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Holiday Parking Spot Rage

Dec 18, 2012|

Six Massachusetts residents were charged with disorderly conduct after they allegedly got into a fist fight over a parking space at a New Hampshire mall. Howie asked the callers if they had any holiday cheer stories they would like to share.

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One of the things I suggested wars that don't last week we talked to my should just in the one of the people go down to the local ball. And try to follow cars around and follow people coming out of the mall and just see if they see if they can get some fight is -- video. Of people getting in the -- Over parking spaces. You know the way I usually goes somebody somebody somebody parks somebody double parks and fire lane which for somebody to come out with a much package which. And to all of the creep around the creek the car creeps behind the person with the packages for the people with packages. And finally they get to the space. And then the big the people. The believing get in the car and then -- that this one car the car that was in the fire -- in the followed them and then there's the other group there's there's another car was waiting on the at the other end. Of the BO late the roll. And so they both think they're gonna get the parking space and it just depends. On who score on who what which way the part of that sleeping backs out. Which which cart gets it but of course sometimes you think you know really wanna get the space. Because if you get the space and really irritate the guy you might get your car -- where someone might just slashed the tires. She just I you know so I I hope I'm I'm gonna find out tonight we're talked to the to the the people who work in noncore worker for Howie -- about US policy they actually got soma. Got some video. So now I wish I'd it's it's one of them were working Freeport the Freeport Maine where they have public parking garage for. Furloughs. Outlet stores. But -- the there has been in India. And Friday as -- say at the at the at Rockingham park mall. The pre Christmas shopping frenzy turned ugly. Sunday afternoon in the parking lot of the mall Rockingham park. Six. Lawrence residents believe that are no longer a threat warrants Massachusetts residents were charged with disorderly conduct. After they allegedly got into a fight over parking space there. Police were called to the mall at 3:37 PM for the for a portable large fight they responded took six people and the constant. During the holiday season we do respond to a lot of calls involving minor disagreements over parking. Deputy police chief -- -- said yesterday. Minor disagreements I don't consider eight. Getting key. Getting my car keyed up than it's ever been key but I would consider giving my car -- a minor. This agreement nor what I consider getting my tires slashed a minor disagreement. I would consider capital punishment would be appropriate. Punishment for the -- for the perks. They usually don't break out into a melee involving six to ten people however this went dead. Patton said an officer was nearby and responded quickly he took two people in the custody in other officers arrived at the scene shortly thereafter. They heard -- coming by the time the officers got there the physicality was pretty much done. A male juvenile will be petitioned to -- juvenile court those charged include. Three jury. With -- as mad dash SuSE 21 Victor Pena eighteen Robert Hughes junior eighteen Robert Hughes senior 38. And police show. Or follow me 24. No damage was done any vehicles. That's nice though that the family that brawls together in the mall parking lot at Christmas stay stick. Robert Hughes senior and Robert Hughes junior. Both summons to appear to answer to disorderly conduct charges. Have you received a fight -- law in a mall during the Christmas season of your -- people like getting in getting into and over parking space. You know the problem is most of the most of the rest of the year the mall parking lots Euro foremost -- time. But there's always some place she can park in over near that the that the tire store will be somebody who wise as a that that we that we parking spaces over there and I know what's called the kind of nasty but you can -- -- and you don't have to worry about anything happened to your car you have to worry about anybody getting in your face. But does this time a year there's no spaces in the where 18774694322. It's -- and actually went into Ramallah. Turn now on is not jury during the holiday season CNB unilaterally going in or near -- it's a very very long time. I drive by them sometimes on a drive by the Burlington -- sometimes on 128. And sometimes they drive by the Chestnut Hill all that the Natick mall on route nine but I wouldn't know what I wouldn't go all the kid me at this time a year. Why do you go in malls. I'm actually not a -- and avoided and but sometimes you know I can't. And I have please secret places that I park in scurrying -- carry out I try to do it very early in the morning but -- it makes me hyperventilate just the idea. Oddly these people from warrants were not there at the crack of dawn I don't know why. Now but they they are or they were here in the late afternoon -- says Hasan was going on. And with that's when they that's when the people from warrants are right that the ball -- -- makes -- kind. 18774694322. Of your -- it will be for Obama or have you ever if you ever seen people get it to India beef. At the mall. You know that you course you know there's no you know -- this is where they have the mall cops with law to be able to do something about things like this they -- the ball -- There they were they right around in the oval golf carts and I think that the cops make sure that the camp but he kind of blue lights or red lights on them. So they got these little yellow lights on on the on the golf carts and indeed they -- score around but the can't they -- to -- -- all they can do was watch. And call for a call per pack. Meaning real cops have to arrive on the scene to one to stop fights. 