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Avi Nelson Show, 12-22-12, Hour 2

Dec 26, 2012|

Twitter death threats and the FBI's involvement.

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Welcome back to our number two of the program this is not Nelson Merry Christmas -- some of the things we've been talking about. Are not in the spirit of the season stone like today. Although those people in -- will never be able to have another Christmas season -- tragedy doesn't overwhelm. Any kind joyous festivities that -- could be associating with Holland we are talking about that and we'll get to other. -- topics as well but I do. Want to encourage people read those tweet to have reading some of the more violent ones where they just overtly come out. In sometimes graphic terms sometimes file language and call for killing. People in the NRA or they had. Of the NRA. And they should not be tolerated looking for one signals here they are. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Text message code 68680. Email address a Nelson at wrko.com. Back to the telephone lines Brad thanks for holding on your next. Very Christians who fought corporate. -- Merry Christmas Merry Christmas. But. More serious note. My sister's is that teachers in genetic it. And after this and after the transition suggested that. Teachers be armed. And there's a tweet in this somewhere about someone who's to say someone has suggested that should be. Sharp the wherever suggested that the smaller sister ship these. That's right that's exactly right -- and quite frankly you as a good brother Brad what not to take that without response. I found this I don't have that particular -- from me but you know I did read it and I found this with a simple computer search going on line. So my suggestion to you would be -- -- in. Death threats to the NRA just or tweets death tweets of the NRA. Just your regular computer search you'll find several sites. That have -- find it. You have an identification because it's a tweet that not even -- even shame they put their their Dorgan a fire on there and calling FBI. And tell him that you have somebody who have Irish tweed it reported in black and white. That you want he thinks that -- Shuster should be killed and you like to know what the FBI. Or local police at -- how the FBI is gonna do about it. And that's how you respond to these people. They have to learn that you can't go around making death threats to people without consequences if we sit back on this -- And just gross amongst ourselves -- is an awful and doing you liked. We haven't then we have not fulfill our responsibility. These guys are off the wall and as I said before Brad even if you were arguing all these guys you just venting. Do you think that there's -- another lands out there or Jared -- in the you know within one shot Gabby Giffords. Do you think there are other people who can be moved to can be pushed. Over the line because they see all these other people or advocating killing. I don't know I don't know where the next guy is it is your chance spread your concern. About your sister rightly so and by the way you're Shuster automaker -- true. And you don't have to call just on behalf of your sister you can call. Because you find these death threats all over and just as a good citizen you ought to make that call in fact -- and head. Made the call to the FBI he he sort of got a response that OK now you're informing us of from the FBI didn't know about some of these things. I don't think they should be taken lightly. Supposing somebody found a tweet that Lanza had sent out two days before. Where he threatened to kill kids. And nobody paid attention to it. Would people think that that was the right thing to do to ignore that tweet I don't think so. So you know. You have a couple minutes spread in my wanna consider take the next step on behalf for your sister. Let me turn around -- if one of these nuts. One of these vicious. Thug types who sent these tweets if one of them ever were to take action against your sister you'd never forgive yourself. For not having done some. Well. -- still -- try to withdraw it. Maybe two but yes I agree one of the better ways to enjoy -- to note that you've done something to protect your sister and others. From people like this. Thanks Brad happy holiday -- me volume you make out okay normally the other. Day care. 8774694322. I think you really thinking about is interesting though isn't. He's hesitating. Why would you hesitate. How much adjusting -- invent anything. I'm suggesting that you go and look and see the actual tweets that these people. Have sent. The actual threats. Don't you think that people like should be invited to the FBI. If for no other reason than from now on they won't -- let's assume that most of them are just being angry. Well it is a particularly vicious form of angers me. They're not simply disagreeing. Not saying I don't think peace policy is right. -- and saying I don't like the NRA. They are being vicious. Hateful and threatening. There are saying these people NRA people should be killed. Wanna shoot. We go back to normal I mentioned that John -- a -- obvious. The official in the democratic. Party in Texas -- in Houston precinct. Had. Something else he posted a message on this FaceBook today. Saying that supporters. The NRA quote need to be wiped off the face of the year. And then throw it. Sure sounds like it to me. Well you've found somebody who wrote that about viewing your family would you figure from the human threatened. In fact I don't there was somebody Brian impression PGA media. Said that he thinks that. -- -- uses public threat against so many elected officials. Because there of course. There are elected officials who sport you know. That that so many elected officials could constitute. A terroristic threat. He points out that the governor both the senator's. Supporters. The issue where a coalition. 