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The Promise Of Christmas with Bill Kelly

Dec 26, 2012|

Bill Kelly hosts the weekly radio program “Senior Safe Money Strategies” each and every Saturday morning from 9:00am to 12 noon on WRKO, 680AM. Tonight he shares Christmas with our listeners.

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RJ no Boston. We just -- shoot the Christmas season and time for giving and sharing and being with the ones you love Merry Christmas everyone shares your dog's still a Twin -- special guest who lives in studio. Real Achilles. I don't know what is journalists still can only use WR -- the best place to be tonight for you would soon regret but for me to be here. The -- on number 6072666868. So excellence. 266660. News. You will speak your mind if you call over here and talk about Christmas and talk of the promise of Christmas the promise of new world. Free to talk about what's happened. -- how do we know you're probably. -- if you don't. This political problems and don't have the sooners. But there's something we do every year. These stations gracious enough to give us. Three hours on the senator united -- before Christmas so we're glad to be here. Glad to be accused of privilege really historic iTunes. Store police civilian. It's a great view -- new city -- tonight. And we certainly welcome news colonists and it's 617266. 6060. And I see across the broom here is my lovely girlfriend and Kelly -- or you can -- I'm doing great pale in particular -- It's a little chilly out there tonight we're getting ready for Christmas. The district to a tournament the four seasons tonight is no we did -- that's exactly what we did a -- So the kids -- better snuggle at all. You know in their Berenson where. Where you're facing me. Facing the night and hoping to speak with you ladies and gentlemen we love to. Talk -- about what happened in your life. Maybe years ago maybe this year what's going on what's happening that's good -- might be happening that. Maybe -- and not be so good if there's someone we can help. Interview folks out there. Please let us know as a chilling -- to us you know we mentioned that. Quite a bit to a call in number is 6172666868. And we wanna hear from you so. It's been a busy Christmas season -- Very busy. I don't think -- downtown so you're -- because she hadn't -- -- -- dinner party last night with some of our closest friends and people into. We gave a toast it was about a promise of a song we just played field. The promise ladies and gentlemen of Christmas. And the fact that you know. There's been RadioShack today there was not a word about Christmas even the word holiday. And -- I -- looked around. And I said that the guy does not even a hint that it's Christmas. Can you guys you guys have that it's snowflakes put up there. Nice that this is the reason we're here. You know we do some shopping for the family but I. How do you feel about that and what do you think. When you when that. When people come into shop that is celebrating the holiday -- doing something special for someone else. And you see them. And what goes through your minds. Can you say what can you say Merry Christmas you don't wanna offend people the governor and Ireland of course. Made a point not to like the Christmas tree in the ceremony this year. So if you are celebrating Christmas out there. Then you feel a little bit strange about doing that. And if they're trying to get treated feel that way -- ladies and gentlemen. We love to hear about their 26172666068. But we have we have. The promise of Christmas to me is that well. When did you ever wake up in the -- you must have going to a funeral -- -- -- actually is Joan you must have gone to. And unpleasant day when you wanna do something or but for those of you women who fed children you wake up the morning you can have a child. There's an uncertainty do every promise so that's what happens. There's a little bit of doubt that comes along with every promise were promised when our kids. Study hard you make something out of yourself if you're an Irish -- like me. It was pretty much demanded a few. Then drilled into your head respect authority. Where cards take care what you need to take care of and guess what you're going to be a success. What was success to my mom -- a job with benefits. That was success and getting in the union which nowadays well. Two double edged sword and some people think that's good some people think it's not so. Anywhere numbers 6172666868. I know there's. Quite a few people out there wanna speak with me I know you've only got over the years so I was just curious Kim -- mineralized ladies and gentlemen. And Kelly's here to. And a love of my life I'm on the passionately in love with my wife. And she's my favorite best friend favorite person. And -- That's totally different if you know this isn't -- unbelievable. It's usually -- you're calling I am like a calling and I'm never here with T June -- so this is different I liked it felt good when you can talk directly to the people self. Don't tell and only taken over the show and a relay senate salary in our system. Why don't use you have competition like I'm killing -- -- kids don't back our kids are so competitive true at valley freak thank you know that's true so it's. Integrates. Obviously it's great to have you killed you know wolf thank you. And -- to be here I'm glad -- best seller Olympics my wife is Smart and everyone thinks my wife is beautiful run. But when I tell everyone is well. We think she's so Smart and so do what about me I got to do marry me right it's OK -- the goose is Smart when you know maybe I am but. Very hard work until he's making me blush every year Erica and -- So we've got a caller our numbers 6172666868. The -- remarkable in how you doing enough -- -- Failure don't believe it could be in the -- -- Very very -- are -- -- I gathered them all in all different religions different culture and our sport to be respectful. But it just seems now that it's it's a total one way street any in this country young I believe over 6%. Other people in the country celebrate Christmas -- our jobs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I guess we get the book the final majority one day. Get old just wake up and straight you know what happened to our country and -- that it's -- -- -- truly think it's ridiculous they really had. Well everything rumors talks mark real young discuss sort of where are among the my daughter she's fifteen she doesn't have any. None of this really bothers her as much as me should -- -- taken seriously she's. Devout Catholic she -- -- YouTube but. It's just it is what it is so I mean we were taught certain things now that nobody ever told me went to change gears you know what I mean mark. Why then they have dreaded enemy of the people you know good Christians ought to be upheld the you know -- well Christmas is but I just boggles department stores of anything I mean. They're also really not into doing that it's just. -- -- -- part of our culture forget it they're just being taken away it's just kind of frustrated. When we are well enjoy it. Well we just love it I love it I tell you what -- stopped believing in Sinaloa when I was fifteen and I started believing again as soon as we -- our child. And it's delightful time for me -- can decide to have a bun remembers what's your number one Christmas memory mark. I kept going down and you're looking at it's the preloaded with gifts all around overall. And how did the parents ever pull that off if you're a family man with ten people in the -- Lawyer I know I just there was just troll other failure of the brotherhood through social. Gordon wasn't through different culprit. The one here actually get on all of got a field with it was a hair all the products Albuquerque. It checked to carry the short it's always going to be lowered over involved. In the I killed over the phone or so. -- blackboard so to speak we're all very Merry Christmas -- up and could. Preparing Christmas -- thanks -- so Visio resemble little frustration. And question my son says frost toleration. But. It's the promise that it Spitzer made we're -- 6172666860. And it's a promise that's made. That a little baby. Boy is going to be born and then. There's going to be redemption which I never understood. Redemption mainly because of the way garbled things I did when I was younger I didn't miss one of the -- army -- And embraced all the commandments but I mean defeating hills the mortal sins. I was right there I -- and we look for the priest who was kind of an easy guy who will be going to confession that we know well. -- McConnell you wanna go to him progress -- Missouri. Because. You know -- pretty rough times in those professionals but. We redemption I could ever understand redemption but. The promise of the -- -- be helping. To bring peace on earth which we still. -- trying to achieve. I mean it's amazing things and those days those mornings when you wake up. And you feel is no home. And you look at what happened back there out in the field. Was -- to cave was it was it a stable we don't know. But it's the ministry it's a promise. And it keeps us looking ahead. And that's what we did we're at 617. 2666860. Weren't WRKO. Which in itself has a history in broadcasting which is. Long and storied and many things have happened. In connection with WRKO throughout the years. It's a big signal at night it cuts through the air up and down the East Coast from Maine. Only down to Connecticut. And it's a big signal it's clear signal. And it's a powerful signal. And it's a station that. I listened to as a child wanted to build my own radios I was down in -- violence to build little wire. Radios with parts -- -- At the electronic shop and I put wires across fields and attention to my radiator. I could actually get this signal believe or not. And I could listen to it into the night so. It's historic for me. So what's on your moment. 6172666860. QE. Can we forgive. And so we have to have a hard election hard fought election. Values who would juxtaposed. It was almost. Like the -- election to me seem like desperation. Wanted to -- -- reelecting. The president. And I felt that how people felt that it was the last time before the change that was coming that was going to be so. And dominance so permanent so changing. Are very the fiber for our country -- -- it was almost it was it was just an incredible. Election the result of which I was did not surprise me. And no surprise me but it's over and we're looking ahead now. And people who are quote unquote serve us they have to but I do what's best for us we hope. And do what's best for their for their people their -- what we're thinking of is. Our immediate family circle right now. And taking care of and the very best when we Cameron -- -- bet. And 6172666868. This is the most that my wife has ever agreed with me consecutively. So we've got three hours here they'll -- okay so we're gonna get down to it couldn't possibly OK we'll save it. Well. We're gonna do that for sure but. That we didn't we mostly agree with him we have different opinions that our passes -- same. True killers of -- never boring never boy ever boring that I always have to voice my opinion. And then we -- share the decision to -- their songs -- ultimately agree with Kelly we're going to be fine. I don't now that's so impressive ladies and gentlemen want to tell you how does the opposite in traffic if I have to stand my ground to make here. Philly stands her ground Liz -- because she is a farm girl or failure of thousands of acres in Georgia. And I believe she's the third generation in that line. Foreign people and that's a pretty -- -- people. Well I mean through lifestyle of a farm -- know he's just cute how you say well 5000 acres is a lot. And 11. Windstorm one drought. One hailstorm and in a year of work is gone. Yes so people do that for a living it's pretty treacherous. So we're at 6172666868. And it's a number you've heard thousands of times over the last. Many many years it's a great number give us a call let us know your best moment for Christmas. Let us know. Maybe. If you very -- maybe some disappointments that turned into miracles. Because the miracle of Christmas is the promise of Christmas. Which is guess what. Somebody's come and you know some -- it might be sail across in my -- Kwanzaa they might be whatever the season brings Chanukah. Somebody comes and the promise is a miracle and miracle. Takes place and guess what. We've got so we can look and so. Kill what we're Christmas is like your earliest songs that you can remember. Why now. It. Exciting. And what do we have you sold through them at the farm and yes. Well at our house your house and -- that in that means they are always great but it. Just thinking about it tonight as we're driving over here from the hotel and the one stands out in my mind was actually a Christmas that. My sister. He's nine years younger than I am Heidi she. Head to my parents. Got her horse. And we'll yes she was about. Like issues about. Seven or eight and she. Was a good writer and but anyway we she was not expecting as she wanted to get the week made a map. And she found the math and it was just you know different stages. Of and then it was at the plant farm which was about a mile away threat. Yeah it was just to see that excitement. For her -- was. -- -- You know but but it -- always see -- and just. You know trying to peek at president sending that. You know Christmas Eve -- go to my grandparents. And you know and charity chin and I it just -- nigh niece. And nice calm time peaceful new and exciting you know with that. That that the president CNN and the giving him receiving. I don't know how our freeways are failing to us inquires as well office -- at the time -- I don't know how are folks -- the Christmas reels in the presence and I don't know how to do it on the payrolls said that he. You know that they -- stood but. It was a it was a miracle that they did that alone so we're at 61726666. It looks like Williams on the line. -- zoo which William is this. Where how only you -- you never need to add the. What -- Tony junior. -- I need -- aren't you how -- you. -- if you're on the -- they beat. Yes so we -- before that we want to use our manners is yes. Our guy here yes ma'am. While you know I love that -- people. So what's your favorite Christmas story William what do you have wonder what would you like to tell people. -- -- Know anything about that. OK you can think committee at a great time with the folks at our last. Where a large brunch and you came and helped people right. And you studying and school years Sony about baby Jesus right. More than what can you tell us about him who what where his parents. -- -- -- -- -- Bring justice of -- holy family have. So he was born want it. I -- morning and stay with some horses around and things resentment. -- Wow that's great needs. So what are you hoping for this year for Christmas for sensitive -- I think it's something to do an Angry Birds is a correct floor. Interest. Okay great anything else should like to tell folks. But -- pat. Prada. Great group. OK we appreciate that William and we'll talk to -- god bless I love you -- -- is -- you can garment bags. Well that was a surprise call -- yes it was season feeling here I'm surprised Sissy did not China and so this is you know she's sun started to -- all she does is study you are not kidding. And coming in -- studying Latin now the -- two languages at the time. I just three under through Spanish or squeaked through. I would never forget. When we weren't parents weekend. And we we attend classes. With Mary Matalin which is great so we can see what's on her plate and I am bill. Is that we're sitting in the back of the room with other parents and -- -- an algebra two and bill raises his hand and our daughter Mary Matalin you can. Seeing her face ray had at the front of the rim. And it so her dad race hand and he says I have reached a crossroads. As of today and cannot help my daughter with her homework and everyone starts laughing -- you are funny they don't you're it's true but I'm glad she did realize it. It's an amazing father is gentlemen soon six point 726668. Sixty it's an amazing fun when you get to that point warehouse. These kids are -- and -- part of the old school I mean. My daughter goes through college a Catholic -- preparatory school in Portsmouth called Portsmouth abbey. And the sister school across the island or when I was a kid. When I was thirteen. Well when you were fourteen when I was fourteen. You could fill a lot of set of papers I don't know if they do it now or not but they were -- work papers. And in an Irish Catholic family just how important that once. So you if you cut you work papers I don't know what they call them now I don't even know -- that's what the right. So you went down to fill them out and turn the men and you could work fourteen hours a week. That we're non school hours. And I think you -- I do you go to eighteen. So I put applications in two saint George's school in in Middletown which was near. And lo and behold I became these the dishwasher on the weekends. To that school which was started by father diamond -- he also started. Portsmouth -- at the other end of the school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From -- -- -- to give in to Portsmouth -- you don't you don't know you think of them looking out over the water. And his beautiful school. And I'm thinking if they ever knew I was the dishwasher. This knowing you for Madonna in the school. But -- very good -- -- singing god believing you're thinking that. I just more -- -- -- -- -- north to tell them ladies and you know Kelley sitting their talking loosely views from the man in front the only competent director okay I'm I'm looking out the window and that's that's what I'm thinking so. You were quiet in measurements across the government system you -- don't -- do you think the united. The threats that assists difference as well if I told you arsenic in my door is not getting into the school. -- -- You know I was the dishwasher so. Anyway I said well I just a different audiences in school you're going to be pleased in my daughter don't don't be so fortunate. Soaring to 666868. Every code 617. If you wanted to chime in on that. -- I'm very self absorbed to replace general -- don't know that I never was I was introverted before. I didn't have the social skills to be self absorbed know armed. FaceBook is helping me