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Police Blotter Fax Friday December 21, 2012 - Bobcat And Dead Dog

Dec 21, 2012|

The two winners from this week's police blotter fax Friday contest were a lady who hit a bobcat with her car and tried to take it to a vet because she thought it was a housecat and a guy who lost his dog, found it dead, buried it only to foind out the dog he buried was not his.

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Friday my name's -- Police -- thanks for letting. Story is for. Speak. We don't have a commercial for a team cigarettes. Just -- The team was the original sponsor in the and they they switched over to chesterfield. Who owned the team that was an RJ Reynolds not never heard of it in melt the team -- -- Fatima kind of faded away I think it was a it was a by Chester for chesterfield which was -- Myers thanks so that that's the they tried the they start what the team and then they switched to chesterfield is just. You know doctors said that that the doctors the auto club. Researches the chesterfield and bully and not it did hurt your throat or long slept there with -- -- -- -- what little I've heard a catalyst that they. But no they don't usually play those spots on the magic radio but they do want some of the -- -- Chicago yeah Chicago -- audio in the war in the wrong place via placed the spots it by the way those. There a couple of good spot were radio room bought US isn't it displaced listened to Mosul podshows and a audio -- dot com is another good site and their their few others as well. But anyway it's time for police -- fax Friday all -- all week long we ask you to send. In your rough funny items are stories standalone stories from local daily or weekly newspaper some some papers call the column the police walk up -- call the police -- equipped with a could just be regular stories that are. By themselves. And this time each Friday afternoon we read the best ones and and we give the funniest ones in our opinion and we -- out. Too nice crisis to the best stories of the week in our opinions and what are the bat what do when -- when is gonna get this week. You know win a lovely Mannheim steamroller Christmas gift pack up including their famous cinnamon hot chocolate and of course the police blotter fax. T shirt which you cannot buy anywhere only winners of police veteran that comes Bob Bob Bob exports were two -- exports weren't dot com and -- mind. These the runners up this is from -- Woman says -- Redick Florida. Woman says her driveway it was stone sheriff's detectives. Have a real whodunit on their hands after a north Florida woman came home and found her driveway missing according to deputies. The one felt -- bump when she -- over into her driveway. (%expletive) out ever vehicle discovered about 300 square bumpy -- like -- Gaza -- brick pavers were missing. And they were there at seventh in the morning when she laughed. Eyewitness told deputies about seeing two men digging up the favors but the activity didn't seem suspicious because construction vehicles were building name. AM a barn on the property so they just thought it was part of the -- Police booking log man -- on chart gets extradited to Florida. Rouge area to still love -- Was arrested and charged with indecent exposure resisting arrest and being a fugitive from justice. According to police report at about 9:30 AM an officer observed to -- by urinating on a track where is this in the parking lot of the old star market -- -- after confronting the Selma about peeing in public the officer learned from a database search since he was -- -- in Florida on cocaine charges. To Silva tried to -- but the officer condom and he's not going to be extradited to Florida. Passenger and -- of -- gun into the woods. To Syria and yes pain remaining felony warrant. Form itself. This is from Chicago passenger attacked with a sock a woman -- in Chicago transit authority's blue line in Oak Park. Told police she was attacked by another passenger willing a sock filled with human feces -- He had off such cruel as a smelly weapons. And everywhere on my face my hair my -- the victim. Requesting anonymity said she screamed and tried to follow her attacker when he escaped up the boulevard exit Randy would get a file and he's got up. -- like eight -- Jesus sock full of you know Latin there was two who feces thrown all over the walls. ACLU attorneys responded on masks to defend that -- this aluminum from being re institutionalized. Denmark a patient broke wind up having surgery and set fire to his genitals. To -- -- -- thirty year old man was having it happen to anybody mole removed from his bottom -- an electric knife when his attacker flatulence was ignited by a spark. Genital. 2% in surgical spirits caught fire. The nannies suing the hospital also won -- got my. Penis and spread -- burning like how besides the pain. I can't have sex with my wife surgeons at. Hospital on said it was unfortunate. Accidents. I hope you have really deep pond where what is going -- covered with the -- surgical. That's what you do and that's because the it was around the area where you know. Molesting him. They sterilize the whole area -- it on to sterilize the square and some and it's gonna square alliance are good for now and every direction. -- they give you warnings that this this might happen. I don't play if you do now I don't think they -- trip to sign a release the I'm sure you do use this is Denmark by the way socialized medicine. You may have your. It may be a fire at the world the world incinerate. The family jewels. John Edwards is back -- -- -- John Edwards is back in the mid size has he been reached for comment on the the appointment of his running former running mate is secretary. Actually moving his mr. Israel hunter and playing closer to North Carolina and a Romanian made John and with happy. But that cannot be said about his neighbors it's been reported that. That both hunter and Edwards get so frisky allowed during a bad time -- they have received complaints about the nominees blocked. It is yeah I thought -- like fifty acres. He said to spend most lies at chapel army recently Valerie Al and a source told the national query is pretty much turned into his booze and sex -- ideal way. And it'll -- syndicates are frisking at their lovemaking