877469432. -- of phone number. Tokyo -- some text messages from the get to some of them -- 68680. The problem is the cultural pretty get to that in a minute this is -- Hollywood. Videos all that stuff. For 339 is your list of videos -- was watching I don't know. 603 the action of the tweets is to hold the left culpable Ferraro. Formatting the environment. That allows slaughters to a Kirk. I don't think the effect they're not responsible for the deaths. Locked -- -- to those of the people who were responsible for the damaging argue whether or not gun free zones make a difference. That's another one here I was repulsed by the fact that before the bodies were cold literally there's -- as well as -- is a legitimate use of the -- literal. Media and others were telling we're talking tweeting its center about gun control. I replied you're agendas not more important than the dead yet they didn't waste any time today. -- -- 74694322. Is the phone number. -- But I do want to get to Kwanzaa because bitchy emails in sensual last year and this is time for two we will get to Kwanzaa. And just a little bit. Back to the lines John good afternoon your next on the -- -- Two you know -- what what that meant to help this story should be but I bent from owning a gun. The fire in that this should be complete medical report drawn up before you can buy guns. Yeah -- -- -- we try to keep the mother -- looked glanced at -- didn't have a gun he couldn't he couldn't have gotten gotten. He was underage and English twentieth to between lines and British history what they've -- much awaited who stole now you cash out. -- cut down on most of it. The legality of it you know making lately I vehicles well as a house spiritual and mental health system it on the gun. Well I don't know what the rules are certainly if you are considered mentally disturbed you can't get -- on the split must -- some background checks on this. The reality is John you're right I mean that. We can do things like that that I merely gave the example that what you're suggesting. Would not have stopped -- I don't know month -- enough about laughter background my recollection. The point is that no matter what we do we are not gonna be able to stop all the cities. Actually caused an and that's something we have to live with a maybe that's a point where things I haven't -- think. That's the correct answer may be to do nothing. Night at least as far as imposing. Draconian restrictions putting armed guards and in schools that. And trying to come up -- more and more restrictions on gun or should we hope a lot of restrictions on gun ownership was Connecticut the fifth. The fifth of the strictest gun laws in the country to get to New York I think -- the strictest. Chicago. And that the killings there -- go on every day. Tell I don't know. That we can react to it anymore than you can react to an automobile accident. You're gonna find somebody on on this story in front of me I'm sure there's somebody out there. Who either was despondent are angry or vengeful whatever god in a car and deliberately committed suicide by driving his car. And two other people. Other cars don't mean we should ban cars. It doesn't mean -- we can do anything about it population 314. Million people that are going to be occasional. The occasional violations of what we considered to be normal human form. And we lived with them we live with that could -- -- actions were something like the 9000 people killed with guns every year. Or she's 5060000. People killed on the roads every year. We live where's the the problem of the automobile we all -- we're going to get home but we all know that there's the possibility -- -- riding along that. Something's gonna happen you know make it now. And still the life does have some potential risk unfortunately. This is one of the few could come up with a good way of preventing it that's different. All right let me. As people have talked about the culture and I think there's something there. This is Hollywood. The whole violence. That is in the movies in the video games and kids from playing them endlessly growing up. And getting so desensitized. To singing. Violence and and killing people in the video games and she -- and doesn't have an effect will have been some studies that say yes. -- I find interesting is that this is not even one of the things being talked about -- and heard any legislator. Propose that there be some kind of inquiry into whether or something could be done with Hollywood even on a voluntary basis. And came across an interesting. Article that might shed some light on this. And this is if it was a Fox News and it was a report done by William larger national mixing until mission. Well it turns out that the Motion Picture