develop that Raquel. You're making me laugh and I am laughing. -- like FaceBook is. His and so I still have more fencing and -- well -- because here's like commit Liz Joan Kelly just friends all my friends. She steals Bailey used to make him more my friend -- I don't know some serious until I had like 260 Francisco like 300 Tony at. Contrite 500 okay yeah we you know why because you know what she did in college ladies and gentlemen. I studied ours is the chemistry lab Kelly was out. -- cheerleading. You know it's like -- if there and sororities are -- no thanks so that's what I get from Boston and I. I was very social but -- -- would derive. But if I had to do it all over again that he is still do it -- now Alley behind have that balance a little more info account that I did I -- kind. She's only so I was focused she's saying that because now she knows the kids are listening to you. I was not as disciplined as Mary Matalin. -- that she amazes me pusher or 6172666868. And we looks like you've got Bethany her. A minority Bethany. Well I think you look at unpopular vote around Christmas and how it. We're doing away. I I didn't because it might be because all the other people let -- come into the country. -- that that they think that we should. Bend over backwards. Is live. Being away. Instead it Democrats think they count toward maverick because they should be a maverick can't. I don't you know what the boot technique and when we hope it will likely yes prime set it up there -- -- You have a very good point eight. And don't learn this is all you do this is an only can you go fiscal America and you know what I'm I'm riding in with a limo drivers and he's from Brazil and he says. Following event this is a premier seven years as a spot in the first brand new car he says listen why -- And decent all my friends -- car loans from the -- and I didn't now I've good savings. Got a cartoon for cash so the guys from pursuing all right Tyson wants. We're the only press he says I like the opportunities and American mention what. What you went Dorsey said the immigration problem for three sets and -- -- with the expedition so it's like when we get here it's ours but. They can't destroy Christmas Bethany. And it's not a. Actually it's it's not only just but one thing. Dip -- trying to change this so many other things. That he is not something that's just type -- -- it it's a perfect. I mean you go shopping in case you don't even hit any Christmas music. Many who -- smaller in the store. Go right places where they play it don't go the other places sets off and they'll figure -- after what I mean Home Depot and -- by figured out quickly very. Has some real problems with that in my opinion. So they figure that out but you know what focus of people around you love those people. I think the concept come out today. You know like we talked about FaceBook. Tech -- -- this book is such a good thing but like everything it's true intent such. Bet. We know I mean it can kind of do little. You know which is take it to church that until bad. They have big you know big. Person ever let me down although I know -- been done many times so I don't know the answer that I don't. Are we gonna have to get right to people didn't. That Middle East jarred it Europe will be. We're gonna have to get help him. People crazy and. No we know where we're gonna have a great place in this country it's going to be fine and we're doing ourselves -- so we always do. That's the politicians get done. I don't know if -- recall -- being in this. Like so. Just look at go read some articles about 1907 and 1994. The Granger movement in the 1860s it was the same as the Tea Party movement is now it's almost the same history. History. Might not repeat itself but it does -- but. -- -- issue -- Merry Christmas and god bless you don't throw could hear a nice person Bethany I can tell. It's great great night ladies and gentlemen it's getting into the morning -- from the crossover on the show Kelly ready. I'm ready you know we're gonna go over minimum -- to be a new day. The promise is easy please don't it's easy so. We're trying to drown and now we're trying to do and donate it to so tiny baby just born to know the stale becomes a kid can't afford a place to stay. 6172666868. I noticed somebody right now -- -- car also couldn't do that but. Think about it a little child all alone rather what does it feel like I've never had a baby we wake up that morning you know you're gonna have a baby. There's some doubt in your mind I think. Remember waking up the morning of my grandmother's funeral when I was eleven. I remember the feeling in my eyes felt -- and it might couldn't and to wash my face and I just said. I said I just remember waking up feeling sister Jessica please this is a dream right. And I remember washing my face and thank -- anyway -- humorous and no it's not my grandmother passed away. And I remember -- walking downstairs looking -- -- my grandfather was sitting there and I remember thinking. This is a real business. And then and then. I remember going into the room and Jessica I take this away don't I don't wanna do this please. Stop it right now for me please. And that's probably maybe Mary felt that way you know -- Chrysler felons who died maybe. We don't know I mean this is -- religion or authority of dale I was eleven you know you know. And in -- you get that when that there went in the army -- you know I remembered him on the train. Through the night before and to command. When women do this about Eric I remember getting up we actually got on a train believing and not enough to south station. And I remember saying -- I'm going to do this to my -- and realism. But it becomes real ladies and gentlemen. So we don't have to deny it to prove there was sophisticated. It's simple. It's a promise. It's a promise. And it did it will come true as we work toward it it does. As we help ourselves. We actually help those around us. We actually help those around us that's what we do. And we're seeing the boards letting a pillar of the widow Maureen their -- You must say I'm -- -- Is it our -- Mari -- Very great Mary Christmas. I get -- this week about the am. Ordering her pure stroke. And give her a world where all that. You know me losing -- true prayer is that people will be seeing more aren't. Two. We've mentioned -- -- -- -- and make it the best. Christmas tree itself. We are feeling our friends that. Do the same things that you do ruin. If you have made very bad. How remote work. There you go EAS number one Maureen that's amazing. You know bridge just about aren't. And yes -- is adorable. Thank you even well -- -- -- -- Marine. Corps heritage he looks just like -- you know the burden as in life but let me tell you this. And of Jewish people I love the faith I think's a great faith nor did and kind to me in my entire life so. You know I mean Bowman might suddenly Jewish friends call -- the night to wish Kelly and I. The Merry Christmas I mean you know what we just. Come on the -- tonight. Tolerances. It ever aren't your -- why do we have to do. He -- believe. Our. I -- I mean we've always sort happen nowadays when and I mean that's that's taxpayer dollars and now they'll -- pain and my mother alert could not confront corrupt but now and then pictures that couldn't believe that the extra. Bit dictates being. Certain things -- way but you know what I'd like my father said. Could mean you know I -- birthday. -- -- -- -- -- That's what it is yes it's great and we don't you know we love everybody. Do we he has he has spent I think folks who think -- very much he couldn't script that set. People are marked aren't even people who don't believe in anything. You know anyone -- -- complain. And then it's taken away and that's not right. That's true and put the cross suspect a thousand telephone in places like that in Florida you know we love the Americans are happy America's on helping each -- they want jobs. Family education and there you go -- -- worship the way they want they want schools for their children everybody wants good education. After -- -- -- and I want to Alicia both are very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. He is fairly incredible and thank you so much should be hernia and I love Mike -- -- he had great guy. The decision security -- end you know I can't tonight's the first first time I met him in person already eventual here on this. -- and rarely are we free if I'd known. Gonna drag himself in here tonight we just want to do this. Something we do a Christmas but he Syrian house of god bless him he asks is a new -- -- on Saturday. He has a new member of the family that's gonna realize what Christmas is all about. So it's kind of exciting that we know we're very pleased to have done that and so -- great terrorists are reunited and we have some announcer looks like France. It is and I have to say and this is in this event my displeasure with what's going on and I'm not quite as they went about it that the previous scholars. I really rather disgusted. And that so many people have just let this happen and do nothing about it. I think I'm -- everywhere it would holiday. Upholstered the and I like they can -- what are -- that -- -- if detectives don't have the 25. It's only Christmas. But what other holiday is that this thinking about. -- -- and some 66. -- -- ask for -- let's hope -- -- around here you know cope with this but you know it's. It's a far this is a farce friend. I I have I don't -- just have a bad eyesight I did read a laughable. And we don't -- state. There's an ambulance from Zanardi and and then. With sailor comes working down the -- everybody's is high cent -- I I was in a department store that today and I said Merry Christmas. 21 of those sales colors and chief smiled and said Merry Christmas if any videos greatness like I do yes and that is refreshing she said. They tell us we have to sing happy holidays that I don't care that's like. I'm all right thanks for real. And they live to restore what has been well known chains story is that it had nothing on the outside. And I jokingly I I was the good -- -- jokingly said two of the clerks where I was I said that. I think it does kinda screwed he would -- you don't have anything in the way of decorations whatsoever but inside it's plastered with holiday sales. I -- so what holiday is that they can get this say about. It it -- -- very we have to be neutral. -- my goodness if it just so ridiculous that you don't even know what it's a smile it's cried. If -- in the background was playing away in the Manger. They don't -- on this. Signal -- And says that's okay you know I left but today yeah that I had this big bill I enjoy it programming that -- right. Thank you just disgusted and it layover in the we're gonna celebrate. Tonight you know flight I am disgusted I just always my -- and -- saying Merry Christmas I don't hesitate I did they look at me funny I just smiling even bigger than say six I until I say the glitter -- Same DU. Yeah that's what -- so brown runs would really do I know him when nice people of the greatest listeners beyond. Was there OK Jeff we -- we had a great seven years here we have then lately we've been getting more and more I mean response I mean Microsoft itself. It's off the hook for a number of calls we get on the Saturday morning thing. It's it's fit literally off the hook it it clogs up our phone lines. Jessica very good problem to have what -- we love this what are the station let me tell you that you know we know. Have been many folks here help us over the years and wondering if we want to talk about -- going on here. Yes so I. It's a similar -- -- and those kind of time with your lives named. It doesn't miss seeing. They were distant third on you John so it's my turn now -- with the folks -- John and I do know that John and I yelled it's done more in the beginning that any person are you laugh and import John. -- to -- in its common opponent basis -- army private. I know it's amazing really truly is. 61726668. 68 so disagrees people Smart people I mean. There was quite a bit of disarray in the industry several years ago and to this. WR Kerio has some brilliant creative people and you know who announces run around town broken about this -- about that no you don't see too much of them anymore. But you never really wanna -- Numbers especially in my work. Because it generally comes back to buy you so you just be humble. And grateful and thank you. So 6172666868. On the farm. We had nothing so. Whenever we get something a Christmas it was great if we he. It was a wonderful day for us if we had. You know Christmas dinner Christmas gifts you know 121518. Cousins filing over. The biggest thing when people start to make some money in my family. It became TV size that was in too early sixties the 22 inch to Tony five inch. The -- my uncle are the 27 inch. That he was king of the TV's my uncle -- was the first one to Dick collar. That was what we're talking about -- and now it's. 82 -- -- and what kind of cloud do you have. You get the forty do terabyte cloud or do -- have irregular ring crowd I don't know but. Build your -- -- Mandela was in kindergarten and she Estes. Who we were children. Was aware holding call heroism -- my trip -- the -- not -- knows. A good question I think it. Can win goes to have you live in the 70s70s. African does a lot of in the seventies and astronomy to a some things I should have been doing in the seventies but. I was alive I was alive okay and and that's and what does he always say the seventies. I think there's a TV show that's seventy show its account I think he sees it. Once in awhile it doing funny things snow okay he doesn't really wanted to -- me about the seventies today with the solace scariest -- is amazing. We've been amazing child ladies and gentlemen. There's another promise right there. Right -- know ES. So. The promise. A birth so birth okay the first promised she'd get pleased W born right promise. Getting ready to be born promises life there it is. That's the promise second promise well. I guess it's fortune you know we -- you born who your parents. We're is that. Then it's how's it going for. His selection circumstance. As we get to begin as a -- to know. You know what the circumstances are. There we have to cope with him. And that's the next promise if we follow the rules. If we move ahead. You know what happens. Here's a couple of going to be guided. Are going to be able to take care of ourselves going and don't take care of others we love. And if we can. Do you know. I was they're gonna work out. This up or giving up. I mean. Believe me -- -- -- your reasoning developed and we tell. Yes and we didn't really know freezes secure vote to fill a bucket. People -- Massachusetts that's a pretty Connecticut here with a sought to have no floor you could see through it if you put your foot right. And an insurance license stands. That was pretty much it I mean Chile's mom. Let me marry her bulletin -- -- -- but it's a terrorist overtaken some chances here. -- -- Kelly but there. Should we never give up. They just keep going forward can't give up the ceilings came I think that way no you can't please -- 617266. 6860. Don't give up until now. Call me I'll talk to you if somebody's out there was not a gift. Doesn't have food and you don't call me don't be upset. You call here and give you know -- Cooke city. We'll get something out to you I wanna know what's going on if it's a kid that doesn't have a gift. And you're out there right now and you're hurting. I wanna know and I wanna help you and we will help you -- by Monday. And you know and you people. There on the air for seven years now and -- and I keep my word. And that's what I do if you need -- hand to really give its users into -- food kids' toys clothing. We're good friends and we no questions asked glad to do it -- make us feel good so 617266. 6860. Or Syria Abdul on line one. You there. I don't -- -- wanted to see Joseph at -- its goods I would predict I think that important or you're running a 50000 Huntsman. All right but I don't like that. -- to all -- you have level. -- already are you to do would do a security risk. Did you get an interview we did send. The bottom rapidly sitting out the beautiful thing. Menu artists this -- anyway I mean we'll see Joseph is. She's just my brother les Jones he. Inspires me he we talk a lot about how to solve problems and he's so we do get into action and the procedure has some great things to tell and but I don't agree it's a real privilege to have you call and obviously -- -- right now. I'm very honored to be able to -- in the air and speak review in the -- used to -- to -- you know. Two you know this year who accuse -- of beautiful thing could be created and given me too good to speak about. You know and I don't want to read it paid everybody ingrained in there they did -- -- a great spiritual prospered this year and that we learned. This year to become better. And more sensitive human being doing -- last year we don't think it will go right around just got to score around no. And as important. Well -- -- Renaissance is doing very well we had talked the other night about that it seems your sons one's. Once doing a great -- -- doing better -- the other ones do any better I mean your your kids has done great you've. And very athletic can very disciplined. -- -- so that you have their seed -- and but I think mostly the spirituality. The way to the way to have peace I think is to not get rid of it when we have it and also to try to created you know. Absolutely. -- why you don't like amazed really feel out about a broad new reality Iraq refused. We have to understand it would that is very human being experiences spiritual activities. -- go to -- expert expert in human activity. And I mean unless they did this because of the fact that we have got a -- got away from our original. You know which is being a bit in this self. And because we've protected by the negative meg gonna blow this why people would -- diabolical. Things in the dream job in the world. You don't want to become the grip and understand the value look individuals. You know we really appreciate what could be each other as a whole. And a pull. You know kill wants to send you as soon as high as high -- yeah. I am good how do you go and doing great. They're good fluid unit. They're good. Somebody commute you know. Well we. I reached out to see -- in general will resume on one thing 617266. 