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Senator Brown Headed back to Washington?

Dec 20, 2012|

Democrats seeking to convince the late Edward M. Kennedy’s son to join a special U.S. Senate election are moving to douse criticism that the Connecticut resident would be a Bay State interloper pointing out that he owns a home on Cape Cod. Is Scott Brown the front runner for the Republicans? “Obviously there will be people who question his ties, but he considers Massachusetts home,” said a source close to the Kennedy family. “He’s seriously considering it, and he would be the best candidate for the Democrats.” Could Senator Brown be headed back to Washington?

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Are -- elected talking about the Scott Brown here. Tonight. For sadly his father has passed on today he was suffering from Parkinson's disease 75 years old. He was. He was a sick for a long time all through the campaign and Scott spent a lot of time with a -- after the election. Yes on geek he took time out. From his bedside vigil come down to the -- last last Saturday for the book signing -- -- just went right back up to the North Shore here. To -- be with his father in its final days. But as you know John Kerry is apparently going to be the next secretary of state he well with he will. After resigned from the US. Kerry and I am. -- morning first duty. That's spelled BO OD wide by the way who -- he's reporting for duty. And he when he we're resigns. That will set off -- clock -- replacement clock account of the calendar will begin. We'll begin moving in and within a 160 days that we'll have to be a special election. And a special election that beat them before the special election there's a primary schedule. As you know. The law has been changed repeatedly over the last. Eight years or so when 20041. -- like -- was going to be elected president. Ted Kennedy insisted that Mitt Romney not be given the right to appoint the successor. For the last two years of Kerry's term until we could have a special election or midterm election. After Mitt Romney said he was going to point me. And so law was changed in 2004. Kennedy's best -- really scared. 2000 mine Ted Kennedy's body. There's now a democratic governor Ted Kennedy says. You know what we ought to change -- yet because. The way the laws written out we have that special election we don't have a senator of state for four months or five months. So I think that the governor should be allowed to appoint an interim successor until. The election of a new senator so the change the law again. And now. We have talked about changing the law a third -- to go back to the original. Ball. Which would enable the governor to just appoint somebody without -- election for two years until 2014. But apparently that's not going to happen so it was going to be an interim senator appointed in all likelihood. In the and then there's point to be a free for all among the Democrats. Now there's a poll out this afternoon. From WBUR. And it has Scott Brown. -- -- Leading the generic Democrat in the you know Scott Brown vs Democrat he's eight points ahead of Democrat. And then when they break it down to all the congressman. He's the head in in double digits. Ed Markey. And Mike -- one out in the teens for those two guys he's had a home at least 27 points ahead of Steve lynch congressman from stopping. And the only one -- even close to -- -- Deval Patrick who has his seven points behind. And Deval Patrick of forces said that he is he is not running he's not interest that is not beaten the United States senator. So. It looks like strides looks like it's gonna be Scott Brown he's going to enter the race as the favorite. In him. We don't know how what's would Omaha what's good turnout the Democrats since since Scott Brown. Was elected NG and you worry 2010 the Democrats have been very good at getting out their base. The EBT coalition has come together at are all on Election Day is but we'll see how -- -- at a special election. Although the weather will be better than the last special election which was over in January 2010. So wanna know how you feel about Scott Brown still in you know we we we did this in the first hour and lot of people -- Donald Scott brown and in -- I think it's pretty small minority of people that are that are really now. But they're they're very vocal. They -- they get on the line in there and they. We just there were very angry at him. And I know -- I know what they're angry about the day the rate everybody is his his statement that he would vote to what the BN. The assault weapon I mean it's just it's I admit it's it's a -- bill if it wasn't a silly. Piece of legislation that would have been allowed to expire in. 2004. I mean big of all the silly pieces of legislation. To become law and live forever. -- mean this was so silly that they let it expire. But still I mean isn't Scott Brown. Better. Then any of the people like name. Chapel wanna own marquee lynch. Deval Patrick and of course another -- they're throwing out there now is. Edward M Kennedy junior. Ted's son -- lobbyist. From Connecticut by the way Connecticut it was a textile bill -- Helping build what was gonna run you