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Secretary Of State John Kerry?

Dec 21, 2012|

Today President Obama nominated U.S Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) to be the next Secretary of State. Gov. Deval Patrick promises to name the interim senator quickly but wants a pledge that the interim candidate will not run in the upcoming special election. Howie wondered are you saddened or gladdened that John Kerry is leaving Massachusetts.

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What we've been waiting for. So noticeable waiting for this moment for almost thirty years. John Kerry and I am. Rough morning for duty. All right John and I live shot. -- your hat what's your hurry he. Follow was quite -- quite a moment to. Hillary wasn't there. I guess she couldn't get the neck brace on. And -- he was there mrs. mrs. Mrs. Kerry. -- from Chelsea's phoned back his bones back and deceit to -- our also relieved is alive after a year I was afraid she was buried in the cellar. Yes we Raleigh she she's working a little. A little bit worse where she GA I mean considering the fact though that John Kerry. Her boy toys now that's 69. She's going to be in her -- -- early to mid seventies I'm guessing closer to mid seventies. Early seventies she was she was off to the side there. Eleven Paul you've heard that they in the mutants. That he said he didn't even get the -- was reporting for two weeks. -- The old -- 1877469432218774694322. 71 is carry -- his Butler with them. Or is loaning him the Grammy Award. And now you know this is this is really true statement especially when you -- by John Kerry know the -- saying form from. The UK. The more familiar with this kind of stuff that we are no man is a hero to his own way. And I think that again certainly applies the John Kerry with a guy had he had with them in 2004. He met this guy at a bicycle which. He -- conference. He -- that he's he's you know got all this money for minutes from his -- But. Basically has no difference. So he met this guy at a bicycle shop in the day and it and decided to make him his slave every call and the -- the guy who's the right around them. A wonderful comeback that wonderful legal due on or around the world on the plane on the secretary of -- point and you want his job was. His job was to keep Kerry's home. So whenever -- just went like that he would you know -- I would have his comb. And one day I think it was in Milwaukee carry this isn't news week. By the way the next time the next time I'm on the year there will be known Newsweek magazine. You probably did know that you brought by Newsweek you're gone out of business a long time ago. You government that you know if you've been the dentist's office Gypsy but other than that I don't know why -- anyone seen the last ten years so but anyway he. One time he's in Milwaukee he's heading to this early morning TV she'll want to live shot -- -- -- -- today show Good Morning America. Loses but called. Almighty god. There was apparently near merely the end of the world. The valley was almost impact on the price action. 1877469432218774694322. That's the a toll free number of how we car shows 603 says he's got Lindsey Inman Lindsey Graham and McCain that thing for us. Seven they want what about what he threw that they keep pitch at Fenway and then blamed on the soldier who caught a piece such a weasel. Yeah I do with the -- remember that went to that was another one from 2004. So anyway if you would like to listen to the show on on line you can do so go to our web site which is how we card -- US how -- card but you west. It and you can always. Almost -- that the show there. And today is the last day if you wanna get a eight and an -- personally inscribed an autographed blocked. Mine hit man Brothers Bulger hard -- Better call better call before the into the show tonight I'll be heading down to the Wellesley books after the show. Tonight to sign the last few blocks you can still get an autographed copy of the blog I've left we've been -- an autograph copies of the world. At -- books and it that that spokesman. Music Smith -- Orleans. But this last time to get one inscribed personally inscribed today get the get a get the pitcher order yet. Go to Wellesley books dot com or go to war called government for 714131167141360. By the way thank Q1 AQ four. For a everybody who's been sending me nice Christmas -- that I went down to the to the world -- Post office today gets and get the mail for the mail room manager there was some stuff for me some great stuff via. Beaver state -- and some peace Sydney the than -- in movies and Joan blog dale movie from a pre code Joan -- your first crash. Yes I love I love Joan blog built from 1932 -- 23 years all. She becomes an old law up in new York and four to watching them now and I loved. The man. And someone Serbia a map of the biz of brain -- that they found the dump the Byzantine empire can you imagine