6868. But we I reached out to see Joseph sometime ago I had a real problem and out of but most of my too many in my chair he -- I deal with our room -- an African American or are you economically deprives. Minorities. And I have felt. A kinship -- because my Irish heritage matches up the history that I read. I don't wanna compare atrocities but you know we had a rough time to but I really didn't know how it works. How to do their job correctly but I know we were giving money when given clothing given food tuition whatever but I never felt like I was connecting so. And I saw somebody you know I never felt. And I want to have someone like to talk -- openly about it NC Joseph somebody do that among other things and help -- to build some inner strength. And a spiritual guidance and -- just being a friend of our family helping me. And that's wanting to see -- tell your blessing in my life. I appreciate it in your mind also canola -- you know let go and still are my student -- domestic. There it's going to audience that title with seat when things. So -- look I don't move. Oakland organization number martial artist there's been a -- book nearly fifty years. In the market are so so different forms of martial arts and I know it from the market ought to be able to elevate my spirituality. Do actually he called me to become very -- believed to be able to help inspire others to be able to understand one of themselves. Because we. Don't we -- Chile still shakes up the bulk of ourselves because of -- -- for the war. And we can't always whom the most important thing about solos which used to sort of purpose was to get over the experience. It records to universal law and as -- we have this -- we about a secret planetary consciousness you know aware of what was going wanted to planet because it got a little what's going on with the now himself and so while we. We don't disperses and very different atrocities because you have a bit and it -- filed mine and -- spirit indices this initiative in Israel says. That we have come to this point good. This is still needed to conclusion of disturbed -- mine pit. This is like. I look at with the -- Hispanic. -- we're -- -- 2012. Or worse than anybody's and philosophies of human beings and I believe that guided philosophy devoted negativity is going to end. I think that it time of positive people. That's going to begin their goods and and going to particularly equal humanity. Well yes it's a promise -- over its promise of a little baby being born our the promise of whatever you wanna say this season's gonna give you. It's gonna draw me into their promise that promise and I hope. That comes out of their promise woman lost. Hey you know we can be we can be quickly miracles happen in the in the flash or not you know that -- me. That that has happened and we view it's happening but miracles happen ladies and gentlemen I'm here to tell you this is great rather mind. Tennessee Joe's helping me on helping him do we're teaching each other and we talk and you know she -- millions tell him I'm so glad you called an item I'm excited actually there. Well -- -- -- -- I'm I guess they don't I'm honored to be able to work discreetly so couldn't do restore uses listening and you know and sort of doubt -- no elevated outsold by doing. You don't believe me just tell the internal dialogue so we can be able to inspire each other to be -- become better people you know me because and -- -- -- a human being. He received we almost let it listed a natural creatures today you know we actually -- -- -- there's been given to Greek merchant abused him. As elegant as well Powell in because a bit about ignorance and so forth you've done so much corruption in the world and an infant and -- -- and -- So let it go hadn't had individually you know and essentially as you know we have to let you know just. He just just can't get all we have to find out so that's the concern. There's no -- says no number no I didn't know it's a good word creator and and distribute them a better person removing USA and Marty Bennett and we -- today in this country you can look at ourselves. Well the first thing I have to do not to protect myself from myself that's a personal assignment and and I and that's we work on an -- to stand government help people. It's great to run but I dropped a check or box of Turkey's -- You know I've. I've I stand with them you know on the stand with those people on the field with the feeling. -- to figure out if I do that succeed Joseph. Look I think I'm Smart I don't think I'm a genius but don't become the smartest guy in the room all the time but I think -- I stand with the people. Who are helping. And really stand right with a shake their hand look him in the united. You know something you taught me say peace. You know RC I see somebody do a call up time and I'm standing nationalistic my hand out like a new strip a show it to -- I just say peace guess what. It's like a whole Communist. Comes right over the room. And it's something that we learn to. And something that was very appreciative that we it and when. We thank you for calling we shoot the best. I appreciate it then -- and talk too -- I know that now aren't. Absolutely no doubt you know and I disorder -- -- and -- he was good to let you know always based here if you're keeping your focus and -- person promotion. Of the US you know Beijing could be the best you press can be and stay humble. Well at times -- humble. We're gonna stay humble we appreciate cars are great to those are great words -- we appreciate it. And Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas and new investment. -- nice car with Carol Alison very nice. Just 6172666868. Let us know what's on your mind to where we're do you. Stands. What what are you thinking about tennis. There's a promise ladies and gentlemen I know there is I know okay. Like I said we got here we have to Massachusetts with the cardinal floorboards. Spend. A promise Kelly's mother of I would have earned a respectable living. And there were a couple of times around the community and killers well we color me we have to community -- new hope we've gone through right now she chewed me. You know it's -- bad choice of words right now which she would have gotten so -- I thought. But you know just when you go through. This part of the mentality when you for. You know we had a small farm killing -- -- but it's part of the mentality that the renewal. Every spring this kind of makes it a little bit easier to bear. And then the tragedies. That come and go throughout the year you know. One fox and guess -- there's a thousand chickens don't know what they're going. Oh so there's no words for four days in this world there's chickens. So one hailstorm and there's 500 acres of cotton. -- -- Just like that so. 6172666868. You sell me ladies and gentlemen. Is there hope right now user is there. Is -- hope part of your people there who. Have really difference in your life a coach. A teacher for grandparents. And uncle and aren't. We were adopted. -- But doctor. A professor. You know we did -- people came to our farm peddlers. Can you mentioned that. The Fuller brush man came to our farmer mother bought the most things from him why. My dad would come home and -- would go through the roof. -- freshman was there mr. Blankenship. And my mother had 32 dollars and with a full of Prussia where my father would open the window thrown out the window. But what was what what why would she by the Fuller brush break. We'll think about it she grew up wealthy became poor. She's living on a chicken farm what is its melnick. And all the sudden the full punishment comes through. Sprays destroy a very whatever. And you think while I'm at the Ritz Carlton all of a sudden itself. That's what he did so well there how's the baker. Close -- Unbelievable. Unbelievable cast of characters. So what would we do we survived. And we were taught to respect authority is that now I guess we're taught to not respected to be very skeptical. I don't know what the answer is but it. What do you think -- Say that again skeptical of authority or do we or do we -- authority were skeptical do we. We follow do we listen you know. What's what's going with the kids soon and we know you know it's very difficult. It is very difficult I just I'm. You know we get so focused I can't focus more so on our own family and children. And it. You to have to keep what's in front of view is -- for the hula hoop around your own right in your mind imaginary who. Take care of their group first. And sometimes I isolate -- from I guess the universe and I just like. Taken that is fast and I had it and I just stay focused on what we're doing sure and it's very skeptical. SuSE seven. 2666866172666860. And I'm very skeptical ladies and gentlemen. And we tell Elizabeth I'm here Kelly on senator Elizabeth. -- -- -- -- I only. How Bahrain and Merry Christmas to both of you thank you -- I was delighted you are just stumbled a girl this show -- I was delighted to hear your record education on Saturday -- But it's and it's about one of us a few bare earth. Well they are overdue and now I'm very direct Kelly Kelly. -- yeah. What are the chances took good. That I had no idea you -- until it's really escalate things. I I. Appreciate hearing your Christmas stories then itself so it's fun to hear you begin a hole. Are all different. -- think tonight and I get I say I don't celebrate Christmas myself but I definitely into the Christmas spirit. Sure and I I finally something very persistent everybody's so -- -- -- talking about how they. Let's -- that these days but. Yeah well I think it's it's something local in which we all can share. And like -- -- I don't even know what time did you start tonight. We just we go ten to one the Saturday before Christmas almost we try to do this has softened his cap on lets me do it. -- incident. Suzanne thank you. Thank you for sharing your stories we'll look forward to hearing horror over the next couple of our. Well thanks -- -- I appreciate that Elizabeth Jones ES. Not alien yeah I've been here -- Christmas. It's a great radio's great when I was 89 years -- to build them in my bedroom and I could hear. I can just see you do and that Bill -- who. That's what we did. You still listen all night long yes hopefully around our -- -- yes -- -- general and I just just through north coast to coast and -- -- once in -- but -- have been a long journey ladies and gentlemen for me you know most. Some listeners know that somewhere you. I mean it's been a long journey for me to get where I want to go. And they had always been smooth. I mean like I said -- The blessings we have in our life now -- just. On deserved. We try to value down we turn thank god for them and the health of a small child that are fifteen year old being healthy and and productive and happy -- could -- Sloan School. So it's all in his own matches up in all matches up to a miracle -- -- And we hope if there's anyone out there and it's not feeling that -- And you can call the number -- name. For the you know born 2666860. Meters for -- 617. Let us know if you need help with something for Christmas and some to happen. By Monday don't care I guarantee it and if it doesn't. And you can call me out on it anywhere you like pretty it will it will happen -- Oh man I mean it always happens to -- us some. I mean. Goodness I remember 1 morning. And -- -- -- how long ago this was but you read and that Providence journal about a family event. They -- The only thing they can afford to. To eat was toaster received this I -- -- sprinkle cinnamon on it and it must say it had to be October because it is not far from past Halloween you know. And then next thing I know. Lexus is rescheduling. Your morning appointments. And you drive to the Providence. And you have to. Two. Buddies are when the south the column buggies but -- carriages. Hit up here. So you have to. -- here full of groceries and hams and turkeys. The way it's so much food and the NE is some unknown date you were able to contact the family. And it. See you found out the sizes of the children does I think they have like five children they do their cancer return and so you've got -- not to close. And Halloween costumes yes we can you pull up to a bit soon to their home and the children Ron -- bin -- Instead of saying I'm here to bring you crazy just it I'm the man from the storm could get your parents could ever we need to unload at that everything from the car and the man from the store -- -- -- -- -- that and -- Secretary for many times did I mean bill you hand you have taught me he's so much about giving and our children. And even when things sort tough few we always gave to the church we always gave. Think there are times so I would hyperventilate on my yeah. Remember the risks and yeah it but he really isn't sure always. -- would come an opponent and an hour here but. Appropriate for a couple minutes journalism -- 61726666. -- People prime wanna talk to real important so people on. Chew me out here we go to -- the Rush Limbaugh here join me weekdays noon to three this is AM 688 WRKO. Boston. -- -- -- how is already on the ground for -- snowmobile or sending accounting Wisconsin making up for a mild winter last year. It's the camaraderie. Certainly it's the riding fun it's seeing the landscape it's beautiful out there. And I think that just brings everybody together. On the Gulf Coast and alert for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day forecasters say tornadoes are possible. Snow is predicted for the planes those days is ABC news meteorologist in Jersey my. They ended Tuesday and that plains area and then Tuesday and Wednesday whenever restarts -- back after Christmas Wednesday Thursday. That is going to be really interesting to watch all those snow totals climbing all the people trying to get back on the roads and on the airports and all of that weather changing pretty dramatically. Right now is not too late to shop for gifts in many areas of the US has some retailers are open late or 24/7. This woman runs an olive oil shop in suburban Chicago. People because we have that extra week this year we're kind of like god given a week and now much shopping. But I think that they're they're they're panic -- now and then they're like I need to get my Christmas list done. They health advisory hospitals across the US recommended hepatitis C testing for nearly 8000 patients last summer after a traveling medical worker. Was accused of infecting patients with tainted syringes in New Hampshire but now five months later nearly half of those who may have been exposed had not yet been tested. A judges ruled that Major League Baseball the NFL NBA and NHL. And the NCAA can move forward with their legal battle against new Jersey's plans to allow sports gambling. Who wouldn't be against anybody offering him safe haven but we don't plan to uses Russia's foreign minister. Now welcoming any countries offered with taking an embattled Syrian president Bashir aside both no plans for Russia to do so. Syrian rebel forces have been making advances and Russia may be preparing for a one of its key allies to be without so aside you're listening to ABC news. Introducing a faster way to push to talk AT&T enhanced push to talk AT&T delivers more of what -- -- business needs instant communication up to 1000 contacts plus a broad array of devices and platforms visit HTT dot com slash enhanced PTT three to get your business started with a free Samsung rugby bro you push to talk we've pushed it further only AT&T. Everything for us all limited time offer free phone -- -- only recourse to your commitment to eligible voice and data plans plus activation in the eighteen -- -- push to talk service. Now back to especially in which I do -- from the WRKO. Studio. She's specially when. Silly to like kill it and it's still -- in the New -- It's. A bridge since I don't know there's -- And I love -- yes this is awesome theme here. Yes of course it isn't historic I know sins -- was I was typically a call land that's right and I can quick -- -- with the London time on the and yes he can't but not tonight defense -- 617266686800. Christmas. Coming until we get the kids are Beckett. Four seasons LDS and Dixie to is. The dog came with us for the first time and she's so happy and she got a bad. You know Mary -- day -- before hand. Yeah reducing great room foresees a root canal in Norman hundred do that -- yeah I didn't even look out the window -- as I looked dominant and play. Now I'm looking over and Valium at the four seasons. -- asserting their inbox for him -- -- -- to chase. Can ever say anything to anyone over their vote. Well I was broke twenty years ago I used to go in their interest to use the phone do the best phone with the Boston fewer. If you're in sales. He wanted to get the phone Booth at the four seasons first in general. Was still time general -- Chicago community sit down. You have a -- Clinton season so computers there was no. Nothing too soon to a planet role at times and checklist. And that's what we did I think we didn't really even had telephone credit cards weren't really that big -- and even. So that I walked in -- and -- -- singer sent to you know. Kind of serious was a -- you can check my office is what do you -- assume that used to be my office. A call for about a -- out of there. And to my appointments and into trying to sell them. Term insurance and -- Results were pretty bleak vision -- pretty bleak but you know just stay with that I just. 6172666868. Kelly Kelly's here with me. And that's what's happening she hit -- sense -- who she is. Doing the job tonight married to a -- and -- -- great I have my secondly and noticed a trend though they're you're doing. A lot of famous people sit in this room when we mind. All I am amazed and we're here we guess this is good -- get. No graffiti no glad to see this nice beautiful clean studio right. Yes and everywhere it's very nice here you know we get treated like visiting royalty coming -- -- it was amazing these people are. Radio people ladies and gentlemen are the most creative people on earth. Because they have to paint the whole picture for you. In the set up the elaborate setup to do that becomes so. The elaborate in this. The elaborate. There's no such orange -- -- we don't go with that there is elaborate becomes mundane because it's so routine it's repetition. Over and over again. And insemination beautiful and the people. Our creative. And they don't ask for much either and they want to give. So I think that's why it works. So 6172666860. Needed -- we've had a great Christmas season so far until. Yes. Played a wonderful party last night for. Our team. Did an -- one looks so nice so -- dressed up the good team that's for sure is yes we have an excellent team. And -- -- team members sooner than some word coming up for us. -- was is. It was not easy building a team I. Know. We -- sports a thriller film hard I mean I was damage control for so long time it seems. Well it's hard getting started charging a foot -- these gentlemen. People don't -- If you don't believe you there first of all second of all adults and two seriously third of all is say well is not gonna make it wanted to say that because. 