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Could Scott Brown be headed back to the Senate?

Dec 20, 2012|

Senator John Kerry is the front runner for Secretary of State job, which would mean there would be another special election in Massachusetts. Senator Scott Brown would most likely be back in the Senate if a special election were held today, according to a new poll. Do you think Scott Brown would get back into the Senate if he runs in another special election next year?

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All right but the first thing I wanna talk about today is this is a there's some there's some good news here it's pretty obvious doesn't it doesn't really mean much in the long term. Because -- this is the first poll we've seen but as as we all know John Kerry. Is apparently leaving the United States. I see people here in the audience. For home he has bed and your senator for your entire life -- And Kerry and I. Rough morning for duty. He's only been a senator for half of my wife it just seems like it's been my entire life he's been boost the US senator. But he's he's leaving that's the that's. That's a great Christmas present from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and of course there will be a special election. And Scott Brown will probably be voting it will probably be running most likely be running. And there's a new there's new poll out today taken by mass in the polling group for WBU war. Senator Scott Brown would most likely be back in the seventh at the special election were held today according to a new poll. The telephone poll of 500 registered voters taken by the -- -- polling group. For WBU -- Joe Brown a Republican leading generic Democrat. 47 to 39. With a margin of error four point 4% to remaining 15% of the respondents did not express a preference. By the way is anybody here at the talents at the John Kerry's leaving. Now I didn't think so. Does anyone has anyone here ever been stiffed by John Terry. As John Kerry ever busted in front of UN why anybody here. -- Is. He wants everyone else to pay their taxes you know he doesn't wanna pay his taxes he doesn't wanna pay is excise tax you -- wanna pay a sales tax you don't wanna pay the extra tax on the you know the the the voluntary income -- but by god wants you to make sure you pay your tax. Anyway. The poll also showed brown leading several potential candidates and theoretical matchups. The one who came closest to brown Governor Deval Patrick lost them by seven points. And seven inches by the way right. Patrick has said he would not run. Brown would defeat attorney general Marcia Coakley by fifteen points US representative Fast Eddie Markey AK AMR frosty. For his last job in the private sector by eighteen points. Representative Mike -- won by nineteen points represented Steve lynch by 27 points and former. Former representative Marty beat him. -- Ted Kennedy called -- and beat me -- By nineteen points. So that's did I don't you know I'm I'm glad to hear this in my very happy to hear this that the committees that he's going -- -- -- duties that we as well. But it will. And so I know some people are angry today and -- rush mentioned him and said you know what the what's going on here with Bob. What what's going on here with the Scott Brown he's come out you know that he would like the BM assault weapons he's a so called assault weapons. He's the you know the first Republican to say this in the senate. And it you don't. I mean obviously. He wants to get reelected I -- he wants to get back into the south. But anyway allowed just throw it out there for everybody would or are you are you glad Scott Brown is ahead in the polls would you vote for him again would you vote for -- get even though he has a you know some some people say he's more I would -- I know exactly but that he's he's war. -- depend it -- your -- yet independent or he's moron. Amenable shall we say the voting with the Democrats is that is that a problem for you. You can't survive in Massachusetts if you -- vote in some time now I know I don't. He doesn't you know the thing is it's it's it's it's ironic situation you know that he. He's here in Massachusetts in most states he he would be as a Republican in most states he he would be. And in the senate for life -- me and -- he would have no problems whatsoever getting reelected but he's just got -- -- useful here in the in Massachusetts. I think he he certainly he certainly better than any of these Democrats may be talking about Ted Kennedy junior. I mean what's that -- Mean the one thing the guy that lives in Connecticut. Now the climactic and junior raining here. CN. Yes Ted Kennedy junior. I -- yeah Iowa's likely you don't rush keeps talking about these low income voters when it comes to cavities they get these people get re UB. Really confused. But Kennedy's it was like we're we're here and Essex County today that the that the count alone. And the the next counting down his Middlesex County in -- tidy up what time they tried they were trying to elect a guy. For as Middlesex County commissioner