that something like that would end up pump. Since three days it's just unfortunate. And elegant guy from Maine sent me -- that dog backs fracture. -- -- got a cartoon dog backs actors it's got carved heads of his scratch your back of the -- the dogs back it's got podcasts. -- cats and they and I noticed that about India that died while I guess a good I guess it could. I was chase and the dogs around with that -- -- -- that they were surprised by you -- the -- hadn't had something that looked like their face guests on Colombian of his stack. It was scratching them but that was great -- and in this then again come in here. Lot of nice -- nice Christmas cards miles from west -- some lace cookies. Sent me some locale cookies cents in -- not so locale cookies. A woman not a woman from Natick. Found that ash tray of the Boston Herald what The Herald news herald traveler whose boy it's been nice I appreciate everything he's done for me like bank whoa. -- -- I appreciate everything that everybody's done for me and a thanks to thanks all listeners. For a sticking to sticking by me during this current debt that's now on its sixth year and you know someday. Some they will all be together again and much in much better place today. A much clearer signal and thanks thanks everybody for everything including all the people banked earlier I think -- thank you think -- thank world. All right it's Somalia. It and we gonna do a little bit later right I checked out though we checked -- Christmas cards we did end up with a lot of by -- Christmas cards. Maybe not the same same want that the quality of earlier years but there's some pretty funny stuff in the -- as always. I'll be reading them during the 6 o'clock hour. And what will the police -- facts elect kind of thing I'll be on for the rest of the year and Michelle McPhee will be and said the -- all the time -- somebody else going at some point. I it's Michelle McPhee okay Michelle will be in next week then. All right as -- -- all we need to zimbalist who said we need the zimbalist it would be for it would be today is David zimbalist comes out so will be needing that. All right. I want to buy an inscribed book what's the limit on words no real limit I mean just look at -- just figure out how much space there is between them on the title page between the the pop of the title page and when the actual pipe it where the title that's. Today for instance -- got a couple of might fit to a couple of my favorite. Inscriptions. You know which come from the state house. But the three rules of light at the state house. Nothing on the level. Everything is a deal. No deal too small. That's about perk to me that's about a perfect inscription. Because it short. And and and and very -- In and it's true history not just for the state house is true for every for all aspects of life nothing on the level everything is a deal. No deal too small speaking of tank -- was Menino back to work well supposedly Menino is coming home. This weekend. He would -- mobile home for -- ones. If phone Lee ending his dream. For us. So he's he's coming he's like coming home there's a picture from one of the papers today -- doing some. Some physical therapy at Spaulding rehab. Center. And I hope we I obese home and helping solve and you know still waiting for -- thank you note about my idea might might copy of hard knocks him. Thanks -- as -- might thank you thanks a million management and the hostess cupcakes place. You may have to wait on those means sending those to -- diabetic is not exactly I didn't know it was a diabetic symptoms. I understand but he was diabetic he received them. Perhaps months perhaps -- But you know -- meat intake you have some fun right just you know just you know that you -- -- what loosen up every once while. All right thanks again thanks to everybody's some recent stuff this was this been a it's been a great one -- season so far and commitment chewing at tomorrow. Tomorrow I get jet off to Florida and but the but don't think about rubbing my house because the -- pat -- will be there and they will be armed with Pia -- backs fractures. So well they'll BK they'll be taken care -- business no nothing and nothing will get past votes. Those who now owns. 18774694322. If if you would like to -- listen to the show you can also -- listen to the show at -- how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming also how we cart dot com you can take part in our daily Internet poll question and of course the poll question concerns. The the story. Of the -- And it's it's something again it's it's something that we've known what's gonna happen from last. Few days and at least a week or so -- about a week blacked. Many of us have been waiting for this moment for thirty years and it's it's finally upon us. John Kerry and I -- Rough morning for duty. City what is the poll question and -- the results thus far are you saddened are glad that John Kerry is leading