becomes embarrassing. What -- pathetic for a he has he always was pathetic fraud and only John Kerry -- -- victim as his running mate again. Basher Al Saud and John and John Edwards -- -- with the guys that John Kerry has vouched for now he's now is going to be assessing. Foreign leaders as to their rise to their character and stability. Pittsburgh main. The sheriff's department arrested -- -- man spotted driving erratically between -- and Pittsburgh and once look at it by deputy. He refused to stop chief deputy Brett -- said the sheriff's department arrested carry Ferraro 63 at Knox. As charged -- refusing to stop for a law enforcement officer driving -- in danger and a felony charge of passing erode block. They had received several complaints around 230 in the afternoon of -- green Subaru -- driven on a person's lawn and was being driven erratically in the sense but it number two on nine. They look forward to confined of 45 minutes later they finally came upon it. On they tried to pull it over it was driving solely as much as twenty miles below the speed element. They put spike strips in their it's slowing the suburban markets still not stopping him. And depressed -- a residential area they were able to get to meet the slowdown in stop and there he was. Not wearing a singles to -- close what so ever it was totally got it. He was injured by the way. By these by the I don't know how they eventually start to but he -- they -- him for sport. That they didn't separatism for spot for the detective in the hospital my guess is they might have changed. This truly is a good time of the year to be driving there harassed in the statement you know they think he's they hit you a few things -- for the fun because the left rights front time Mir was detached from the car. Today I think they're still it's kind of retracing the steps missing announce top and there are. Nor islands a Louisiana woman ran -- police when she gave her neighbors and unusual holiday greeting hanging Christmas lights in the shape of a middle finger. Sarah Childs was in dispute with some -- neighbors and Denham springs just east of Baton Rouge. So she decided to send a message of their decorations neighbors -- police to enter restaurants -- she in the American civil liberties union of Louisiana. Call a judge ruled in her favor this week that's crazy. She had erected lights and a roof last month -- she has threw at them twice once after police officer told she could be fun again -- opposite threatened to arrest her. Chico put them back. And my -- all of the -- You're sort of division put if she put a perpendicular. Perpendicular finger there admitted into crossed. That the American Civil Liberties Union would be suing her to take it down. Right. Most likely. Must. All right these -- the two winners the first one is from Bangor. When Josh Florida -- our size van parked on Harley street. Are around midnight and Tuesday he noticed a flashing hazard lights and saw that all forward doors of the vehicle or open. What he saw me stopped off persistence with a bit of surprise a bobcat was hiding under the man. This woman was driving gore yeah who was driving her vehicle armored -- when she hit what she thought was a house cat. It was still alive and it was kind of hurts she pulled over the side and scooped it up and played her car thinking that it was hurt it was that the wild and she went to help it. The problem was the -- not only in the wild it was wild by the time she got to downtown banker she realist but she had put in her car. Was in fact not a house cat but a bobcat she became. Distressed she parked next to Bangor City Hall opened up all the doors are vehicles aren't what they can't escape it did partially scaring and a man hiding underneath it. She did have a cellphone so just about passed that she called police for her responded. She's the last person in the world does machine will be sold aluminum south on BB dozens -- so he is this is lights. They based on it had a hip and a leg injury was unable to lock -- that's why -- was on the car it was going to be immoral ones of the bobcat was humanely euthanized. The driver hadn't been in the crimes and -- charges -- -- the BC assuming you actually. Bark at Barry made history. Yeah it's if they gotta hit them like injuries now. This is the other winner from England. So the headline is this. So whose dog did he buried pet owners join after is missing -- return time two days after he gave me a solemn sendoff. A double ever spoke of his amazement after he was reunited with the -- that he thought he had died and two days after bearing Iran animal. Scott Walker have been searching for his missing Border Terrier Jimmy for a week and you received devastating news -- document on net dead next to a busy road. A heart broken Scott and his girlfriend went to the scene. And as the dead dog was barely recognizable in east block shots they thought -- they're beloved and I. Or pro cop and a said their goodbyes to be -- varied -- dog but two days later Scott received a phone call from elated found Jimmy. Mr. rocker from Edinburgh said it's unbelievable the church really is a Christmas miracle -- a -- from a lovely lady sings she found him in her garden. She managed to get him to come for food and you pop the lead on him. She then got him some food and water column this we had a very warm welcome from now he's sleeping in his favorite place Sally. We buried in other we -- that we thought was Jimmy was the same -- the same size it is very difficult to identify and we had no reason to think it was not him. He had to run up by the way chasing deer during lunchtime block. The couple for not more than a thousand Myers is among Leach and a hundred posters and that god mister -- even took a week off from work to concentrate on this arts. Five days -- they receive news they were dreading and the -- them lying dead in the cities and burned by passed within three miles that you. Saw full -- east conflict. They said he was limping slightly ahead habitable while looking as I've that he was fine -- tip of the vent fan that he -- lost over pound. It does he mean survivor may be feeding a dead deer carcass. -- -- -- -- -- You wanted to colleague Carlo a week from today for another exciting episode of police blotter thanks for trying this case. -- --