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Avi Nelson Show, 12-22-12, Hour 1

Dec 26, 2012|

Avi talks about gun control and the world still turning.

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No this is Don Nelson welcome to the program. Well I to begin today by saying that I have. Nothing prepared. Because. I thought the world was supposed to end yesterday and I would have to be here today. So we'll have. Four hours of two hours here at two dollars and -- there commemorating. The Mayan prediction the end of the world. I heard that there were some mines I didn't know there mines left. But there were some ourselves. And apparently some of them were interviewed -- even they didn't think that the world was going and but I'll tell you. This was not a trivial thing -- to tell -- to as far as I'm that your order sick world this is all over the world. There were people who gathered because I thought it was going to be and -- different countries. -- Serbia China. And in this country in this country there were 25 school districts. That closed their schools. Yesterday because. I'm not sure why. The parents didn't -- send the kids there I don't know but the 25 school district actually closed. National. -- I guess was swamped with phone calls were all sorts of theories I guess the most popular one or is that a rogue plan. Was going to slam into earth yesterday and that would be the end of it and us. And everything. -- H just incredible to me that you have this kind of nonsense this superstition. And superstition this. Just believing in -- garbage. Didn't end folks next time you're somebody says it's good names not gonna and these people have been around since time immemorial. There was a big deal when we came to the millennium the first one not the second. For the year 1000. For some reason people fought against that god like round numbers. So when you get to a thousand that was going to be at the time of course they didn't know that their calendar was off by about four years. Not that plus a -- effort by this form is different. -- anyway. -- -- bring these people predicting and there's one you're gonna actually go -- farmers in its. It's somewhere out. In. -- the north Borough area world war. Error someplace like that is somewhere and and the the 495 area there's actually a farm I think grow immune to museum now. It was a farmer if somebody who predicted the end of the earth and I think was 1839. -- -- hope and all bush people started following way we we would call the cult. Anyway he's the people came there and they prepared for the end of times in the as you now know it didn't happen. These things are all over the place and forever coming up is just nonsense. So here we are. And the horrible and did not come about -- English speaking of that word have you noticed now. But the word horrible has vanished it's been replaced by terrific. Everytime you hear something described. From the new time mastered aiming out it's horrific. Not horrible it's inching up people some nice fall in love with words few years ago. So with the word that became very popular -- tornadic. -- tornadic activity of -- is the attitude of tornado. So we would talk about tornadic activity and I heard you talk about -- attic which is the adjective of ballet. So the move was very ballistic. Led away. Horrible now sounds fresh and new because everybody says terrific. Those -- mean the same thing but noticed something interesting with the word terrible and terrific. Same kind. Back into the war but they mean just about opposite things open now. Terrible means bad terrific means good. So. And -- by contributions. Question of language for the day but it does it may despite and inspiration. That. That it was going to be the end of the day and so we wouldn't have to prepare fortunately -- did do some work on it and though -- -- some things to say about some things that are going on. -- the fiscal cliff looms as a larger possibility. -- the end of the world. If you're just joining us good afternoon. On a day that some -- you thought might never come and we might not have a program we do. And your participation. Is invited. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Email address a Nelson W or cared dot com and the text message code is still 680 -- Okay well there are some other things said that there were. Of some consequence. That I think we we can start with. The reaction. To. What happened with -- And the the question of gun control all the rest which would get to a machine that doctors and be able called an even on this subject okay we'll talk about the volumes. And civilization ending or non ending as the case may be. And it's you know we've always catered to the callers -- 8774694322. -- good afternoon your first up. But how -- you probably. I'm fine you see I'm fine even though I expected not to be fine at all all of them. I'll tell you that the mayans had a problem because it really wasn't percent to. They're trying to get that the world was supposed to and it did and I do believe on November 06. -- I may say yeah I'm not sure that's what the mind that in mind either. But I -- number every six was a bad day. But what thing very very bad day. And but by the way that you were talking about words. Have you noticed. That I -- I'm not when people. Call up now. To answer. And talk masses such as yourself. They stopped they stopped. But -- statements. Would the word. So. Yes I'd notice that banks. And and it's not only it's not only people who call talk radio I'd been. Amazed and disappointed. What I've talked a faculty members. Elizabeth Warren used to do it all the time and I thank guests on this program. That -- Members of the university faculties who will begin an answer with shell that. I knew they would because. Most of the time. It means. Therefore. What process that's veteran. And another thing. Yes I think has been going on for. I'd say at least ten years. They say. The word. -- -- -- -- -- They say they don't say kid that couldn't say it like the British Tipton were detained. Or kept me. With the content. On rupiah -- but they say it couldn't. Have you noticed that. -- Above all all like Brighton they'll say Brighton. -- -- doors open and I was have you noticed that the level and go a long arms that. It's funny I I I give this a lot I hit operators would give me you know I want this something independent in the town of -- I they -- bright news. It's that sounds great people -- Well I'm -- I'm glad you're on to keep them on the straight and narrow so they are doing Eric thank you Merry Christmas to you know -- Yes sure -- wish you wish everybody a Merry Christmas. And you've got your shopping done -- view and started. 