see bill -- is that he's already said he'll step aside for. Scott Brown -- and a Scott Brown is obviously very interest in running so talkative Huckabee bill well. 18774694322. Would you like to see in the -- John your next with how we -- go ahead John. You do -- tonight good. They would not -- the last week of my number not yet. -- I don't know what John really pay for you know what John I'm sorry I don't know who I apologize. But I hit. I did I have I still have but it -- bag I'll give it to him. I got your I I I swear I forgot -- I swear. Go ahead go ahead speak out. I cannot open it didn't pay you that we will call people vocal. You know this article wouldn't be any kind of inject bit -- and basically. -- We just didn't know I don't think you better. And it -- whatever -- that's when I'll leave -- with Egypt and what kind in the progress now. And I think you should be -- -- in particular that's cool. What it is okay. And we thought instantly the exact opposite. I'm not very well. Okay I'm not unique column a -- whatever you want -- quick. All of a prominent anti bullying -- not in Scott make some of the top. I know you gonna YouTube and you think -- -- bucolic college. Remember him yeah I do remember yes yeah. Talk about 8 o'clock. I think I'll quote him again. That. OK so so -- so you have a totally taken leave of your senses aren't so what's what is your. Lot of people might we might want to go -- not the issue without them about god okay. In line at the point it OK to be a little gas yes you absolutely. Okay how do you not. And yet. They've got it yes. But the deep -- yes. That's what you topic was brought it. I'm not gonna get at some. Point in all right right and I go ahead go out how -- -- Yes it was and it was terrible bill. -- like 187. The. And gave -- too big to fail. Yeah. Yes that's -- good bet that that consumer finance protection bureau whatever it is it's a disaster. That's the that's that's enough job I'll I'll I'll try to -- try to remember to get embody the the number. And although I hate the guy gave me is -- you gave me his number I put it in my bag and I forgot to bring it down the cape on on Saturday but probably why you know what he's is he. His father just by joint problem won't give it to him until after the first of the year will -- them an email tomorrow and just -- -- -- -- that worry you get that deal with a later. 18774694322. Mark your next with Howie -- go ahead mark. You know how we -- -- district might call it sure record please extend my. Condolences who's got around might one. Our concerns there and -- number of years ago -- Very very difficult almost there and just quick story just before the election. My mother was in the hospital as well in the room next to his old -- -- -- -- and there you have it the best chair on that war. That you could possibly imagine and so you know hats off to. I saw them you know his family -- we're expecting him in waves and then felt so proud that I wouldn't you know kind of interrupting them in their time. -- their freedom -- job or. But there's some really special folks. I would definitely vote for the senator again any day of the week. I didn't know it was a new home I didn't goes -- Wellesley hospital -- that is a very good hospital and I like idea that's where my idea primary care physician is it's Bob ball was in surgery there I had serheo. That's certainly accidentally on -- my hernia operation was there are so good it's a great hospital. -- their trip out to folks there. There and about the issue of follow him supporting a ban on assault weapons yes hey you know technically speaking assault weapons aren't legal in Massachusetts anymore and the original bail would lose in fact my you can still -- Similar. Rifles. The C the differences are is that there's no lack of crowds are allowed no bayonet -- Not a -- laughable stalks. -- -- thirty round magazine issue which. You know if you sit there on the bench target shooting. It's very new beetle loaded on the magazine in -- -- documents. You know you back on your target guys. I I got that support you know I don't wanna see him going to order or taken anything away from anybody. Yeah but you know if the -- engines such. You know that's the issue because. You know whatever anybody says if not fully automatic weapons to play simple and -- It's a semiautomatic. Weapon they're not machines off. You know if if that's going to. You know appease -- ounces. You know I don't think that it's -- that caused the problem with this shooting last week -- -- for the individual. The thing -- Marco I don't think the I don't think the masses -- for -- for the -- the only answer for this and I think that I think the masses have a better understanding about the Second Amendment the deal leads to actually -- -- and especially Leo especially deal -- -- from across the pond you know. There is the only trying to you know get back get yo what what we did in 250 years. I did leave the I hadn't even thought of that but that's a that's a very good point -- it makes it at all. 18774694322. Rob Peter you're next with how we -- ahead Peter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I I'm gonna -- parenthood it. -- don't you think something's