is higher in rural areas that in urban areas but the murder rate is higher in urban areas. The rate of gun ownership is higher among whites than among blacks but the murder rate is higher among blacks. For the country as a whole handgun ownership doubled in the late twentieth century while the murder rate went down. Neither guns -- gun controls. No gun control is the reason for these differences in the murder rates people were that deference to. -- muscle failure next with how we cargo ahead fell. You mentioned the media -- short moment ago and also would be gun controllers and that's the recently called what I'm going to say might be almost it's. Sick of what happened and -- You know I I -- the media's concerned I wanna be able to be sure of what's being reported on this story. I haven't done any deeper reading on it but I've been following it. Are are any next of kin. Of this alleged shooter being named. As having high indeed his body. In the presence of a medical examiners in the police. I have I haven't either how we end. And -- are there any eyewitnesses that he was shot or shot himself or shot at all in the side -- School biologist but cops saying that when they when they went through the door they were very leery of going through the door for obvious reasons. They they would they went through when they found his body dead lying next to some of the dead kids. Yet he is he's yet to be as far as we know. Legally identified his body. I don't know I don't know I know his brother his his brother was in New York City working as an accountant in any turned on CNN or someone called and told them turn on CNN. If he found out that CNN was reporting that he was in fact the murder. Such that must have been a nice a nice thing for him to one find out in addition of that fact that his brother one of his his brother actually shooting up the school and our car.