87746943. -- is the phone number. By the way speaking of wars has changed during that -- wasn't gonna go down this path that Mitchell's. Lower then than some of the more serious stuff we do. I got an email about five words that should be dropped a line which because there overuse. One and is the word literally. I want to miss reduced all the time. Literally means that its literature and B sample that they gave was. My head literally exploded no it didn't. Your head didn't explode you would be to talk about so literally means that would follows it was an actual. And factual statement of what happened it doesn't mean that you want to just make an exaggerated point here for emphasis. So that Howland island of torturing him although the word yet again rated synergy. Which technically means that you. That you have elements working together that add up to be greater than the sum of the parts. But it's over used in business. They point out here that every. Everybody in the business world. This has hijacked the -- dark about corporate synergy your positive synergy. And it's overdone and not used correctly it just means you think your businesses. In good shape. And -- lot to offer then there's the word viral which we now use this for almost has been transformed mean. -- of course is the -- a virus. And going viral I suppose would mean going to be an infection or infectious. But it means something else meaning that it has become. Very popular in a lot of people looking at and we'll be able and is dynamic. Which is one issues that should simply overdone -- in the category of words. Those are contributions has tried to have the English language be better. This is not a trivial concern. Words have meanings and when the meanings are butchered or. Demeaned. You want to put that consequence and giving example. This election to some extent turned on. Obama re. -- -- Which means to reiterate again and again. Fairness. They have paid their fair share nobody bothered defining fair what what constitutes fair. How much in -- taxes. How much compared to what people contributed to society what's a fair share and yet because that word just was thrown around and accept it. You ended up with an electorate. Being influenced by and that plays to this day in discussions with fiscal cliff because as you know all. The discussion now revolves around whether they should be an increase in -- actions. The tax rate of people who -- at the higher end of the income spectrum. Or whether there should be. Cuts in spending. As a way of resolving some of the fiscal challenges. And Obama's holding two with a chance to increase the rates because he thinks he can do it he won the election and Boehner so called plan B which was to increase the rates on people earning a million dollars or more that's a very high income. In fact awarded -- that that's. That they would. Act that would exclude 99 point 81% of the people. And still he couldn't get it through his -- Republicans are locked in to that commitment that they shouldn't be an increase in taxes on any. So for example of words causing a problem where not precise and not careful with the meaning. That should have been he should have been challenged and then along time ago. Quantify what you say it's fair what does that mean an increase in interactions but they're overpaying who talked about fairness. Okay you know we talked about there was gonna get to gun control and we well. But sometimes the conversation goes in different directions this. Eve of Christmas Eve I guess we can be a little bit a little bit election and that by the way in terms of schedule and go back to the phones. I'm going to be with you again on Christmas Eve morning that is the same anymore. The morning program shows 69 AM. I'll be here if you wanna get a bright and -- -- on a shopping to do or whatever. Well -- have an opportunity to have some conversation about it. OK let's go back to the telephone -- 87746943. 22 is it for number Eric you're next in the program good afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well thank you Merry Christmas. -- that you're Carol. I would let her talk about what the Java part upper floors all three they lost some internal CER language. -- and what have we lost the internal thing. We haven't Hewlett and I'm back it's. Except maybe you've been educated people like on the on the business channel as well as young arrogantly and excited -- important. Something and it was -- in the middle that word and my son goes to a private school and sure and it's not collect -- its lack of. Well it's it's not that there's. Like it's not that there's no team because if there were no tears all would be lane. -- -- That it blocked that point it's been quite. I gotta tell me again -- the apron halted. -- -- An important and and although there. -- prediction you would expect from people who are on the radio RT dot. Well surely has been declined to you would like it pronounced now. Well I actually I think that we start foundations of five watts internal. Quick it's sort dot -- and everything else and there's going to be upset. I think you have something there in fact from what have some some of the government programs I've seen funded. This ranks higher up than some of them. I didn't think that -- all -- started not not. Not for profit or nonprofit. That try -- is not. Please it's