1877469432218774694322. You receive a fight India over mall law normal parking space you're really gets people to. Some people sometimes you have people that are on the line bills up you know at in the fire away. So people are waiting for the first heart -- first. First guys come to come out of them for shopper to come out of the ball with them you know loaded down packages. And so than -- goes for the and the people gold group give up their space waiting -- follow the follow the person now with the packages and the person gets to the gets to the car puts the packages in the trunk of car and post its. That really gets. A really get to go eight. But Orlando hadn't. -- device -- -- -- -- was we know once I was Lehman you just you just made an assumption. Caddie -- you're next with how we cargo ahead Katie. I don't believe I'm on line and that yeah. I. I don't I look at all of my Christmas present for me Adam mile -- he's. Been. But I don't let the woman who actually act. That would not the women in the it was a dot. The running -- and other -- made -- I -- that might. Inform me. I don't eat and they're on my bag in the woman was deliberately knowing I was hitting hack it. I don't even talking. -- -- you. App and act and -- not a black cat. But let me with a problem can be the other with app and the -- we've -- Do I mean given that there. Give -- -- give it to the younger woman who was asked their search you can run out into them run out into the mall on -- scale. About I -- yeah -- -- But I really trying to beat the she looked like a baby -- that we should act went and I. When she was coming towards me with that and trying to. So like that insulate the gangsters have crash cars when somebody sold but it's so somebody follows like -- they can crash a car and the wheelchair in this case was the crash car. But let me. Get like -- need to get people back. -- -- And Mike do you act. Well. I ain't -- need to get. Eaten that I did not couldn't I didn't our equipment doesn't that they can't get. A blue marble. It was the night. They -- -- think that of people that were trying to steal packages that. -- -- -- -- Have you have you been back to that -- -- are you going. It. On that it would in New York. -- But you want to I don't know I have been shopping modern matches that my won't like it actually coming to the -- encrypted -- Thanks for the call Katie. Mike you're next with how we cargo that Mike. It can be pretty much is wrap up the whole Christmas Eve there's. Excuse me I've got a happy holidays. Yes. Don't let that the it. CO -- Mike who won 8774694322. Brenda your -- with how we cargo ahead Brenda. Merry Christmas probably cat. I thought that that night schedule allow it. It might be nice to see you -- how little on Thursday. Come on by stop on by. Beat that show very bad so I'll keep -- thing is brought. Well welcome to the date is and they -- not to let -- Cali. But next recount and it yet probably write a book. I have it I haven't done that -- about. What thirteen -- now. Is not meant that. I didn't admit to it whatsoever and I snapped back at the back got a lot harder and I'll look back at our. And that would have -- well. You know looks like the same reason you don't go ought to debtor in Boston -- most people don't want that there in Boston who wants to fight over parking space. The differences of you're willing to spend twenty bucks you can get a parking space you can get your car -- played in the you know at in Boston you almost 99% of the balls they don't have ballet do that he so you gotta tell you got to actually fight for that market -- Now I know I think that. Able -- said that you know. Yeah I couldn't get by at bill but I don't. I would packet that and and then I get -- the people that spent five I was looking for the perfect packing by. I -- I mean like money gone -- -- shopping and it it looked at him. You know that I had one. One story is decked out. You know I had a guy that would -- I think it was that span key quote it whatever it title and he looked like out there. -- you that even in even got them in the great guy. And you look at that present -- -- that night because we had that guy who put on probation from Middleton ill. Okay trying to steal about to read green at a merchandise. And the -- the topic is -- is I got my body -- that China. Speed Internet. I believe me I have a new look back and that you -- Why why are we supposed to give it. Well I think. -- -- without -- -- -- how do you believe what you what I got a -- dvd Cummins. I'm wiped out I keep hearing my name money in the -- community and when he places that one. And young talent and I doubt it yet fascinating with -- without the recommitment well at that had good. What happened to him to go back to the -- Brenda. That's great that's. Heartwarming start god bless us one and all this tiny Tim Eustace. -- thanks for the policy on Thursday bread that you get down to count them. Tony you're next with how we cargo ahead Tony. -- -- I got quick court order restaurant currently in bill crow about eighty. But this year -- my youngest with me -- like it died. And sixty year old. It buried in the paper we -- is not practice as -- -- -- -- people my age. And get a phone call the cable crossbow oh. Though. He's talking loud and the old guy gets stopped. About the heat treatment at all. All the way. That guy and -- -- -- hang up. It's gonna say one more thing I knocked the ball up here. Doubt it I thought well let's just trying to back away. Any -- -- on -- guys swing at our. At that. I don't throw out what we're back to Canada like which way. I'd get I'd I'd jump. Table might like rap and be sure or to get all that separate well I wanna deal. -- -- or they are happily. With the -- dollar. Are we prohibit check down and are able to approach you go to the check -- call it. You up at camp that it and now that the camera right and opt out of that and that. While they -- -- the other it's Weis have a camera thanks thanks for the call. There's always parking at the Amazon.com. Also has 413 get your shopping and before mass taxes on that'll be next year you up man Amazon's gonna start collecting taxes for the Commonwealth Fund our car.