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Assault Ban Controversy in Washington

Dec 20, 2012|

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who suggested earlier in the week that the time had come for some gun control restrictions, said on Wednesday that he’s “not supporting a ban on anything” and he repeatedly defended and praised the NRA. “I’m not supporting a ban on anything. I’m supporting a conversation on everything,” Manchin said. Do we need gun regulations?

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-- right but now are difficult for us routes especially thank god it's. The schedule manager he's the former governor. West Virginia. The senator. -- legal. Legal. Robert Byrd died. And you know he claims to be is West Virginia has become very -- conservative -- play Obama's state for obvious reasons. Because hole as the biggest industry and Barack Obama has said that you know -- has said publicly. He's about shutting down cold it's. I don't know public they're planning to light. 42%. Of the country. But. That's maybe he thinks that if you know everybody -- make sure that there higher properly inflated that when you gas. To -- used to was our. Power regret. But anyway Joseph Manchin is you know foresees a very big he he's very big. Conservative Democrat until of course they need him. So today West Virginians plan to rally from the Charleston, West Virginia offices of senators Joseph -- there. In protest of his band that is gone right position in the campaign war. In the 20102012. We got that 2010. What was the term. Robert Byrd then this year falls secured her. We're expecting 300 to 1000 people with Ted will be bigger than any of the that we held during the campaign. Said Keith Morgan president patrols the base West Virginia citizens defense we've we've received hundreds of Mars BP's FaceBook page -- emails. Its front page news here we've got a lot of statewide coverage. Mean it -- sells himself as a gun rights conservative but he is deeds do not match his words. Number two couple days ago the the moved back to march on -- it borders on Capitol Hill DC. At least sixty people show up I guess that the they got a few hundred people but at least five times as many people in -- And of course mean engine is not the only the only guy who talks on both sides it is just occupied -- these lines. Ian Feinstein author 1994. Assault weapons ban is leading the charge on Capitol Hill to bring back legislation since expired 2000. Opponents of the assault weapons ban point to feinstein's hip hot. -- on the issue. I know it's hard to believe the moon -- hypocrite. As the senator herself said she obtained a concealed carry permitting California when she felt -- life was threatened. 1995. Feinstein describe this experience. Less than twenty years ago I was the target of a terrorist group. It was the new world liberation front. They -- what power stations and put a -- at my home when my husband was dying of cancer of the bomb was set the detonator around when the warning but it was a construction explosive that didn't detonate when it drops below freezing. It doesn't usually freeze in San Francisco. But on this night it dropped below freezing again. Bomb did that today. I carry concealed weapon made the determination that if somebody was going to try to pick me I was gonna pick up with me. Now having settled about that was some period of time -- -- I've watched through -- these twenty years -- terrorism is increased both on the far. Extremists left them there in the far extremist right in this country. What -- wouldn't that make you want to. Make sure you still have that concealed weapon -- End if you weren't scared. About being killed. Why wouldn't somebody else be concerned about being killed. Do you think maybe. You should make it a little easier for people to protect themselves rather than more difficult for them to protect themselves. You know he won't give you a little fat diet. Senator Feinstein. The National Rifle Association while staying mostly quiet in the immediate aftermath of the mass shooting in Connecticut. Has been registering an average of 8000. New members a day. 8000. New members that day. Since the tragedy. And in our -- source told Fox News. Well this out we aligned with trend seen along similar similar incidents in the past the surge in membership this -- has said that war. Past trends. Sort of the words. While the political leadership tells us and end the Arab media. The media geniuses with the English accents tell us that the the way to solve the gun problem is to disarm America. Sheila Jackson Lee wants everyone to turn in their guns. The people of America having fought through have decided that no they're not gonna disarm -- actually -- the body. War guns in the gonna join the National Rifle Association. Source to protect their Second Amendment Rights to carry these gusts. 