it's no for property. -- -- -- -- -- Of America itself. They accuse India. But I. And that Christmas is Christmas. Night. Okay we have to plus for a break. But I to pay. To face some -- -- pay some bills. Back on the other side complete with T. And more your phone calls and more discussions about the world we find it. One day after the apocalypse that never happened. -- -- -- Welcome back this is not Nelson Merry Christmas is an -- program before. Christmas itself almost -- my last program. Because I'll be with you on Monday morning Christmas Eve morning. Told that's from six to nine and I got a text message from Gary Quinn. Born forestry that he is going to be doing 11 AM to twelve noon that one hour she lied. Which is a -- -- a report he's going to be doing that next week trial some concessions. Made to the holiday. I got an email. From bill. That says what is the. Theme song for your show. Well guitar but do the introductory. Scene that we use at top of the hour thank all the music here it is. Composed by me and performed by me. And something called club -- know which is an electronic keyboards so. Full size 88 key board but it also plans. The capability of doing other things like provide some background so I'm not playing all those instruments -- That keyboard. About thank you for asking. That doesn't have a name by -- -- split mainly the recent new input altogether on non. Americas are number them and put them on offer them for people. On she dear whatever. Betsy. Has emailed in. And said. We're going to talk about -- -- and you guessed that she is on mileage good for memory want to starts on the 26. And we always do an annual. Review of the background to -- or at least the background to the guy who invented quanta. -- I think which context. To -- the quality is all about. 8774694322. Is the phone number text message code. Is 686 alien from 50 wait. They got this contribution one other thing lie as you all. Creep or into our -- bridge over dogma language can't write reaper when you mean crap but. Anyway I think what he means is one other thing line as you all crept into our language. And replaced you is or use in the local vernacular. -- I use what years. Why -- easy. -- -- blood which is indeed a living thing image does you -- That's why you wind up with -- words mean different things siblings very different -- reading. Some compassion from the nineteenth century in the and the author wrote. I was pleasantly disappointed. -- we would think that that's a contradiction oxymoron -- contradiction in terms but back in those days different. 8774694322. Is a phone number -- your next on the program good afternoon or Christmas. So low. Bobby there. The -- hawk -- -- something. Are. You now. But we do one more chance by the got a now okay well bother -- there's a technical problem. Called back because should we we couldn't make the the connection work. 8774694322. Is a phone number text message code 68680. Email address and you know senate. WRK you know dot com. Okay. We'll get back to the fiscal cliff but I do want to introduce a subject which. Which really is a somewhat serious more serious than we've talked about. The mall is. The reaction to the Newtown. Shooting which not taken a political form. We've gone past where people are trying to do something offer for the people in new town which. I think the best you can do for them is to leave them alone they probably didn't. They've been descended upon by hordes of reporters served in reviewing everything that moves and he's people who suffered and all a lot. And an enormous traction. Sometimes it's best not to impose ourselves on people as he is if somehow we can help. Makes an affluent community. They -- read our financial support. They didn't get hit with a two nominees so don't send food water. And to send a some kind of memorial or token. That that's something new that we do to make ourselves feel better not to make them. And sometimes it's best not to quite be so presumptuous. As to think that some China ocean insinuate ourselves into the process of either. That got. But the political phase has now begun. And the political phase. Is taking a form of let's have an agitation. About what can be done about it. Machinery three categories. What is gun control. One is -- mentally ill broadly construed. And the third is the culture Hollywood video games it's -- The most people seem to think they did what helped more -- the mentally -- and I suppose that's technically true. But I don't know I hate to. And -- lands up one theory is and I don't know that this has been confirmed yet. Which may have seen the story that one of the reasons that that he went off the deep end. Is that he found on his mother was gonna have committed the question should have been committed the part of the problem nowadays is this more difficult to get people committed. I'm not interest -- so much in helping the lenses of the world I think it's a long shot that he would be coming. Worthwhile contributing citizen to society on one -- On him off the street go -- in some kind of locked unit. Where he can't do winning harm him and all the others who are threatening -- As for the gun control. -- -- -- -- HL Mencken once said for every complicated human problem our offers and it. -- complicated human problem there's a solution is neat simple and wrong. That's what gun control it yes if you can get the guns out of the hands of the killers there would be no -- what are the chances of that happening. Whenever we passed laws we don't solve the problem. Another war on poverty we shall poverty where prohibition didn't stop people from drinking. Without the war on drugs for I don't know how many years now we spent untold billions may be. Maybe it took to the trillions. -- me no no drugs and society. There are. Estimates vary but the last -- Article I read or some 270. Million guns in the United States that roughly one gun per person. Does anybody really think. That there would be any way of getting those guns out of -- And if you tried it