90% of the people aren't going to receive -- as well assume that. After -- some sort of cement to pursue they're really not doing it. And then when you're doing it to say well I was doing it wrong or something like that put. Well I mean at least we -- so we can do it no matter what. Yes because we get -- we've done that and no matter -- and we can do it we can we are doing it and that is more effective way to tame. We would happen to think I think Massachusetts the people of this state a commonwealth. This acoustic grimy you know -- the -- Jackie Gleason the greatest people on earth that's amazing. Past Terry is the resilience of this population. Of the they want jobs still wanna be able to church they want education for their kids they -- great sports teams. I mean palaces. -- housing jobs -- only god education that's it. People are happy to -- people productive aren't the you know what bugs me. They -- scissors to bring this to China's do we have to bring that to Japan to do have to bring that. We can do it all here and to be done better we could make it done is done cheaper. And it would be a better product. The BMW's they want in Germany are the ones that are made in North Carolina you tell me why. Because you know you're doing great job. So it's gonna happen it's gonna happen again we're gonna become a very large producing nation can. We're finding our own natural resources will be the largest. Will be the largest producer of energy in the world. Within twenty years a guarantee. -- natural gas they found so quickly. With these new techniques are going to be careful but. We're gonna be energy independent and about fifteen years so I should live. To see very telephone -- of a heart attack. Coming home when looking at wasn't on the contracts as of what's going on -- announcer. I'll -- UP tying fifth accurate. So 6172666860. Years. There's a promise. Is going to have better. People sacrifice for me people sacrifice for you if you hear. And things got that put them into better and that's what's gonna happen -- our country. That's what's gonna happen with us. We're committed to do that. Security you had a great it's a Christmas tradition in your friendly. You are telling us. On earlier yes. And it's. Pronounce some beautiful times for you right yes. And -- we have our own little pact of people he danced chiefs. I don't know -- Who -- from the shelf lined up he missed cuts and Thea who who cousins which no one even knew we had blue green candidate and now they stay together. That's right they want to William like a hawk always is called child control. True tennis. Good Catholic birth control and so we had William. Wow very effective yes he was -- will surprise -- glendening. And now he's a piece of patrol them make sure to -- really more kids. -- -- Wherever in a room alone there's always a little knock on the door for. What he does still -- -- nothing you know we're just like the kids what are you doing they're not the pinnacle. Similar to assist with the kids say -- -- -- how come the doors locked. And we don't want you really hear that at its. How come you oh okay. You know really her stop in a way. How might -- what about tonight we take a walk and we how many calls a week yet I know. We're going over to get some Christian don't say because they could still be listening okay and I hope their sleep but there's going to be chances star. They're still listening. Don't show up and really people opponents turn triggered -- assuming cellphones and thank you take proudly I'm sure they can sign into the clouds to. Yeah they probably knew what store are we worrying and. Yes it's a 61726. -- X 6868. Let's be happy we don't have to be angry do we now you know if we're not Christians. Which is still a Merry Christmas it's a day. We're really do go to saint Charles avenue -- women take the saint out of there you can't do that are. Saint Louis Williams says you can't call at Saint Louis anymore that the coach Lewis. That's what's gonna come and actually these gentlemen. Or don't even say that they all the governor of Rhode Island says. The tradition is not to call the current Christmas tree and editors look at venture. -- -- the S and even makes it stemming his cigar and Collison had the -- stored ladies and gentlemen with a footprint here in with the with the but the wire rimmed glasses if you're my age. What we elected him governor -- violent. Because another planet right he sneaks. He sneaks down to the rotunda. Of one of the local to state house is in America. He relates to Christmas tree and he tells everybody. And that's amazing isn't it. But some amazing statement. What's amazing about it to me is the fear in them in what he did that. And want to must've felt like what a coward. What that must of fell into to doing it. If you're not gonna do it at least have the guts to stand up. You know it's gonna tell William look if you did something wrong admitted that he can get over -- Don't make excuses. Because we've got to promise I'm telling you these gentlemen. Better days are coming for this country producing country human. Better days are coming don't give -- If you listening. If you right at the if you -- the interview line and you -- and I can't. I can't go any further guess what you can do it. I do it. When I was -- when I was a sophomore. I used to run sprint side it was pretty good track instrument Sprint's. I was a sophomore. -- lyrics or couldn't to Spencer they -- but the coach wanted me to run. Content trying to attempt to -- -- because it always were in the moral because he was king he didn't he wasn't there that day. -- Cushman and anyone who run tomorrow so. So I'll run tomorrow and never run a mile so. -- that was grueling ordeal I think I thought of doing tomorrow believer in not -- his jump. Cut I'm not kidding you. I just thought -- it is something that's impossible the Celtics have won their last. Championship Russell -- last play it became a supplier. And I believe favorite beat the 76ers and then the lakers. But to get through this every six's I think it was tough. And I remember that -- morning and I mean -- -- these people were well beyond their prime. And they put it together for one more chairmanship. Always thought about for that mile run was Bill Russell how he did what he did. The things he wrote in what he said. And guess who won the milder today -- Me. So. You know I didn't do I didn't do various. Routinely. And did a few more times. Amateur career but it was. Think it was really. Close to preheated to four minutes. Form forks on but it was pretty good pretty good run but you're there remember it was. Who did something that was really impossible which they did beat some great. Players are you so does. How does that work its inspiration. And it gave me the hope to hang on the last lap of tomorrow run of good news for -- Human ripped your lungs out and thrown in and stop on. That's about what it feels like I can tell you from experience. So. That's what we do. We put it on the line. We want we want to look towards someone who do something and for this part of the year. So little tiny baby born called baby Jesus. That's what we're looking at mass through -- us through. And I securely over there looking like she is something to say of great import. And just listening taking it. Very good. You do and don't. It's a great night really and so a lot of there's a lot of attention to anything can only -- is. He feeling. You know of any I've just been trying to ignore it and carry on with our normal. Christmas period. You know blame mainly you know our children are watching us -- is that's most important thing in my mind you know because Spain. Do you will we do you know so I -- I don't want. The AM to fill it. You know we have some serious things that went on news and -- Revere and I mean on a daily basis when Darren school. They eat you know they pray he and say he is so they. They feel that Christmas spirit in the promise every day as schools so you know I feel good about that but. You know that this with the news I was just. I don't do their news source aren't there is Joan is no way I can do it I love. You know guidebooks decided to cause some people home a little early and slash press as far as I can go -- I wanna and yeah her explanation or comment. I am not worthy to comment. I'm really not worthy to comment so. Really. That's all I can tell you it is come off as soon. They went home early we're still here. We. You know we've we've created god for his safety if -- here and for the souls of the departed we've. Break. That you know we have. The thing you know people who suffer the losses that they've become tradition and we pray -- -- Please don't try to teach us this lesson. We can and we. Submit to you know we've been blended into. Whenever we need to do we'll do. And whatever price we have to pay to have Anthony Kim let's do whatever that is let's figure it out. He went too far it's everybody fighting -- each other. And two we know we -- we did never Chris destroy your home last night but it wasn't. That's true left Pacific Kelli what was listen and she similarly. Nobody was festive. Nobody was festive. Because of the times. Was a hard fought election and then tragedy. I treasury right before the election the election and more tragedy so. It's. It's great. We have the promise ladies and gentlemen. -- child. And we have to look towards solely in the sky. The star. Followed. You know. It's. It's never it's never easy when you make a commitment. And times get tough during their commitment. -- that time and life. There we have to provide for others many of us -- as a responsibility. So he might be feeling that some -- you might be feeling well in my living up to that. So we had a very inspirational person my grandfather is very inspirational to me always had a good word for me. Even at the worst of times. Her mailings going football that was an -- No more football I was crushed. I was crushed. And I had to leave that I thought I was gonna be something special. He wasn't to be and circumstances being what they were I guess that's where it was. As you know we've placed fourth she run for office you study aren't whatever you do for a goal you might find well guess what. I'm trying to appeal to reach that goal any room to try. And do my best and that's what we've done -- count yes. And we know where it's family family first god. It's education it's authority it's. -- tax guy comes around funeral will take care of him. It's a lot of things. So 6172666860. -- wanna know what's on your -- Who know what's on your minds. The promise of a child coming here. To see us. To greet us and then to teach us later on and he left. Little bit early to. So it's Christmas we got a minute until PS from Camilla. This Christmas. You know Syria of Scott on the line with -- no sooner -- Scott pillow. -- -- News this Williams got a killer Scott -- oh my goodness around. Yeah just killing Phil yeah you're always -- -- Chris masks. Getting the first videos that tell you is those two words merry. Christmas. While. But we just want to ask you know we. We. Sort of words guided by god we don't drive very differently so when you or your pilot -- -- and you know we were talking about that fellow and who save that plane been in New York City and how Connolly was yet. And sometimes you hear tapes of pilots when these things aren't going really well premiere. What's on your mind is timely that Scott when your your fly and you got. Hundred tons of finesse. Medal on do when you're thinking well some sun right here what's going on and what do you think -- And typically you wolf for starting your prayer had to be most of them prior to that extent that. Yes is the you know what when you go through you have it's time to. Typically like and so always situation there was so much time at all -- -- -- so focused on his job and ask. It ain't got this you know you know. Request if possible so we expect to speed their brain that -- Serb Kuwait before that hopefully you usage prayers and and you know you can -- Middle East -- And interjection like you know god help me -- -- would -- you know that you net. That's what he expects Oscars were pathetic creatures privilege anyway so. Both he knows what -- limitations are you were given so. But yes so it was extremely focused and you know same icon that whatever you're so focused on the other hand. Quite frankly. When you've been can't -- thought. During source. And you hear you've -- -- -- Through the -- no so you certainly get through okay. My kids William -- They'll let let's just say you're you're in combat every weekend you've got the speed play wonderful for -- No thank you for your service concluded soon. LA you're -- -- -- -- destroyed when a law. Calm didn't she I think she didn't think he -- -- There's been deployed through a banana and human but a -- -- soon. No no I don't think you're on the air for offering take place that is for Christmas she's going to be here tomorrow. So we -- that was we had we were ready to do that we will make sure you have a good Christmas so. Yeah we want to reach out for that and make sure you know here's. You're the strange -- guy you know your mind that's a real good if that's a good example that a -- life to it. You know you're there so now we appreciate it appreciate the prayers she sent over and service and you know straight knowing you as we've got a real happy that you moved this. Wonderful East Coast seven so we're you know you're there -- system. Phone call -- And we'll play the way so yeah sure good and that it oracle it kind of went there so yeah it's. True -- moves we've made. All. Typically -- I try to lean towards Japan and Tokyo and again and it -- -- stories are Brazil. Argentina and in Brazil so tall sometimes over to UK. But most of them I tried to. Hit that Tokyo gave it more. What do you see in this far and device in fear just is that. Something I'm making up for you seeing are you sensing that -- you. People seem to be a little one inch. Well I. I guess that the question I would say this. We talked a few months ago that the threat. And you know it's funny I I I just if you get thirty seconds I was driving I was flying back from. New York after flying all night in personal and and ended the threat assessment homeland defense and things like Denton. You know sucked into the director of the aid facilities in the bleachers he deals -- cancer. And he's the director rather hand afterward that the -- It just discussion was he was going -- -- He's the director of the Sloan Kettering cancer center. And yeah he deals with the same thing my Brothers you know so I think from right -- with with stage four colorectal cancers. Which is what do you think is really reasonable -- here the last. Think a long story short he lives talking about the fact that there they'll put experimental drugs and things like death but but the other thing -- do bill. Is it pretty -- statistical. -- statistical number on the odds of surviving this specific type of cancer. And I thought that it it was intriguing because. We do the same thing in the the threat assessment. And you know getting into the things can happen to people who lives. There for there. Families but also from the world perspectives we got this discussion that was -- -- and I thought about you. Moved in -- because this is you know. The big part of our lives is trying to. It makes sense says things pretty decent thing proved that in the future you know actually Kelly you know she's a mom you just to think about it worried that you person. We want to round do you mean we're kind of -- theory that come up with about their assessment. If you protect yourself. And do discipline when I wouldn't say don't go crazy you know can be programs are gonna put a camera to. Protect yourself first. Protect the others around here and make that discipline happened. Is gonna make your life better. And a time. -- its citizens yeah actually we're obligated to. And that -- Now but the really isn't helping book whenever you wanna Sailor Moon. Put him feeds me good. It's not beginning and so are you -- two other deaths are protecting us that's Magnus anger. So I I think I stopped that of this election cycle and I was gonna go. Listen I've had a great time and a great career in Massachusetts. Nobody. Everybody's been accepting of me because of who they are and read some of the people on the left shake when I mean I'm in line at TSA remember Carol. TSA right. So I walked through the -- assailants got. And I forget to take my laptop out and then but the line stop the buzzer goes off in the -- Psycho someone's got a laptop in there. There and bring out my month. That's so great and we get arrested so that the guy comes over my legacy reads the tank. Christmas persuaded -- recent failure. I know I know auto pilot and -- the city itself. So it goes real Kelly received grades of three guys to Enron and then then they -- rather go -- -- or condone UW. Yes because this man. Senate plan would trade right Kelly I look at the rest is an up and. Wish I don't you -- look like a criminal. Let's sit yeah Obama can we get a cut of your book later I mean you know would you really give them more death. So like -- -- and then now guess what I love I love the TSA guys subject they're gonna. But anyways -- -- thanks -- got pushed around -- yeah and really really appreciate you hear from you when you're the best and we should Femi. You son and -- beautiful wife finance the best so have a great rest united. That would -- very -- nearing treasonous is Delhi on Friday right here you can't get. He had an opportunity to do that by. -- 26668. Succeed Eric 0617. And has some owners from waiting a while to -- on. This is Jeff. No my body how are. Humans could go recited -- listening peeling your wonderful wife Kelly you're choosing