18774694322. Or more likely or less likely to want to wanna go on now. Since since what happened in Connecticut last week is as that's just terrible it was to watch. Mean. Why would anyone. Why would you want. In their right mind react to something like this guy comes in to a school where there. Is no one. Carried the equalizer. And he proceeds to -- 26 people. Only stops. When. Armed police. Arrive on the -- if the -- if the if people with arms had arrived on the scene god only knows how many people he would -- It yet. What hour or so called leaders are telling us is that. In order to get a handle on this kind of mayhem. We but law abiding citizens have to disarm. Well we know. That. People like Adam Leon's the last thing on their minds. Such as their minds are is disarming. Just that your next with how we cargo ahead just -- -- Happy wants it to YouTube just. Well I think you put it. I think. You do -- were the ones that are equally happy. Campbell -- they're making it out I mean yeah. A -- and -- we're certain eating at the unity unity or -- not important did you think ultimately reap. So confident that -- -- 88. Anybody's airport say or make them -- anything -- danger. And it. Or at the end of the game. Three that they see -- pop like god and it was illegal. And I believe nothing desperate I am fine thank you would say it but instead. But it but he just and you gotta just you you remember a bit but the guns they banned were selected as you said just for their just for the fact. Of the way they locked the cosmetics of the gods so when -- when the guns when the V. Outlines of the guns appeared on TV that night in the paper the next morning it looked like Dianne Feinstein and her crew would really got something right. He. Didn't look like yeah we're really good thing that they use only about gun homicide. You can -- Out with a I think that night they split the whole deal is forty years ago. And right that didn't convert at this -- -- The debate we didn't have really -- control we wouldn't yet another here another. And. Yeah no thanks for the call I'm budget mentioned this this is promote Michael -- the American thinker. As long as would be having stuff that's the headline on this as long as well BM stuff. Let's have a look at what really kills Americans guilty and innocent alike innocents alike. Smoking related deaths. 434000. A year. Obesity. Related deaths. 300000. Is described Michael -- says BM all food now it's nearly too late. Medical mistake. Related deaths 225000. Plus a year. Vehicle related deaths and cost. 42000. A year. Abortions. 827000. Abortions in 2007. In 2008. Approximately one point 21 million. Abortions. So you don't -- the -- he always is anyone talking about doing anything about it we have these -- -- about lightning. Two -- what do we abolish lightning. Lightning kill skills. Europe is much of a chip to be killed by lightning as you do will be killed by a mass murderer. -- that your next with how we cargo ahead -- and. Adequate and -- and you regarding our commitment. Yeah discrete individual. Home in my opinion. Scrutiny all the rights to bear arms. I'm hoping that these -- Ohio State and country currently by forcing you only -- what we're hearing certain days. That are all rely on accurate -- and at certain points. -- -- victory in the networking. Equipment that they had. Every American citizens like that there are hard money off well. -- -- You know over the years. They've they've been infringements on on people's rights and in a lot of different areas you know whenever an income taxes they'll 1912. -- granted we have we have an amendment of the constitution to allow the government like the income tax we've never -- an amendment to the Second Amendment. I I agree but you know that's I think that's why that's why the -- is so. It is is so wall hard line is that there there there have been these these restrictions that. That that may hear -- may not be what the founding fathers intended when they wrote the Second Amendment so leave them like we were agreed when he more -- It any more restrictions on gun rights because. This is you know. The people who want to be handguns they -- they -- it could be satisfied with just a week away with so called assault weapons. They're they're gonna they gonna if they get assault weapons. Then they'll say well we got assault weapons than than we should we should get. Automatic. Automatic. Pistols semi automatic pistols in the -- bit of laughter revolvers in the one after shot cuts they they they they won't stop. Thanks for the call David -- that David you're next -- I want or go ahead David. Yeah you don't -- They're pretty and that it won't. Yup winter solstice is coming up through I believe that's tomorrow when their -- yes. Yeah and I think I actually into the world tomorrow and it and that it. -- opportunity today yeah yup that's right that's my you know -- it's. Slow going and start I'm and Andrew and help an orderly room brown who we thought it. You know mr. In. It you know you did it in the grade two. Beings now so it was messages -- and it -- -- And he. Thank. He's he's just he's just borrow it is trying to. Try to win the next -- well. No I think you you you answered your own question that's what he's trying to do David. It's. It's it is it's it's a move move expediency but you don't get I'll take them over Ted Kennedy Ted Kennedy junior or wherever else's it is is running. Now. Thanks. Stephen you're next with how we cargo ahead Steven. It Merry Christmas to you too. Do they don't want just make a point and why. How they -- acting a little bit of -- -- there's little. That's what Stephen you know that's not gonna happen. I -- But it is and it should be -- news poll that statement. Now I would laugh we're here in -- lightning C pick sixes 67 and went to the ground and beat him. And then what -- -- -- these lines and yeah I don't know. Ronald Reagan said as long as they have tests at school they camp -- BN up prayer in schools. Okay the US government is supplying guns including assault weapons to among others Mexican drug lords that's fast and furious Syrian rebels including al-Qaeda. Libyan rebels. Did though. Egyptian freedom fry fighters Muslim Brotherhood I Iraqi military and police Afghani military and police -- that means that Taliban. In the Democratic Republic of Congo. -- -- --