you know what happened. You would playing to the fears that whole bunch of people have guns. Or harboring. That really the government is looking to take our guns away so that they can enslave us like and getting into whether that makes sense or not. We're really not all I'm saying is there's no way that that's -- It is not a practical rail. -- ban assault weapons it's been done we do from 1994 to 2004 and I looked up some of the statistics. And after that gun ban was lifted. Each shrew that gun homicides went four. Briefly. And then they came down to a level that was lower than it was when the ban. Was in place that says -- for 2009 I think we -- most recent numbers are -- hand. So I don't know that it does any good except somehow give us a false sense of security. Quite frankly. I think that the the level of crime would probably go up. Because the criminals were not going to be deterred from using guns since they're bent. I'm doing illegal improper immoral things anyway. Those people would now be encouraged. To be more adventuresome to break into houses more because they know that the law abiding citizen doesn't have a gun. So a -- all clear to me that that that that makes sense at any level. But there's another aspect of this that I want to get too. I've been looking at the -- world. And the tweets that have followed. The NRA Wayne Lapierre who is the executive vice president thing GO. Of the NRA who at a press conference yesterday and enunciated. His view the NRA's -- National Rifle Association view on what should be done. Now. The main thing that he called for that got the attention was that there should be an armed guard in every school in the country. Some like a 100000 schools. Why don't doesn't strike me as especially practical. I don't know that it would do much. I'm a little concerned about what we've what we were due to our kids were -- to go into an armed camp just to go to school. But in any event that was the proposal of course people on the other side immediately derided it is absurd it's electric. But beyond that. What I found interesting. Was what happened in terms of their response. There or tweets that were sent all over. That were. Filled clean language. And threatening in content. -- Here's one I just read them some of -- I can't read because the language is just too vulgar. But here's one that said to murder every NRA member. There's a particular case from -- Professor at the University of Rhode Island -- and Erik Loomis. Who had a few of them each one of -- said Alicia I was heartbroken. In the first twenty mass murders now I want Wayne Lapierre is he -- on the stick. Iran for an embargo or the police actually came. And I thought he was arrested or interviewed him but that's kind of where I'm going with. Are you should read some of these all of them have identified. Tanks with with the authors who have -- things. Someone should shoot the NRA. Can we shoot the NRA now. Guns are dangerous and can't be trusted to sane people so let's shoot the NRA president. And his supporters. Looking for some other some. I generally don't condone gun violence but Wayne Lapierre should do us a favor and shoot himself in the face. Wayne Lapierre and his stooges are monsters plain and simple. Expletive guns and expletive them. Or number of those that the religious like that. Under -- just reading the true and obviously not all the tweets. Lot Pierre given up most of us hate you more than we do the mentally -- shooter. You are just as responsible. Exploited you and your expletive guns. And Portugal like. Mobile and can we shoot the NRA. Here's one show for Longoria. Watched him shoot the NRA in the face. I haven't read the names did you read I want to issues. Which right in front. She apparently it goes on I mean that there are there are many of these. And that's the point I'm trying to make. Here's one from so many march steal the NRA shared the way to deal with bad people with guns. Is to have good people with guns so can someone good to shoot the IRA. Another one shooting the head of the NRA in the face seems like the obvious answer. -- another one. Somebody should shoot this guy referring to a lot -- and so now my point is this. We keep hearing about how we have to look for signals. We have to be prepared to try to anticipate. The -- social the world the people who perpetrated the other atrocities. In -- -- and in. Column by and so on. -- -- look for warning signs so that we can do something in advance. Well here's a warning sign. Can't get more obvious warning sign and -- who puts it out in black and white and says I want to kill you. John. -- are obvious. I think is the pronunciation. John who were -- -- This fellow. Is that Texas Democrat party leader he's the preaching and in Houston. And he called on people. That -- well let me read what he showed. If I'm quoting now can we know shoot the NRA and everyone who defends them. He later apologized. But he also has said. That. While he hit settled things about them being in them being terrorist organizations. And while he apologized to his motion got the the better than it. We understand this when somebody says something like that and then just shows I apologize we let go. Mean plan to sell their kills somebody that I'm sorry. We we forget about it. I don't think that's right and what I wanna know is why don't these people being arrested. Why isn't the FBI knocking on the door and talking to these people. And finding out what is that they have in mind. They are. Exhibiting. Violent intentions. And there are putting their threats right out there for all of us to -- and nobody's doing anything about it. And even if you make the case to tell mall where they just sounding off. They're just anti American during the do you think this encourages others who may be close -- on the line did you something about it. Back Erik Loomis is a columnist Michelle Malkin written. Here's what. Here's what he said. Looks like the National Rifle Association. Has murdered so more children. When those -- we have