me. Sporadically up throughout the night I'm here and my -- -- just outside of Washington DC in suburban Maryland. This is unbelievable. I mean I heard you're gonna -- -- dramatic -- if I got to listen to the great bill Kelly oh yeah. And really this is I thought you're going to be giving up all the financial advice know -- isn't known nano in the wake of the Mayan apocalypse the mob fought -- apocalypse. -- Kerry was and announced as the secretary of state there was really what's correct they knew it when he went out and Jessica and you're gonna happen to let. So this next time I thought it was a fake one but it's real Jeff -- That's a that's a life has been enjoying your Christmas stories and I got to value. It's I don't know what is with our new baby girl they've and -- who my two year old Josh then we got. I'm becoming in but this is one of the most special Christmas because we're having this really enjoying the show tonight belt -- have been really really beautiful. -- April look that's a promise you know that to you -- two year old plugged -- to Thomas the train back then that was a big deal for him but you. Jeff it's a promise I'm telling you we got to believe in the promise it's a promise. That sort myself out you know what I mean. Well bill I hear you my friend -- disaster this. When one did you really way to Europe anywhere in terms of peer deep face -- deep catholicism. What is something that was -- you always. Always there a turning point in your life doesn't really. Really brought you closer to guard and to the church. -- wow well you know what's in German it's I was so. I always had a vision my whole life Jeff always had a vision of doing something great. And the demarcation. How I was doing was. How close in my into the vision and how far in my away from the vision and and one no I mean it's maybe thirty years ago in the parking lot. I have never told the story but I don't support I was smiling losing Kelly knows time and I was signed during. You know I came out of a very you know sports far into the park and I went out the wrong door I was in the back parking lot and two or three guys there. And they commenced to beating me almost a death. And I just remember. When I was standing up then these men decided they didn't even tell either going to be me they just tried to rob me and and remember two of them in front of me and then the other one I didn't seem him when he jumped over from behind me and started punching my officially broke my sockets. And I remember thinking. If I fall on this ground in my only prairie thanks Scott Keller was unfortunate own time to pray my prayer was that I didn't fall on the ground -- -- -- I know men have to take the speeding. -- -- fallen to the ground and because if I do they're gonna kill me. So. I stood up and he's kept pummeling me and they took my wallet and and I think they just got so tired as I didn't fall down and then they certainly get afraid why isn't the guy falling down and they all ran away. And after they were undecided I sat on the log there was a long in the parking lot to divide it up. So I Salmonella on his Ferrari 2:30 in the morning and my classes were pressed into my face several classes -- time. My ribs were cracked my eye socket was broken my job all right jaw was broken. And I'm sitting monologue and I don't think can. First auto syncing was Wendy's is Kilmeny you know born and they kill me and my second thought was. -- This is how I'm from now on five years and more further away from the vision. That -- as -- great Sundance gonna effect on people. And that was sort of the turning point for me and I as a senator stop self destructing and really start. Being discipline in challenging myself that's pretty much the moment I left crisis many times funeral -- me. Until you have right now I hope I don't cause a lot of people turn -- dial. When I say that but I've got to tell people that. You know. Killian I really started out we had one car -- ticket she -- a bicycle. And that so we started out but we gave. You know we believed in Christ and we helped out we have our faith we -- faith in Finland's. Kind of faith in each other and we you know so that's really where it started Jeff -- from a mile long answer right. While so that's a very touching moving. Very moving story. I appreciate your -- put it to its. You -- -- restarted on interviewer killed seven years ago I mean some guys call that says what are you doing this like therapy in fear. Is -- -- therapy session well you know what I said -- yeah. Because whenever I get out on the air it kind of got all the harm all the bad parts of it all evil. Kansas goes away Jeff and it's like coffee goes into your into the universe. And Humphrey and you know the audience always. The people who listen they've backed me up. For some reason they wanna hear these things that somebody will just I'm not gonna go on and tell -- look I drive a Lexus and you know him from the tires -- Let's go down and it. I wanna tell them. No I didn't I get there just one -- is this something that can happen here it's happened to me. It can happen to you it's happening every day kids. Studying you know people moving forward. But when you see the promise you seemed to have two young children two beautiful children right. They're going to -- I think bill which would most touching about having young kids as you see the potential in them to see the promised them. You see the future that lies ahead of them. It's a very special beautiful thing and no I gotta say that -- everything about it on my off phenomenon than listening to your show. What really struck me when I met chewing your office and first time with John council on my wish it was a guy. Who is one of the most successful business people we know. Who as -- his stature. His accomplishments as well as success. And yet I noticed your devotion to the virgin Mary. And I felt -- everywhere you sound like he said his humility his -- Its connection to god he's never forgotten what's important in life. And build a moment I saw. Honestly I said this is a man I contrasts. This is a man with character -- this is a man with integrity I mean very candid with Hugo. Well I'm glad my wife sitting here that tonight thank -- -- -- -- -- feeling that we don't hear the -- when people say do miracle happens I always say. Look how white married -- that she's always -- and mail I gotta tell you. The guy you remember which one I called and basically you've got to look at don't like. And I -- -- so I'll AM yeah like he's starting. You -- and how and I wanna see the three of us have at. It seemed like -- thinks their wives are -- tune up at that I would guess what we married them right yeah yeah so we're smarter I -- Back. Dale Kelly he says yes and -- He's you are hot sketchy. That it's a blessing and will Kelly you've never met Jim Jim does now. I I I could put you on the phone exactly nine there's. Not in person yet but -- hopefully soon meet will meet in person themselves. We know they always loved to have used we have plenty of room of the house to say and I'm gonna say that I mean that you could. This one into the house -- you know whatever you need some home cooking something up here. Allen is -- kid friendly yes that's right so the wife everything yes everything 100% but. Both thank you for your kind words for you -- taking Boston by storm the people. You've caused silicon excitement that we haven't had in quite a while and in the radio. Universal Boston you are. You are shining star it's amazing. Bob thank you bill thank you so much and this and thank you for their gracious. Invitation roundup we gonna take you guys up on it is I want to meet great some want -- my kids honestly no honestly I think it's it's the virgin Mary I think she's been protecting me and you know the way you speak truth to power when it comes the finance and business. And then how to take charge in your life. I just wanted to speak truth to power when it comes to politics -- -- something -- Country when you're doing and how and when you make him out OK I mean no kidding it's too much. What would put it this way bill I don't make some money that you mention of the that's when we Catholics and good good that air mid WRK eleven -- million. Sure advisor just answering just for you need summary -- conclusion of the bargaining table went into -- and god bless thank you for calling us. Or you might like to listen bill Kelly. Do you -- your whole family have a blessed and Merry Christmas. Thank you and -- a year of project covers acts. But -- a surprise so that was our son -- here is amazing. This guy is such clarity when you see them. And he looks in the yard and he doesn't. -- I can't tell you a very quite impressed. Yahoo! he doesn't. He doesn't know at all. He looks he gets he really asks a lot of questions and things that he talks well. But other people that do it he does state talk first and brown. Ready firing you know you -- really you don't it's really figure out what you're doing nine I can tell he's such a family man -- I like that you know. -- like that. So we we love our families were very blessed to have them votes. We wanna make things safe. So the people call the show tonight. Some of my favorite people you know it. C.'s Joseph colonel Scott Keller and now just corner. And I'm sure but I mean. You know it's it's pretty amazing it's pretty amazing. The life cycle. Bill Kelly I mean it's soon. People city in nervous -- turned WRK in my system I'm not nervous it's like -- have always done. But I don't you say that in a way that you know. But you know some people might be out there serial killer is under -- is lousy tennis politics got me nursebot. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's like. It's like a natural thing I love the people that he had and -- get tracked the nicest people. Yeah yeah I mean. You know we do you know we cuts. I guess we're Canseco some miracle you know we had the you know united we had some times where we went down to our credit cards or beat its Jim -- all -- our cash. And -- to BankAmerica put an -- then make payroll. And remember those days don't you clearly than. I have to tell you want. -- certainly. Been good to wants a 617. 266686. -- -- some fun here c'mon -- -- JoAnne. Well you're on the -- OK to UCLA and went yes I. I'll move my name is Joseph and Karen well my opinions tell us to sit which it -- you listen to their -- I don't then I K I say I don't know I highly I don't -- either but the -- you know we don't wanna publicize. All right you guys have the public. -- -- I CNN. -- oh yeah we're here okay my saddened. All. I check book and he -- our way out this spill in the Massachusetts. And eat cash. Green light that I could dial it back. We're awful sorry. There's there's so tonight to help you with you wanna do it all fear. Do you how -- something. Yeah I I OK I. I know I don't know what I didn't go well. If you do and -- -- give your name to that gentleman is this something we do to help you. We're gonna help you -- or not do. So 6172666868. If you need him please don't we don't know what it is but we're here. And -- I'll tell you what will. We'll certainly do our best whatever your situation news. To help you if it involves needing food -- Christmas gifts for kids. Shelter. Or. Something to pay your heating bill with or something. If you're in need right now and you're listening and you don't call me. And you don't have to go on the air that one went through but we're going to you know and here if you don't call will be -- of the upset. And we wanna get this done. If people they'll help us to get it done. 6172666. CH six -- And the woman that called was obviously -- need. And we don't always know what their need is right pedestrians now it's up for us to say Erica Pratt and you know now. So we we love. The people who listen to us for some reason we're display restaurant killing me -- -- so. We have. Protect yourself. Ladies and gentlemen. First thing you can do. Figure out how to do that make things better for yourself. And protect others where do you do that first -- to protect you. First you have to have that feeling. And that's why you know Jeff -- and ask me what I think about. My moment. Of redemption I never understood retention of these Jim -- you forgive somebody. That if you don't flaunted the rules are always had an easy because I was smarter than I was maybe handsome or something. Well after that all goes away then you get a chance to really figure it out. That's what happens. And when that when that occurs. And you found it won't choose I -- of faith in Christ. Then leave me. And maybe American. Then you can figure it out again how did you panic disorder and Kelly was born there was a huge thing for me. So sweet -- Kelly. I do not -- my -- to place no no I'm not concern you always do that. Oh it was so leave me it was a pregnancy that was later -- -- life -- -- trim. So we go through and yes this is no life right away the promises. And China's going to be born right yes right now we're waiting for -- was born knowing your mother -- okay. That's right my mother was born on February 15 we must to my mother was born in. And in 1918 immigrant -- wanted to know anyone in my mother died. My grandfather's birthday and my grandfather died in my mother's birthday. Actually both my grandfather mr. Obama and his birthday and then William Kelly was born on her birthday yes we canceled -- one of the deaths yes. But. 6172666868. What's on your mind to. And can just something our future us maybe talking to. Kelly Kelly announced. This and the fastest two hours in no event -- -- for almost two hours they know it's always you know to cement his plane is flying that night we were not running the clock and we are notes. Do we don't response were not yet and I'm like yes. The other hot -- Tony after the hour we have to run for you know run for the hot spot -- after get people to stay to pass I have found there just. This artists in Manhattan you don't get on the radio. This is out there any out late bags can feel this is it. -- -- know -- I'm glad you asked me to join news the wanted to reduce the animals that children are asleep. The better during the -- William Kelley junior is a little night now so infuses Susan way -- -- the spirited. Contest that's what. Sixty -- away QB Colin. -- six on 7266668. Do we get there around their shoes until I don't. Sure how I I highly. This is -- -- this is my first time calling but I. Vietnam Merry Christmas -- Christmas do you think you. And I just can't build -- has this thing is still yes I mean he is story. Touched me so deeply that his. And it's and how we came to you know -- finely realized that. You know is packed with with the boys and because and it made me feel like. All the time said I struggled. You know trying to make -- you know that permanent decision and and realizing that cut. Really never -- issue you know he's always yes yes and it just touch me like so deeply because. It's -- bad debt. What -- is now at my age that I wasn't I didn't learn when I was younger and I had my children. Don't regret don't have the regret forget it looked ahead don't think. When they didn't do direct benefit of people I was in a line at the airport and we were the last ones in mind though lady from the -- chips in with -- -- in -- like like we. But something was bad about that because we didn't have like a pile of people suffering behind us right. 200 don't. Go ahead and move had distanced people who near you love them and don't worry about it. And yeah I just said you know it. But you know what I think you know now because it does it's true. The weeks and does come when you order you know yes and I -- known now. You know I would -- done something differently with my children and you know. Because when I went to church you know with catechism. And I really didn't even know the Bible I didn't really think you know but in the -- I was in my forties so. And it's a blessing when I he has to have. And spiritual women is just so beautiful. -- -- You could still secure if you could still be with the cancer you can -- I do I do I hate it it it it is just. It would have been nice to let you know what I know today when it's announced a no no no but I -- yes some people never know what true you know until. Very few if this could say at this really touched me the other day and someone had -- The only. -- didn't get far. Israel like cheeses because he made his and I don't feel yeah and never really struck home for me you know. Well it's there it's a promise Vista -- it's the gift and it's all there for us it's Christmas. Thank you it is easy and simple -- its -- in the past holiday you soon as you are you yeah through you don't thanks for Colin. Going into. But it Dorothy Height joins me I I just target particular club because so people acting career is a sorry your sign. Well I just I'm driving home from my second job. And I have three kids divorced -- many years now. And am I encourage you behind you true on the radio I'm. Saying if you need anything and we'll I still can't figure out how many get. Am employee guilty to how will do so well but some electric heat is so instead it. Just what -- some oil and so bill you wanna get. Okay did you Newsom Dorothy we're gonna take care of young and don't know -- -- oil company has. They won't let you die like hundred gallon and I can't Hannity well armed men. You didn't know oil so you are going to have a Malia. Who knows your number. Yes he took it out have been OK we only need him more than a hundred gallons and did it you know yeah so no I -- Yeah I'm the first one someone the first hundred don't know let me put on -- -- that was on the go and I don't charting its own. You can hardly even used golden and it's not a yeah how well you know now they in my youngest tour in high -- wanna have a daughter that he had only graduated from college but she put -- the law school -- you know what that's like she's -- -- -- can Sheehan and a low mood that's the ultimate icon he's I don't want to tell you how. She ultimate poverty and -- world -- being in college you're looking under couch cushions to get through all sense. Saying now yeah that's it number one I I pushed education. And then OK they could -- that he can't make. Can you give me the name of the oil company just ahead don't status. I do I know -- role are they yeah okay that's who we want. OK as Sam hold its okay thank you so much on war and view an -- Christmas slowly. Delivered tomorrow you have to wait to Monday. Whatever we need to do is get it done -- the oil could do -- to this moment. And no Palestinian over there we just want it. My American expressjet is unlimited and some -- Over that house gonna leave me Merry Christmas. And we're happy to do it if we can do and I'm glad. I'm glad some people have called tonight I'm glad you calling because people are afraid to call nobody wants ask for help because. They say well I really don't need this strategy other personnel other person does something. Good three kids a good seven you know just what. Take some of the pressure off believe me. Take some of the pressure off me this one was first we have to worry about -- we can help and much of the best change it. So. That's what we're doing -- I do once a year. We generally get around 500 people need to hand yeah it helps us and definitely. -- 6172666868617. 