going on amnesty where the -- with the Democrats. How how can anyone possibly explain. And Elizabeth Warren coming in from nowhere winning the election. And hole which could just see on here need many here. Don't you think there's -- out -- -- -- Republicans cannot get elected. It. The chicken man just gave us a balloon -- I love. I don't that Peter I think. Yeah I think it was with -- was was -- impact I mean they they wanted somebody they wanted somebody in there who they could control who would do well. -- -- -- that they told her to go and then I actually got the. As well but I feel like it's just gonna happen again and again pick somebody. They're gonna bring somebody -- that it could mean taking. At Kennedy who has no experience. It in and they've got like they gonna do it again. I thought -- well I I think the only thing I can say Peter is that the these guys like marquee. And Capital -- -- and -- pushing cap while they wanna run for governor 2014 but what's it mentioned in the end marquee. These guys have won a two run for the senate for very long time and it's. You know what it's one thing to do you know brush aside a state rep here and and act crazy Khazei. End the immigration lawyer like -- de Franco it's another thing that to tell what congressman. The -- gonna bring in some BM -- -- yesterday he had to do well you know -- I am making it for a little marking winning -- -- -- was -- problems for years he's just I mean you know he's an empty suit but. The heat -- react the thing nothing ever pro active. Right right he just the idea that's a good way to describe admirer I remember you when he used to -- He used to be make these used to go one Jerry show -- Indian and say -- say. I'm gonna do something about the high cost of cable I'm gonna make it so that you get a free remote control. Won't feed him. A free remote control. Thank you wrestling is -- -- And you know whatever you know it looks the heavily he's he's like a minor league Chuck Schumer you know -- looks at the headlines in the paper that warning him -- -- issues a press release. What these almost talking about the institution in someone's going to be the chairman and all this you know it means he's first of houses the institution. Me and you go after here and say this about two or three -- to think. This guy has been institutional hockey is this just the different institution where you normally use that bought your next what powered car go ahead dog. Yeah I do -- it fixed. Principle that. The because it. It was accurate that you do. That worked with. -- But he's just he's just trying to take it off the table as an issue on. That's all. Of the things that he that he would. That we -- You don't need -- Yeah -- Mostly it. People do it it is an upset -- -- -- let me -- that. And I thought that's the homeless -- You know wouldn't that mean. -- -- No -- exactly I mean that's quite credit that's what try to tell people you know use I I I know that you know people say you know I'm tired of voting for the lesser of two weevils and I can lose interest in that. No no one wants to war vote for somebody who's less than perfect but that's but that's the situation we find ourselves in the -- There's no there's not -- perfect candidate even. Even today in a a red state you're probably not gonna find a perfect candidate in you know we livable state than in we do what the vote for the lesser of two weevils. Thanks for well thanks for the call on 18774694322. -- Somebody called 91 of the hamster. We're back on the year the backup him stews. -- on anything I want duty. Well -- fed up too much a bit. 1877469. Outlet to be worth three to two OK we're down to one here the Calhoun. Susan from Oxford mass gonna break early in the about the 45 that will come back and Cuba Susan a chance to one chance to win. The cap definitely -- there's a lot of stuff and Terry does yup she is who went down. And if if she if she wins I guess I have to hitchhike home tonight. In a tough an easy one and no not -- that might be true all right. 18774694322. -- we're talking about Scott Brown in the special election again first poll out today. He's he's ahead of the generic Democrat by separate points for the -- Democrat comes close to right now is the ball who's not running. Congressman Miller -- don't appear to be too. Too much of a challenge form at this particular point. That's what that's one reason I think why the establishment is now pushing Ted Kennedy junior Munich in the Detroit -- Detroit to -- Fooled we know low information in the low information voters into thinking that -- that -- come back from the grave you know. Mean again that they've they've put has literally they put in the past. A strong candidate named -- Kennedy Middlesex County because county in the state for county commissioner. In the guide had been good campaign didn't do anything -- actually want you want. And of course the most famous one ball. Was a job for -- -- -- back in the 1950s. He was the state -- when they have an election every two years. And of course conference's cavity was the beneficiary of the fact the US senator was John FitzGerald. Kennedy. This guy was somebody used to rooms are well that. Too flat in South