Association of America that's overseeing group trade group for Hollywood they're pretty well connected. Harvey Weinstein and say -- producer major heavyweight. In democratic politics along with the actors George Clooney Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio all of whom have acted in or produced violent films. In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown the CEO of this group of fellow named Chris Dodd yes it's the same Chris Dodd. The same former senator who is responsible for the Dodd-Frank bill he's not in the senate anymore he's -- -- this and be he released a statement that said the follow. Those of us in the motion picture and television industry want to do our part to -- can -- we stand ready. To be part of the national conversation. On quote but I. I haven't heard what they're going to do. And arms and so -- go down a little bit further and you find six since 1998. America's five largest film studios. And should be needed 41 million dollars to political candidates. The NRA contributed 169. This according to the Center for Responsive Politics. On lobbying. The MB AJ spent 25 million dollar since 1990 the NRA spent 49 million. The entertainment software association that's a video game industry group. They spent four point four million last year alone. All this money to keep congress off their backs. Despite pressure from parental groups to fight the increasing violence that children exposed. This is an eleven billion dollar a year since. Maybe that's -- Dianne Feinstein. And the others make a big deal about the NRA. Silent with regard to. Paying for it. I'm not saying that that's the solution I wonder whether it's a part of it. And all that we might just be better off if maybe there -- good old days you want to. The movies in the thirties and forties they didn't have nearly the amount of gore and violence video games of course. Didn't exist when they did exist they were little things like Chinese doubles. She -- game I mean no blood why why would little Johnny wanna do that. -- -- -- Welcome back this is on innocent. We have been talking mostly about the implications of the death tweaks. That. Some people put on line. Since Wayne Lapierre of the head of the NRA made. His comments about reaction to the Newtown mashed her. I want to emphasize again. A point well let me and people have been holding onto them and emphasize the point have to go back to eight children senate. 4694322. -- your next on the program thanks for holding. I did have -- -- at the outpost which were uncalled for. But also you know I. I didn't hear it any conservative commentators. Talk to him then the -- numbers of evangelical pastors and conservatives. Who claim that this was a result. Connecticut endorsing. Marriage equality. Which it caught out of the schools yes they Rush Limbaugh on this very station so that all national and world report. I didn't hear you condemn that. I hear it well I don't I don't know I believe she and Steve and I believe you and tell -- -- You gonna go on the to -- to condemned. I but but the point -- I didn't know anyone contempt last week you can condemn any evangelical pastors who have national platforms. What's -- that the reason. Once that Connecticut endorsed games. Well look I don't think -- -- and -- bear with me Stephen I'm telling you right now. I think that's nonsense is that. -- okay but my limit but at the -- different state. And that is the pollsters have a point of view it's based on their belief in god I haven't -- not shared OK but they are not advocating. Violence. These tweets are calling for people to be killed this is exactly the problem my thought there were trying to address. We're trying to get early warning signals for people who might commit mass murder. While I agree with you but do you haven't -- the world net daily -- called world not daily. That would. No I'm I'm really do I really every day no I'd have I have already yes. Very very popular web -- The com columnist on -- yesterday writing that Barack Obama at Monday's match. Well it should regularly get that kind of nonsense you wanted to condemn that I know how I can damage -- that are like ninth birthday social fun doing okay right. When Paula has -- even now I've got something. From -- I've condemned. So far because you have come up with condemn noble things so he checked later now you. Started by saying -- didn't think these tweets were called for which I thought it was a rather gentle reaction. Do you would you call the FBI and tell them about these tweets report the salute these people can be investigated before they commit mass murder. I saw if our yeah I knew someone are none none none argument between like are known all your not gonna get to -- because they're putting them out there. About people you're not a member of the NRA. You wanna see them I tell you you do your computer search engine what do do you use Google or whatever and put in. Yeah tweets the death -- death threats to the NRA you put Danny and you'll get a bunch of them. Now it's your responsibility. Since you're a man of peace and understanding. And don't want to have any kind of additional murders. I want you to be a good citizen and do something about it he wanted -- to condemn I did. Now I want you to take action worthy and condemnation is not enough. OK I'm out of