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Chump Line Friday December 21, 2012 - Reporting For Light Duty

Dec 21, 2012|

Our favorite message today on the chump line was a riff on Sen John Kerry of Massachusetts who was just nominated for Secretary of State. He is famous for saying I am reporting for duty.....

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Heading south for the winner albeit -- call American auto transporters and they will ship your -- for you go to ship cart dot com. Top. I he always looks like Martin I won't support -- couldn't find one itemized I don't. The mother ship picked them up. -- -- -- -- -- -- He. It was fascinated by it crops. Today is world -- not -- and we. And yeah it that we can use. -- actually -- Hours before against. I'd forgotten about how we use fascinated by that we have passed news -- -- -- it by a pop has gone. -- Was he was some. About a it was good aside but he was missing mr. we could use our men like leopard consultants -- again. Assumption on my page. Is -- better -- months. Since I was in school. Or. Opponents are talking about me again. Let's go to more broadly it. -- who are we do not want to do you get the good -- Yeah and people couldn't -- story. Law visual media thinks that with laws is going to go by stalking with penis straws. For the error applying. What you make -- so. They can't say that -- -- Pesos at rice why the long face. Again about what kind of -- that apocalypse -- -- -- with electrical about what it believes it can get out of the workforce. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're knocked in 850000. People out of early the labor force every month. Bite when he fifteen anyways we're gonna have an unemployment rate down to zero of course we're also gonna have the labor force down to zero. Effective in the second period this. They've run in this room. That I missed the upbeat Christmas letters -- there's been no one's got a month I've got to ready to read a mother will government this in the final hour of the show tonight. In my pocket today. -- looking at a Rhode Island they ought to and I know that that these flaws. John Kerry's -- is on the back. That I get out -- list see the he wanted to beat these sales tax. Half a million bucks in the excise tax of 70000 him Nantucket so he was gonna. Registered in new port yeah actually. He I actually -- register the vote and -- board before I didn't register the vote in new port so let's not get silly here. Oh I would card walls hurt out two days. Ali is enough -- time we won't see him so. He was fascinated by rap that's right that's right I'm sorry I forgot he was fascinated. By not by. Yes. -- from Chelsea would like to note to if Brian Magloire is the new captain of the Titanic will be given. -- gold watch I'm fascinated by around there it is there it is that the globe has a new editor. Yes it's it's it's kind of -- you know but it's it's kind of difficult -- that the globe was already hit the iceberg it's it's taking on water it's. It's. What's he gonna do just it's like being the conductor on the Titanic you just tell them we have to keep playing wildly try to get an -- -- votes. How -- you know what President Obama talked about it. Now. You've probably the V8 EI DF. He video produces about leapt to his corpse month. Period but it's great nominees secretary of state student blatant why President Obama -- -- -- -- -- You would -- up to -- the thinking. Now. I don't yeah. Schultz Haig and Kissinger baker and John Kerry which of these things is not like the others he'll be a secretary. Stay with great -- so much depth. Colleagues President Obama describes John -- career. Not only has been good but extraordinarily. Distinguished. Why didn't John Kerry kept that information they -- -- about over the -- because. Surely he meant to say extinguishment. Is James Michael curly Neal was used to say Wetzel was described as distinguished ex big which would be is definitely more like it. -- -- -- -- Yeah it. I'm John Kerry and I grew up -- paying for a few days. It rewarding cable what he came over with the convention started and he he came over on the the swift boat I guess it was a swift boat. Verse or a swift boat like vehicle lead he boarded it and Charles town. And then that came across two to the city proper. Like go like she was it like he was invading your rather he was he was landing he was -- ending like MacArthur returning. It -- until birth certificates. And it has that awarded the sex change operation to the prisoner. To mandate that the United States of America. Page for our job is to be fitted with a spare ball. You're free to judge wolf judge mark wolf. Mean. -- -- -- -- I finally really hard to get that angry about John Boehner I mean the guy is of the guys got a handful of -- twos and threes from what she's supposed to be going now. He's the -- -- -- he's not playing it very well but -- doesn't doesn't -- he does have a lot to work with here. You -- game Barack. Sitting there and watch these Barack Obama. Wedge it great countries Barack Obama. Oh one's -- true the old ones that treaty. I love use all mine on that treaty. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling -- cut you -- All right that's it for the -- like that is that your point is the recorded voicemail message service of how we car show. If you'd like to leave such a message you can do so at any hour that day or night including weekends -- -- point number simply believe such a message is. 6177793469617779346. Mind. Heading south for the winter and don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. Aren't going to I'm reported what light --