Boston. And you know -- as sometimes happens guys get lucky especially when they're treasury just asked him -- -- into -- they decide that they're gonna move up. So John for its discounted the in 1960 decided I'm gonna move up the governor of vikings get funky get elected in landslides. To -- treasurer two years to become the governor. Never realizing never thinking that. The other JFK was going to be running for president in the perhaps. He would be exposed. As a impostor. So he wasn't happy enough to be treasurer again there was a lesson here for them okay -- taken it so he decided stretchers and yes he decided to run for -- governor and I think he finished fifth or sixth. And he ended up he would go up his life the imaging of apartment complex and Saint Petersburg. Offered he could even get his old job back at the stock room in in South Boston Gillette. So that that this Kennedys have always had that great -- in this state sense except for Joseph Kennedy who ran in you know. 2010 he was third -- against Marsha Scott Brown but he was that that was again I was -- -- to -- people want he did. He didn't really look like Kennedy. 18774694322. Rich your next with PowerPoint. -- Here. Merry Christmas. Our farm. You heard what. In her car. Because he's -- former opera beer. It's all over all the. Wouldn't -- when it and it see see you walk in here. Yeah. Brilliantly. Like he. Yours. All these people who. Just want. He was Richie was in a different. You hit it different electorate that it was a presidential year the first election. The one where you were right around with all these this Scott Brown paraphernalia. That only 2.2 million people voted. This this last time in last month 3.2 million people vote. You know those who put those -- the people rush called low information voters are no information voters and -- I is that -- a kid my neighborhood who what worked for Scott Brown. And he. He was assigned in to work and city tunnel on Election Day these people were confident. They had no idea who was running for the senate he told me the story after the election and they were going after the people they're -- who would Obama vote for. That's what they were saying. Who would Obama vote for but I mean how much. He spent what between them 70000075. Million dollars up on TV and basically that they didn't know what these people -- -- -- Obama vote for and of course the Democrats problem that vote for Elizabeth Warren the fake and he. And the and so. Even though Scott Brown got 350000. More votes in and November that he did in January 2000. Or -- extra million people voting so. Two thirds of these. -- voters. Voted for the person that Obama would vote. That's about -- that's about as much as they knew about the race in any lost. That's why didn't wanna beat them to promote that he was a Republican it was pride that he was trying to stay alive you know leave them. The first rule of life is this is to stay alive right if you if you're dead. You can't do anything you know. I don't think you can hold that against a guy and I know I know John there would say you know on me I've made the equivalent of ladies sportswear and swap but you know that's the that's the reality got a you gotta stay. As long visualize your your right you're in the fight. What's your dead your. Mike your next without a car -- that might. Have big ones. Three this the last -- physical abilities of those. We'll. We'll let them. Fact is I donated to around and cruise we're revoking the letters anything any more -- in I think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not vote for -- to -- them -- anyway. By the pool and -- I don't America. But. I don't know if I'm more but the -- he's got -- will we leave. I've been easier for -- to do might -- what if you've read it at fault we all lived in South Carolina. Yeah well. I'd putt well who and -- that are -- for in the way it is my. -- -- dispute your career he beat you through this literally sold out and see if there could be useful one. To move into that program -- courtroom. I think I don't think they're -- -- like -- ultimately thanks for the call. 18774694322. When that George Kaufman was -- he was one of the guys in the winter though he wasn't he was -- in the garage where they all hung out he was the guy kind of -- was. He you know he was the go between for all -- lived in Brookline. He got sick and he was he was dying of cancer and they sold this house of Brookline. So -- and over weeks and some other guy from South Boston to get all the arms out of his. This house. And they they had the women might of course because should be QB taken. Democracy machine guns semi automatic rifles and give it to get semi automatic rifles and have acted to -- it so it was dark. Self. So guess what to guess what happened. That left one of them behind him so from Kaufman BM which sold via sold a house in the people move in the next. People bought that house move them the guys upper looking around seeing if he's gonna you know insulate the -- And he stumbles across this semi automatic rifle to belong to Whitey Bulger. And Stevie -- 18774694322. Okay we're gonna take a break in the we're gonna come back -- -- we have a winner about what car.