Massachusetts. I am extraordinarily. Latin. Only 33% or whether their -- So let's not -- -- culture change that'll change. I don't think they understand really what this means for us. 77 it Merry Christmas to you captain ones. Father you'd call me captain ones -- -- other -- -- either way you doesn't it doesn't really matter. Have a -- League job Nicole ones. It's the best time of the year. Old -- about to have our colleague -- Kwanzaa. This year. And and by the way the world case you've been wondering the world does not come to. This is not the afterlife. You you're still here everything is fine everything is fine. Okay. Please play that she's had clip we've achieved that -- people want to cheese. There's video mumbled from the globe's web site he's not looking good Boston without Mobil's. That's model Boston one. You are looking at the biggest she's had it up our. I've got till late scorer you know I'm a very big baseball fan. Here's the score. Detroit 20 Red Sox -- way. I guess that's the way to read the scores and whole world Manny or two as. All right. So much for the end of the world -- only aliens I've seen today speak Spanish so they wanted to got a huge list who by the way that withdrawal by mail last bite from a looking through want to looking for a Christmas -- look at for the upbeat Christmas cards. And I found it a lot of -- illegal alien crimes which are also to read so the bugle is gonna help work out today as well. Free at last. Free at last. Thank god almighty we are flying double us. You know that's from 413 it is so true isn't it don't I get bad -- list yes yes you chat. Let the screen door hit you on the way out. Enough in this Republicans where there. You know people ask me you know or use are you sorry he's leaving I mean nice gesture -- your kid I am I sorry he's leaving. And then they say will be he's gonna be secretary of state. I see you but that's the whole fifty states problem that's the -- end all 57 states is Barack Obama -- -- Eight year old war for all these years he's been how war. Whose whose problem mental saw an old song by the motel schools' problem on why he was our problem. And now now we don't have to think more all. Does this mean that wide shot actually has a real job. Don't know I need. This this or is that a real job I am not sure. -- he looks so happy today though I mean he really. He who he really had a smile on his face wasn't smirking smile like he was about to make some joke about the Italian military. That Don Imus or crisis on stupid that comment about the going to rack if you don't study Europe taking more work vacation people on welfare mean he -- leaks seemed like. He was happy I guess it'll look his father was in the State Department. It was a career. Career diplomat Sawyer I think this is what he's always one that. You know and the end and to let the factory almost as you know they were there rubio the mainstream media -- you know put the rope swaps. Well go. He's been and he's been involved in foreign affairs since. It's for the last forty years. You know how we started right he he was still in the navy he was still in the navy he would come back from his. Arduous. Cup of coffee in Vietnam. And then he he was assigned to New York Andy flew to war he flew to Paris. To do some freelance. Diplomacy with the Viet Cong while it was in the US military. Mean he was on his way out there or gotten you know you we would you didn't have much it was short timer but he he was he was -- -- he was -- free -- negotiation with the yeah. The north Vietnamese war what do what do guy what a man. 18774694322. Did you read about the Olympian turned prostitute yes -- dead. Yes I did. I did read that as a matter of fact whole book. I'll read that he has that that is a great that's a that's a hell of a story as a matter -- where is it here it got it somewhere. There was then we'll take some calls about John Kerry about how how happy media. Or sad you wore that John Kerry is is on. Where is that story behind and are here. As US Olympian Suzy favor Hamilton admits to secret life as -- Three time US Olympian Suzy favor Hamilton admitted to working as a Las Vegas escort for the past year. Reportedly offering her services as recently as December 5 at a secret life. That she said only your husband is known about until now. The smoking gun gun dot com first reported on Thursday. Favor Hamilton 44 also run -- real estate brokerage firm in Wisconsin where -- husband was once featured in a Nike TV commercial watch swimsuit calendar and more recently been involved in promotional work with Disney. Who worked -- a call girl has allegedly taken her to love. Glitzy Las Vegas Los Angeles Chicago Houston and she was getting paid upwards of 600 dollars an -- -- According to the rates posted on the website of the company allegedly handled her -- prosecution's. She charged 6000 dollars for 24 hour period she worked under the false name of Kelly Lundy. Are