they don't have Middlesex County commissioners anymore. They but they've got away with that -- they sort of be that way with themselves that we're giving him so much trouble. Actually put a guy in -- named Ed Kennedy from lol as a strong candidate to drain off votes from the real candidate. And it worked. It didn't work CNB Ted Kennedy the straw was quite. He was he was sleeping the -- that that might dislike her the story from Marty meet him he was you know he was -- get it Kennedy was from -- And he is so while the -- head as a way cavity had just he was unemployed I guess Hilary that they often -- mowing his lawn. And so he it motives one bad day and it was a sleeping on the couch and is he sure that the there was green -- on the T sure. Then. And party at the wake of -- like. -- you want you were elected. And -- what are you talking about I thought it was a strong. Tonight is another story but I heard this one from off from a guy from a guy in Medford. And there was -- -- report Joseph Kennedy does Joseph. Joseph Kennedy the father Joseph Joseph Joseph kept this is Joseph Kennedy the second when he was first running in 1986. He was he was running in the tip O'Neill's desperate tip -- district in that it at the summer bill why. So over -- this for in the mine whose village they government was it was it was a was he was a poll watcher. All these old ladies kept you would think that if -- all people as being you know people who pay attention to who vote in every election who know someone running. They were all all ladies were coming and going. Orton finished up. -- Ma'am what's wrong with your ballot. Can't deal about it. I sure Joseph Kennedy. There OJ happen dozens and dozens of times. I mean I I really. You why I fear. But they they may be that the best guy to run the I mean as far as the devils are concern may be this guy yeah Edward Edward M Kennedy jewel here. -- -- Even though he an -- Still he's made millions as a lobbyist and in all of this is being which is basically getting his father opened the door or so we could get inside. You know -- like a Harry Reid does for his jets. We think -- penalty you know Harry Reid's kids are theoretically warriors probably about the about they have -- -- -- -- -- got Ted Kennedy junior on the but anyway I I just. A it's good to know that Scott Brown goes into the -- favorite who would you -- who who what who you think would be the tough askew wrote Scott brown and in the fight to. 18774694322. George you're next with power -- go ahead George. I've got what worked so why should definitely vote for -- -- -- that would be liar walked -- But -- -- you don't need to note taking -- look which you could yet. If you don't put somebody elect's top ground based on whatever options -- -- it it worked out earlier it truly depressing that this state is that in this state that that a woman as fraudulent as -- walk that would. Would win by eight points is that. I mean it's it's absolutely an unbelievable I mean that's how bad so it you never know -- where you get right in the polls are just the polls but you know. Jerry I guess they were talking about you know the big guys report basically blame. What happens on the lack of funding. I'll by the Fed by the congress that he believes congress today accused secretary of state that Democrats who wouldn't vote for. Military. -- -- can get the other it is it's an issue this time because. Now we're gonna -- that the Democrats forgot what the military -- life. There were situations that thing about me. Remember remember Stevens announced more. Security at the consulate had been policy in the State Department turned him down instead bought five Prius is for the the embassy in Vienna Austria. That's that's where their priorities were. And by the way we don't we all we all wish Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery now. We we really believe she's at you know it's it's just too bad that the State Department doesn't have the same protocols in effect for as the national football league for dealing with concussions you know she hasn't -- she doesn't even conceived by a doctor -- -- let -- on the hospital -- -- It's all it's just terrible thing. Go ahead -- I'd be brought out the other Republicans are ready answer sheets an eight Gypsy -- was right again. Barack Obama was the -- boat reached at 2 o'clock in the morning. They do not picked up that thought they can Hillary get there so people living -- she picked it up the well got a question of course. Tired I would run that right there in her face. The phone rings and -- or the other mrs. Clinton it's time for you to take your pills. -- -- Turn on turn on the morphine -- thanks for the call George 18774694322. Dave your -- with how we cargo ahead day. I have we. Got what we get ready to run and Indy indicated by its statement on. It's being in favor of a the general ban on assault weapons these stories start to patronize Democrats again right. So. I think in order to guarantee his re election going need to do is change party affiliations since he. Why -- Democrat anyway