2666868. We really. You don't have to come on the Airways gentleman just -- number and name what you need what's going on you know it's great I don't wanna be. I'm not a hero I'm not -- anybody special. We wanna make sure -- to feel better. You are special. Of course yes. That's right now you have your moment that I was special let other Wear out your special this steal everything in my in my house we do not it's that whatever it is I've -- they want is called -- it's never it. Fifth Avenue -- -- everyone in the house is here. And we hear brash -- and but I prepare -- like. I go to he belongs to a cat yet it's like let's get torture. Brush actual you know and don't know why -- -- tragic and so I ripped the things out of it when you put a three years. But they come -- -- plush -- green -- I mean I gotta I -- because they. A phone that's and android and one's gonna apple phones. So is expensive to an android phone they won't commit to my phone. No I come home my son's got the android phonies playing no monkey ball -- something with the things the birds in jeopardy -- angry parents is her job so. It's continuously. -- being rated. Much to us being -- What else is going on around the house. I don't know William has figured out that personal assistant on the and oh yeah. Yeah this is asking her Naimi said are you see your real hair and she said my name is Simpson's Samsung galaxy and he said what is your last name and her hand she said. How fox -- and they any steady set the dinner table and cooking and he's sitting there he said and who sheriff they only can't sing galaxy and she said. You are my family then we know beyond tears up a six year old this was the sweetest thing he provisionally charitably to any mallet did nothing -- -- -- an. He map mom and her funny employee who. We'll tell you went off. So they never know world's personal pride in looting and the in my property not life liberty or property yes no respect. I'm at commitment to this the other day and I forgot my password I have. But everybody knows my password it's a number one of the year my great grandfather died as -- password don't quiet. And then I have another password or immigrant -- Murphy and that I have the ultimate password which nobody knows. We know all your -- right so I got to think -- I never can remember the password to the -- for my son goes -- 1980. Since 1918. This is a debt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody knows 1918. And what -- goes -- everywhere in 19182. Hole password right. So anyway that's my life ladies and gentlemen. That we you can passwords on everything but I mean that I ipads that this yeah. So we've got the recent you have to be keen on -- if we if we need to use any of electric our electronic equipment. 266. 686617. There's Nancy up there it. I don't see you. Bill internally to -- I guess -- may. Thought they came to my mind when I heard just speaking time it was. Encouragement. That I think I'm looking for some encouragement because things and kinda. Haven't got a great the past fair yeah to. And I gave. I'm I feel like you know a bit of hope -- I work with kids some merit it. Yeah -- handicapped kids them. They're kinda just don't understand it. Why things don't go braves -- that -- something again the kids. But now we're it just seems. You know I have met you before yeah and -- unemployed for a conference just. Well how -- -- I hope the meeting that we had was I don't buy it. Two are supposed to be doing in their meeting. Yes she definitely is from my husband and I from directions a little worried about. Balloon may be losing my house and we were able to stop. And to. But you know I did talk a -- But hey hey it them. But it's just -- sometimes had to hold onto them. It's hard decided the only way to really overcome it sometimes is pure hustle and then a little bill -- That comes with the ultimate effort that you're making ends. You know we're pleased that we have met review and we love you and you know we're sorry for your trial but don't. You know it's it's gonna happen to some light at the end of the tunnel first we -- see. The life first you got to figure we're in the tunnel. When you're in trouble the best thing to do is scale of it and you seem to be working your way out by. You know we certainly wish you the best if there's anything that we can do now let us know. There's just something we need to do now for you -- Well yeah. It had a little less worried to hit my rear -- She's she's put it on hold -- either gonna take care you. And god bless you so we're gonna help whenever that help is. Who's next -- for. Debra. Two weeks there. -- I am -- or I'm doing okay Ariel. Well pretty good show this yeah ever -- I can't breath I ain't we know -- how you doing. I've been better. I'm I'm actually looking cute child rearing realities. -- -- Albania -- outreach Jacob can help. My electorate is due to be shut off. And I had to market their home -- -- We don't need to publicize it just get the word over to -- gonna put you on hold but you know we wanna give to kids. Squared away for Christmas two -- snow okay yes. -- -- Can you do that they're gonna put you how all of you children. Or how well do children one and are oh good ball that's great so they're. Assume we can do we you can you leave your message here you're information it's too is that too much for your bill there. They didn't. OK I really don't wanna. We'll do we'll do our best we just someone won't talk we'll talk to on Monday if we don't -- right -- -- maintain this getting your information. Telephone number and and you need and then -- Well contact GM -- off there. And then. We'll go from there -- -- -- is and -- three. Are you doing it Anita. -- -- -- -- We lost -- -- -- You wanna go to two -- keep three. -- -- -- We're on the air. Think we've got a lot of okay -- Pack is so now to handicap and helped us very rock -- you have and she yeah. Do we know how many children go to hang any dissent this edition yeah I have to pay that I think. No I don't know. I haven't had some. Broke well and he played he played well I don't Pratt and and the pats go to class and there's little doubt. Fifty man's. Well I am going to hit the Pentagon that I don't. Welcome -- I've got out was spent very little bit better and I was doing well I'll let you know I'm so sick people they thought you. So -- end. -- -- -- -- -- And Hannah food and -- I am being handicapped so yeah I had not good and can I kept listening to that. Hey can't stand up too long because you and I hope. -- we're gonna get the number -- we can do what we get a call Hoosier road. But we Hoosier advocates don't hit don't you can't you have you tried Medicaid. -- -- -- They decided to. I told little about half I don't know there's going to be at that may not stop until -- good and -- brother pat. -- -- for the annual. Just so we'll believe them because of these days and bad Medicare will pay 30% of the diplomatic problem and then -- okay no problem. Excuse me hearts Medicare is gonna pay 80% of the fifteen. And I didn't try to do that don't have insurance. So you know 300 bucks. Well I don't know I act -- you don't know what they're gonna date and never come out of an extra squeezed hard. That is really. And then there is no I don't -- recognition that I backpack and if you listen I -- RI. Listen to me readers' hearts. Where's the -- physically -- it. Is it at the store are they ordering it from and let's get it done. Kill okay break their name down OK in -- seven Merry Christmas we'll help -- okay. -- can't help you get your name originally came to this man. If we can help you will get somebody that can help people you know act there's no question who votes. Whose next. Clearly don't. You're on the -- clear. You there. Clear. Now let's go to to see if we keep one. Open forces should be on holds. No go forward to it's going to sell. Its. Yes hello you're on the merits Bill -- -- -- Yeah -- clear. I I mom my name oh yeah. Oh Tony enjoy hey yeah okay. Come calling. I'm revelation lender -- You're doing a lot of work to learn and listen to me and -- and I wish them well. I -- I'm calling because I'm trying to and that and I -- okay. I'm my -- single mom I actually don't know the dude who's probably listened to. Now platoons Rivera added no I mean to -- do you when you tell what's what. And the most part yeah -- can tell Albany kid's toy I'll try it. And fourteen and -- yeah. And then like I am a single mom I'm I'm I'm hardworking. And I wish Chris let basically this car need. Good the last time this -- -- are really want to look at Portland let them keep being. You know hole. Christmas wish they are just put it can't you -- -- and -- at least sent me. I had surgery in them out of work until I have to -- you react. -- -- -- Things do we have anything for them. When we have you know. I'm actually I gave. I really don't think do I felt bad actually make sure I'd -- I'd let you know that actually excited bigger problem should have played a basically going to actually -- lose you learn. Let me give you write down this number 8888800. Want me want. Why. Aren't private line and its opponent but look. They're gonna take you on hold here I don't that is going to be Christmas over -- okay. I'm telling you right now -- I guarantee it from all these people. That's what's gonna happen okay. And I can call it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No no 88800. When anyone you don't have to call that number I'm given it to you. Right yeah they're going to get your information. And there are find out how to get -- -- you if you wanna give it to them. And they wouldn't make something happen tomorrow. So that those who kids ever realize they're shy than fourteen yeah. Yeah she's -- no Bono past. -- will make something happen there what we can absolutely. Yes we're gonna have some and we'll have some. DS yes. Sir -- -- it's really just some. Did some stuff happen over there for. Surely needs a break every now on the end you know I think in -- gives hope to win. When someone and just discipline does not saying. And then there's no requirement you know just. Starts right every Christmas seat at every Christmas Eve so I was sworn to to. The last thing I did was sit on my grandfather a grandfather horse the papal mass. As soon my grandfather. Any given you know. They used to be it was a balk then became two dollars when I was in grade school it was five dollars when I was in high school was ten box. And you look and I sit there he'd have no hope I knew we had it's all right. When -- soaring in muted though he says. -- your plans for next year and what did you do last year because we talked about deviancy. Well let's everybody tell me about being -- USC did you. SC yeah Graham you know I've I've played football and -- on -- roll and I've worked two jobs security. And more stations. So I think you know me the honor -- He's all right -- was ten -- it's hard earned money -- -- Merry Christmas so have you. So that was my boost right there you know I take the money go via people -- do whatever it wanted to do good. So would you write your own union handwritten PS if you don't. Know if you don't have a hand. What counts is hanging fake. That takes people it in a different direction when they fail lie there did you they're overwhelmed. But we're over and there are an overdrive and when -- when you put yourself -- overdrive. He he is hard to step back from the situation. Yes it's slowed down antenna brands and they end. Then something happened that's your hearts hearts so when someone cut to break. And I think when Yuri and when your overwhelmed -- -- overdrive you can step back. Oh yeah -- any slowdown in the last second and then and then. Be more productive. -- I was in when anything can happen. The only first -- checking -- I was so I opened my first business account and but wasn't BankAmerica than Hispanic American no I opened my first -- -- only know from my checking account. New lady really like when we talk to open the check in accounted for like 500 fox in there. And on the way up and then I came back to make the next deposit she said oh did you know we briefly for credit card. I didn't have a credit card and determine a debit card. And release a -- in for credit card for 101000 here it is. Wolf please Joseph I need to credit. I was trying to build the business. I guess what. I needed that BankAmerica. Look and I -- do an advertisement for BankAmerica. OK some people love them some people don't. I'll tell you what I did -- think everything that I do -- -- America. Because they helped me when I had nothing. And they tell me every time I needed help maybe I'm just -- Everyone has a war story about BankAmerica but that's what they did. But we've cut my -- ready to go we go next slide one yeah Joseph. Hey bill -- -- haven't spoke with you belong and I hope we remember me. Do you not too good I just -- to -- -- bill help me out a a couple a year and a -- you're producing great guy gave me a ride home. Don't you know we help because we know. I know but no family you know and -- -- a -- you haven't heard from you and I'm not gonna have much of -- Christmas this year my friend has cancer of the prostate that went to visit them. I'm the one that no family. Oh I don't know -- saying I think they'll look. Leave your number with the man okay got there and will. I'm here to help you as much as I can I can very -- you I would you know people I've been repeated a thousand times over for the and do you just say if you ever saying a prayer you can throw my name in there pedigree I'm not trying to make this into a religious show but now I have no doubt be planning -- But you know my family doesn't care about me we'd welcome to the SS -- but -- -- -- all the static around that there -- gonna get out of this apartment get a better place. You know -- my number. Yes -- and also don't do is too good then can hit so hard not to when -- alone bill will reach out. And you've reached not recount now have three you know loan go to way of speaking let's call him his own money if you're from the south I AM and you don't know I didn't hear him. If I ever think I'm alone I do -- and I mean what are the chances of marrying a man who has your first name masses labs and still the same playing. They still fight award out -- Kelly did not crazy laws definitely plus do you Q Mary everything cheaper and they shouldn't have to -- Are you guys -- great guy all have don't take my number I didn't -- my friend on holes OK yes. Indexes for reducing object. -- there your laurel I am general the adults. I don't like god I have to tell you know how refreshing. That I found returned to ITV. My radio on my -- went to bed. And I I what they're going to do because I was so sick of hearing. -- -- This thing and they and that of fiscal. -- -- and you know all of that stuff that's been happening you know. Other things too. But the term VOA delightful thing key in our fabulous panel refreshing. It took me alone time there were going to address and that's what -- it might be the other way around the house energy LA yeah. I can't believe in the sense that China is doing a wonderful things so well how didn't. Right well it's a wonderful life. It is certain -- middle name should be fatally. Know that if they he has no comparison that tag you he'll never be down the way I was down an object ever going to be apostle for human to do what I've done I've met. I'm at the nicest people I mean it's I just wanted to I would I sometimes I get a call bishop wants to meet me was economy before. I don't I don't see bill Kelly well -- Syria and we have one Chinese. You know the view let's go talk to this guy I mean you know. Let's go have some fun but you know what it's a great life it really is still we're not gonna give up borrowing. I know you know Nancy. Very caring where. -- looks like everything. That's following. Around you -- -- here every -- you're like Kelly was saying -- become. Overwhelmed. Yes he should he can't even think straight -- Can make a decision because there is this to actually don't Deanna or so we can't put your moved around you and whoever fits. Nazis take care of you protect. OK is not thought about hula hoops since so many years chef chef and that's how can you stand with -- immune during world where men are -- good way to put it. I stand with that I stand -- anyone who's depressed right now and the bad time. Palestinian with you help you if I can arms but. Who we love this country we love the people who listen to our radio show we love them. -- are you flying regularly. A -- says anymore as -- torture people for three hours credit or both good good thing but I never more apparent. We're so busy he usually calls calls me -- so I'm not usually in the studio by. You get right across the table frowning so this is so cool. -- the phone you know and where we're adding. -- my friend at this juncture for our own security station I should journalist who threw us for Christians. And I know he's just been his -- I know we sit on the women go on but they won't take. It was like -- -- -- what's Kelly don't do Hirono vulnerable clock is a Massachusetts on a Christmas John that's it Santa on Christmas. Her own -- people really yeah that sits so. Appreciate you calling I know Miree Christmas Christmas. We're rituals on the -- as soon hi Rachel. You're on the -- -- Great this Kelly and bill Kelly. My -- -- gave me just call me in not only called us stumbles. -- you -- to say much we're on the air. So yes she needs so to relate to help you though that so. -- I mean we just I still are -- sixty years ago to go. Not. You know every number 42 birthday and oh yeah and now know. And then January of 2011. I lost my -- Simpson who says. These terrible share of this year I lost my he has. And he's so it's all of this here alerts throughout the. Concern for your -- I thank you very much. And I'll who have who -- ton of money problems -- now. I'm looking to have. They're 30 my half six. Because I lost group -- a couple weeks ago. I would just we gonna get your information I don't know what we can do it. We're gonna find somebody I know this is a fifty story building -- probably I mean this. Going to be someone who knows how to get a break fixed and if there's not. I have a friend or you know we love so retirement we can talk to them for you. -- knew we can get -- to some -- over there for you and get stars. -- the breaks fix those that can you get to a place like that it can however just so putting on hold and people who don't sorry it three guys OK out there -- who felt. OK and then. Everyone is called my. Mind numbers. 