expensive but she said she often revealed her true identity including her past life as an Olympic mid distance runner the client cheap pot. We keep that a secret an assumption she is now calling a huge mistake. On four on Thursday favor Hamilton sent out a series of tweets taking responsibility for her actions I realize I have made highly irrational choices might -- take full responsibility for them. I am not a victim here and I knew what I was doing I was drawn to escorting. All of that were escorting. It sounds so innocent and I was drawn to prostitution -- college for -- it is in large part because it provided many coping mechanisms for me when I was going through very challenging time with my marriage in my life that provided an escape from light I was struggling with that was a double life. I do expect people understand but the reasons for doing this made sense to me at the time and were very much related to depression. As crazy as I know it seems I never thought I never thought I would be exposed therefore never hurting anybody I've been seeking the help of a psychologist for the past few weeks will continue to do so after -- put things together. I cannot emphasize how sorry I have to anyone I've heard as a result of my actions. I fully intend to make amends and get back to being a good mother wife daughter and friend. She's she's been shares seven year old daughter what thorough with her husband. She never got a medal she competed in the Olympics in 9296. And 2000 she was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. Athlete of the year in the Big Ten -- -- the athlete of the year award for the Big Ten is named after her. -- people at the Susie for open the big. She takes full responsibility. She's already been in contact with certain clients to let them that you would soon be leaving the escort business. That's the that's occur the -- story we need that says it will be visible list. The day that's the second half of this emotional anxious about that yes AM I want listed as the bullets. Guilty or not guilty she's she's guilty she's not the excuse me you know she's definitely not. How about four. As -- or exit or exit -- -- I don't think you should rather say that she's an escort. One -- to idiots atlas in the poll question is is is it was that they refreshed I'll get it right okay. 187746943. To do so and the words people work. People works were actually hadn't read movements right. -- Yes there were a new. One down 33% our client. Real talent and definitely deal. Which. She's not that she's she's she's she's. Which she looks connection expert that she's very much -- -- let's go by trees -- -- -- glad that John -- -- -- -- I I just can't just so happy. I'm so happy. Christmas. Kwanzaa has come early for me this year for park once or my brother want to fill your next without Kart or that bill. Our -- -- today. There's -- bigger than it was a real problem you guys got him and we got college and we got. What Tuesday. You know these yeah this yeah. Yeah you go and -- C news. Should Saturday -- -- -- the world I've noticed there was going hard and the other thing with Jerry. You know he's got a vocal whatever it is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't -- don't forget he once had is a slight strain on a 24. Point block down on the cape which nobody's ever seen. Gonna get me anyway isn't there. So. Who the partners and speaks French and -- French. French is little the language of diplomacy. -- I'm sure she good yes and thanks for the call fell 187 so Lizzy Warren becomes senior -- senator automatically yes yes she does. One of those things that John Kerry was the junior senator for 27 years. It she's going to become the senior senator the first moment that she walks in to the the -- to the chambers. Mike your next with how we cargo ahead Mike. Our Merry Christmas. Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa YouTube like. Our joint joint chartered. We're trying to or some fruit and clear from that. We're. Or quote. -- program special for -- And sort -- will you release -- racket that Ari said the yet. We had a term that took. Yeah EE he he never were he has never released we don't know what what kind of this charge she got from the army weathering got a honorable discharge or not our general mr. out of the got a dishonorable discharge but that we don't know if you got an honorable mister. Obama all -- and -- we sustained an injury free purple hot Serb held. Will remember you know we always claim that -- were bald too veterans were lying about -- but the but the fact is that he he had he had a diary. When he was over there in the diary has been published and he he says at one point in the diary you know I haven't I haven't seen any action since I got here. And yet the the records for the purple heart show these putting in for purple heart three days before he wrote that but he never that he had seen any action. So how is that possible Mike. On our and and then I'm not lie especially when -- opposite don't -- -- lied to besmirch -- Well -- -- met online. And it carries all the. And you'll remember the one his biggest supporters in you know the one of his biggest supporters against the swift boat veterans. Was later -- for having kiddie porn and was sent to prison remember that. That was another there was another great moment in the career job -- John Kerry faced. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- no I don't think so this guy was this guy is moderate though not birdied the -- now. Thanks for the call he was an altar -- or remember that remember when he was claiming that he was the people were saying you know you're you're Catholic how can -- be for a right you know fourth term abortions and he was claiming that he was all the boys it is in his view. 18774694322. Watcher and -- there days ago it was all the board. How we Google images tells me she's not guilty. She's definitely not guilty 603 thank you said that she's guilty Suzy favor whatever name is. He we he needs he needs to visit an ophthalmologist I don't mean Bashir Al Saud. Bill you're next with Howie -- go ahead bill. IR nightmare Christmas Merry Christmas. I am sick to my stomach over and over. I'm glad you're locked out of the summit but you know what I don't want a freighter as secretary of state you know but what is military. Toward negotiations freelance what the enemy actually. And it did on top of that he's an idiot if the guys should not anywhere. But where it. But but you know. Bill Cuban who the president is -- given -- -- our policy has agreed doesn't it yeah I mean. Whoever he appoints is going to be an idiot right and and probably likely not have the best interest of the united states of art. So why don't we just let let. Let us Porsche suffering assaults here in Massachusetts. Be rid of this narcissistic. Air head. Don't I don't suspect overseas. And maybe -- a war which an illegal element of fight it. Somebody funds are gonna go there and fight like we're in trouble. But the thing about Kerry bill is he can't make up his mind you know he has a tough time ordering off a menu of they have more than five on Trace. You know he's -- and I don't think you'll get us in the war or just will be he'll just run around posturing and he'll -- he'll be he'll be late for all these meetings if there's a full length mirror on the way into the room you know. -- -- just be stuck there just admiring his countenance how how how wonderful he walks -- and how how how sharply has cancer creased and and how -- how rat officially he wears that the -- it's Benicio. He he's the type of -- that would love to go back to the days of a pop hats and tails. Thanks for the call bill. 18774694322. On how we car. 18774694322. Only one name on this the ball list this week. But it's a good win. Denise. Age 58. From shapely Maine is charged with engaging a prostitute. Denise. -- Prostitution it's an it's an evolving paradigm. Just like marriage. You know what's your fear that way I mean if you know if if we think Alexis right is you know heterosexuals -- collects a right is attractive why wouldn't and I'm heterosexual. Women think that she she was attractive right. 1877469432218774694322. Did anyone when the car yesterday now. Now. Logan Airport should put up a memorial statue of -- shot with the inscription do you know why Yemen is on there. You know what maybe they should have just like the the special VIP lounge but John the John. Forbes Kerry do you know why. Memorial. Legend in his own mind. The flying swirled his you're but he didn't always have flying squirrel many many split time he. Had to take the shuttled out to DC along with the Columbia it's yeah I have. Once we had a once we got a call from ma. From. Colonel hunt and he said you know just cut and probably illegal in the line on the Washington shuttle. Of course I only got one gas and that was -- -- needed. And sure enough that's who once. 18774694322. -- -- what Bob Shrum be the first to -- restaurant gas bag. Kerry is mr. secretary maybe things will work out like the movie advise and consent and Berry will have to find another candidate. I I don't think Scotty brown has a lock that way junior is waiting in the wings that from big -- Yeah I know it's it appears that it appears that the young Ted Teddy Kennedy junior Connecticut an idea of lobbying fame. Living off his father's name in more ways than one and let's not forget his father was named that there -- After Joseph Kennedy's -- Edward Moore. So he's Edward Moore Kennedy junior. He's the he's the only one who can come close to beating Scott Brown apparently these these -- congressman. -- speaking of legends in their own mind. Markey -- -- one L lynch now apparently channel force India's reporting that that job or war over -- the choice. For the after -- -- -- to fill out for rob. Did to fill in as the interim senator John over is the is