I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it's the personality besides of course is an honest guy and it's -- -- And and and the person that he ran against this time is not those things but. Back to the matters out. You vote with the Democrats more often than not and don't. He won't -- obviously acted as our report this person repaid in April as far as I'm concerned. He I would vote reform. To re elected just on the fact that he voted against Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court a court that's that that you don't you think that's a pretty damn good vote of course I'd do. -- Massachusetts. I know -- my point is he would have voted against there and and -- and she would have been confirmed anyway that's exactly my point. The vote. Bet are that you and I would agree -- are ineffective. But he's done things like directed Dodd-Frank bill across the finish line he's done things like. Vote for gay marriage in the military he spoke he voted he voted for the start tree I don't think it's really a whole lot of it's what's. What is that what's except for the Supreme Court votes what's probably the most important vote senator takes every every session. It's organized this area. Russell he's voting. To organize the senate with the Republicans I hope so so what. Apple sold or she's terrible with the Republicans organize the -- that I mean that's the bad. Yeah that's what that's the she tried to make that a big issue you know he was gonna vote for Mitch McConnell. And yeah you know what but they you know but low low information voters could. Couldn't quite figure it out -- I think your beer and eat it he. Beggars can't be users were at at where there we were very blue state that this guy could get elected and you know he's. We gonna try to open if we if we -- thanks for a call Bob you're next with sustained at. You would think people will be getting sort of nostalgic for now the east you only got two weeks -- you know I mean. What you think about what's coming behind him behind. The thing is this is so Smart if she's so Smart how come at that first press conference she had the thrower requested that the ball. You know she she doesn't she. She's supposed to be this really intelligent person but she can't think on the your your average guy immediately. Professional athlete in the post game interview in you know it's that fast is beat the -- She doesn't. You know that and again we get back to a fraudulent part. Bob your next without -- ahead Bob. I would pick up -- or work or might donate a lot of money to them. First time and and I was really disappointed in him right off the bat in that I would vote for last time I would never vote for again. I don't -- I didn't I -- I didn't vote. It was helpful that. Oh really thought I was gonna help the Republicans at all not even Republican -- -- this problem. You know you guys like them because seizure friends. But as a citizen as a conservative Republican he's no friend of mine he's the kind of guy that hurts the -- he'll never win here. Bob Bob pool that is more of who was more likely to do you harm. Elizabeth Warner Scott. I think Scott Brown -- because he's a -- Republican. He's not a Republican not a conservative. I don't understand this I mean you -- All I ask you work for -- right Bob yet. Elizabeth Warren wants to put a target on your back to we agree on that if you actually living yet. Do you think Scott Brown want to put a target on your back. I think Scott Brown only cares about opera. But he doesn't want to -- a target. Now be as a parent about get elected if he has to put a target on my back to get elected is certainly doing. His words Elizabeth Warren with the sport. Yeah it would but you know here's here's an example was Scott Brown. The big guys. Doesn't say a word fast and furious doesn't say a word he gets elected to this it by the people that chooses to try to stop obamacare. They ran its -- didn't say a word -- never said a word. What are those are supposed to do they used parliamentary. What. What do you think it basically violated their golden rule stuff look at things through what was he gonna do Bob -- he's there he's been there for 44 Ortiz had one cup of coffee and you wanted to have some kind of filibuster like he's. You like old time southern senator is sixty -- so much. And I tell you what I think he should have done when he ran obamacare. I think. At that time he would actually be and he was -- national figure people were talking about the possible presence. He should have called a press conference on the steps of the capitol. And. Says that he didn't like the way it was done and made a big stink about it instead. Kept his mouth shut and went and got a haircut. -- that about it either. -- -- That would've done something good because developers principles that's the problem with it. Doesn't stand for principle we just stand for the reelection. Of Scott Brown I. You'd rather -- rather have Ted Kennedy junior. Apple. What hello all we've got enough examples thanks Bob one day you think well -- run says 50 wait no I don't think so. 860 