here. -- -- first. When he says the first. Exploited. To say the solution is for elementary school teachers to carry guns needs to get beaten to death. Present to reduce we get some and -- -- but the they may -- he wants violence. Joyce Carol Oates is an author and may have heard of -- -- bunch of books she's on the faculty at Princeton University. I don't care if your best selling author. Here's what does she said another NRA's sponsored -- for Christmas 2012. She then accused any politicians who supported the NRA of felony homicide -- or words. And she mused about perhaps shootings against the -- alright here's what she wrote. If sizable numbers of NRA members become gun victims themselves. Maybe hope for legislation. Of firearms. On quote. Now why isn't she being arrested. Why isn't there at least eight police detail that goes out there or from the FBI. And interview -- and -- Miss coach John Q what did you mean by that and why did you write it you're somebody who's written fifty books she knows about the written word. This is not something that somehow occurred to her and in a moment of G I couldn't control myself she knows perfectly well. How to control words going down on paper. Why isn't it being done. If we're also concerned. About trying to. Get the warning signals and make sure that we nip it in the -- where are. The the authority -- why does not cringed and in the case of votes and the University of Rhode Island in the case of rumors why aren't they taking action. You ponder that while we take a break and -- back. On the other side will go by I know this bill bill long soliloquy about. Want to set the record and that you could actually be able called in a promise a little right to the phone lines. On the other side of paying some bills about the Nelson. Welcome back this is not Nelson -- promise from going to the telephone lines Stevie your next on the program good afternoon thanks for holding. Yeah I'm Gloria ex Iraqi credit I don't even think the liberal heard what my second or what aptly expressed. Don't -- -- apologize for making these calls for the outrage that they got from -- and it's ludicrous should get Adam went not a and I remember. They would spot in the governance and and I don't know what Apple's fault for what the -- it's -- a call it's just beyond keep said that should be a good. A well trained individuals in the school. Stop the cabinet over the directly with a -- but that was what he that's the thing is in the it is the -- at all concerned as -- why we lose elections and that is why. We engage them and by that I -- that rebels on the -- field -- popular baited into making a statement a statement should in the fall. -- expressed its condolences we were there for country. At a record apartment and a criminal. Content like in the -- apartment or criminal or -- I. I don't know it. Yeah I watch big. That's right I agree and because you know he'll he'll have a ample opportunity to engage when people proposing gun control put forward ideas. I think are actually right. But -- the why are. Being white -- -- -- what ever happened is it up every -- of people. Like they. Are adults. And you know tunnels they've even after we give them all up they still won't like us. Right but I wouldn't call and people on the left like children they don't -- It on our -- except the fact that human nature in people for whatever and generally -- -- opened its first the end. There Cree people people expected. Alex Steen at a total range world that they're so -- -- -- -- minute things don't like their parents -- -- older. I -- to thank you thanks for -- 8774694322. Gary your next in the program good. You know I couldn't -- that last gulf war these what you're dealing with especially the people were sent those tweaks are children. I know I I don't agree with violent. -- I don't like gun but I wanna. I don't know. Why do you follow why do you Colin children is somehow they'll grow live within our children their vicious and nasty. And I think they have murder on their minds. And I think that it either Republican and setting. It apart and double standard country. Every one of these people but -- may be got a real life. They tweeting on the backs of their children trying to make political statements on the that -- and that's the scary pot. I imagine it's so it was a connection to a political cartoon they would. I don't -- so Michael are standing on top of it. Well good that's exactly what seen as partly the NBC did not even wait until it. The auditorium. Not been removed yet. Butler but right now. And that it was still there it is not on this all the NRA -- all Republicans this all that everybody that's products you don't always looking for that. I always so one. The scary thought. -- point well taken thanks thanks for -- Rush we got about a minute before the news breaking in Jordan a minute. I can do -- for adults to everything that -- -- to say. And basically anyone that promote violence. They should be Iraq. And I would like to see happen. And -- have to do public service work and high crime areas. What about anything in the front well. I'll tell you something like she did do it in in less than a minute I'll tell you what. Well you know Ed -- swing the producer of the program I asked him to to try to find out what's going on here why isn't their response and what he. What he found was that the FBI has to be informed about this so let me make a suggestion to everybody was listening. You can find these were each just to a computer searched -- Google if you use it and just -- and death threats suites of but the NRA and you'll find. Sites coming up with this. When you find the people of done -- call the authorities calling FBI tellem what's been done and then. Maybe this will initiate action they should be visited they should be interviewed they should be arrested rush thanks for calling. You know there there is something that we can do about this. Or reversed you can be sure that something would be done. News back on the other shine among Nelson yeah.