888801. You want if you. Don't hear from us tomorrow. Yes that's a good back -- number I have -- doing this call tonight we're gonna help that's an apparition that's what we do that's what we're gonna do we don't make a big deal out of it. And we don't just get it done so Kelly's got a couple people have approved yet easy to do but certainly. If I was to have breaks fixes only place I go and I'm not trying to put mr. Sullivan on the spot but. Or preempt him or co -- to them because they're the most incredible. People on earth through what they do for everyone but we'll pitch if you can get over that they are. They were gonna get the -- over to them all right -- Yes just some breaks. Just simply no oil gets kids play skits and yes just some Christmas don't have any abatement hits -- very curious as. And we can mean it. Yes yeah. So we can do right yes. So anyway -- some benefit. We're of the times -- -- here you are not kidding man I mean we can't 45 minutes left a 44 minutes. You know when you go. We can support and still be a week. Do we have to I want it did this more than just want to know here aren't doing you know into the unit within you know how. PLC what's going on news takeover would -- This government hair brush your -- you need you know what for Christmas I need to give you -- your hair brown allegedly looking herr bush don't -- -- how my guys. You know that's another thing wisdom and -- cups reluctant and any kind of change without -- as well if I have a good day and a drink Ramirez that remember when even had that -- That red cups. Play the disposable cup be you threw pennies to run again. When was that red one was for coffee and then the blue what's really are so confident are also other -- for our blue was Warner soft drink of water or -- -- Margarita I actually wanted to send them. Who can -- is not listen. This -- the current you're funny. Fitness LA I did you are you've got enough. But actually kind of rub off on me with a lot to tell us what stuff superstition. There's so she puts a couple of coach -- for a cup of coffee down from my computer which I go through five newspapers. And went to Bloomberg report might prefer him -- to the office so she gives me the cup and she says. Assume that's what kind of compass as is my lucky corruption is lucky -- chooses what are you talking about 10% of lucky come by aliens is she so looked. Drink it out of there business a -- is -- -- -- the and what happened. Well I call the office and Drake in the course given here and like -- -- -- that I think -- -- -- the front doesn't cause a cone will also came to secure -- so good though we didn't start as he she goes. Yeah but the computers -- something kinda crazy fifth straight what's it doing was just like the hard drive reform fair thing you know what drill because. -- look at her killer goal. So a lot. But then it's not just the cup and -- copy it has to be wonderful. No end in the -- I mean you know 13 at 22. Thirds full. Kim mil pit skim milk which you don't know it was what -- -- is a problem. And Guillen and in the evaporated milk with a tin foil over the top in once certain spot other Frazier has shenanigans to stay there. You know in your grandfather did that when I do that please don't I do. And once he's been a brown sugar two -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- say it steer it. You cannot steer it. And we tuned too much you -- for maybe a little bit with. Heck this humility but it's nice just Sonny boy that's hilarious Saturday slapping him in -- but at but. So elusive is there some kind of respect missing here was Joan maybe that's the -- heartening you know I respect for China for Imus yes. Now we know whats there just making -- to the tenants he would actually Melissa see some merits council and it was never -- boring. Who have go why he's got a complex you know -- hit hit hit boats and are married to a cheerleader from the south India that's it that's the only pro. There's only obstacle you have I don't Kelly love it America someone -- -- yeah. It's a -- on the air. Hi my week. Hurry and -- Galileo. How are you didn't see him in our time I did I laugh so hard time that's -- I keep I keep him walk in a straight line. Well you know I got out of work tonight they still look good view our Saturday morning and I I I thought -- Biden do. -- -- do so refreshing and sue -- really. Albeit quite sudden doesn't like your voice or drive them crazy delicious I'll. But I love I expect I really don't they have money to worry about. Know our AT and also what they're -- but I still went seven Gary give up all this advice. You know run he has reunite until I I have no idea though he is could it be the best advice in the world and I can't take advantage of it doesn't. Everything is okay because I I love the way you talk about your childhood and I am I. I I love your face -- soon. Can't and I have a deep freeze myself but -- them gentleman earlier was talking about your devotion to the virgin Mary and I I -- the grocery as well yeah I just wanted to wish you would generally just the best of Christmas -- non. Thank you know but -- look it's great this. You know we got that some people it's okay to do that you know and have faith -- whatever you believe. Fairly standard -- -- they try to pick -- -- the way about say it is something we really can't take away asked me you know you are my favorite I have out. -- They gave picture in my house a plaque at my house -- Bennett before prince atmosphere and the -- I'm still although it's hard is that. I'm alone in light air and I'm not really along -- -- carries me through the all star and sure. And you know I'm I'm you know I have an -- -- -- -- five years of liquid smoke in nine months ago -- us don't stand there still are solvent yes in my drinking you know why I give me a lost my kids. There'd -- ruined my marriage but might you know might kids. Still love me on who also do DNA and not in the do you know well you know we love our kids you know I think people on TV their children are accused of something inmates say my -- it never do that -- because our parents -- such a devotional spoke love toward our children know they don't have to localize -- -- -- -- AM program there's still love me out but what I put them grow their view is just a miracle to me. Our first time limits are -- the first time go to a police station I was twelfth. And my grandfather was best friends with the police and have arrested me so I knew. I was throwing toilet paper on somebody's house and they taught me so. They got me down on the station but -- -- knew in my heart was my grandfather knows. Lieutenant Broderick's -- I'm skating. That's all I was thinking and I remember America account -- the police station and it. The Tehran deuces what do you room we wanna do McComb billions doing what you want to -- -- call my grandfather and talked to him -- figure -- out so he he. He. Dial my house -- down my grandfather's number. And I heard them talk and they hung up the phone and looked at municipal and he says he and he said. He told me to put in jail overnight. And -- -- coming gets you in the morning so they put me on the bench in the home next to the jail. And that was my first experience of thought of giving out the Celtics got free I didn't it didn't happen so the next time it was time to toilet paper. Somebody's Bush's Ireland gonna play the game -- Anyway thanks for calling -- we get to John Mara Christmas Jim Merry Christmas time. You know hi John. -- oh good thank you for -- I -- -- Asia area about. Moving out he cared about an -- as part of -- on the West Coast. And it went my empire list send out here and then there's. Never count on the East Coast. And and it is really wanna. Encourage them and then -- is that people are Bachmann because. Credited with where we're we're in love them we don't like them love them because it. But nowhere glare -- me you know -- -- stereotypes. You know -- our claim to have Leo I don't know I was told me I'm like oh you're gonna hand that there -- there. You know their country and you and you cap breaking men men. Mean -- back in the command could -- from there. And absolutely memo that was so close. -- We have I mean I'm not Sam. And I worked for a major corporation. And that because signed here. And it was just the main thing I know went and met one of the purse Sam. That one person and automatically mean. Jimmy cart Blanche to all of bear trap shooter could end -- -- car -- to move the wrestler track. -- I just think that's a really great because now called. I'm in this somewhat. And acceptance and you don't see that plan. Coach and I can't say that's great feeling to you must feel great about it. Absolutely and I am I'm extremely proud of it. And that's led to a terror. And I'm just really trying to impress web. Other people. And I think people have this case should be very proud about. Think I agree tight -- I grew up in the south and -- the people here are very nice. Yeah I agree 100%. Believe. Harry -- earlier in the day visit you did you hear and it was growing up in east saint. The people than north they're not that -- and -- yet you know you did hear that but it's not -- is not not Nadal. -- we have -- we are everywhere you know -- speakers in the south to ever play it. -- there a lot of nice people. In this area do the hard the -- want jobs they want famines there are homes -- they want their kids to do well there are worship. That's of people want that I see they want they're better fairways salute our. That client and that's -- I mean are as good joke because there leaning I wanted to grab in the family where you have that you know. All of your friends and -- very close by and bringing certain things got married there where you know one or two -- moved down Manhattan and then the classically and the and the West Coast just you know and you need to move away and she and and make Carol Mann and that I think a lot more about you. Glad I am when I must carry just cannot get over. Well I think as well how can densely populated is this threat. I mean I love the fact that there are three generations -- things. And how they all round and take care of each other. And who do should. You know and there has -- in just -- me I'm thinking wiped out. And you know in the -- because -- sending you can -- and rarely is the simplest of guests. Now you can you know you and bill said transition. Yeah about ten minutes and then since my -- how they embrace. You know new people -- an end. When it first lieutenant people are constantly asking me. Do you have combined to go for Thanksgiving -- combined total -- -- Clearly you know you know should I didn't know who is watching over here are your own mind anyway it's. What's going non combatant. And. You know I think I'm always announce also contend error be emotional and spiritual man shoot and to build bridges -- about evolved. I think when you open your -- our city and how you obviously aren't an open person I sure am very friendly when you open yourself. It's -- to build world and they you know they you know you receive I think yeah. Can't really -- the last 10 AM people who may be you know extremely -- law. And that and not prejudged memo. -- to accept stereotypes. Men and two are also. I would have been non leather tired you know that I am supposed to be giving golf -- things. And you know sometimes you're supposed to -- receiving those. True yes and we know there are traces and it's amazing I read to. A woman in Poland went to sleep when they're nameless festina and she had a vision of the last four hours. Of Christ's life she's now saying she wrote them down. And when I read that I realize. That was the you know. That was of the secret of mercy in my life. And I could accept that I could get some help once in awhile and I did but. Let's put it this way. It's the season it's Christmas. We can say what we wanna set. -- when you look at the tree it's a Christmas tree. Has a little tiny babies. And he came along was he born in the stable was she going to cave was two point in the woods. He was born. And this mother's struggle his father did too and solar energy and you know a lot of things are facing his life that we don't have to face some of us are facing. Adversity but he did it. So maybe we can use that as an example. If our. In our lives how hard can -- be. How hard can it be if you did that we can do this. 26172666868. There's some slots open on the board. 6172666860. And if so there will be some people. All that's. Have always wanted to do talk to me you know straighten me out of -- takes -- -- call I kept. Yes you are so we know we're we're here. In the spirit of acceptance into forgiveness and giving including. My own the commissions of my own merits but the people of Boston. The fellow's talking about some what most wonderful people on earth are you kidding best -- I mean where. I mean how did I even survive on the air base gets so much encouragement listen. -- -- and I listen back to our stock and about seven years ago I don't know how -- really just encouraged me yes. You can do what you can do we love you know we love hearing your stories that are this that the other thing and then. You know the rest is whatever it is -- 617266. Exceeded 68. But slowly -- nexus Donald Kelly O'Donnell -- -- helped. Hi how Leo and there any Mary -- So we Merry Christmas and I have been doing it I think he'd -- let's hope to bill Saturday morning as I live in -- Those -- yeah then you're going to heaven that's burden that is a bird market. You have born you're meant. Yeah -- -- -- -- -- good for you it's. If you can listen if you can get through that three hours and then something it's usually. -- -- The following was failing because it's like yeah I like people like Procter and -- that bracket you're gonna undo the bad news -- they that yeah. I can't -- and I think didn't and don't take it yeah. I've got very close daylight that lap later on Holbrooke and that's. I'm so superstitious you know he is so superstitious he won not change it. I have this big camp this year I think with the numbers show and analysts say this and probably we had a year this year than I don't think many people. Could ever have so anyway we're. Very superstitious about what we do even though it's easy even -- superstitious about his coffee says there's -- well next week ever show the boards -- not appear go ahead and what -- on the their primary you know. High risk Elmore and very good but Merry Christmas -- -- yeah. I'm Larry I knew what I wanted to say that I need this game that that you can't blame Eric Redmond anymore and really get at and Bob de L. We just said that none of we sent you to satisfy and right. Yeah I know -- many are afraid is not letting mom win now line when the when people say it back and look it is nice that is not. If you don't believe in Christmas disappeared Christmas believes a new side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know how Lauren Howard and Larry Chris us. Ballmer couldn't feel cranky I would I would just scaring them they're the radio and the Christian content. Your -- show can -- yeah they're cutting -- right -- treat me I listened. I kept pursuing untrained. Well who want these people tell me that this really. I mean that you caught complete strangers and it. You say don't take care of their problems. Whose gonna help -- my brother's keeper who whose gonna help -- -- and help. Well I and there's and epidemic or something could understand. And agility crane isn't -- Because is very good -- however. Then are called mention helping him right kind of a combination Trace something. Well listen -- and you know when laughs okay in new England and you know these people remember what orbit to a man call. Grab -- -- Christian right right yeah yeah I love I mean just -- -- so I have no way to -- when we -- expressing it -- The only people -- -- Kunis. Person caught dead so as that was. -- -- -- This came out -- book that he mentioned. Mary the mother guardian blessed mother yeah you mentioned something about how you are the rosary. Yeah and so what and I'm thinking. Do they realize just give breaking for a potential members. -- doing the. We try to do we try to real gross but but. It's it's just. You know that's what we do we try to do our best you know. And you know we have our way of worshipping and so do you and we think that's great especially this time years. So about that we all and restart of the call Merry Christmas. And this is something that we do and we love doing it and we know you love doing what he's doing enough. You know enough for encouraging gumption to call and we're glad you did that. And we you know we wish you the best in doing and we get some of the calls coming up. Or running out of time -- we are can't believe that. You know I mean the Sitka assists I can't believe three Alice will be up then 25 minutes -- three hours no clock. You know we did -- -- -- -- yeah amazing. And you know my grandmother lived in the K inflation German. A second great -- -- -- that's what she did. My great grandfather Kelly came over as steerage. That's how we got here and steer towards steerage world. You basically down there with the cattle but they need some way to make sure the boat -- circuit. So what we have these rocks -- we can use irishman -- actually pass some money so that's what they did. And we don't hear -- get mixed in with the rest of them. Then that's what happened we did find my now. Fit. Anyway. Who knows. Who knows ray. Discs. This life that I've lived ladies