says I would blob we need someone who will fight dirty and destroy and slammed the Democrats but at the loss of a special race that's coming up in it -- -- Here we do with it we've got people went to war you know the kamikaze pilots here I mean we don't. Kamikaze pilot. Let's see we desperately need Scott I'm I'm starting to war who despise the far right. But these far right conservatives and firmly conservative. By here's one can -- -- bash bash years leave with piers Morgan. Yeah. Get like a plane ticket you know do you have like a special charter plane you know Virgin Atlantic or via ball one of these things just. They can all get on there they cannot -- they can have a you know just just give free booze all the way back to one that they can talk about what a terrible. -- weapons war. Country this is how happy they are getting back to that old blue light -- 18774694322. On how we car. -- 74694322. Up -- Scott's father and and died today. It was about 75 -- Parkinson's disease had been it had been sick for very long time I think -- -- cast -- about fail over the over the the campaign. I'm a -- -- I'm sure globe was planning to do as many stories about the death of Scott's father as they did about the death of Elizabeth Warren's thoughts. Oldest -- -- stories that they write him. 187 says his name is his name was -- -- brown and he was the former Rossi counselor appear in Newbury port. So that's they had to -- park Parkinson's disease and thus god it's Scott spent a lot of time with the men you know since the since the election so that's I guess that was some some solace that he had. 18774694322. Professor George your next with how we are going that professor George. I always. Yeah I have to think that currently -- all -- and it still -- I think the hope that these markets that are predicted to -- there would handle it and don't. Yeah. Karl Rove to professor George you don't want -- wrote. It. Yeah I can't even you know what I haven't seen I've NC Dick Morris on Fox's since the election but. I still see Karl Rove column every Thursday in the Wall Street Journal just you read like you bring myself to read it you know. I would think if people had thought is that that did deliberately keeping them. Built for awhile like this city before it removed. I heard that the I heard that the Roger -- wanna ballclub rove more -- off the channel but I think rove made his way back. Before -- worst of the -- is actually India. Is actually via fox contributors of late they have to pay him so -- Agassi back but you're right I don't wanna I don't want any predictions from world war Boris for rock quite some time. Thanks thanks for the call professor George. 18774694322. It's going to be kind of you know that he delegates and await Scott Brown somebody in all these congressmen that they've they've they've uploaded in these one on ones against these congressman are nobody's. But. How does that make like Ed Markey field mean Ed Markey. That he first got elected to congress in 1976. And so he's been in congress for 36 years. But he still losing by almost when he points. To a guy who was a state senator three years ago. It's there is there is some justice in this world if you know Ed Markey hug your next with Howie -- go ahead -- And oh yeah. Hillary didn't follow me being here the fast until the Pentagon here -- the rules -- -- Yeah -- just done it yet. Scott Brown for the simple reason that. For three years Harry Reid wouldn't reflective budget resolution of the floor endeavor that -- And it's a violation of the law. Federal law for them not to do it in confidence things. Think he did I believe he did say something I mean they they also had something did they tell W we all knew that he had brought the budget to the floor veto it at -- anyway is that. Is not McConnell Strobl leader's job. Everybody. Used to leader of the senate and -- McConnell McConnell is a little look. And he kept up there was is that Harry Potter -- on TV. And -- a couple of latitude. Any let Harry Reid I think never. Appearance public -- any. -- -- -- Yeah no I mean it but Harry Reid gets -- you know Harry Reid gets a pass and he could say the most outrageous things about imaginable and you know the war in Iraq is lost. All the all these things he could he could say that the bush tax cuts are only helping the rich. That he entered do 360 degree turn and say the the bush tax cuts are necessary to help the middle class and nobody ever called tomorrow because he's a Democrat you don't does as anyone ever made a joke about Harry Reid having multiple wives. Even always even always a Mormon just like Mitt Romney no they don't because he gets the gets the Democrat free ride. In the -- I don't think you couldn't the Muncie Mitch McConnell was like you know Lyndon Johnson or something when it comes to why you know ride roughshod over the summit but. He's you know we. He's he's up against. He is up against the media that the is is now totally in the tank. Well thanks to club all night via with a with a lot of Republicans. And wanna run for. And wanna play aftermarket for queen