the congressman from the first congressional district that western mask. He he used to be a state senator and a when Billy Bulger would say job but he would say how high he is probably as -- as the text their -- mentioned this says. John all or is one of the most boring people alive. He's another one who could be in danger coming -- what one of the few human beings who is in danger coming down but on the city's. Board what he I mean there's a guy who would be no threat to anybody that guy is bad guys and -- man -- EE EP gave a fireside chat the fire when go -- to use -- joke. 187746. Not how we whose voices that do you know why that is the voice of up global -- for coney Somerville. Formerly an associate of -- McClain of the winter hill gang moved to Hollywood and became known as -- -- rock golf. Who played a remote grain -- green and godfather two and that he also played skull lease in another -- great gangster classic the friends of a quarter. And yes he had a great summer relax and he's much in my book hit man go to my -- -- man and look him up and you -- there's a picture. There yes the book is still available when he should still be inscribed for you to have for Christmas but only for few more hours. 18774694322. I'll look at the picture wide shot not BH show who was more full of themselves. It's a toss up mostly to the same I was beacon that too that they they blow by. They both look like you know ads for a if for for some kind of how evidentiary. Magazine. Full page advertisement. They they you know -- neither one of -- it there's. EU wouldn't want him that you would want him on your side you're playing teams scrabble. Like. Didn't older say he was retiring because his wife is sick -- guess he doesn't care too much. Well maybe I don't know I don't know it's only for three or four months. We burden eats it can be Armenians it's -- east it is dead meets. Doesn't -- -- your next with how we cart go ahead and go ahead day. Ali I don't understand something I don't understand how chicken pot trained guys who wait and don't know why put yourself and number of volunteers. Will want to criticize this guy yeah I can agree to disagree I -- let you know guys thank you wait until it lines who -- line. Mean and waited don't know why it's his second I don't at least I don't really doughnuts he doesn't win -- I don't at least I don't got busted on oblige and say you know why now. I listen I don't went. I you know I was never Wear a uniform in negotiating a good north Vietnamese. I never thought I'd ever say that I ever -- -- Senate Foreign Relations Committee and accuse accuse my fellow allied troops. About chopping off heads and committing atrocities in the up fashion object just gone. What did he that. He. And he accuses America of his fellow Americans of committing war crimes or not. Did he actually say that he hadn't seen any action three days after reported first first purple heart they've -- -- back the -- I want an answer to my questions daddy put emperor purple heart three days after wrote in his diary that he hadn't seen in the action. Didn't need -- he accuses fellow soldiers police say that they chopped Bobby had said that they shot children for sport. Did he say and you won't answer my questions. You won't answer my questions I want to winter -- my students well you answer my questions come on I go by. Mike your next we're -- car. You know -- let's let's go about let's get some of that stuff but he said about though let's let's listen to some of the stuff he said about his four fellow soldiers that we put some of that go ahead Mike. I'll always remember what I reject from Vietnam. And I don't let them you know -- -- -- situation would have been able. And they agenda on the TV and I wish signed. There's this guy in green fatigues and some of the things he was saying a vote. By fellow soldiers Marines airmen and -- -- You know I was I was solely income in my in my coming out of my is -- that this -- was a little while seeking to do -- still in the field fighting and dying you know this guy is. You know. I mean I don't know quite maligning restaurant called us slowly growing and it was. As anybody through his medals over but -- it turned out later -- that these the could somebody the medal showed up on his wall and he had framed all the medals and ribbons. Pencils of Lisa what about -- what we're those medals its -- -- the White House ball offense and he said all -- somebody else's medals member of that. Yeah actually do well I think there was another guy that came from it has its oil to -- to another great guy. And that was it gently when he said about Bork. So the lousy slanderous things -- said about bad guys would agree and mentally. Six. Guy. Does that we -- available. And as I thought that this yeah it or not. McCain. Sticking up for this guy that guy a -- And the Vietnam liberals say the same thing that's he's. Yup thanks for the call Mike 18774694322. And now we --