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It's not enough to ban guns, now they are coming after steak knives.

Dec 27, 2012|

England has strict gun laws. And now they are finding people are using knives to commit violent acts. The response? Ban knives!

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Ball. You can also -- exclusive 686. City. I wish I had a day. We don't have to -- but that's okay. After. Sandy hook. I went on the air and I said. What's next. Are they gonna band steak knives. I mean what's next because there's many weapons potential weapons you can use to kill people so Europe's does with technology. And disarming people. Guns you are gonna stop the guns. It next -- I said the liberals again next call for banks big -- And if like it comes out of my mouth. And and some liberal moron. Says oh that's a great idea but it's who present and split nights so. Do you think they Jeff come on you're kidding. Strayed from their -- they say he in now in England with the BBC. Apparently now eighteen from west Middlesex university hospital. Published their findings their research in the British Medical Journal is an official finding. In one of Britain's top medical journals from a team of dark curse. Who were saying rightly and I said this before because I actually study these things. That the violence rape in England as in large parts of Europe is going up. And in fact a violent crimes are going up homicides are going up the death rate is going up. Mountains are not using guns. Sometimes they are but you're using other weapons. And in particular in England. One of the big weapons -- were as they say the weapons of the day. Are -- thinks. And apparently 25%. Of British teenager is. Carry around huge long nights. And there's been an explosion in stabbings. In mutilations. In murder is do you to the proliferation and use of my -- And so because of all of these stabbings. That are taking place not just in London but in cities and towns across England you guessed it. There is now we major push. In this medical journal which is now being picked up by many people across the country to man. This -- tonight. Long point did my -- My -- kitchen knives kitchen knives are now going to be meant there now pushing for a man. Do get rid of -- attention nights in England. You can dangerously close. And just move on and told -- it's hard stubborn people. And you believe that -- -- -- don't remember the movie cycle he used the mine for collateral from the shower my god the so should have been -- Forty years ago a -- that that movie day somebody's sick idea is to so many people. But life is even more dangerous Ramadan. And so this is now apparent is a rash or stabbings Anderson whom. How do we stop B standings back and the kitchen knife -- do -- Donald -- it. And so now they are pushing to ban the kitchen knife. 24%. Of sixteen. Troops. Have been shown to carry weapons primarily knives in England. And ears are being chopped off nose -- noses are being chopped off people are getting slashed and all of these knife fights. Muggings -- epidemic in England. And no one ever asks themselves. What is driving these social pathologies an explosion in violent crime. What are the root causes. Instead issue is -- the technology. And so what you're saying is they asked chefs will do you really need the -- point of my life. You really needed him missing no not really telling the truth. It's not that practical for most foods. So there are saying OK you don't need to kitchen my informer gonna -- the kitchen knife. So are okay here it is because it seems that come out of my mouth and then seven to ten days some liberals somewhere picks it up. And the Porsche does a punk and policy proposal what's next ball point pants. Is that no because you can doubt somebody's eyes what a ballpoint band. I bet -- -- in about a week the candidates. You're gonna see some major Porsche in some European country. Saying we need the ball a band ballpoint pants. Apparently they're very dangerous as such stories. That there there is almost there may be bad for all sorts of reasons. My money's on Denmark. I don't know why. But I am thinking it's got to be Denmark or the Netherlands because everybody stoned in the Netherlands to the Rawlins marijuana cafes and at home man. Hey this I thought this was a joint command but it's a ballpoint pen men. Are swallowed it manned. I'm dying men. -- there isn't an opponent. We're losing too many young people the ballpoint pens it's become too dangerous weapons. But and the ballpoint pen. Teenagers. Will find anything. To kill one another if there is a breakdown in morality and discipline. And with the people of London are finding out Tony and take my word for it go to London. It's a whole it's a cesspool. It's it's a waste land. It's like New York in the 1970s. Borrowers on windows and doors everywhere. The average Londoner will get -- Twice in their -- twice. They will be fully marked. Many are raped many your salted. Many -- killed. England has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. Doesn't stop violent crime. They're dropping like -- -- in England. And they can band a steak knife. They're gonna use in baseball bats. They're gonna use other kinds of minds they're gonna use other shark medals. Believe me these kids and teenagers and gang bangers are gonna get their hands on all sorts of weapons. So banning stage ninths. Is not the answer. And the so my question to you is a very simple want. Do you think. We should be -- Kitchen knives because that's what the British are now contemplating. Do you think if we banned more kitchen knives. That this would decrease in violent crime. Are you afraid of the kitchen knife. 6172666868. Is the number Steve thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. They go in depth I'm good -- you keep it out you're out liberal take every word that you are -- are out of contact. And you know every primary guys are bigger speech that some then they'll like how they had been -- do you -- Well they they think that he played and -- my earlier in the doors it's a statement of fact about it that they figure beat. -- didn't. Up up up up. Into a -- you know but you're right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at half half half half half -- Quote -- really when you think about -- seriously think about it. A sword is very tough to wield its -- you're right you -- lyricist who can just. We ran deficits clumsy can you imagine walking around the subway holding a sword. But a -- sharp ball point pen Steve think about it you can do -- biggest poker many odd that the wind right on the spot -- Ten month old old one would remember -- bottom off. But about it and basic goal right way well that's a losing. Pretty good all those court -- both. All might even blind people with the wind. That's a negative word sound. There patent -- -- hasn't -- I don't know that particular group could I don't find all old school old people -- bad cook. I mean did damage I can do to god I've had some believable I can go to an old folks home and I can have twenties and old people bed with a one sharp ballpoint pen. I didn't -- that's that's but that's Saddam's WM days does that we should have been looking for an Iraq. All of those ball boy old style -- I mean you could cut throats you can cut back gouge out 'cause you can might go the stuff you can do about think it's incredible. The pen will be next I'm telling you they're gonna -- bands the only the only question is which country. My money is on the Netherlands for the Dutch or the day saints. It's -- maybe the Swedes maybe they like to do that's Bubba problem guard Paul Europe next welcome to the -- report. The good morning Jeff and publicity -- something occurred to me today. Very very tightly control weapons and presence and yet prisoners still make your own weapons and divert other prisoners -- them and kill them. Well in fact it's so bad there women allows sexual predators into the general population because they won't last two weeks will kill him. There's no level of control that we can put in place that would stop people that are really committed to do what they wanna do. Well Paul think about it seriously Jeffrey Dahmer remember him sure -- he died a probable -- nearly drowned the minute probable. -- -- for the bulls kill -- -- -- seriously toilet rolls killed people. Are you think what you stick their head in man weighed about two minutes and it's over. -- could -- Curtis I mean you won't kill somebody so branded portable but cut me in. Well but I just think that there's any level of control that they -- That they could stop people that are really committed. Nine -- that's that's that's the point we're taking it now to it's absurd and but this is now what's happening. And so what happens is law abiding citizens like you -- name. We're the ones that end up being disarmed. But they don't care. They just stay with they have their agenda they wanted to disarm us and they'll do whatever it takes you at the end result is. We -- in the end we become dependence of the state. We have to relying on the state for everything. Including. Our own basic protection and out of our family. And in the end that's the goal. Unlimited state power. Big Brother is coming trust me were about twenty years away Jeff corner on the corner report will be right back after his break.