street rule in the running against people who take it into the corner in any of the glory and stick the thumb of the pocket and love them they arrived and they they all want. You stoop to that. Now they yup there's yeah I know they they the Republicans do you have to play -- proper. Then they they have these last few years 1877469432. To the -- go I mean. You know. You it's like these the the senate race here this year you know I Mena. She she makes a she makes a nasty crack about how he about how key. Paid for his college education by yeah. Posing half naked. And -- everybody says all what do what do cool thing for her to say -- they ask him. We'll be you know what she didn't judge did she oppose. That she posed as a model. Happen happen dude and he goes no thank god that some kind of sexist war. When he responds when he responds it's a sexist war. 18774694322. What this -- Nancy Pelosi on the economy every month we do not have an economic recovery package 500 million Americans lose their job. Millions it's. Until I'm telling you -- they talk about all these other drugs nobody talks about what ballparks apparently does to -- from. We've got to crack down Botox how many more mr. speaker how many more or lose their lines like the Nancy Pelosi. Haven't figured -- without we cargo ahead to about the. You're in a hurry for Christmas to you -- Or he. Under the view it is -- the -- minutes into. -- -- Poor lady treatment work -- as well. -- goes way deeper questions. But. I've noticed that saw it short here where not ever among the choices. It and like after. And obviously the whole pre war. The democratic organization. Every to vote. One vote the vote in two democratic states. She served well the losing the ball great accomplishment. And then. Treatment ground here water so all these people you know. Will it all the thing -- -- that -- that's that's quite something that he was so far have -- fit with it was a play a push poll as what you're describing you know. But be that why why would they waste their time on with John -- me -- -- he's never won one that we're gonna take that he's never gonna give up his seat I mean. He's he's he is but lucky -- man on earth to be to be reelected. I agree -- -- the district. What a lot of drinking our program that was so. Thanks. Thanks 18774694322. OK here's the top ten list of Harry Reid for what she. Just for this just for. All right. Read compared opponents of Obama care to those who oppose the abolition of slavery. He called for in the birthright citizenship in 1993. Now now we now we wants him to invite every illegal aliens to swim across the Rio grand get a free via free weekend that the holiday. Recalling General Petraeus wire. And my number and the number one Harry Reid quote regarding bringing gitmo detainees to the US can't put them imprison publisher released. Is he is he is -- Botox do. He shared with. She sure doesn't look at but those -- body he sounds like that's -- Botox Hawkins you know it's like we can't we don't know what the bill is until we we don't know what's in the bill that we read it. 18774694322. Talking to me it's not even Obama could take it put a mirror in front reverend Nancy -- all problems at all. -- -- -- -- -- what is this. I get the I don't I don't think this is a large part of the of the overall voting population. But the the people who really dislikes got there there listening to the show. And they and they just they just wanna get out here they just one like -- take shots. And I -- I don't -- -- -- mean. Are you are you happy that the at the fake Indian isn't there now does that make you feel good. How to fool who feels good about the yet here at the child -- who feels good about the break Indian. Paying. Mary in your next with we are going -- -- I. And a conservative you're gonna hate today but no I don't want I mean if he's feeling when we have our -- poem again I can't do that. I'll -- spend money get elected the first time or do all that because he went through an entire election -- that he had not one of the things they about any Republican anywhere. And I I just. I think that a lot of people that support them first time around supported -- not gonna do it together and work hard. And and I think that it'll be very if -- I don't think you profiled because they Republicans that a witness this time because this special election is not going to be like the last month. And I don't think I don't see them anyway but I personally don't care because we got it through and I hope by the next time around. Six years from -- we'll find a real Republican to run that just what Michael. Would you vote for who -- you vote for last month. I want to climb again I admit that without booting him out but I believe he probably Republican it's gonna get there and -- -- bit and that's going to be in the air so I'll. I'll defeat the Republican by then I'll I'll probably vote more but. Why did she say it like merry when -- said he didn't do anything but Republicans and supporters on life support. We get we -- break that thanks for the call me area of how we are. --