and gentlemen are notorious notorious for -- here. There's not there's nothing short of a miracle. I don't know what Tom Brady feels like getting to Foxboro. When I did when it leaves out some more I feel the same way. Because I just it's a new day. The things I've done the things I went through I think if you know what it is what it is I guess. But I gotta tell you. I hope it happens for you somehow if you had a real problem. Paying. Don't give up. Don't give -- sales trend looks -- -- Mexico. High and mighty Mary Christmas. Merry Christmas clearly harassment collision -- and is said to have -- -- -- happening get two people on and I can't believe. Good to people like you out the way you talk radio on how people. I get it dictated. To get -- -- I can't believe him because it is not meant he I mean there's not many people losing him this oil that I've. And I see really want to help -- you know how people especially the ones. -- you don't want to think could help people and elected talk ragtime and we can help you know what I'm talking. And whatever pedestals we will listen and I -- There are sending more -- pfiesteria -- across offense in my house and go to -- eye candy for three years and we're in our and then when I was. So quick canyon when I was in ninth grade when I was in twelfth grade. Five for the people I can before hadn't even seen them in three years. I get a call from five people. The same to me what you're doing college. This is judge Morrison this is that he Prado. This is the president of the electric company can you my caddie. Here's a sheet of paper could round of the jokes could download -- -- hibernian hall. There's a miserable for you put in -- scholarship paper. Give ground to the elks club and guess what I get a hand draped. Think of I was a -- I wasn't expecting it how -- these men remember me. This is good peoples some peoples were no games being. They realize general but just when I -- due to -- consider the radio I'm laying there and -- When I tell you to come on -- -- what you say and get on saying big guards caught do you have some people and this will really care about people. And they just got to -- had a call and tell you. Palaces and not you know -- key here OK now I think genuine nice person. Yeah my partner you're under my care and takes over it is better lesson to you Sonoma since year old man used snowman -- -- kids are probably still awake yes there today show. Do you ever see when we get back to I -- to William Kelly you should've been asleep -- trying to press too gutless. I am telling Mary and told -- and saying you won't keep doorway -- until I win -- until the last will you now in less lump of coal. On the fire we're gonna go when we get to the human mind -- It's going to be Irish of their -- I don't know that I -- -- but Bostonians doorways and Rockford. What can match William his limits of the -- on us over their -- -- me to preempt Q but had to. How you're doing. I don't find them regularly think about it you know finger like yeah they are learning earlier here they should talk from the same -- -- Lou I was brutally -- says that child and now. And -- meant to be Lou the essential rotation. Went out the day. I actually who is subject and and and you know on her face changed little rules have been because entities you look at what are Christian exposed to -- -- very -- -- feel. So that bench like how my exposed fills us. If I wanted to do vengeance on everybody that I heard me. The best vengeance I have is. All of may have a reason competitors who thought. They left me for. Do you know so -- -- a fool is no good and it's never gonna amount to anything most of them aren't doing real well right now the only thing you can do. This protect yourself. From yourself this person you're doing okay. Because hello mobile are not solid drug addict now you -- you know that's why -- you know go up to discriminate. What -- Obama because I'm. Doing this you've got to protect yourself from yourself see who gets on the. But you know what you call yes you reached out definitely -- -- Yes you're on your way you know out. -- -- sister -- some sort of answered how will this AIG inside like you -- -- lunch and so loving parents of trailer. Yes bill and consume to help me. Really find it. They have since that time. Caruso whose gonna help you. Leave your number what your mail to leave them pin number would demand thing for John Holt. Osu we can do -- we get somebody to connect up with you yeah. And someone to be your brother -- to reach out to use some help you. And someone to give you a boost if we can do that. I'm not sure I can do and I'm not -- -- even qualify. I know we had a psychologist caller earlier -- sort of the most wonderful. People on earth and she might wanna help you. I wanna help you so guess what. If that's good enough for you it's good note from your -- yeah. So. That's what I'm doing I'm being. We probably. I need to get a lot more humble is what I gonna do ladies and gentlemen I can tell you that right now prism. Talking a lot to dynamo listing enough so that's a -- work on. And be thankful for what I have I. Amanda called early city at a terrible time of it would be hard to be where I was ladies and gentlemen. It is for persona viewer was in the B -- right now. That this stark differences in it. Are so astounding that. To me it's like. They. Did that shock of being in both places that. In the same lifetime could be enough to you know. The united I know some people think. I had the chance to meet Tom Finneran who. I happened to be. I really was uninteresting. Meeting because I think that the no I'm not really plugged into politics is so I didn't meet some as being a politician I've met Tom and but a couple of just together and we talked about what he did in. In his life and things and we know the stories the story that's not for me to judge. When he was speaker of the house in Massachusetts many great Americans we're speakers. Of the house. So whatever he did his life that's what he did at one time. And it's two things happened that I wanna tell you about no one's ever probably in hill if he ever season you know very angry. They said they sings on the -- I asked him I assume you became speaker of the house and you want to the office the first day. What was it like who was the first thing you thought about when you ought to know office. And he said Kelly I looked at the -- And thinking oh what did you think of the -- where we look at the release of I wanna see if it was clean ourselves. We wondered if the staff it to the top secret police is nice to clean it. When his fourth team that's what they did between the rugs. That's what my failing to quickly drugs. And that was one of the roads are clean and he said it was -- That's when I checked and I thought to -- that's amazing. That's amazing. And then last. People we through fundraisers. And we were nervous about their first school of underprivileged. Economically. Challenged. Inner city. Young women we threw a fundraising -- and help I don't know. Tom helped out. Tom -- don't believe me put the fundraisers giving bigger and bigger is taken on its own energy. Became huge. And then there's a lot of jostling there goes. I'm an event like this which arm you know whatever it is it is it's tremendous amount at stake and the Monday it is. -- was going to be on Saturday. And the the Monday before the event I get a call on my phone. From Tom Finneran. The times says -- Bill Keller felt. Tonight -- Oreo current Francis how's it going. I was fundraisers don't -- it looks like it's going OK. You know opposite yes. Pieces. Zorn said he said whatever you need me to do -- -- -- let me know what it is if it's checking coats. Wherever you need me to do I'll do whatever way I can help I'm being happy now what you need that's what he said to me. There I was astounded ladies and gentlemen. That's someone could do -- are saying that to me of someone who'd been wary -- through what you went through. So you know. You see things you hear things and then you meet the person. Then you meet the person. And then you say well. It's a little bit different knowing I'm reading you know what I'm seeing what I'm hearing but -- for me to judge. We got an invitation. Never count. I saw that there was a plate too broke to her holiday weekend here and everybody in north of Boston ran out of water or something. And there's a picture in the glow with the governor. Governor Patrick -- Parker on resulted director people's skin order fix which I thought showed a lot of leadership look. Everybody knows my politics. -- sent down the next Monday I wrote a letter to the governor's that this is -- great thing that you do these shows leadership it helps everybody not only Europe constituency. Younger people that wanna see leadership. That no. That a politician a governor. -- -- out there and make change happen and lead I think it was great I -- wrote the -- you know. So then we get a letter back right -- yes so we get an invitation to go to. Dinner at the governor's house right yes. So I said to Kelli and I looked there for awhile because look. And windows how I think so. I said to Kelli let's as a -- let's just say yes. But it is going to be like 15100 people there. We'll just say yes you go you know we'll pay -- respects and leave. So it was a Sunday night we drive up to Milton we get in the thing. And then. We get to the driver in this state trooper -- like the limo driver -- -- -- Dorsey. We're we parties is right there in front of -- garage and I don't. Well we're is that we don't where's everybody parkinson's. That's everybody. I says oh OK and then so we went to the house who's eighteen people. In the house right -- -- Sort of refund refund Amir and his -- wife. She was very nervous about him. What was gonna happen -- has political life. Should he said he -- so we we beat you is main concern was his daughter's schooling right. Eight sex play and we weren't our mind to where in the same content area and then he said to us he said I'm going to Israel. And I don't want to Wear what I wanna say my wife because she's my sport yes if I do. They're gonna go crazy at The Herald in the global system matter what you say you're gonna see in the paper's intuition it's your big article about me having a boondoggle. Yes it is real racist I've got to go over because I wanna get something done. And you know that's it so what do earlier and have an enemy here this politically we don't agree. If I wanna get something done I'm gonna have a friend's. But I -- gets on the darling kids. And I -- kids' site to help kids so. Some is gonna help me help them perform and help someone help them -- you don't have friends right. Yes. And plus I don't wanna be a Smart ass anymore ladies and gentlemen I'm done with it. But the Smart thing I wanna do is help affect people's lives. The first thing I wanna do I want to protect myself from myself that's -- first thing I wanted to. The second thing is I don't protect myself from others. The third thing I wanted to -- protect others. And then I wanna protect a whole bunch of people and kind of know who they are. It is it is just your nature -- wherever they are whatever they need I wanna be that guy if then they go that's a -- and we let's go to -- it's built in out. Let's go find that was cook and yeah it's a late start -- calendar insulates star threesome woman just said why we should. Knew about Chrysler and I was used to it kid you know or something. Along -- that there weren't many years when you would sort of say the same thing yeah you know in in I wish I'd known this earlier and then finally. I think you accepted the -- hey I know it now -- at least say I know -- yes. Yes somebody needs heating oil tonight just what it. If they don't have you know I'm noon tomorrow be shocked. So we can do and a great -- we can do that yes brakes on the car we can do that apart for a wheelchair we know how to do that. We get a staff with some ladies and gentleman I get a staff guess what they're going to be doing. -- -- rose just stunned I'm not saying I'm. Donald Trump or anybody for it. Now -- we're we're in a position where we can't help people Bruno until innocent -- who reach out and let us know. -- we have a hard time -- people who reach out because they think it's again maker. But we're trying to help and we get people to help and move. You are good -- and. It can be chain reaction exactly and think when when someone receives help then they want to do the same. Yeah when there's no yeah there's no requirement so -- via an hour requirement to pay back guard just. Just -- yeah. They were heaven we were having dinner with the governors like I said in the one of them and so he took some questions for the gas it. They said well. Just you know Governor Patrick. What do you think about the press the war against you when people not reach -- and I. You know later -- when I sure casinos so I'm here you know what I mean and everybody knows. What my feelings are so I'm here I'm pleased to be here are issued this invitation it was a lovely times and I am happy that we went -- yeah. It was positive and what and frankly I don't miss he's one of the smartest people in most well spoken. Motivational. Speakers I've ever met in my life and you know what I kids I've never I've never set a bad word about them even though we're diametrically opposed I'm not gonna do it. But I secretary Galvin had this come more often as a Democrat. Think if you knew the job and me being where I am in the world and seeing things the job he does. It's absolutely astounding what he does and how we don't -- I'm I could never -- any victory things about this man. And what he doesn't help seniors. Just peoples who are disadvantaged. People who were put upon by a very large corporations. Other people are now they're telling you they're doing it they're not doing it. He's doing it I'm telling you that. And I don't have to just totally dislike someone because they're not a conservative Republican. And I just I get the advantage of being able to talk with these folks. And you know what's on their minds. And when you get to do that. Sometimes you find out that the answer it's not black and white. It's not black and white. I have any. I was born in you know like a time more. You know we -- feelings and traditions and things that we didn't except when I was young. Now we accept him now and I'm older it's hard how to -- get over it. As they say. How -- just first you have to acknowledged and you have to. Tolerate -- you have to accept they have to move on and forget about it they're even doing those things just comes natural. I'm trying to adjusts. I'm trying to adjust and that's what we're gonna do really keep doing that right cal. We are not only get better every day meet him we know what we don't know when we're gonna get calls. It's a short time here Lisa jump. Beckett you know what bill and me tonight is make me. And think about my grandmother -- with her right before she passed -- and she. Was not afraid. No I was holding your hand and she was not afraid I can feel right I can see their ice. And Sheen has always been. Strong she was always strong Christian and always help people land but I kid. I -- just. I'm not afraid either you know when when my time comps. And sneaker -- I'd love to have someone know you're not but I'm just saying that was. That meant a lot to me but we have to be able to. CNET and feel that it. You know. We know look ladies and gentlemen I know. You know -- And this is the time if you're tired you think that's very -- retired from -- week in Egypt fearful don't do it yeah. My grandfather's decision -- saying prayers and soon Chris I'm thinking report. We don't have dog food. You know -- my food. Don't skinny. Puppy -- You know -- the first is broken there's a hole in the wall because secure seemed to blew up. We don't have water the pumps don't work the chickens -- Friesen. When we gonna do is no more immune to. President Kennedy was shot I cried all night my bed a big guy that changes. I cried all night my gonna pick -- accounting me. Please bring him back. And that's where. And it's so we -- and so we did. We suffered and we struggled. In all the sudden. The poems he told me the prayers she had me saying. The songs that he sang to me encouragement gave me the lessons he taught me. One day they went off inside my heart like it was up. Feel like it was a client. Event they went off in my heart like a chain. Reaction every prayer. Every song every word. And all of a sudden. But I start to see things try to -- it you know what I wanna be -- to get back in the Catholic faith again. I'm not an evangelist I'm not a preacher ladies and gentlemen. Just me. Come back. I'm here. You know. I'm here. I'm here in remission it's clear to make myself stronger wanna be a better person. Thought try to help so many people as I can. Only reach as many people say can't wanna be the best dad that I can be activists husband. Could this is gonna -- to be. Of course on the radio host of radio. And do this therapy for you remember the strategies that we are ready to trust me 180 -- support. -- get paid for itself. So Billy's got four minutes left we've been here for almost three hours -- and. Everybody survived out there in their cars every tournament. -- -- and -- balloon dad flew. Him if you get that song -- through the promise them. Must secure enough concern here on now I think. Mary Christmas. -- you've. Kill and kill whenever you have a let me real yelling at Lehman mailman play fewer still awake even -- sleep they get rid. -- -- Mark you know. -- we're in your station. In America. Thank you just can't fly jetBlue. It's amazing experience knowing new. Everybody in the -- We really appreciate your. He gave morning at six tonight and I suggest crooner were the ones that do the jobs were the ones that do the work. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of them giving it way to the criminals to -- illegals to the welfare -- I've got to do understand that we're gonna get organized. And you're gonna see traditions. And you're gonna see boycotts and pretty soon I'm telling you we're gonna get enough people signing on we're gonna say okay starting this time we don't -- -- -- What are they gonna do. Arrest all of us AM six CD WRK. Go talk we have added to. Don't be afraid to say the pledge of allegiance however. They're going. Don't be afraid that talent you listened to stay in six CD WRKO. Boston's talks day. And talk. We -- attitude.