the -- going. If you -- it and redirect some of these these audio evangelical pastors. View that this. I just just against just you might call that -- -- On -- today. Bryan -- Thought James Dobson are out at me but I'll -- -- -- now I'm agreeing with you that that's nonsense. Yeah I don't think that ninety minutes after the in the moments of silence. We sloppy irritates two. Eight people call press conference where he didn't take any questions by the way. And and just pulling one out and he has since this -- put more on. You can disagree with them and wasn't ninety minutes they waited several days but I understand you know I was trying to make it. Volatile moments. Here's a by the way I disagree with him to. But that doesn't mean that that you should wanna shoot them. So we're back to -- helping the society out. By calling the FBI and telling about these bad guys who want -- threatening murder. Well. Strive for more balanced when you see they don't just ought not to more balanced balanced I. Have you for balance and I just let alone within. And I can't get anything. -- I wanna know -- actually achieved on the back. And tell -- what the FBI said when you call well one day I'm looking forward to thank you and Merry Christmas well he's like on Monday that. I get to a Schumer Christians that. And I -- -- we can have with this even people on the other side. For 339 text message. I just tried to buy a gun in -- on Tuesday -- that -- who was turned down. Think I -- tape and control works all right. I'm going to on this subject here those of you wanna talk about this -- line but I would be were a match. Because this is the last Saturday before -- if we didn't talk a little bit about quonset. -- was founded. But only moron Everett. He changed his name to a mall on -- ring. Plunge as you know as an inventive holiday. That. By the hormone -- in these master teacher in Swahili. And he was -- a he was a Marxist. We'll use the term national she wanted a separate black state. As -- of the marchers who won integrations was in the sixties. -- who invented. To just have a holiday because us. I guess Christmas is too light. It talks about the seven. Fold path of blacks. Think black talk black and act like create black my black vote black and live black. Those -- the seven pathways. -- paths. Of blackness according to. According to -- But it might be interesting to talk a little bit about the history as having a set to it. The black Panthers of those days. Finishing these are in the sixties. Both groups were heavily recruiting at UCLA. And vying for control -- which then the newly developed African studies department. -- in his group that one candidate for department had the Panthers. I'm back to another. Both began carrying guns on campus. And on January 17 1969. About a 150 students gathered at the lunchroom. To discuss the problem. To panther members. Have been admitted to the college is part of a federal program that helped black high school drop outs and -- the university. The meeting turned violent and ended with two of -- -- group. Killing. Two of the others. They killed two. Black Panthers who were 2326. Shut them shut them dead. The UCLA chancellor felon Charles Young at the time. Was scared of the violence were hurt admissions. Can match one and shall we issued the following statement. The students share have handled themselves in -- -- -- implacable manner. They have been concerned. They haven't argued who the director should be they have been saying what kind of person he should be uncorked. Yes this is. It -- legitimate reaction in this. Anyway meanwhile harangue his group grew and performed assaults and robberies. Always following the law laid done in the quotable -- writing a book that laid out the true plan to blackness that we've already talked about. On May ninth 1970. Ringo initiated initiated -- effort to -- Initiated the torture session that led to his imprisonment. The torture session was described in the LA times Los Angeles Times on May fourteenth 1971. And here's the quote from the times. The victims said there were living covering this home and Rangel accuse them a trying to kill him. But -- crystals in his food and water. And in various areas of his house. When they denied it allegedly they were beaten with an electrical cord. And a hot soldering iron which poured in ms. Davis's mouth and against her face. Police were told that wanna miss jones' close which placed in the small mice. Which then was tightened by the men and one woman. The following day covering -- told the women I'm -- according. The following day -- told the women that Vietnamese torture is nothing compared to what I know unquote. -- mean a quote for what he says now continuing the quote from the story. -- to come out TA MAO would put detergent in their -- Smith turned water holes full force on their faces. And Durango holding a gun threatened to shoot both of them. The victims Deborah Jones and Gail Davis were whipped with an electrical cord. And beaten with a karate but and after being ordered to remove their clothing. -- All I -- -- directly from the Los Angeles Times. Well on the basis of their mr. Rangel was convicted on two counts of felonious assault and one count of false imprisonment. He was sentenced to. One to ten years in prison this was in September of 71. Was released