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Will Rick Green be the new head of the Mass GOP?

Dec 19, 2012|

Rick Green is hoping he can change the way the Mass GOP operates and wins races. Can he do it?

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Or this is Jeff Horner plus in full go third we are now enjoying. By Richard Green. He is running to head the Massachusetts. Republican Party. He is the owner of a big Internet company called anyone auto parts. He is also the chairman of mass fiscal which helps educate voters on fiscal issues. Rick. Thank you so much for a coming to the -- report. Thanks Jeff appreciate you having me on they just it's it's actually 18. Auto parts not they want. Oh I'm sorry. Running my bad my mistake wonay auto parts. Yeah a notebook that you -- when your callers talked about the the organization of the governor. You know and that the Democrat party gentlemen John Walsh who shares their party. You know and his union thugs have created quite an organization but. I think it yielded you know one of the most corrupt state in the country and I prefer him as the grinch who -- good government. The obvious. I think it is it's taken a government out of the hands of the people in the middle class that taxpayers. Of our state and you know I'm the guy who's running sit sit sit -- modernization for the -- Republican Party so we can change all that. Now we're talking to Rick Green he is running to be the next chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. Rick. What -- why do you think that Democrats have been able to establish such a stranglehold on the state. You know I didn't shift its organization really. You know it it it's just the blocking and tackling. You know a little bit about myself I beat you mention my own business my brother and I started a business. In -- garage thirteen years ago and we've we've grown up and over fifteen million dollar business where where two miles away from the New Hampshire border. And my talents to my lawyers tell me all the time did you got to move out of the state got to move out of state. And you know may have to that is no I mean I grew up here I want my kid you're up here and you know I'd rather fight for this state. -- and it I think we just gotta fight back and it's it's really that simple. The Democrats have yet they've got a great machine they'd be doing a fantastic job you have to give that to him. But we've just got to stand up and fight back. How do you grow the party. I mean you'd be you know Scott Brown lost in the last election. Even richer to say couldn't defeat a crook played John Tierney. What do you do as the next chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party to grow the party in this bluest of Blue States. So I mean Internet retail OK and that means I make my money selling fifteen dollar door handles but I do that tens of thousands of times. And what we've got to do is we've got to get really good at doing small things or doing small things a big way. Think about it if if we were to register. Five new Republicans in every precinct every month. Do you have any idea how many new Republicans we can register before the elections in -- fourteen. It's it's a quarter of a million new Republicans. Just don't you think about a quarter of million in this state think wow that's that's the crazy number. But when you think about you know five people at the precinct level you know that's doable. And then have to we've got to do we've got to focus on the small things the little things. That we can do that everybody says -- get their arms around it they can get it makes sense to them and just do those things over and over again. So basically brick which you're saying is -- a sign I I think it's a very interesting argument. Still it's time to start beating the Democrats at their own game. Start organizing. Grassroots politics. Bring in people at the local level at the district level. And before you know we do you have an army of volunteers. And an army of supporters. Yes absolutely I mean. And it I think we that folks -- Republican side have realized this for some time. But I think what makes it different is that I've actually built an organization. You know like I built my company from nothing I hired a 110 people. I train these folks. You know and now they run my company for me you know get a good chairman Bill. Gates surround himself with a good team. You know I also. Started -- fiscal alliance so starting from scratch in February that we built that organization. That was the top right leaning organization in terms of educating voters in the state on issues in local races. Now Rick if you were to be the next chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. What would be your strategy in the next two to four years in terms of the issues. That you think Republicans in this stage should run on. Well you know what I look at the -- job and being organization over ideology. Yeah I don't see the -- job it is pushing you know us specific issues and things like that you know -- I think in general. You know what we need to do is listen to the voters. You know we need to go into these communities and inner cities. And and listen to what they tell us. And at the same time we've got to you know stick to core Republican principles. Get a private enterprise is better than -- uploaded corrupt bureaucracy. Just solve the problems of the citizenry. The other. I don't have any specific issues I just think you know we do is stick the bread and butter pocketbook issues. There resonate with the middle class and taxpayers but more specifically you know the Republican can go back to school. Sit down listen to the voters and they're gonna tell us what are the issues that are important to them. And if you know we can serve them on the issues that are important to them we're gonna have success in this state. Final question we're talk generate green he is -- the chairman of mass fiscal alliance. Which helps educate voters on fiscal issues he is running to be the next chairman of the Massachusetts. Republican Party. What do you think Scott Brown's chances are now that it looks like -- Kerry will be confirmed as the next senator. -- -- -- next secretary of state his senate seat will now be open. Do you think he can win any special election next year. Well absolutely I mean I absolutely think got you win. You know -- -- chooses to run in his good friend of mine but -- pilot Scott you know tell the world what he's thinking. The Republican Party is gonna be so fired up they're gonna be behind him 100%. Will pull out all the stops to make sure status for our next US senator. We have been talking to Rick Green. He is the owner of the huge Internet company called 18 auto parts he's also the chairman of mass fiscal alliance. Which helps educate voters on fiscal issues. He is running to be the next head the next chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party he's one of the good guys. Rick thank you so much for coming on the corner report and best of luck -- Thank you -- really appreciate it. Thank you very much 6172666868. Who do you think the Democrats will put up as a candidate and a special election who should they put up. And do you think Scott Brown will run and -- went 6172666868. Might come. Europe next. Good morning -- Mike. -- run did not distinguish himself as far as they're concerned. Where there's genuine concern over the Massachusetts. And represented. Florida good I predicted. We were on this special relations with electric gradual comeback with a liberal woman to woman. Initial court -- -- big corporation reported by the -- -- lose Tripp okay. And by the way he threw a lot of his supporters under the brush. A -- pride he had nothing to doable. So right -- got a social conservative the Republican Party he'd just from a distance himself from us. Subsequently. We didn't go up to vote for him because we start tour approachable and at Purdue this guy that we just started register door auto parts. Thank you so much Mike. A lot of people feel the way you do then Europe next thirty seconds ago. Well I disagree I think struck rapidly get security get voted into. A Massachusetts seat. And he never -- a full on assault with the what the extreme right wing it based on previous post that all the time. That -- gonna lose because of that you don't need to to you know yell louder and stronger to get that -- your party got that we need to do if you need to be more moderate. That's what the Republicans need to figure out are they don't get the union vote there against the work that it's done. Thank you so much men. Chris you're up next goal. Hey why don't we try to keep the Democrats at their own game with demographics and run -- Toledo. Why can't we find a woman candidate to run against someone likeable effort. That's a very interesting point Chris that's a very -- Republicans if you're listening. Maybe you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket Bob Europe next welcome to the corner report. I think they should put up. Female. Minority. Whose. Forward itself saying look -- fit in just typical. Democrat. You -- that's interesting Bob. -- Europe next welcome to the corner report. It's yet the last -- -- not Scott brown and I'd say -- are dirty it was good that it Ahmad Al. All he can he wasn't down as a Republican on your ballot was not out their -- and it down at an independent. That's interest staying moon we may wanna look into that. Okay. What will continue on this topic we have Joseph Barton felt coming on at 8 o'clock. Huge issue will covered some more 6172666868. Don't touch that dial we got so much more coming here on the corner report. Smartphone can't. Can't -- -- -- if you haven't downloaded the.