from prison in 1975. Went into academics. And by 1979. Was running the black studies department at California state university in Long Beach. He also had converted to marches and then we got the marches and Roy can she still there. So this is. Bush -- not forgotten all those acts. Where -- is just about forgotten the cruel and vicious act this is the founder of -- so next time you're talk about Kwanzaa this is the guy. Who thought it. If you go to. Wikipedia you'll get a reduced version of this or something in there about this -- I just checked in yesterday. Not as fully develop disease but the story. Is basically in there. So I -- it's important to know and give context. To what work. Plunge that came from. The man who invented it. And the gentle uplifting and noble intent. That he had in mind. For good relations PP between people of different skin colors. When. His background led him to come up with -- Okay. Your thoughts are welcome on this or anything else we've put on -- you have in mind. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Let's just just one last -- you know we talked about that I gave you that mean we mount the response from the chancellor that time. In response of the killings. I mentioned earlier Erik Loomis. Is one of the people who was sent out some of the more threatening and vicious tweets -- from the University of Rhode Island. And I said earlier that he he threatened to to -- called for death. Of these people who are with the NRA. I just wanted to Andy in the the statement from the University of Rhode Island. The president sorry the yeah the president of the university. Which -- lose teachers. Issued the following statement in response of these districts. The University of Rhode Island does not condone acts or threats of violence. These remarks do not reflect the views of the institution. And Erik -- does not speak on behalf of the university. The university is committed to fostering a safe inclusive and equitable culture that aspires to promote positive change. And well artificial committed to that or few artists president of the universally. Maybe you should get rid. The vile force that is Erik Loomis who clearly is contradicting. You are -- aspiration. To have an equitable inclusive culture. A safe. Learning environment that promote positive change he's undercutting that what do you do when you find somebody who is. Deliberately sabotaging what you want. Huge -- get rid of him approves your commitment to the principles and also helps you get it. Mr. -- for an. Television is going strong. And I'm OK with apologies to the call will be back and I will go to the telephone lines. On the other side of the and that's why we're here because we have people who pay the bills we can't be too hard with them right. About the Nelson. Welcome back this is on Nelson reminder again I'll be with you at 6 AM on Monday morning Christmas Eve day. 69 in the morning. So you have a chance to continually guess some of these things. One more point -- go back to the lines and as we always talking about. Well gosh we can we should do -- and I wish things were different and I'm just don't know how we can make channel his chance you -- do something quite frankly. You can go look up these tweets you'd call the FBI and Newcastle what they're gonna do about it. Why these people being investigated or are they are good. Now -- chance instead of just you know. Calling talk shows and doing gum beating -- when you do something against these mile. Like Jewish leftists. 877469432. To the phone number -- you're next on the program getting Merry Christmas. -- And Fred and George -- -- billion -- that credit. Line. Abundance. And more -- library -- egyptians. For the left. Don't yeah I think all of -- frankly that. Seeing these incidences of -- in light of these. Well -- of the liberals come out and decide crying -- this two guns. I think it is it's really all about the way in which I think people can obtain the guns why don't -- handles. Both procedures rather than focusing on big guns in the distribution begun to focus on the -- but laws. I'm great and you know there's a -- thank you thanks for calling your your point is rider course or all laws on the -- they should be enforced. And maybe some things that can be adjusted -- on the edges. But I find myself thinking and I -- -- know that it's sure that since the Newtown match sector and all the talk about gun control. They the -- the way the way in mind that the gun stores and going around the block a speaking figuratively. But as more and more people on -- by the gods not willing courage be able to get guns more than hearing all the talk about how you want to prevent people from having guns. Because they get scared they don't like the idea. Of being. Forced into a situation. Where today. Are disarmed and only the criminals have the guns -- the curious irony here is that for all the people who are bleeding about gun control. Will hide -- doing yet they are in effect not in effect they all are making more guns. QB available in in the society as a whole because you -- gonna buy more guns. -- each downright counterproductive. 8774694322. -- -- on a mission introduces subject to a more to talk about everybody knows around here I think. That John Kerry. Has been nominated for secretary of state he probably will be confirmed. Because -- now he looks good compared to Susan Rice -- Mad men wherever wherever policy and there were in the and he would -- Laura called. Aside and Syria reformer. But anyway -- wonder what's gonna happen now once a letter of resignation champagne and has mentioned in yet. The governor has a 145260. Days to set up a special election. And then that he'll serve whoever wins will serve the term will have a lot more say. About that of course just give you 11. Idle speculation maybe too cute by half to actually happened. Deval Patrick did the governor cannot appoint himself. But we know that is lieutenant governor Murray wants to be governor he's already situation now she's running. -- how about this for a scenario. Patrick resigns Murray becomes governor Murray appoints Patrick who sent. Sneaky. Politician wouldn't do that there's such good people. 877469432. To the phone number George good evening Merry Christmas. -- -- We're having trouble picking you up -- your own cell phone -- -- We've lost church -- George had a real difficulty was nothing you said -- action on the program creating Merry Christmas. And do you and you know those. That you could take -- Michael. Of the it's been a battle would be over the years but I'd like -- but not a quick story. Back in 1999. I up until the age of 58 might join -- -- -- went up to 99 I had gotten that many okay. And in 1990 sergeant to be told me that that that would make it 15100000. Days. I would not does that does that come from it was that weren't okay I spoke to my 'cause my my nephew Joseph cada. And when the -- Brothers and made there was that and they could duplicate dropped it though I didn't want to tell you could still in the yet all the other thing. A -- limit you have to be making 15100 dollars and data carried on. But that have been need to carry on the gotten. Commit which I and absent from 1958 when I joined the -- simply. Let's -- had a -- making 15100 dollars today that's a lot of money bill. But it was in my -- -- it was still on my business okay at threat that was for the board to police bullets and then it was. Able I was able to. Maintain -- might commit because that was in business in the instructed movie and then the oil. What's a 15100 dollars a day got to do what you gonna have a gun. I was told. I was told yet the lady who would be help to -- Chia. By that either agree that manipulative might get. She was she was given a gun permit -- on July oh yeah when I did complain to the his lieutenant. I don't lieutenant at the time always joke with him to do it said well that is decision -- that that that by late. Political calculation that I you know that that OK now now now do you support it am -- -- -- Now okay what you wish they support I assume you mean -- a member or do I didn't contribute to -- Yet that it. Okay the other thing one about one OK because you know yet tirade and you know little speech about Kwanzaa it till the end I don't know that much about -- It's a good -- utility man bill. I say it's a good thing between you two -- and now you know more about Kwanzaa. Who don't know I know because like I don't think you have got to -- vote Jillian. -- looking up you check it. I've known about Kwanzaa now be it for about ten years of public Japanese boat that you claim you are okay. And I I you know I could put into the debt right now you don't know these Nevada religion okay. -- bill bill bill don't listen to this -- -- me. If you don't think that what I said about -- is true go check it. We live in a computer world you can do a few keystrokes. Will -- you do to. To verify what I show or to contradict. -- I know you -- very eager to call opens got it wrong. George said holding up in just saying I don't know whether what you said is right do your homework. And then on the eager for your next fall. Speaking of which car you -- the next call -- gaming. I -- I think it's older. Part. Puts some effort at getting the university. Principles. To become a little bit more conservative they're they're beating a -- of course on all of these issues. Because from private the security at first grade and so private graduates from college. Feature curtain but but basically well over this. Art. You are absolutely right call one of the things we have to do actually we those of us on the other side of -- of laughed. We have to do something about the education you're I think you're completely correct you're also going to be the last call of the of the day Carlson thank you. We do have to get in the air when kids are younger. We have to tell them about individual rights. Talk to them about basic economics explained to them the virtues and the efficiency of the capitalist system. Explained that they should not be a shift to the left every time that there's a problem in the marketplace at the solution is government. We have been woefully inadequate in that regard and we're paying the price for. Two we have a lot of work to do. And it starts of course -- winning with winning some elections in May we some thoughts that I can share -- -- another time with that as well. Okay that's gonna do it for me -- -- -- the producer thank you. I'll be back with you on Monday morning at six and -- candidate if all -- -- the usual time period of time. Have to show for very good holiday at that shopping done in my house.